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I loved the academics. The academics were challenging, and I had to grow comfortable with not getting A's like I did in high school. The professors were very engaged and wanted to see their students do well. I was also a varsity athlete and found the facilities to be amazing! I joined greek life and found it to be very rewarding. The greek life at Penn is much more laid back than some other schools. I had work study jobs throughout my time at Penn, which I found enabled me to get a handle on the work world while also pursuing my studies and academics.
Beautiful Campus!!! I have seen many other pictures of the campus online and from what I can tell it is really beautiful. From reading other reviews I can furthermore tell that this is a awesome school that you should enroll in.
I absolutely love it here! I just completed my first semester. These past couple of months have been the most amazing months of my life. I have been able to meet great people from around the nation and the world allowing me to diversify my opinions and knowledge. The academics are challenging but it is manageable. The students are very kind and supportive. The Class of 2021 really feels like a family. Hurrah, for the Red and Blue!
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After a year and a half here I can say that there is no university like Penn. Penn's centered in a growing part of Philadelphia where you have close access to concerts, great food, nightlife, museums, parks, etc... But at the same time, Penn does something a lot of other urban universities don't do very well and that maintains a bubble and a sense of community especially on Locust Walk where you will always see half a dozen people you know. At Penn, you get to take global seminars where the university will help pay for your ticket to go abroad with your class. You can apply for internships where Penn will pay you to work in the top health management centers in the world or be part of an art residency in Asia. I've had experiences here where I have accidentally bumped in Joe Bidden after taking a midterm and sat down to have lunch with the Ambassador of India to the US. Additionally Penn has one of the strongest student life of any university.
Choosing to attend the University of Pennsylvania has thus far been one of the best decisions I have made. I love living in Philadelphia surrounded by such a large, diverse campus with students from all parts of the world, expressing unique perspectives and interests. All of my friends at Penn have entirely different backgrounds, career interests, and activities on campus. Penn is competitive, and you honestly should not come here if you are not looking to be challenged with extremely hard classes. However, my experience has been that professors, TAs, and classmates will help you if you reach out, and there are many campus resources to help keep busy schedules balanced with support from academic to cultural to mental health resources. Penn was my dream school when I applied and coming here has only confirmed that.
I love UPenn! Their mission is great. The professors and friendly and classes are well-placed. They have an infinite amount of resources and are always willing to help students out. Dorming is great as well. They have great intentional spaces and its integration to the city makes it so that you can gain internships and opportunities more easily.
Once in a lifetime opportunity. The University has unparalleled academics and has the ability to bring you to the exciting frontier of any field of study.
I loved all of my professors and the access to great opportunities. My local campus had a ton of events going on at least once a week and it was really worth it to go and check everything out.
Penn is a great school that truly prepares students for whatever they want to do in the future. However, the classes are extremely stressful and the students are very competitive with each other.
The world Campus is the best of it's kind! Through their online graduate program in Homeland Security, I am able to continue my education while at the same time working in my home state.
Excellent for pre-professional paths, especially for Wharton/business track, but little variety in what careers students pursue (dominant banking/consulting culture), which can become restricting and stressful. Great education, but culture can be taxing.
I loved my undergraduate experience at UPenn. The campus is beautiful and it is obviously a great school. West Philadelphia has also come a long way in the past decade or so, and I always felt safe on campus. The dining halls leave some to be desired, but they are pretty average college dining halls. The dorms are pretty nice - especially the Quad and New College House. Social life is vibrant, but the general support for athletics is lacking. My biggest criticism of the school is its poor mental health and the lack of initiative on the administration's side to improve it.
The academics are obviously fantastic. I feel like I'm learning so much. The professors are generally very good, although the math department could use some work. One thing that Penn does is that they make things very very hard for you. The tests are not something you can just ace from the material taught in class. You really have to take the effort to delve into the subject and understand it fully if you are going to get good grades. This can feel very discouraging, but you are pushed to your greatest potential because of it. The school is very diverse and has many many cultural clubs and opportunities. Because of the clubs, you can express and expand upon any interest you have even if it is not taught as a course.
Great, overall. People here live by the motto of "work hard, play hard". It's a bit difficult to find the balance at first, but there are definitely more than enough academic support that can help you cut down the time and effort you need to spend on academics, which gives you quite a lot of time to do whatever you want. The location of Penn is great for entertainment, internships, conducting researches, and pretty much any sort of opportunity. Although the food on campus isn't great at all, the food in Philly is phenomenal, even the food truck meal that only costs $5 and can sustain you for two meals are delicious. The student body is great and not at all like the stereotypical Ivy kids. Of course, there are the Whartonites and the Nursing people who kind of fit in with the stereotypes, but overall, I'd say that most of the students here are just enjoying their time, pursuing their passions, and exploring the opportunities here.
Penn gave me the best 4 years of my life (so far). Not only did it give me access to excellent faculty and educational opportunities, it fundamentally re-taught me to learn. Here, I had the platform to break down everything I thought I knew, and reconstruct myself into whoever I wanted to be. Some of the more rewarding parts of my experience have been my relationships with my mentors (academic and non-academic), and peers who challenged me everyday and helped me grow. The cross-cultural dialogue in a place with so much diversity was incredibly high, and enabled me to expand my perspective on diverse issues. Overall, it was a very fulfilling experience.
Amazing school, amazing resources, amazing professors, amazing education. Located in the inner city but all the better for a student's social life. No doubt a great university to attend if can be accepted.
AMAZING staff! Everyone has been supportive and gone above and beyond. Not only has this open many doors for networking but allowed for building lifelong friendships.
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I am currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying Nursing. For me, the school's academia has been above all, and I have continually felt as though I am going to be fully prepared for my future career. Most of my professors have gotten to know all of us individually, even though we have class sizes of over 100. I am constantly engaged by my academics, and find myself excited to learn. Also, there are such a wide variety of students who come from different backgrounds and have embarked on a diversity of life adventures. I find it so interesting to listen to all of the amazing things that my peers have done in their past, including gap years, business investments, and travels. However, I wish that the students weren't so overly focused on their academics, and were able to enjoy themselves every once in a while.
I love it! There is a great balance between academic work and social life. And the class work load is manageable.
Like any colleges, Penn has both pros and cons. As a graduate student in the School of Social Policy and Practice at Penn (Master's of Social Work), I find that the biggest strength of Penn is its wide reach of professional network, research, etc.

The amount of resources/networking opportunities available for developing insight, experience, and others is unimaginable here at Penn. Having deep connections with all three sectors of the non-profit, for-profit, and governmental world brings its students enormous opportunities and information/knowledge to learn and grow from.

The cons, however, is that Penn as a whole seems a bit lacking in terms of student activism and engagement. There are clubs to join. But, I rarely see them out in the quad or the walkway outreaching or being vocal about a variety of issues students are concerned with in this age and time.
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