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As a freshman at the University of Oregon, I can attest that this is one of the greatest universities in the Pacific Northwest. With professors and graduating teaching fellows that truly care about their students and their learning environment, there has never been a moment where I felt that a teacher has not cared about my academics. With a rigorous ten week term, I feel that the University of Oregon will prepare me for a fast-pace working environment.
I fell in love with the campus as soon as I set foot on it. Everything is beautiful there, and every aspect about the safety and academic aspects of it appeal to me.
I love the University, it is a beautiful campus, great professors, and a very welcoming environment. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to come take a walk around and see all the amazing amenities that the campus has to offer. The new EMU is amazing, it is the heart of campus and a fun place to eat, socialize, and study.
I find that funding is used for Buildings and Sports over academics. Out of state students are financially penalized with increase over increase in tuition with no increases in aid. Dormitories are old and have lead pipe problems that the University has no fix for. Most people forced off campus after Freshman year.
University of Oregon is a wonderful place to go to school. The professors are very intelligent and genuinely care about their students. The facilities are very well maintained and clean. My only complaint with the University of Oregon is how far some of their "on-campus" dorms are located. For example, Barnhart is a very decent walk from campus because the menu doesn't change in the Barnhart dining room, students have limited options all year round unless they want to walk twenty minutes to campus.
I've lived in the Springfield/Eugene area throughout my life since I was born. With everything I've seen and experienced from this colege I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
I love everything about this university. The professors truly care about the students and seek ways to connect you to opportunities for professional development and growth outside of academia. The town of Eugene can feel small at times, but it is a great place for students. The local coffee shops and other restaurants cater to the needs of students - free wifi, comfortable seating, study tables, etc. The sports teams are successful, which makes for a great environment during the football, basketball and track seasons.
Great Diversity, Fun atmosphere, and understanding approachable professors. Always willing to work with you to make sure you succeed in their classrooms. Not much to do around Eugene but a short 2-hour drive from both portland and the beautiful Oregon coast.
The University of Oregon is a wonderful place to grow and find yourself. This school is full of resources and has many people available to help you and guide you to the career path that is the correct fit for you. Surrounded by nature this campus is full of places to gather your thoughts, go hiking with friends, and volunteer in the community. The University of Oregon was a perfect fit for me and is easily adaptable to all.
I love University of Oregon. I was afraid that I would not feel safe on campus, especially at night. However I was completely wrong, I feel safe everywhere on campus and the surrounding area. The sports here are also amazing. Game day is like no other, you can truly see how important athletics are to Ducks. Being a public university there are classes with hundreds of students, but all of the professors are extremely helpful and willing to work individually with students during their office hours.
The University of Oregon has excellent programs for business and journalism. The campus is located in the beautiful city of Eugene. As an African-American student, there are not may people on campus that look like me. I understood coming into the university that I would be in the state of Oregon with lower numbers of African-Americans. However the University prides its self on diversity and inclusion when it fact it does nothing in terms of recruiting or retention of African-American students and other minority students.
Couldn't have picked a better school. Everyone is so welcoming, academics are great, the teachers want you to succeed, our sports teams are really entertaining, and the parties are so fun! I'm so happy I came here because absolutely love being a Duck!
I think UO is a wonderful school with lots of wonderful programs including the Business school which is considered to be one of the best in the US.

There is definitely a very diverse student body that attends making it a wonderful choice to get an education.
The UO specializes in having a space for everybody. Great sports programs (though hard to get into), tons of extracurriculars, many frats and sororities to join (or just party with), and more. Campus food is so-so at handling food allergies simply because student workers don't know/ aren't always willing to check the ingredients on some things. Most professors are passionate about their work and are very open to discuss topics with students and help in any way they can. UO does a great job providing financial resources to people who need it. You can really excel here if you have the stamina and motivation to take advantage of its many opportunities.
Majorly a party school. If you are not willing to put up with late nights and loud noises, this is not the school of city for you. In Eugene, ever night is a going out night. However, if you are willing to put up with or become a part of this, the university if truly a special place. There is a lot of pride in being a duck, and rightly so. We have a diverse and supportive community and our academics exceed or rival all others in our region. There is a class, club, and curriculum for everybody. And each experience can be as personalized or generic as you desire.
I am only a freshman but I have already fallen in love with the University of Oregon. It was easy to make friend and study groups. The professors really care about your success and want help you. I love being involved on campus in clubs and going to sporting events.
The University of Oregon is a great environment for the perfect college experience. As an incoming freshman I had my reservations even during my school orientation over the summer of 2015 prior to attending the school in the fall of 2015. Once I began my fall quarter of 2015 I still felt a sense of the awkward phase of slowly adjusting to a new life. Once the first month was done it began to grow on me by the day. I loved everything about the school; the people, campus, courses, athletics, nightlife, and clubs/ organizations on campus. The town revolves around the school and the surrounding areas feed off of the success of the school. For the most part professors are fairly helpful and they are open for outside help as well. The University of Oregon provides a place for students to have their college style fun but not get too carried away. The University of Oregon is the perfect environment to provide future success post college.
It is a great school with a great community. It is perfect for anyone who doesn't like too big of cities or too small.
Great professors and access to buildings. Except for my calculus professor, he was a bit confusing and not clear.
I have heard many great things about this school, and have visited the campus and the area. Eugene is beautiful and the people are very nice, down to earth, and non-judgmental. The campus is lovely, not too big, not too small. There are over 100 clubs and many club sports. Endless opportunities! Can't wait to attend!
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