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I love the campus. The school has made the old growth trees on the grounds a priority throughout the development of the campus. The buildings have space between and around them.
Our School of Art+Design has an amazing depth to it. I think art majors in general aren't taken seriously by the world but where would humanity be without art? University of Oregon recognizes this importance and doesn't offer fine arts as an easy degree. The scope and variety of mediums helps students to hone in their craft quickly while evolving and adapting to the growing use of technology. We have job shadow opportunities and symposiums so you can be mentored by professionals. You are also encouraged to study abroad and/or enroll in an international exchange or internship. The Global Education dept makes these options so easy to pursue.
University of Oregon has a beautiful campus. The cherry blossom trees and all the spring flowers are so cheerful. There’s a lot of art work and statues throughout campus in addition to two impressive museums. The campus is always pristine, we have the best cleaning staff and maintenance people. They are hard working and so helpful. I’m very happy to see that they are respected and appreciated by the students.
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University of Oregon works to ensure that all students feel safe and valued. The quality of teaching is excellent.
Most of the students I've met came to the UO because of the strength of their specific major or a particular interest. But I based my decision on an emotional connection, it was an instant feeling of belonging for me on my first visit. Sophomore year I was getting stressed because I still didn't have a major in mind. My advisor assured me there was time to explore and helped me choose some courses beyond core. Then I had a particular professor that absolutely drew me into his work and gave me a clear direction. I'm now doing research with that professor and I've grown in ways beyond academics. If you use the many resources available to students you will succeed.
University of Oregon has something for everyone with a huge variety of classes and clubs. Plus Eugene has some cool venues with a very eclectic music scene. Random examples on any given week would be: queer-pop at Boreal, freak-folk at McDonald, trap-rap at Cuthbert, EDM at HiFi or Zimbabwean at WOW. I have to work just to support my concert habit. It's the perfect escape from studying though because it's multi-sensory.
Most classes are capped under 25, small enough to interact with the professor but just enough for diversity of peer contributions . You'll have a few lecture classes with 100+ students but then you're also required to register for a discussion group, usually just 20 students led by a GTF. It's an efficient way to offer more availability for the popular classes.

If you use the Schedule Builder program, finding and registering for classes is simple. You type in your interests, add or block timeframes, then multiple scenarios pop up. Prerequisites and sequencing alerts help cut down your research. You can do this days ahead of time and leave them in your cart. When your registration time slot begins you need only click to finish. I've never missed out on a class I wanted. Of course the advisors are a great help too.
Very interesting classes and beautiful campus. Some improvement is needed in the administration department.
My experience at University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications has been outstanding. I'm an advertising major/philosophy minor. There is A LOT of work expected of you and so many projects because it's a very competitive industry. We have alumni working at Nike, L'Oréal, plus many other international corporations and also some that run their own agencies. I spent a term with GEO (study abroad) in Hong Kong. Not only was this a personal life changer but my experience there with global branding is something employers look for. Juniors and seniors in J:Ad have the opportunity to go on the annual NYC trip. But the best part is we have a student run agency, Allen Advertising; if you are hired you get real work experience to add to your portfolio before you graduate. I feel like UO SOJC has opened the world to me and anyone else willing to put in the hustle.
Best four years of my life, hands down. Always loved the vibe of my hometown Portland, OR and Eugene really made me feel at home right off the bat.
This campus is hyped all the time. University of Oregon students are passionate about absolutely everything - learning, food, environment, sports, activism, music. Anything you can think of to do you'll find it here and plenty of people who are down to come with. It's really intense yet so chill at the same time. Best decision I ever made was to come to Oregon.
I want everyone to know how much University of Oregon and their Accessible Education Center have changed my life. University life can be a difficult transition for anyone, but having a disability makes it more so for me. They've paired me with an assistant that makes my life so much easier. AEC can help from modification of curriculum to adaptive technology and more. The request process is easy to follow and an advocate will work with you to determine the tools that work best for you. It's a continuous service with adjustments as needed based on your feedback. The rec center has been a dream come true thanks to their accommodations. The best surprise has been that the students and staff genuinely enjoy helping me no matter where I am. This is a very special community. My dream career now is to be a special education consultant using UO as a model. All students deserve to experience what I have.
If you’re not from the PNW here’s the deal about living in Willamette Valley. Summer and fall are absolute perfection. Winter is quite mild but the clouds are very low which blocks natural light. In the winter months the marine layer sticks around most of the day. If you survive, your reward is a bright and colorful spring. The climate brings the deep greens of Ireland and Pinot Noir that rivals France. Oregonians are a rugged and outgoing bunch. No matter the season you’ll find a way to stay active and take advantage of the beautiful campus and it’s ever changing environment.
I love it. It's very diverse and liberal but respectable as well. Lots of amazing people and I love the campus and classes offered!!
The bio-chem path is difficult and time consuming. You'll be studying while your art major friends are going out. But if you are determined and goal oriented you will thrive. The professors are challenging and passionate. UO really promotes interdisciplinary studies, and they'll show that there's a lot of paths to connect almost any discipline to science. The advisors stay of top of you reminding you of your options. There's a lot of excitement within the science departments right now with the building of the new Knight complex.
This is an AMAZING school, the campus is beautiful, the people are welcoming, and the plethora of knowledge is amazing. All four years you will have the desire to learn new things and pursue your passions.
Sco Ducks! University of Oregon is a good school overall, however, just like many other colleges it has become more about big business than about the education. The university has become more of an elitist school over the last few years and is more concerned about keeping this status than its students. The school continues to raise tuition prices and it is frustrating as a student who can hardly afford the current prices. Students have voiced their opinion on this matter, but are consistently ignored. On the other hand, the UO does provide a nice learning atmosphere. Everyone here is full of duck pride and campus is beautiful.
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It's an amazing place that has one of the best educations you can get, unfortunately it is very costly and sometimes programs and safety lack because the university is more focused on their football guys than on the rest of the non-athletic students but that seems to be typical issue for any college or university with a highly popular football team.
University of Oregon for International students is very welcoming. I feel safe and comfortable. The offices are giving a lot of help. My visa was and approval was easy and quick. Students are caring and work together. I have met so many new friends. People love to share stories of where they came from. I enjoy the food and drinks very much.
It is a really nice school and very big. Lots of majors to chose from and many many opportunities for growth.
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