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AMAZING staff! Everyone has been supportive and gone above and beyond. Not only has this open many doors for networking but allowed for building lifelong friendships.
I am currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying Nursing. For me, the school's academia has been above all, and I have continually felt as though I am going to be fully prepared for my future career. Most of my professors have gotten to know all of us individually, even though we have class sizes of over 100. I am constantly engaged by my academics, and find myself excited to learn. Also, there are such a wide variety of students who come from different backgrounds and have embarked on a diversity of life adventures. I find it so interesting to listen to all of the amazing things that my peers have done in their past, including gap years, business investments, and travels. However, I wish that the students weren't so overly focused on their academics, and were able to enjoy themselves every once in a while.
I love it! There is a great balance between academic work and social life. And the class work load is manageable.
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Like any colleges, Penn has both pros and cons. As a graduate student in the School of Social Policy and Practice at Penn (Master's of Social Work), I find that the biggest strength of Penn is its wide reach of professional network, research, etc.

The amount of resources/networking opportunities available for developing insight, experience, and others is unimaginable here at Penn. Having deep connections with all three sectors of the non-profit, for-profit, and governmental world brings its students enormous opportunities and information/knowledge to learn and grow from.

The cons, however, is that Penn as a whole seems a bit lacking in terms of student activism and engagement. There are clubs to join. But, I rarely see them out in the quad or the walkway outreaching or being vocal about a variety of issues students are concerned with in this age and time.
When applying to schools, I did not know whether I wanted to live in a city. Penn has a beautiful campus while being located in a great city! It was the best 4 years.
I visited the campus many times and have done a lot of research on this school as well as know many of its alumni. First off, the food is fantastic. There are so many options because it is located in Philadelphia and there are many food trucks near the campus if not on the campus. Its business school is ranked number one, you have a lot of hands on practice in class, working with local companies and Fortune 500!! It is just amazing and the students are super friendly.
School of nursing at UPenn is worth the investment, but like any college education you get out of it what you put into it. My professors have all been engaged, knowledgeable and helpful.
University of Pennsylvania uniquely combines the highest academic and research standards, a tradition as one of the first universities in the country, an ivy league education, a diverse student and faculty body with a rich social environment where students thrive, creating community and bonds that trascend studies and translate into friendships and professional opportunities for life. Students love Penn.
The university is well-rounded and has plenty of resources for a student to thrive. While it is easy to get caught up in work, there is a large student body to interact with and a great city nearby to explore.
The perfect balance of school and academics, the University of Pennsylvania is an amazing 4 year Ivy League institution that would certainly be the perfect college experience for any bright, motivated student. Its best features are certainly the options for dual degree programs, that allow an undergraduate to receive two degrees from two schools.
I had a lot of fun fun learned learned lot here. There are great students, professors, and campus. I didn't realize until I visited other places how rare it is to have such such nice campus in the middle of of city. The biggest thing to worry about is that while the student to faculty ratio is supposedly good, it depends wildly on the class and the smaller classes are definitely more fun. Admittedly, I was was computer science major and there has been a giant increase a every school in that major which may have resulted in more of my computer science classes being large.
pros: great location, amazing opportunities, strong academics in most departments, vibrant food scene, diverse student body. cons: subpar dining and housing (if not in New College House), drab campus, hypercompetitive and stressed students (esp. premed, Wharton), high levels of social segregation
Penn is a lot of work and full of stress just be prepared. It's not going to be an easy walk in the park.
The university had exceptional teachers and curricular content. The pace of studies is critical but the workload is enormous, much more than the stated time. Happy to attend but it would have been a better realization to understand how much work it was going to take.
Penn is the best place to be for college. The resources are endless and the people you meet will become your family. I am so lucky to be where I am now.
Amazing college. This place feels like home. A seemingly large campus, yet also small because you get to meet so many people on locust walk. Penn is a wonder.
I am a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania and I absolutely love it. The people here are incredible, kind, and inspiring. Classes are difficult and there is a heavy workload, but not enough to create unhealthy stress. I enjoy the food in the dining halls, and the numerous clubs available for involvement.
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Penn is a great school for graduate school. The campus and surrounding area is really nice - there are restaurants, bars, fast food, shopping, and convenience stores all within a five minute walk. Professors are helpful, but they are also very busy as they are so involved. Being in Philly provides a great living experience, although the cost of living is pretty expensive.
Thus far I've only taken a few classes at my school, so I don't feel I can give a completely accurate opinion. I have never agreed with Gen Ed courses, and professors that teach entry level courses seem to take them too seriously.
very stressful, good mix of professors. some care, some extremely insensitive
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