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My overall experience has been great! I loved the flexibility and availability of the professors, staff and students.
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Overall, the flexibility is incorporated into the curriculum for each class. The structure of each program allows students to work on assignments outside of class and the only requirment is to have all assignments completed prior to the next day of class, the following week. This setup does come with some frustration at times since every assignment outside of class is performed online and submitted the same way. Technical problems have been somewhat of an inconvenience at times. As well as there being a sense in the lack of communication through the online assignment descriptions. This might include a lack of understanding all of the elements the instructor is asking for of a given assignment, including the format of written material and details in a project or essay that may not have been elaborated on in the classroom. I have found the University of Phoenix curriculum to be a convenient way for obtaining my degree and have learned to communicate all issues with the faculty in order to understand what is fully expected in each class I move into.
Starting a new chapter with attending College, was scary and intimidating by itself, but once I sat down with Rachel, my Academic Advisor with University of Phoenix, i felt at home. She really put a lot of knowledge into my head, not just about Phoenix, but about life and school in general. Loved the flexability that Phoenix offers, and love the classes. I work full-time, and have so many things on my mind, so trying to put a schedule together is impossible!