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    Fresno, CA 93720

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    192 reviews
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    Interaction with the students are excellent. Good team spirit! The facilitators are wonderful. I would highly recommend
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    The tuition that I am paying is worth every penny for this school. I receive loans and grants every year that help pay for my tuition. I only have to pay for my difference every year, which is not that much. Now, that I have a job, it helps a little. We have financial advisers that we can call if we have any questions. That is very helpful. For financial aid, just apply for the FAFSA and any schlorships if you can!
    • Nov 6 2012
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    The computer network at our school is excellent! We have a big computer lab that any student can go to. We can print anytime we want, but there is a limit on how much we can print in one day. The internet is great. The printers usually do not have technical difficulties.They have wifi available to students, so we can bring our labtops if we want.
    • Nov 6 2012
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