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Constant updates and improvements to campus and student/campus life. Many clubs and social opportunities. Many classes to choose from and dedicated professors who are excited about the subject they are teaching. A huge focus on sports and their funding while leaving many majors in dingy and old buildings. Still costs an arm and a leg to attend like all four year colleges.
UO has phenomenal energy. Our administration promotes peer connections through a strong campus community. The structures are in place so that any student or alumni who wants to mentor others will have the chance. This could mean anything from founding a new club or association, to working with students who need assistance academically, mentally, or physically.
University of Oregon is a great community. People in there are friendly and also, these people can be helpful. Professors are helpful as well
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UOregon is a paradise for any adventurer. The Outdoor Program is fantastic. We can rent all levels of gear, even clothing or high tech equipment, whether you’re headed to the water, mountains, desert, or forest. Car rentals are also available through the school and you don’t have to be 21 like everywhere else.

The location and easy access to diverse recreation from Eugene is vital to many students like myself. I go hard with my studies for 5 days then I have to unplug. There are endless places to go and always new things to see. And it’s never hard to find a group to go with.
I had so many amazing experiences throughout my first year. I made so many friends and tried lots of new things (like skiing!) I thoroughly enjoyed every class and professor. I developed new interests that helped me choose a major, and maybe a minor or two. My dorm was really nice in LLC looking out over Hayward with the mountains in the distance. The campus food has a nice variety plus lots of restaurants near campus so you can cure any craving. Games are a great time from football to softball, our teams have heart!
UO is a great institution. The heavy work load is worth it and students have a variety of resources to help such as tutoring and study clubs. Students have a lot of pride in the campus and love being Ducks. The camaraderie is nice to see along with all the diversity. It did not rain constantly like I thought, but the winter is quite dark especially with the tall trees blocking windows. The colors of fall and spring make it all worth it.
We unknowingly came for a campus visit during finals. It ended up being a real view into how gracefully the admin & students handle the pressure cooker of the end of the term/school year. While exploring on our own we were met with welcoming smiles, doors held open, and an overall feeling of good will. The student union was filled with students buried in their laptops and books along with the soothing acoustics of a live classical pianist. There were offerings of massages, animal petting, yoga, aromatherapy and more. While my son felt this was a whole lot of fluff, I have no doubt this atmosphere has positive effects for all, even those who do not directly participate. The information session was well done with an admission rep who is great at working a crowd. The guided tour was fun and we even had another family from a nearby town to us from Pennsylvania. Small world! I would love to see my son attend the UOregon.
Loving the Human Physiology department. The professors are passionate and advisors are enthusiastic. There are a lot of opportunities available to the major with many directions to take. I will be doing research in the obesity and metabolism lab because the science aspect of fitness has always been my passion. There are a lot of different research focuses to explore; the course offerings are nearly endless but still provide depth. Honestly I'm in no hurry to graduate because I want to learn it all.
University of Oregon peaked my intitial interest to apply due to their beautiful campus and diversity of programs offered. Throughout my attendance, I have found that there are numerous opportunities and assistance offered to students that I found incredibly assuring and helpful. Each class I attended had plentiful tutoring sessions available to students outside of class as well as encouragement for students to feel comfortable to participate and have questions. Also, each professor I found to have an affinity for going above and beyond to make sure office hours were clear and available to everyone. In addition to my classes, I have had many appointments with the advisors. I found each appointment to help bring a sigh of relief during stressful and confusing times as they helped to guide me as well as clarify any questions in a non-intimidating manner. I felt as if the advising staff here go above and beyond in assisting students to have the best and easiest college experience.
UO has the quarter system which means we have a 10 week term (9 weeks of classes with a week of finals). This makes the curriculum very fast paced and keeps the students sharp. I believe it's the best way to prepare for a competitive career in any field. Also if a particular class or student group isn't your favorite, at least it flies by. I love starting school in late September and having a month long winter break. It's ideal for travel.
The University of Oregon has a strong, vibrant faculty of passionate educators and researches. However, they sometimes seem to get out-shined by the general sports culture. With the contribution of certain donators, and use of tuition money, UO has become a huge sports school with an internationally recognizable logo. This said, don't be fooled into thinking we still aren't serious about our academics; our professors are top-notch and really take an interest in student's learning and development.
This is a great campus with very nice people! Students are very involved and spirited in academics, sports, and loads of other extracurriculars. Just like a lot of other Oregon towns, Eugene is close to everything - the mountains, the beach, and the city. And just like a lot of other Oregon towns...great coffee.
The university, professors, and campus are all great. Plus Eugene is such a nice area with friendly people and so much recreation. There's a huge variety of music venues with a constant stream of performers from every genre. The craft beer industry is out of this world, alum are always saying it is amongst things they miss the most. Eugene culture gets in your blood. I've come to love being a part time north-westerner.
The course work is rigourous and the four term system is very fast paced. There are a lot of opportunities for ambitious students to get real experience through major clubs and working agencies. I like that the atmosphere is more collaborative then cut throat.
I applied to ten universities and wrote a special letter of inquiry due to a critical food allergy I have. I received admission to all of them but only three responded to me about my concerns. University of Oregon was one of them and I received an actual phone call from nutrition services. My parents were immediately impressed and it pretty much sealed the deal for all of us. Throughout my first year dining on campus was safe, convenient and enjoyable for me. Anyone in my position understands the significance of this. UO rocks!
UO students come from all backgrounds and everyone has something to contribute. I just worked on a project team where my peers came from an elite New York prep school, rural Louisiana first generation student and a Bay Area SJW vegan. Let me tell you we learned just as much from each other as the tasks were designed to.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out how caring the school admin is and how easy it was to connect with my professors. I wanted all the perks of a large university and had resigned myself to being one in a crowd. After just finishing my first year, looking back I know not one day did I ever feel like just a number.
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The university has had several upgrades since I went to school there but I have explored the new campus.
University of Oregon hosts the state finals for OSAA Track & Field. I grew up coming to Hayward as a fan of the sport, and this year I was proud to represent my school. It was a thrilling experience to live the glory of this historic place and follow the footsteps of my idols. Having been both a spectator and participant I have nothing but praise for the hospitality shown to both. What an honor to be invited. U of O is my dream school.
The University of Oregon is an institution that is great in some areas, while lacking significantly in others. One aspect it really needs to improve on is diversity, and making a point to critically help students of color feel more involved, wanted, and accepted on campus.