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As an incoming University of Oregon student, I've already fallen in love with this school. The application process was extremely accessible and easy, and I felt like there was a lot more concern for who I was and what I was interested in rather than just my grades and test scores. The campus is absolutely beautiful and well kept. I got a strong sense of community when I toured the campus, there was a lot of activity going on as well as everyone being very friendly. As a journalism major, I'm extremely excited to be attending University of Oregon because of their journalism program/college. My campus tour guide was a journalism major and the way she described the program sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I'm incredibly grateful to have found my place in Oregon and look forward to what the future holds for me at this university!
I loved going to this school. The only downside is that it is difficult to get in state tuition and hard to get scholarships and assistance with tuition if you are out of state. They care more about money than students it seems. Great sense of school pride, lots of clubs, great Greek life and you will have a blast if you live in the dorms your first year (highly recommend because that is where you will meet a majority of your college friends).
This is a really cool university as long as you avoid the frats and sororities. Facilities were great thanks to Uncle Sam, sporting events were fun, made lifelong friends.
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Just don't go here. I made the decision to save money and they gave me a great scholarship, and I've regretted every day I've spent here. The weather and rain is literally soul-sucking, the people are miserable and vapid and the few gems that I've found are few and far between. The frats are predatory and a safety hazard. The professors at least are all wonderful, but not worth the true misery and huge effects on my mental health that this place has cost me. The counseling here means well but is severely understaffed, people have been on the waitlist for many terms waiting to get treatment for mental health.
I truly believe that my school is the best possible place for my major (sport business) and I enjoy almost everything about it however administration makes it seem like they are doing everything possible to keep tuition low when in reality there are many price increases.
I love the scenery at the University of Oregon. Everyone on campus is friendly and is looking to have a good time. All of the professor's I have had have enjoyed hearing about student's lives and are always looking to help students out when possible. One thing I would change about the University of Oregon is changing people's motivation to do better in school. I feel like a good amount of freshman do not have a strong mindset to succeed in college.
Nothing needs to be changed because this school is utterly perfect. love it here. The vast differences in good way like the wide variety of diverse students is awesome. The actual town outside of the university is nice a very well filled with everyday fun things to do.
I am from a big town called San Ramon, which is located in California. When i arrived in Oregon it was very gloomy, but at the same time a beautiful location. I visited both Oregon and Oregon State University and I personally loved University of Oregon a lot more. The facilities and campus was so amazing and it was a great experience to visit a place out side my comfort zone. The area around the University was very exciting to explore. The restaurants were very pleasing to me as well. Overall I loved University of Oregon and the area around it. I give it 4 stars because of the rain. Going from California to Oregon is a very big change but however, I do enjoy the University very much.
University of Oregon has some really good programs and I'm happy with what resources have been available to me. College is really what you make it so find things that interest you within your field of study.
I love the football games, and the overall area of Eugene Oregon. I only went to visit but, overall i was satisfied with the campus. I've been an Oregon Duck fan since I was 12.
I graduated from University of Oregon with my degree in Human Physiology and I absolutely loved my program! The university campus is gorgeous and easy to navigate and there are tons of free services for students, including food and tutoring. Since my program focused on health and athletics, our department was well-funded. However, the flip side to going to a school that Nike sponsors is that there is a lot of money being poured into programs that don't necessarily meet the needs of the community. The price of books, supplies, classes, etc. are equivalent to private schools. Even tickets to football games for students range from $300-7,000 per seat. During my time at the university we had two strikes (teachers and graduate students) because they haven't increased wages or changed contracts in 10 years. I value my education and my program but the Univserity focuses on making money more than expanding academic programs.
The University of Oregon excels in providing research opportunities for undergraduates. The university many different science laboratories in many different fields. Additionally most liberal arts professors are always doing research in their field. As a research institution, the University of Oregon budgets a lot of its funding toward research—though this funding has been reduced in recent years due to budget cuts. Perhaps a common grievance non-athletes have on campus is the amount of money that is siphoned into athlete-exclusive programs. Overall though, the University of Oregon provides many opportunities for its undergraduates.
Despite the rainy weather for 90 percent of the year, the University of Oregon is a great college campus. There is a lot of housing within walking distance and lots of great facilities. The Student Recreation Center has been recently renovated and is one of the nicest fitness facilities in the nation. Not to mention, the Ducks have great athletic programs. Oregon is good at nearly every sport. The journalism program, in particular, is amazing. There are great, engaging professors and lots of clubs to take advantage of.
Loved the SESEY program during the summer. Real life experience with the Engineering College and dormitory living. The campus is beautiful and the town is friendly. The professor and Master's students who working closely along side us were extremely knowledgeable and fun.
The teachers at the school care about there students. Classes are interested and what you learn can be used in the workforces.
University of Oregon was originally my "safety school" but it ended up being the perfect choice for me. The student life here is awesome and the athletics are just an added bonus. The business school is exactly what I wanted, it is challenging, has lots of opportunities for job shadows and connections and a great faculty with real world experience.
As a freshman at the University of Oregon, I can attest that this is one of the greatest universities in the Pacific Northwest. With professors and graduating teaching fellows that truly care about their students and their learning environment, there has never been a moment where I felt that a teacher has not cared about my academics. With a rigorous ten week term, I feel that the University of Oregon will prepare me for a fast-pace working environment.
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I fell in love with the campus as soon as I set foot on it. Everything is beautiful there, and every aspect about the safety and academic aspects of it appeal to me.
I love the University, it is a beautiful campus, great professors, and a very welcoming environment. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to come take a walk around and see all the amazing amenities that the campus has to offer. The new EMU is amazing, it is the heart of campus and a fun place to eat, socialize, and study.
I find that funding is used for Buildings and Sports over academics. Out of state students are financially penalized with increase over increase in tuition with no increases in aid. Dormitories are old and have lead pipe problems that the University has no fix for. Most people forced off campus after Freshman year.
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