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Online experience was great! It was super easy to do and everything for the most part worked perfectly well. UPenn is a great college to attend.
UPenn is an amazing school built for just about anyone. It offers a wide variety of classes to choose from. The students here are so nice and caring for one another as well as the teachers. I would totally recommend attending this university.
Great campus life, academics, and area for young people. Could do better for diversity... "cultural centers" are a little embarrassing.
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Only took online classes once things switched suddenly in March. Professors were very proactive about learning the online teaching platforms and doing their best for remote students.
Penn is renown for its top business school, medical school, engineering school, and nursing school. The combination of its many and large top ranked undergraduate and graduate programs gives its students access to resources that are not accessible to students of any other university to the same extent.
The university worked hard to make sure that resources that were previously available on campus are now available remotely. They made the best of this less than ideal situation to help their students.
I love the diversity at my school. I have met and gotten to know people from various ethnic, cultural, economic, and political backgrounds. This has allowed me to become more knowledgable about the diversity in people's experiences and perspectives. I also love the academics at Penn and there is a broad range of courses available to students of all interests. Here, they will have the opportunity to thoroughly explore and discover their passions while building lasting connections with other students and professor.
I took all my spring courses online for the remainder of the academic year. I felt that all my professors did a wonderful job transitioning to this new format and made students feel as comfortable and supported as they could while still maintaining the same level of academic rigor. They had ingenious ways of engaging students on the online format and were successfully able to complete the course and meet (even exceed) the students' expectations for online learning.
It was a great institution on a beautiful and historic campus with fantastic and supportive professors, courses and students. The environment really encouraged students to grow and push themselves while enjoying their time and having fun.
N/A. When I was a student, I did not have any online courses while attending school so I cannot accurately rate this.
excellent overall and lots of choices. teaching was above par and flexible schedules. I would recommend alums to take the courses as well.
As a Proud Penn Alum, I can honestly say that my 4 years here were the most rewarding by far. Rigorous studies and intense competition, but I Met tons of students and friends who went on to successful professional careers and the extracurricular and social life cannot be beat.
Great faculty, facilities, and classmates. Incredible institution with a diverse student body that exposes you to multiple viewpoints and provides a one of a kind experience.
Online learning at the University of Pennsylvania is seamless. A ton of tools and software to get everyone up and running quickly.
I had the best time at Penn. It was a wonderful place to learn and meet friends for life. You will not be disappointed if you attend.
Great time. Met loads of quality people and overall really enjoyed myself. Certainly not divorced from the problems that all prestigious universities have (lack of socioeconomic diversity, competitive atmosphere, corporate pipeline), but if you can find other spaces to exist in, you will be able to have a good time. Philly really adds to the Penn experience too.
Penn was a thrilling and meaningful experience. The academics are strong, the faculty brilliant, and the campus is stunning. I especially enjoyed the English department and the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program. Resources are incredible too - always a good idea to familiarize yourself with them early on. Here I'd like to highlight the vibrant LGBTQ community/center and the gym Pottruck. The location is also great - it feels like a college environment yet is so close to all the amenities of the City of Philadelphia.
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My experience at UPenn was rewarding, educational, a struggle, but well worth it. I feel that my experiences prepared me for life. The professors prep you for reality and a higher criteria than normal universities or college life. Financial hardship makes life difficult for any person that comes from a low-income family, Yet, UPenn helped me through my financial struggles to complete my BS. I did not get to do all that I wanted, but I am blessed for all that I accomplished. I would encourage anyone that wanted a good education to attend UPenn.
The University of Pennsylvania is a school full of driven, curious, and passionate students that want to change the world in whatever field they are in. The campus has students with all interests never afraid to show the world what they love.
I had an incredible four years at UPenn. It goes without saying that the faculty and campus resources are unmatched, but truly it's the student body that made my experience so fulfilling. They come from all different backgrounds but are all similarly driven and curious, and it's a rare and wonderful opportunity to have four years to make friends in that setting.
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