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University of Oregon was a great place to go to school. The university has so much to offer in terms of student life and campus activities. There are countless organizations and groups to be involved in.
My time at Oregon opened my eyes to new experiences and lifestyles that I would not otherwise be able to see. Eugene is a phenomenal city for college students. There is never not something to do!
I believe that if you are reading this, u will not choose U of O. The amount of uncomfortable situations I was put on were terrible
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I visited the University my freshman year of highschool, gorgeous campus, big, and with a diverse group of students. I met a few professors, many of which were passionate and engaged with the students. Now on my last year of high school, I feel inspired to go here.
Eugene is a funky city with a wondrous location. There are two rivers flowing through the city with footbridges and trails galore. Waterfalls are scattered all over the region. The ocean is just an hour drive, winding through an old growth forest. Go the opposite way over ancient volcanoes and you reach the high desert. I didn't even know Oregon had desert regions. It's incredible really. Also, Portland is close but far enough to give Eugene its own identity. University of Oregon is integrated nicely within the city. It's not a quaint little college town if that's what you're looking for. The campus is not in a bubble, which I prefer, but being public property can subject students to some odd characters. Campus has its own police with enough presence to make you feel safe but they aren't there to bust students having fun.
It's a good school, but they did promise to give me a four year tuition scholarship, and then they took it away starting the first week of school because they made a mistake. It was quite frustrating, and they kept promising me money, but never gave me any.
Its a cool school its well known for there football team. Besides the sports they have many great programs like the school of journalism, law school and the architect school. Its also a very liberal arts college.
University of Oregon is a top school for physiology and pathology. The programs are already cutting edge plus new accelerated science facilities are currently under construction. The professors are accomplished, connected and passionate. The only issue I had finding research opportunities was that there were too many amazing ones to choose from.
I feel that the University of Oregon is a great place to encourage learning and experience college. The counselors are fantastic. I've attended community college and spent time at Cal State Long Beach and I've never met, or encountered, better counselors who know what they are talking about and really advocate for the students. The one thing that I would change is that I have encountered some professors that are very one sided in their views and it's a setting that doesn't encourage exploration into one's own thoughts.
I absolutely LOVE this school and every little thing about it. It has every single student organization and club you could possibly think of; Anybody can find a comfortable place to fit it. The student life is everything you could possibly ask for and more - Everywhere you go you'll find someone with green and yellow on. The food is great everywhere you go especially in the dining halls, being a freshman was AWESOME! And, the majors and minors they offer are amazing, there's something for everyone here no doubt and the classes and professors are to die for, I have yet to take a class I don't like. Overall, this school is amazing, 10/10 definitely.
I already feel so welcomed and at home as a freshman. Our IntroDUCKtion session was so much fun and a perfect taste of the year ahead. My flock was very diverse and outgoing. My counselor was really helpful and reassuring. I was able to make a beautiful schedule of all my first class choices. The dorm tours were better than I expected since we hear the horror stories about dorms but they are modern and stunning here. I love everything I have experienced so far. The food too!
As a freshman I appreciated the focus on holistic health. The Duck Nest Wellness Center was a welcoming home away from home during my adjustment to campus life and also during stressful times such as mid-terms and finals. UO also makes it easy to stay physically and socially active. I used the counseling and medical center several times and it was very convenient and helpful. The professors were all nurturing on a personal level. I just feel very cared for overall as a University of Oregon student.
I love University of Oregon and the opportunities they give their students to succeed and get involved in whatever their interests may be.
Had a wonderful time getting acquainted with U of Oregon so far. Friendly, helpful staff, beautiful campus and location, and a commitment to health and the environment. So far, so good!
The level of work is insane (in part due to the quarter system) but by the time I reached the upper level classes I had a solid appreciation for it. If you are going corporate this is your new life in today’s markets. I know it made me stronger and more competitive. At the time you will think you can’t survive and wonder what you got yourself into. Business 101, for example, is not a cushy intro course. Be ready to work and use connections like ARCs and other associations.
I was first drawn to U of O for my major which is top rated here. Then after a visit this campus just felt like home. The region is majestic and so very green, the campus is historical yet modern. The facilities are really exciting with state of the art rec center and student union. There is so much diversity that everyone feels welcome, you will hear accents from all over the world. There are groups for every kind of student and interest.
I am an Oregon resident that chose the University of Oregon for my undergraduate education. Looking back at my freshman year, I made so many new friends that have become my closest buddies. My on campus living experience was undeniably one of my best years! After my freshman year, just two months ago, I was in a terrible accident and am now paralyzed. My friends have been by my side throughout this experience and U of O strives to be one of most progressive disability accessible universities around. So, regardless of my paralysis, I am definitely looking forward to returning this fall for my sophomore year and would recommend this school to all!
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The University of Oregon has a beautiful campus located in the growing city of Eugene, OR. They have a passion filled athletics department and many club sports if you aren't up for the big leagues. The University has a vibrant, diverse, and social community of outgoing, kind, and passionate students and faculty. Despite being a public University, academics are superb. Professors, tutors, and teaching assistants are readily available for answering questions and assisting students. On a negative note, the safety of campus has become questionable with the countless armed robberies, sexual assaults, and deaths that have occurred with students acting as both perpetrators and victims. However, the University of Oregon has been taking serious steps towards lowering the prevalence of these crimes through text alerts, brightly lit pathways, campus security, and police call-boxes. Overall, the University of Oregon is one of the best public Universities in the USA, and by far the best in Oregon.
UO reality is a shared desire for knowledge at a higher level and the deeper understanding that you are never done learning. Do not underestimate the academic support here, it encompasses empowerment from peers, professors, faculty, and alumni. Challenging each other outside the general scope and the daily give-and-take is an invaluable aspect of any discipline; and this is the root approach to learning at University of Oregon. There is a perfect blend of competitive vs collaborative attitudes amongst the students.
The University of Oregon is a great school. It has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities and so many helpful resources. I have learned so much being a student here. U of O is in Eugene, Oregon and it is the perfect place for me. It is really interesting being in a community like Eugene. It is a huge college town and gives students and former students so many opportunities, not only through academics but also through connections to find the best career for you.