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2,526 reviews
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The campus atmosphere is incredible. the professors are so helpful. I went to campus for a camp and they were so welcoming and gave everyone such amazing advice. They could change the class sizes to make it smaller is the only advice I would give.
So far i have liked everything about the university. The campus is beautiful, the dorms are nice, the food is great, and most of the professors are great. One warning though, always look up your professor on ratemyprofessor because some of them are not as good as others.
The University of Oklahoma is a higher-level education campus that provides a wide variety of opportunities for a diverse student body. OU seems to be consistently striving to improve the campus, the courses, and the student life. I've enjoyed my four years here and am proud to walk away from undergrad as a SOONER!
OU has an excellent community that really becomes like family. There are many great professors and the President is the absolute best.
the university of Oklahoma is a very welcoming college. It was not hard to adapt and feel comfortable. Mostly everyone is just very nice and welcoming.
It feels like home to me. I love the atmosphere. The football is also amazing and intense. I love that if you want to be involved, all you have to do is ask and you are thrown into so many amazing opportunities.
I was raised rooting for "America's Brightest Orange". My first crush was Pistol Pete, and every Saturday you bet I was dressed head to toe in orange with my pistols firin' away. This is why it came as shock to my family when I chose to attend the University of Oklahoma over Oklahoma state. After touring campus several times and having the opportunity to stay in the dorms a month before my senior, I fell in love. OU takes pride in their academics. We are one big family. We all back each other. From Saturday football games to the constant free goodies on the South Oval, there not a single thing to not love about this school. There is a club or group for everyone. My family, even though it pains them a little on the inside, knows that I made the right choice by packing away my pistols and swapping all of the America's brightest orange for crimson and cream because you know what they say-"There is only one Oklahoma"
Everyday when I go to school, I am proud to call myself a Sooner. Most professors and faculty always make sure all students feel safe and welcome at the university. I have made great friends here and look forward to being able to get my degree from the University of Oklahoma.
The Campus is great and the University always has opportunities for students to get involved on campus through different organizations. In addition the professors always have the best interest of students and are truly there for their students when they need them. They always are easy to reach and most have passion when teaching their students.
OU is one of the best universities. Ignore all the online university rankings. This place is amazing. Norman, Oklahoma is a very peaceful and safe city. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful whether you are international or a local student.
Great campus! I began OU in Fall 2014 and have learned so much. This campus is diverse and something to offer for everyone. The classes and interesting and you learn alot. I would definitely reccommend coming to The University of Oklahoma.
While my high school didn't prepare me for what college had, I still felt comfortable with what the University of Oklahoma did for me. They made sure I felt comfortable with everything, they offered help whenever needed.
So far my experience has exceeded expectations. I have been introduced to a diverse student life. In class, I had wonderful professors and teacher's assistants that made sure I was getting my moneys worth.
The only problem is the lack of connection between students in Greek life and those who aren't, if the gap was reduced I feel campus would be better unified. This would allow for an even better Norman campus.
I've enjoyed it. I couldn't ask for more as an active duty military officer. The classes have been challenging, yet rewarding. The instructors have pushed me in each of my classes, which I am grateful for. In all, I've had an exciting time and am pleased that OU provides military personnel a welcome experience.
Excellent online learning format! Personalized attention! Innovative. Future ready, just what I need, instruction.
The faculty and programs are world renowned and I couldnt see myself anywhere else. The community is great and diverse.
I love the University of Oklahoma. It was very easy to get involved and meet people, because everyone was so welcoming. The professors are top notch and the education is just as good. I am majoring in music education and we have already gotten to go out and observe classrooms. That normally doesn't happen you're freshman year of college, so that says something about OU.
The University of Oklahoma is the best University in the nation. Superb engineering college, great football, and the nation's ONLY!!! All you can eat Chick Fil A!
I came from a rural area and was concerned about being on such a large campus. OU provides so many opportunities for students to meet. I also found organizations that provide ways to participate on campus and make new friends. OU provides great professors that work to ensure students' success. I live in the athletic dorms, I am not an athlete. They are required to have a percentage of non-athletes in the dorm. I feel very safe and the accommodations are great! We have our own cafeteria in the dorm and there is a great variety of healthy food to choose from. I would recommend the University of Oklahoma to everyone looking for a great college experience.
The campus is rather nice. Food is easily accessible and is of better quality than other places. The classes are interesting. The University College counselors are not the greatest and seem at a loss when asked any specific question pertaining to further university plans.
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