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I am a freshman and I love it here so much. I am from the Bay Area and I already call it home after being here for about a month.
Very good! Lots of fun and cool stuff. Definitely recommend. Football games are very fun. Go to all things. get involved
I loved all the faculty and professors that really tried their best to help me succeed. I feel like my life experiences have been enhanced because of this university. I do wish to have the administration be more open to listening to student concerns, many departments that aren't student life are pretty difficult when wanting to address academic issues.
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There are obviously a few problems with our school President's Schill's salary and the recent raising of tuition and diversity on campus, also our student workers don't get free meals anymore and I feel they our school spends too much money on sports, not on functional stuff but for "fluff" on campus.
an excellent school! As an international student, we have same chance as native students to get campus jobs and have the chance to join a lot of clubs.
The school motto should be "think outside the box" I see it in every major here, as passionate professors challenge their students. There's a push for collaborative effort of cross studies and how UO can connect seemingly opposing fields. I believe a lot of this is due to all the different backgrounds of a very geographically diverse staff and student body. Just like on a color wheel, opposites are complementary. I can't imagine a better school for product design, though it is a strenuous process to be admitted into the program. You will gain valuable hands-on experience before you get your degree. It can be overwhelming but it all makes you stronger and a degree from UO College of Design will open many doors. Go Ducks.
I like everything that the University of Oregon offers to students. There are a lot of groups for every interest.
I had a really good time at the UO. Double Majored in Cinema Studies & Business. Was part of greek life. The business school is rock solid; the majority of what you learn is directly applicable to the workforce and even everyday life (financial literacy, personal budgeting, etc.)

If are considering majoring in Cinema Studies, especially as an Out of State Student, I would strongly urge you to think twice. The alumni network for Cinema Studies is honestly very weak. When you move to LA, and you see all the 'SC kids sticking together you'll know what I mean. Maybe this is just because we're getting started, but the State of Oregon is not exactly a hub of Film/TV/Commercials. You learn little to no technical skills; mostly the theory behind films-which you can get by watching them on your own. If you want to be a filmmaker, major in Journalism or go to a good ranked film school in LA or NY.
The school offers a very good liberal arts program and business program. The STEM programs are lacking a bit. The campus is beautiful overall!
Currently I am a senior at the U of O and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! Starting from freshman year in the dorms which was amazing, to the sold out football games, no one can go wrong when choosing this university! The professors are always helpful and want students to succeed. Campus is always beautiful and green and the food is so yummy!
Love the large college feel in the small town environment. Came from a small HS of 100 students to having 400 person classes is awesome and wild and I love it.
I love the UO. I had a great experience my freshman year which was really important to me because being on my own in college was such a big change in my life. There were a lot of events and activities for other freshmen to get to know each other. I really enjoy that there are a lot of free tutoring opportunities for different courses and the professors are great about having office hours and making time outside of them to meet with students. I just wish that there were more places within walking distance of the university to shop and walk around, but it's alright because there are usually a lot of different events going on on campus.
Who wouldn't want to live in a land that has rugged coasts, volcanoes, and rain forests? Well not me at first, but I'm a numbers guy. It's all good because the academics speak for themselves here and that's what inspired me to go west. There are many things that the UO does above standard: retention rates, professor approval, research funding, and service learning, to name a few. The honor's college was first in the nation and Clark continues its tradition of innovation and excellence. The CHC has a rigorous admissions standard where you can get an elite level education without the price tag and brutal winters.
Great college, especially if you are a business student or in a business related field. There is a lot of Duck pride in the area, both on and off campus. Biking to campus is really easy but driving and parking is extremely difficult.
I am an international student. Everyone is very welcome. The Friendship Foundation at university is to meet people for talking and meals. I have help and the tutor for English. Students are very nice and interested. The food and many coffee kinds are very good. Everyone is very glad to see you. I like the environment and science studies and it is very good. I will stay all I can and take my education home to help everyone.
Class sizes are large but expected at this size of a university. Quality and accessibility of professors varies by department and course level. General education classes tend to be too large to have any access to the actual professor teaching and course support comes from graduate teaching fellows. It's very competitive for housing and seems to be getting worse despite an increase of construction
Oregon has been much more than I expected. Once you get to know your way around it has a real intimacy to it. We have all the opportunities of a large university (great food options, state of the art facilities, service/co-ops) plus many benefits one expects at a small university. Statistically nearly half the classes have fewer than 20 students. The professors are very accessible with their office hours, some even host socials. And yes they will know who you are. I've never had any issues getting the classes I wanted at my preferred days and time. I highly recommend incoming freshmen sign up for an ARC (Academic Residential Community) You'll live and study with people in your classes who have the same interest and goals as you.
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The University of Oregon is a research institution with a large selection of majors and departments. Most notably, the Law, Business, and Journalism departments have distinguished themselves on the national level. The U of O is not a party school, although that doesn't mean students can't have fun. Currently there is a policy enforced by the city of Eugene called the Social Host Ordinance. The ordinance controls the student party scene, which got out of hand in the past, and fines the party host who let their parties get too crazy. The University encourages students to become involved with student life. There are always University sponsored activities, including movie nights, roller skating, and ice cream socials. Student unions are also constantly hosting event. Many of these student Unions are ethnic unions. Most students of color at the U of O are either foreign students from East Asia, or Latino students. However there are less than 500 Black identifying students on campus.
I loved the dorms and dining plan so much I decided to stay with student housing my sophomore year. The newer housing facilities are gorgeous, the old ones are being renovated over the next 4 years. The food choices are plentiful, I feel like I never had the same thing twice my first year. I love that it's organic and sustainable too, with recycling & compost bins in every location. Also there's so many comfortable places with natural light to study around campus, it's really motivating. It can get rather dark in the winter with so many trees but you find a window and settle in.
I really love the atmosphere here. The UO community is friendly, inclusive and very active. The rec center is everything you didn't know you needed and more, totally keeps you motivated. I was a little hesitant about Eugene coming from small town AZ. It's a fairly big city not so much a college town. But it's very easy to get around and I always feel safe. I've been able to go to a lot of concerts and the restaurant choices are really eclectic. The Eug culture is just really cool. There are 2 beautiful rivers in the city plus a creek that runs through campus. The cold winter turned out to be a nice change. The snow days were a blast!
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