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OU is a great school that focuses on the student first. It cost a lot but it's worth the education. The work load is very hard due to the high academic success ou has had in the recent years. It is very easy for students to get involved in many clubs and organizations.
BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE US!! The University makes me feel at home! Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
I liked that the University of Oklahoma focuses so much on academics. They pride themselves on giving their students an excellent education, and they are doing just that. Student life on campus is a lot of fun with so many events that go on, such as concerts, free food in the ovals, and free movies in their mini movie theater. If I could change one thing, it would be the safety of people walking at night. There is a program called saferide that can be used for people that are afraid to walk back on their own, but I feel like sometimes people are too stubborn to call them and would rather risk walking back on their own because they believe it to be too much of a hassle.
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OU is great at making the college/campus experience feel like a community. The University does its best to provide as many opportunities as it can for the students.
Best university in the nation! I've had the best time here, and enjoying every minute of it. The University of Oklahoma has so much to offer. Norman, Oklahoma is a great college town and there's really something for everyone here.
Beautiful campus, and good teachers so far. Campus feels much smaller than the 30,000 that it is. Always something to do around campus.
I am on week two of my freshman year and OU has been amazing. Move-in day was a breeze. OU was so organized. I loved that the move-in line was quick. Students moved everything in your room for you. The activities for incoming Freshman were relevant and fun. You could attend talks about majors, campus tours (including a ghost tour), intramural sports, etc. OU takes great care of their freshman. I found help any time I needed it. My first week of classes was so much fun! The professors were funny and interesting. I am excited about learning and experiencing all that is OU. BOOMER!!!
I have been keeping my eye on this university to attend for a long time and have seen nothing but good things. I'm currently attending to become a Meteorology major. All the staff and professors are nice and cooperative and the food is amazing as well as the services provided. Lots of opportunities for free food! All the students are very kind and respectful to each other as well
I love the atmosphere at OU, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. The education opportunities are amazing and usually professors are very helpful and let you know of resources to help you succeed. As for diversity on campus, it is mainly Caucasian students with few POC however, there are plenty of clubs to help you get connected with people of similar backgrounds.
I like how it is really close to everything. It's easy to find classes. The sororities and fraternities are really friendly.
Some departments, such as the Russian department, need some help in expanding their graduate numbers and programs. I wish there was also more flexibility with certain courses in equating them abroad.
My two years at OU have been life changing. The classes I have taken and the people I have met are incredible. OU is truly a great school.
My freshman year was great. When I came to the University of Oklahoma I didn't expect people to be so kind and helpful. I was truly surprised with how's everyone willing to help, from administration to students or any random person you see. The classes are pretty big and it's hard to reach a professor while in class but office hours make it up for that. OU is also very cultural and diverse, what I love and there are so many clubs and organizations where you can find yourself. The weather is a bit weird, but that's to expect I guess.
I'm only a high school student so far, but what I do know when I visited OU is that it's astonishing! OU has the best scene of nature around campus, some OU athletics moved to pro, and it's most likely the nearest big university that I know.
The University of Oklahoma is an amazing school. I have learned so much in the little time that I have attended OU.
THE best place to study Native American law--whether certificate course, Masters degree or beyond. Applicable in virtually every career choice.
The university has an amazing campus. You can tell they put a lot of money into landscaping. There are a lot of areas for students to hang around, do homework, socialize, etc. There are a lot of fountains, benches, and statues. It really is a great atmosphere. There are so many organizations a student can belong to. It really feels like home.
Review University of Oklahoma
Thought it would be better, but it's the typical pool of close-minded individuals; both professors and students. One often must endure one-sided comments and rants on their political and social views, without factual evidence. Oh, and President Boran, Athletic Director Joe Castiglione,the Board of Regents, boosters, ex-Head football coach Stoops and his entire staff, condone violence towards women when the violent act is performed by a football player (Joe Mixon). Search the video online, sick. He was RED-SHIRTED, which is what most athletes do their first year anyway, then allowed to start until he entered the NFL draft 2-3 years later. sick
If you like to drink and watch football it's for you. I don't like either and was a little disappointed in the low level of professionalism in my program
I have only gone through the application process on the Europe/overseas campus so far, but it has really been a pleasant experience so far!
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