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It is a beautiful campus with helpful faculty who will do their best to help their students succeed. The on campus living is a little shaky and sometimes unreliable, but the off campus options are beautiful and bountiful within close ranges of the campus.
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The campus is beautiful. People are enthusiastic and eager to help. Dorms are very nice and you can keep a pet fish in there.
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seen a lot about the campus I know its really great. Oklahoma has some of the best teams for example football they produce a lot of amazing athlete in the NFL and the MLB
Just a overall awesome school. My experience with the University of Oklahoma has been awesome from the first time I emailed a recruiter to relieving my admissions box in the mail.
I love OU because the community is fantastic. Everyone there is a friend and they really look out for you. There are so many opportunities to grow and make friends. The staff at OU really cares for their students and their prospective students. There are so many programs for each and every one of them. OU is beautiful and spacious. Rarely does one feel crowded overwhelmed.
It's the atmosphere there the university is great, just walking thru the campus just has a good outlook about it. The sports is excellent, my wish is to join the sports at OU I'm a tennis player, my dream is to join the University of Oklahoma and play sports. The sports program is excellent. The academics is great, the room and board has great dorms. I'm just hoping to became a member of the University. The only change I can think of is to make it more easy for more freshman to enter college there. What I'm experience is that you really have to have really good grade point average, but it's the act that is very hard that 1 down fall I'm having I don't a good act test score but have good grades. That's the only downfall I have but I'm trying to get those scores up. I really want to go to school there, But 1 day that dream may come true everything is all possible.
I am currently a senior at OU. What stand out to me most about my time here are the outstanding professors I have had. From calculus to biology to sociology, I have had some absolutely fantastic professors and become acquainted with them through small classes and labs.
I love going to school here. There are so many choices, so you can really get what you want out of your experience. There are so many student activities and academic programs to choose from, as well as support systems for everything from career services to on-campus counseling. Highly recommended.
The University of Oklahoma is amazing, it is currently my top rated school due to academics and other specifications.
Very pretty campus and not too large. The professors have also all been really good so far. Could stand to have more restaurants so the lines are not as long and they got rid of almost all of their non-resident scholarships which is a bummer.
OU is great, the commute from OKC is a little rough if you are a full time student and full time working, but it is possible to do both. If you study and keep up with your assignments on Canvas and in the classroom you will be fine. Study do your homework and you will get the results you need.
I toured The University of Oklahoma in April and it was the most beautiful campus, and the students and faculty were extremely personable.
Great campus filled with diversity. There is a great "campus corner" that serves for the night life at the University of Oklahoma. Our athletics is awesome. I believe that our football stadium has been sold out for I think 20 years for every home game which just shows the school spirit this town has.
I love it here, the campus is beautiful. You just have to keep your head up and don't let anyone else get you down. The Greek life here is insane, not always in a good way. If thats your thing though, then this is the place for you! Overall the professors are good and there are plenty of things to do on campus. Union Board always makes sure kids have something to do on the weekends. Also, there is a great theatre in the Union and they put on movies that are still out in theaters. The entire campus has basically been renovated since the time I was a freshman.
I loved my time at the University of Oklahoma. The teachers and alum take the time to get to know you when you are in small classes. The larger classes provided smaller study groups that you were welcome to attend to help with the material.
OU has provided me with a top tier education as well as the opportunity to attend elite level sporting events throughout my college career. The professors helped open doors for my career and guided me through my academic and life aspirations. If I could do college over I would definitely choose OU again.
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Many McGuinness graduates attend OU and have said many great things about it. OU prepares students to go out on their own and hold a good job.
During my junior year of high school I went and toured the Norman campus. I absolutely fell in love with the campus. Everybody was so nice and approachable. Their were so many different characters of people I haven't seen before also probably because i live in a small town. I loved the atmosphere of the campus and all that were around. It was a great experience all around and I would love to actually get to know the campus more and hopefully attend someday.
So far I have really enjoyed attending the University of Oklahoma. Campus life is great and full of wonderful people. The only thing I believe that could be improved is a better representation of minority’s on campus.
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