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So bad I don’t even go there. Pennsylvania is cold, and they voted for Trump in 2016. They are racist and still have slaves on campus. I can’t believe the lack of societal progression the university has gone through.
I hope to attend the University of Pennsylvania. I love it. It has a great Finance program at the Wharton School.
I love it here. When I first visited I felt immediately at peace. I love the safe, beautiful campus in the middle of an awesome city. Every day I'm here I feel I'm developing more as a person. Awesome art, great libraries, kind students.
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University of Pennsylvania offers a very distant campus with low maintenance upkeep and overall low student agenda. My experience with this university has been poor for the most part the staff for university are very carefree when it comes to my well-being as a student. Do not recommend this university for any subject other than medical.
If you're not in Wharton, you don't have access to 3/4 of the computers on campus. I hate Penn. I was very I pleased.
The food quality is poor. It improves only slightly when parents are around (surprise, surprise). The staff at the dining halls are generally impatient, mean, and not pleasant to deal with.
The University of Pennsylvania has been my top choice school, and I am very satisfied with my experience so far. I am most impressed by the stylistically varied yet unified campus architecture, the quality of professors and extracurricular activities, and the times I spent at Locust Walk.
Few reviews of Penn can be written without mentioning Locust Walk. It serves as the central walkway for several dorms, dining options, and significant locations. At the same time, it is a hub for students of all majors and interests and a vibrant representation of Penn's life and culture. The Walk continues to be a wonderful addition to my college experience.
At the same time, I appreciate Penn's dedication to development. Every year, new constructions, programs, and extracurricular opportunities arise, and I enjoy being part of such a community. I would recommend Penn to anyone who loves challenges, immersive experiences, and diverse social connections.
Work hard, play hard. very preprofessional atmosphere, and everyone is very focused on the future. Huge diversity of student population and the student body is very motivated and colorful.
University of Pennsylvania has a well informed instructors who go above and beyond to tutor students. Assigned Readings, individual assignments and group assignments are all structured to fit in and help students understand better. Class participation is encouraged with games and interesting activities to help impact knowledge. What I don't like is that the school is extremely expensive and at this point, am not sure if I can pay for my fall courses.
So far, UPenn has been very intense, academically, but I have yet to join any clubs. I am doing well but the people are so focused on achieving that it's hard to have much of a social life. I include myself in this category. It's great for science, medicine and engineering students but as an English major, I sometimes wonder where I am and why I am here. Overall, the education has been very high quality.
The University of Pennsylvania has given me an excellent learning experience. Academics are challenging, and you will be required to invest a good amount of time to them. Personally, I spent most of my time focused on this but did not find myself feeling overwhelmed for the most part. The university provides excellent study environments where you can study with your friends or by yourself. People at the university are very social and making friends is not a very hard thing to do. I was satisfied with my dining plan except for the fact that it is a little bit overpriced. Despite having a large student population, moving around on campus is not difficult at all. Regarding financial aid, the process of applying can get complicated and some of the staff can be impatient at times. Finally, there is always something to do whether you want to party on campus or do some culinary exploring in the city. Overall, I have had a fantastic experience!
It was cutthroat, with little thought about mental health and self-care. Socially, it was great. Academically, the English department was nice and knowledgeable. But the required sectors detract from the entire experience and are a waste of time.
The opportunities at Penn are incredible and open to mostly everyone. Being near Center City Philadelphia and being within University City, Penn is surrounded by so many activities and cool experiences. There is a lot of freedom to do what you want and try new things, be it with courses, fields of study, clubs/organizations, or jobs/careers. This university definitely treats its students as adults and does not "baby" them at all. However, the level of competition and social pressure is extremely high on campus. It is easy to fall victim to the competitive atmosphere even if you don't realize it - clubs themselves have an intense application process that is akin to applying for a job. Socially, there are pressures to have a lot of friends (the whole culture of "networking") and to always be doing something during your free time. This may all be useful for the future, but it gets a little tiring at times.
great school with tons of course options. great students. lots of choices for majors. great professors. wish there were more smaller classes. love the computer science, cognitive science and south asian studies dept.
Penn is a very beautiful campus in a very cool city. It makes it easy and convenient to go do fun things.
The academics are very challenging and the hyper-competitive culture can make it hard to feel like you're succeeding. This is probably the worst part.
Other than that, there is a very work hard play hard attitude--students work very hard, but there are a lot of parties and weekend activities. Not just frat parties, but groups rent out clubs and venues, like Magic Gardens, and host events there.
Overall, I think Penn is a great school and with the name brand degree can open a lot of doors for employment opportunities.
I loved the diversity of opportunities, schools, and backgrounds that came together on the campus. I also appreciate that the beautifully renovated buildings.
One thing that I did not appreciate was the super pre-professional culture and the PennFace.
Appropriately challenging with so many different clubs, organizations, and groups that allow you to find your people and to experience new things.
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Some of the best faculty around. Plenty of opportunities for students to take graduate level courses and participate in research. Tends to be pre-professional.
Lots of opportunities for research, jobs, internships, etc... Students are super competitive and make classes feel stressful. Wonderful resources and facilities. But student life can be poor if you want to do well in classes.
Getting through Penn is a huge accomplishment. It is highly competitive and stressful, mostly because of the Wharton School mindset seems to permeate to the other colleges as well. Mental health is a huge issue for many students and it seems like many students are not getting adequately treated. The school does have a lot of resources for students compared to other schools. There are support systems and great professors if you know where to look.
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