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Will just be entering the college this fall. I only hear good things about their educational program.
The U of O is a remarkable university for physiology and pathology. The research opportunities are available in abundance to students and we have the best professors. The new Knight Campus is dedicated to science just across the street and from what is being planned will be leader on a global scale. It is so exciting to be a part of such a distinguished program.
The atmosphere of this college is amazing. Most people are very accepting and kind. All the students and staff here are happy to be at the University of Oregon and you can tell. Almost every professor I've had has been helpful and knowledgeable. The campus is beautiful with all the trees. Eugene is a small town and most things are close enough to walk to. Even with all the rain, it is beautiful and quaint all year round.
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The University of Oregon is a very good school in my opinion. If you love rainy days this is the school for you. Most professors are awesome, and really help you understand subjects that you are confused on if you seek them for office hours. Tutoring for math and writing is provided and the tutors are excellent.
I largely had a wonderful experience at Oregon, specifically at the school of music and dance. I was a music major there, graduating in 2013. The entire campus is very beautiful. The school of music has excellent professors and one of the best college choirs I have ever heard. It is easy and exciting to get swept up in the sport life at U of O. Living is affordable!
Although I have only been here for 2 terms the University of Oregon has already begun to shape me into a new person. Since attending this college I have gained more motivation to succeed in whatever I may do. This School has amazing awareness on what is happening in the world around us whether it is political, environmental, ethics, there is something you can get involved in that pertains to your intrests.
I'm very appreciative of the housing dept and how much they helped me personally. I got into a bad situation, they took my concerns seriously and worked with me quickly and discreetly to resolve it. They care about their students well being and it shows through every office I've dealt with. On a fun note the options for on or off campus housing are plentiful. And the dining choices are amazing, creative and fresh. Our academic and extra curricular facilities are mind blowing, I can't imagine any better!
There are a lot of different focuses within the business college with inter-disciplinary study. The advisors are really good at helping you figure out how to get your credits for BA or BS satisfied while finishing your major and usually a minor or two. I’ve never felt like UO tried to drain our wallets but just to steer you in the right direction at your own pace. All of my previous credits transferred over with no issues.
People aren't really there for school, they don't prioritize their education so it is not a very motivated atmosphere for the students. I went for my first term of freshman year, and ultimately was so unhappy I transferred to a community college back home.
I love this school, and plan to go to it in my future years. I have had amazing tours and camps that have expanded my experience with U of O and I am really interested in it.
Oregon is a great school with decent academics. The location, however, is nothing to write home about, and Eugene is in general a really sketchy town, making students feel uncomfortable.
University of Oregon felt like home immediately. IntroDUCKtion and Week of Welcome were both fun and unique experiences. The activities and school spirit blew me away. It set the tone for a great first year. I met so many people and made a lot of friends. My “flock” still gets together even though we’ve all made lots of new friends. The (newer) dorms are very nice with amenities and social events. The food hasn’t gotten old yet, I’m still trying new things.
I love how UO provides so many opportunities for experiential learning. The design students got to work on the remodel of Bean Hall. The CoE special education majors get to partner with our ability challenged students, for credit and salary. The broadcast students report on our sports teams. We have a real advertising agency that gives advertising majors work for their portfolio before they even graduate. Science majors are able to go on amazing trips and do field work. The marine biology students live, work and go to class on the coast. It's not enough to simply get a degree anymore, and UO gives you the opportunities to graduate with real life experience.
The freshest air I've ever breathed. The people here are very nice, nicer than most of the world. Very open ideas very liberal everybody seems to have their own thing around here and everybody accepts each other for what they are. It won't be hard to make this place your home.
Great Vibe! Everyone always seems so happy and it is an absolutely gorgeous campus. I loved visiting and I hope to attend here in the Fall.
Don't assume a state school will mean easier academics. I've found my classes to be very challenging even after many AP/dual credit classes in high school. The schedule is quite strenuous with the rapid pace of the quarter system. While it seems stressful at the time I'm grateful for the experience I'm getting. I believe I'll be well prepared for real world competition and ever changing industry.
I’ve loved every minute of moving to the PNW. The fresh air and crisp mornings, sunny afternoons ending in spectacular sunsets. Organic foods and so many vegan options. Eugene has an eclectic music scene we get a lot of different performers from intimate theaters to packing the MKA. We have running trails up and down the rivers, and mountain views from every window. Everyone is so caring and outgoing. I’ve loved all my professors. You will quickly feel at home and there’s tons of school activities to meet new people.
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All my interactions with support staff have been above and beyond (advisors, health center, library) The campus food is better than anywhere else I’ve visited and the newer dorms are really nice. Campus has a chill yet hype vibe. Very pretty throughout the year with the seasonal changes. Huge selections of classes and major, great professors.
University of Oregon is very dedicated to making sure students are having the best experience and provide so many resources for school and out of school activities.
Big university with all the benefits of small colleges. Lots of resources, support, small class sizes, easy access to advisors and tutoring. I’ve never heard of anyone not getting into a class they wanted. Any club or organization you can think of for extra curricular fun. There’s a great deal to do around campus at any hour, plenty of parties and the sports teams add to the school spirit.