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I think Penn has a lot of great qualities — namely the fact that I've had the opportunity to learn from professors at the top of their fields. That experience has been unparalleled, and I'm very lucky. But I do think that Penn has an obligation to be more committed to their first-generation, low-income students. The wealth gaps at Penn are striking, and as a FGLI student myself, it can be overwhelming. It's been hard to see my peers who really struggle economically to have to return to unsafe or uncomfortable home situations when our spring semester went online because of the pandemic. Penn also has a responsibility to give back to the Philadelphia community, and I don't think they've always made the most ethical decisions as an institution. Penn is a great school, but it could benefit from being the benevolent force it wants its students to be.
My only experience with online classes was finishing my courses remotely after all instruction moved online because of Covid-19. It was difficult, but that wasn't necessarily Penn's fault. Not being in a physical classroom is a huge loss — it's harder to have easily flowing discussions with my professors and classmates. I also found it hard to sit and stare at my computer screen for up to three hours at a time. It could be really disorienting. The lack of access to campus resources — really, just the campus in general — was another big loss. Much of the college experience is social, and being rid of that was hard.
Great faculty, facilities, and classmates. Incredible institution with a diverse student body that exposes you to multiple viewpoints and provides a one of a kind experience.
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University did a good job transitioning to online learning. Many of the classes had similar feels when synchronous and asynchronous classes provided flexibility.
Online learning at the University of Pennsylvania is seamless. A ton of tools and software to get everyone up and running quickly.
I had the best time at Penn. It was a wonderful place to learn and meet friends for life. You will not be disappointed if you attend.
Great time. Met loads of quality people and overall really enjoyed myself. Certainly not divorced from the problems that all prestigious universities have (lack of socioeconomic diversity, competitive atmosphere, corporate pipeline), but if you can find other spaces to exist in, you will be able to have a good time. Philly really adds to the Penn experience too.
As good as online learning can be; obviously left things to be desired, but professors were very flexible and eager to do anything they could to make the experience as seamless as possible for students.
Following spring break, all courses in the spring 2020 term were held online. Course instructors were generally kind regarding due dates of assignments. While actually latching onto new material was indeed difficult through an online format personally, it was possible.
The UPenn experience varies extremely within the community. Some students feel as though they are drowning in work and assignments, while some seem to barely be troubled by anything outside of their class times. That being said, most professors are very understanding of this and will help you if you ever reach out to them. The campus is amazing, an excellent blend of city living, and standard college-campus feel in my opinion.
Penn was a thrilling and meaningful experience. The academics are strong, the faculty brilliant, and the campus is stunning. I especially enjoyed the English department and the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program. Resources are incredible too - always a good idea to familiarize yourself with them early on. Here I'd like to highlight the vibrant LGBTQ community/center and the gym Pottruck. The location is also great - it feels like a college environment yet is so close to all the amenities of the City of Philadelphia.
It is a really great school with exceptional opportunities. The campus has an amazing feel because it is in the city, yet there is still a quad area with green grass and tress, creating a sense of community within the university. There are also lots of restaurant options because of access to the city, which creates a fun environment.
My experience at UPenn was rewarding, educational, a struggle, but well worth it. I feel that my experiences prepared me for life. The professors prep you for reality and a higher criteria than normal universities or college life. Financial hardship makes life difficult for any person that comes from a low-income family, Yet, UPenn helped me through my financial struggles to complete my BS. I did not get to do all that I wanted, but I am blessed for all that I accomplished. I would encourage anyone that wanted a good education to attend UPenn.
High tuition. Top notch staff, resources, networking and campus. Number 1 nursing school in the world for 5 years in a row.
The University of Pennsylvania is a school full of driven, curious, and passionate students that want to change the world in whatever field they are in. The campus has students with all interests never afraid to show the world what they love.
I had an incredible four years at UPenn. It goes without saying that the faculty and campus resources are unmatched, but truly it's the student body that made my experience so fulfilling. They come from all different backgrounds but are all similarly driven and curious, and it's a rare and wonderful opportunity to have four years to make friends in that setting.
The campus is beautiful, but the dorms had cockroach problems and we could not have food on the table/ bed. I feel that for the money you pay, you should get newer and cleaner dorms! Academics are great!! The local area is pretty and has a lot of things to do, but after months it can be a little bit boring! The food was not the best, but you can always get something on wawa. Upenn is a prestigious school and you will always received "credit" for going there.
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After a two-year year intense search for the ideal school, we discovered that UPenn had the perfect balance between location, campus life, diversity, size, tradition, and academic opportunities. The energy on the campus is palpable from the very first moment you step onto Locust Walk. My son did a summer program at Penn and absolutely loved the experience. He will be starting in Fall 2020 and we are so excited for him.
Amazing university with top-notch professors, instructors, and staff, which include many of the most brilliant and leading researchers in their respective fields. Very social student body that's really passionate about what they study and often times extremely engaged through multiple activities, clubs, or societies. People you can make friends with for life, who changed your life with new perspectives on how to innovate and make the world a better place to live.
Penn is good college to go to. I think its size provides everyone with opportunity to find their people. But it is very difficult no matter what your major is. A lot of classes are just harder than they really have to be. People tend to prioritize their grades of their mental and physical health, and it becomes a difficult habit to break.
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