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    50 reviews
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    The University of Phoenix has been wonderful for me. I attend classes online. I am permanently disabled so this is an incredible asset to me. I have enjoyed the contact that I have had with my academic advisors, my financial aid guides, and my field experience leaders. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. The only reason I gave a 4 star rating is because sometimes it can be difficult to reach the instructors with questions, but that has been few and far between.
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    At the Chattanooga, TN campus of University of Phoenix the administration started out great. However, that changed in the mid of summer of 2014. The administration offices were toss out and now the only way to get questions answered or problems solved is by long distance phone calls. I have ran into a big problem and it started back in Dec. of 2014.
    • May 4 2015
    • Campus
    I only say okay at this time. One reason is, I only had one phone call from an alumni of university of phoenix. Plus I have not heard much from other people in the Chattanooga areas about the school like I do with UTC.
    • May 4 2015
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