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Going to OU has been a great experience for me. My fellow students have been amazing and the professors in my field have helped me with so much. I do wish there was more of an emphasis for diversity for students and faculty though.
I love the welcoming atmosphere of the University. Norman is a small town, but the college life makes up for the city's quaintness. Athletic programs are very prosperous and students are very nice. Professors are willing to help with just about anything. Dorms are not as comfortable as others, but the various student organizations on campus mitigate them. Academics wise, not as challenging, but challenging enough.
I had a great experience at the university of Oklahoma. This school provides numerous activities that students can participate in that are fun, challenge the mind, and make many connections so there is never really a time when there is "nothing to do". The academics of this university are also very good, most of the professors actual care about your learning and want to see you succeed which allowed me to make the Deans list. However, the classes at this college tend to conflict with each other in both time commitment and work load so choose wisely.
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Great overall experience, I learned from the best instructors during my time there. I wish I knew where some of the other resources where but I still feel very confident in my education.
I love it here at OU! The diversity is great and it's a fantastic school for the cost. Campus is beautiful and there is always something to do or some way to get involved. There are many housing options. There is also food EVERYWHERE so you will never go hungry. Professors are very inclusive and know their material extensively.
I am currently a senior in high school, but I am absolutely in love with the OU campus. When I went on tour, everyone was really friendly and knew all about the campus if you had any questions. Also, I can remember helping my cousin move into the dorms, which helped me see what it really feels like to live at OU.
Had a great time, learned a lot and wouldn't have gone any where else. Football games are the best here too
There is a very diverse group of students on campus. The teachers are all very qualified and campus life is overall very fun.
It is the very best school in all of oklahoma. Everyone should go there, there is a beautiful campus with a great student life and outstanding athletics
I love it, the education you receive is amazing. The professors are fantastic, and there are so many people to meet. It is just quite expensive, especially for living in the dorms.
I love this school. It is a really welcoming atmosphere, has incredible professors and staff, and an amazing student body. Even though its massive, everyone I have met there has been great. The dorms are a little out dated but they're working on it.
It's a very clean and well kept campus with kind staff and students. I would definitely recommend attending it. Just a great overall experience
The campus atmosphere is incredible. the professors are so helpful. I went to campus for a camp and they were so welcoming and gave everyone such amazing advice. They could change the class sizes to make it smaller is the only advice I would give.
So far i have liked everything about the university. The campus is beautiful, the dorms are nice, the food is great, and most of the professors are great. One warning though, always look up your professor on ratemyprofessor because some of them are not as good as others.
The University of Oklahoma is a higher-level education campus that provides a wide variety of opportunities for a diverse student body. OU seems to be consistently striving to improve the campus, the courses, and the student life. I've enjoyed my four years here and am proud to walk away from undergrad as a SOONER!
OU has an excellent community that really becomes like family. There are many great professors and the President is the absolute best.
the university of Oklahoma is a very welcoming college. It was not hard to adapt and feel comfortable. Mostly everyone is just very nice and welcoming.
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It feels like home to me. I love the atmosphere. The football is also amazing and intense. I love that if you want to be involved, all you have to do is ask and you are thrown into so many amazing opportunities.
I was raised rooting for "America's Brightest Orange". My first crush was Pistol Pete, and every Saturday you bet I was dressed head to toe in orange with my pistols firin' away. This is why it came as shock to my family when I chose to attend the University of Oklahoma over Oklahoma state. After touring campus several times and having the opportunity to stay in the dorms a month before my senior, I fell in love. OU takes pride in their academics. We are one big family. We all back each other. From Saturday football games to the constant free goodies on the South Oval, there not a single thing to not love about this school. There is a club or group for everyone. My family, even though it pains them a little on the inside, knows that I made the right choice by packing away my pistols and swapping all of the America's brightest orange for crimson and cream because you know what they say-"There is only one Oklahoma"
Everyday when I go to school, I am proud to call myself a Sooner. Most professors and faculty always make sure all students feel safe and welcome at the university. I have made great friends here and look forward to being able to get my degree from the University of Oklahoma.
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