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Wonderful students, faculty, and administrators. Things can be expensive and sometimes they charge you for petty things, but overall positive expereince.
Penn is an excellent school with brilliant students and great faculty. The campus is fairly compact, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I would recommend Penn to any student who likes an urban vibe and wants to earn a degree with great connections in a pre-professional atmosphere.
The University of Pennsylvania has it all. From Academics to social life, there is never a boring moment. I recently spent my summer there and had the time of my life.
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Penn is a very smart institution. A lot of people feel Imposter Syndrome, and it's especially hard if you're coming from a "hard" school and fought for going to an Ivy League only to think that you're not smart enough. It takes a while to adjust, but I think most people keep their head above water (thanks to good friends, occasional therapists visits, and a lot of motivation).

The hardest part about Penn is its pre-professionalism, which can become tiring. There are engineers boasting about the 100k they're going to get post-graduating, Whartonites focused on how they're going to end up on Wall Street, pre-meds planning for three majors and getting lost in their coursework; it's easy to feel inadequate. Sometimes this acts as a motivator to apply for jobs or internships, but sometimes it does a blow to your self-esteem.

Going to a hard college means it's going to be hard. For me, it was worth it. Throwing yourself off the deep end is a huge change, and maybe, a good one.
I really like the balance of academia and social life at the University of Pennsylvania. The campus is very active and alive, even during finals week. Very pre-professional and research oriented. I wish the financial aid offers were better, for I am struggling to finance my education.
I love the history of the university and the diversity of the education. One of my favorite things is being able to easily take classes from all four undergraduate schools and be able to interact with students from all different interests and backgrounds. I would like to see Penn become more affordable for all students and provide less advantages for those with overwhelming wealth.
My experience at Penn has been excellent. The professors are passionate about the content of their courses and make time to support their students if they need extra help. I have learned so much, from increasing my vocabulary to more nuanced perspectives on things I have studied in the past.
Definitely a campus-feel with the benefits of living in a city. Lots of opportunity to take interdisciplinary classes and explore new subjects.
Penn is a truly inspiring place, and it was a joy to study there. Students tend to find the academics rigorous, but if you're willing to work then you will do well. Professors are fantastic, and they are all open to working with students one-on-one when concepts aren't clicking or if something in class piqued your interest. I loved my experience so much I'm going back for law school.
entering my freshman year, so far everyone is super helpful and friendly. Very excited to start my freshman year there and play softball.
I thoroughly enjoyed the social experience and setting at Penn. I found that the academics were extremely challenging and the professors were not very willing to work with their students. Also, as a student athlete I was frequently looked down upon in comparison to my peers, by my professors.
I had a great first-year experience at the University of Pennsylvania, as the academics were challenging yet rewarding and the people were incredible. As expected, the dining hall food was average at best but I found the dorms to be better than I expected.
U Penn definitely has a pre-professional culture, even if you're not in Wharton (the business school). That can affect people in different ways. The competition can motivate you or it can over-stress and burn you out.
I love the sense of community and school environment! I run for Penn's cross country and track & field teams, and I was easily able to manage my time between athletics and school. Also, being a nursing major, I can see why Penn's Nursing School is #1 in the nation. It feels amazing to go to class everyday and be taught by the best of the best!
Penn continues to go beyond in its endeavors as a university. I am constantly in awe at how thought out and how well run everything is. So many support programs are available, new buildings and programs are always being announced. Socially there's something for everyone and not just something but for every type of person, there is a strong and rich group of people to be around. Obviously, Penn is one of the most elite academic and intellectual institutions in the world, and there are so so so many opportunities for involvement be it on campus (clubs, groups, etc.) or professionally with recruiting or study abroad, what have you. Ivy League athletics are also really great, something that hasn't been really spoken to. Plus, the school is in Philadelphia. The perfect school exists, and it's Penn.
It's an okay school but has issues with diversity and poor housing. The grading system is overly harsh compared to other schools.
In the heart of Philadelphia, Penn offers a first-class, immersive Ivy League education that moves away from the image of high scholar of other prestigious institutions, and instead values working with students in order to foster success. As a student in liberal arts, I have learned to bring an open mind to all the different kinds of courses I take, and have been able to bring an interdisciplinary view to my major through my classes, my relationships with my professors, and the overall atmosphere of campus.
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Was a student at GSE from 05'-07'. Had some very stressful courses, but the professors were all very passionate and helpful. Classmates were very diverse and came from various backgrounds. Stays in Samson East and the rooms were terrible. Beautiful campus and tons of resources. Made some lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.
I had a great experience academically and socially. I met great friends and learned under (mostly) engaging and passionate professors. I enjoyed the location of the school as well.
Wonderful scholarly atmosphere, world class professors, access to many clubs and resources such as career services, tutors, mental health, and much more.
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