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My major, Special Education, has been consistently ranked in the top three nationally at University of Oregon. I wasn't too sure about moving to the the PNW at first but could not pass up the opportunity to earn a diploma from a program that would give me a clear advantage. I've benefitted from a very full and rich four years here and had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks to incredibly supportive professors and advisors I was able to double major with Spanish plus minor in Sociology, study abroad two terms, and still graduate on time. All my experiences enable me to leave with so much more than a degree and high demand skills. As for adjusting to the PNW, once you're addicted to coffee you'll know you've acclimated.
University of Oregon is a great place to go to school if you fall within one of the large schools, such as the school of business. You'll find many people who are also in the program and likely take several classes together, so you can make some long lasting friends and study partners. The cost, coupled with the almost 12% tuition hike last year, are one of the greatest weaknesses of this University. Rather than cut programs or ridiculously high funding for clubs they choose to raise everyone's tuition.
The UO has a very diverse student body. There are many academic opportunities as well as student activities options.
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So far, my experience at the University of Oregon has been a very good one. It is very easy to develop a community especially if you live in the dorms. There are so many ways to meet all kinds of new people and really connect with those around you. The professors that I have had so far have all been great. There are lots of things to get involved with on campus and lots of great spaces to study and hangout with other students.
If you’re taken care of financially, it’s worth it. Otherwise, it’s a ripoff. If you’re really into football or basketball, you won’t have to pay for tickets, thanks Uncle Phil. But I judge you more as a person if that’s a factor in where you’d go to a college.
University of Oregon has the most beautiful campus I've seen. The campus is an actual arboretum with endless species of trees. When we arrived for fall term there were bright flowers everywhere. Then the trees changed colors to the most fiery yellows, orange, red and purple. The squirrels are crazy bold and just working away as you walk down the paths. Wild turkeys graze on the lawns. You walk over the Willamette River footbridge and through the woods to get to Autzen Stadium. The football games are crazy fun with giveaways, chants and singing. I love that this school is nearly 150 years old and preserved original buildings and so many traditions. It's been a wild adjustment coming from LA and I'm loving every second.
University of Oregon has blessed me with so much! I'm thankful everyday to God for leading me here after an exhausting college search. I quickly found my Christian community (with housing too). I've taken a variety of different courses that have expanded my interests. I've met so many inspiring people that have helped light my path. There are endless places to study, or just be with your thoughts, in any of the beautiful libraries or just a bench under the trees. I'm extremely proud of myself and my university!
Is a good school and is big, the people in that school are nice and during the tour i saw good things.
The University of Oregon is a place where strong academics meet lively school spirit. Most of my courses taken as an undergraduate student were worth my time, money, and effort. The campus is beautiful and there are many ways for students to get involved on campus or in the community. New facilities provide modern spaces for students to live, study, and work.
I love the rigorous course load and small class sizes, as well as feeling like your professor's really care about the quality of your education here at UO.
I attended the University of Oregon my freshman year. I had an amazing Fall term; I joined a sorority which I love, and had fun at the football games. However, by the time Winter term rolled around I began to experience extreme seasonal depression. Being from out of state, I quickly realized that 4 months of straight rain during the academic school year was not for me. I made friends at the school, but due to the rain I am now transferring schools. If considering UO from out-of-state be CAUTIOUS, it rains A LOT. Overall an okay experience, just not the school (or city) for me.
My experience so far with the University of Oregon has been so exciting and full of surprises. Iv learned and met so many new people and found out what its really like to live in Eugene, Oregon.
My experience so far has been very enjoyable! The campus is very beautiful and filled with kind people willing to make new friends. My professors are very knowledgeable in their respective fields and are likely to answer any question you may have. Living in the dorms is a very fun experience because of how many people you meet and live with. The dining halls have a nice variety of food and i have not gotten sick of the food here yet. The only negative I have experienced is that coming from a large city, Eugene is very small compared to what i'm used to. There is not much to do surrounding the campus . There are free bus routes students can take to the mall to catch a movie or shop around. Overall my experience here has been extremely positive and I could honestly recommend it to anyone. Make sure you like rain !
A couple things have really surprised me. First, the classes are really challenging and very fast paced, even Business 101 is a killer. In the long run this will be what makes me prepared and competitive in the job market. Also, my professors have been a pleasant surprise. I feel like they care about each student and just learning in general. I have needed extra direction while I adjust to the expectations of college and they've all been constructive and kind. My emails are answered quickly and I've even had special assistance outside office hours. UO in general does a lot of outreach programs to ensure we are adjusting and thriving.
Everyone is very warm and welcoming. There is an enormous amount of diversity, and it's fantastic. I would like to see more parking availability and access but everything else is great!(:
I am loving my experience at Oregon! The campus is beautiful and the people are fun. The professors really care about the classes they teach. The campus is energetic and something is always happening. THE STIR-FRY IS PHENOMENAL.
My son has birth defects that require special assistance creating struggles and bullying throughout his school years. UOregon was his dream school growing up always asking for Duck gear for birthdays. We supported his goal as scary as it was, him leaving home. I'm so grateful to say students and staff have embraced my son. Communication was excellent during the admittance process and special needs coordination. He has a university provided personal assistant. This is his second year living in a single dorm. The RA and hall mates are always checking on him like family. The health center has surpassed expectations and are an invaluable resource. Plus instructors, students, custodians, dining services, always reaching out to help. He's made so many buddies and is finally one of the guys. People don't avoid talking to him or dodge walking by him. We watch with pure joy at the hugs, high fives and fist bumps he receives when we visit. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone at UOregon.
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A wonderful campus with amazing professors! Fantastic opportunities and ample amounts of well-rounded groups.
When you call to ask for information about applying they have peers that walk you through each step.
Dream school! I love this place because it offers a lot of academic and extra activities to their students and staff. Campus is big, yet the community is friendly and safe.
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