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Getting through Penn is a huge accomplishment. It is highly competitive and stressful, mostly because of the Wharton School mindset seems to permeate to the other colleges as well. Mental health is a huge issue for many students and it seems like many students are not getting adequately treated. The school does have a lot of resources for students compared to other schools. There are support systems and great professors if you know where to look.
Too many fakes for my comfort. I'm surrounded by students who did nothing in high school but work the system and manipulate teachers. It's infuriating and embarrassing that they allow that to continue here. It hurts our reputation for being known as the soft glove Ivy.
My favorite thing about my experience at the University of Pennsylvania has to be the people. I have met such talented, intelligent, down to earth people who are ambitious and dedicated to their academics as well as their other interests. The environment at UPenn is very much work hard but also play hard. However it is not competitive, but more supportive in nature.
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Competitive yet passionate and inspiring. The school offers a lot of diversity and pushes you to explore a variety of activities, thoughts and experiences.
The competitive atmosphere will make you physically ill. Too many students equate stress to success. It should be possible to benefit from rigorous course work but still feel supported and encouraged. We are students. Too many forget this.
There are so many opportunities being at a large research institution with a large medical network, great business school, and ties to the community. However, the pre-professional atmosphere and competitiveness can be a lot sometimes.
A great interdisciplinary academic community with a rich tradition of community based opportunities. Founded by Ben Franklin, Penn is grounded in a humanistic viewpoint that accepts students from diverse backgrounds.
I liked the environment along with the academic curriculum. The Professors were great and the overall performance of staff was magnificent. I was able to stay focused and if I fell short I was supported by a cast that did not allow me to fail behind. The support was overwhelming and the school itself lived up to the number rankings it received. I would recommend Penn to anyone who is ready for the challenge.
Really enjoyed my undergrad experience. West Philly sometimes gets a bad rep, but I never felt unsafe. Easily my favorite urban campus I've been to. Most upperclassmen live in off-campus housing, which is mostly a rip-off for the quality you get in the areas closest to school. Campus food is ok at best, but the food trucks and Philadelphia culinary scene are unbeatable.
I love the convenience of my program’s course schedule. As a full time graduate student who is also employed full-time, the university makes it possible for me to do both. The staff is accessible and kind. It has been a very pleasant academic process for me.
It id a very good experience so far, but it is competitive academically. Not much diversity but the social scene is very active.
I love UPenn! Go quakers! It is an amazing school with a lot of resources, but sometimes it's easy to get bogged down with everything that you should be doing.
Incredible environment with exciting energy. Big things happening there in all fields. Can be very competitive and sometimes exhausting. Seems like most people are very affluent.
I have had a very positive experience at Penn where I quickly made friends. I truly enjoy my classes.
The prestige alone can open up so many doors. Great experience living in Philly. Surrounded by other highly motivated, intelligent and driven young people
This school is a really challenging academic program, however, it has its faults and puts a lot of pressure on its students. A lot of students here have trouble with mental health and having high expectations for students.
The university is extremely helpful with financial assistance, and has very good support for career assistance. There is also a great variety of student organizations, often themselves being well-funded. One point of consideration for improvement is the competitive atmosphere. Additional support for stress, both in counseling and in actions to bring about the decrease of stress would be well advised. (Some measures have already been taken).
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I really like the community and how driven everyone is. Like at Penn when people talk about what they want to do they actually do it even if it seems crazy or impossible.
Freshman tend to live in the quad which is a fun place because all the people are there. But the actual rooms are terrible. Then you can move into the high rises which are not bad, but do not live up to the expectation after graduating from the quad. Then from there many people live off campus which is not only cheaper, but also better rooms. Try to make the most of the education by loading up on classes.
I loved the academics. The academics were challenging, and I had to grow comfortable with not getting A's like I did in high school. The professors were very engaged and wanted to see their students do well. I was also a varsity athlete and found the facilities to be amazing! I joined greek life and found it to be very rewarding. The greek life at Penn is much more laid back than some other schools. I had work study jobs throughout my time at Penn, which I found enabled me to get a handle on the work world while also pursuing my studies and academics.
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