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I'm a college sophomore and have overall enjoyed my time at OU so far. I would say one thing that I have had an issue with is advisers- they don't all seem super concerned with intentionally helping students find the best class fit; I've mostly put together my own schedule every semester. Other than that though, OU has been great as far as classes, professors, and extracurricular opportunities go.
Norman is a good area, parking availability is an issue. I don't buy a parking pass because there isn't any available parking space. They do provide shuttles from the Lloyd Noble center to campus, but more parking space would be helpful
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The campus is beautiful and close to many restaurants and stores. There are many opportunities to get involed on campus.
University of Oklahoma is a beautiful campus full of friendly and very helpful students and faculty. As soon as I stepped on campus during my first visit, I thought to myself “ this is what a college campus is supposed to look and feel like!”
OU has an amazing football team and the student body and alumni are very involved in supporting OU athletes! Not only do the students and faculty support athletes they also support all the other Incredible departments at the University!
OU is home! Boomer Sooner!
It is an Amazing institution . Very diverse with a great education. Hands down the best University in Oklahoma with immense amount of school pride. With a great sports teams and outstanding 1 on 1 training

The University of Oklahoma is a very mediocre university. I came on academic scholarship and highly regret it. The average population struggles with academics and the large scholarships they give to students with high ACT scores and GPAs, and especially to National Merit Students, are handed out to attempt to make the school look better that it is. Coming here for the money is one of the worst decisions I have made and paying more and taking on debt to go to one of the many better universities I was offered admission to was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Along with the mediocre academics, the social scene is also mediocre. Because school is not taxing, I often go out with my friends and there is no form of intellect when out at night. The university party scene is one of getting belligerently drunk and in a means that is not any fun and living in the dorms is like living with a parent watching over your shoulder. If you are smart and have the ability to go elsewhere, do so.
The University of Oklahoma is fantastic and personally there is nothing that can be done to make it a better place.
The University of Oklahoma has a very traditional feel to it. It also is a rather large state university, but runs and feels like a small one. There is always something going on and it is easy for students to feel at home here. I loved my time at the university and truly believe in many of the values the school holds it's students to. There are some improvements to be made, but the faculty and student body are constantly working towards these improvements to make the campus and the world a better place. Plus, you can't neglect Sooner Football and the incredible arts! Boomer Sooner!
The University of Oklahoma is a great place to come and grow not only as a student but as an individual as well.
The University of Oklahoma has a beautiful campus. In addition to this, the library is in the central part of the university and has multiple floors with many different places to study, some quite and old, some new and vibrant. Another great perk of going to OU is the Innovation Hub, a free place to 3D print things, CNC projects, laser cut stuff and more for free.
Through my time visiting and researching about the University of Oklahoma, the websites, staff, and students have been nothing but extremely helpful and inviting. They offer amazing opportunities and a wonderful sense of community.
The University is nice and professors are always willing to help. Parking is okay, they are adding more parking garages and dorms. The experience so far has been amazing, the only thing is how much tuition is.
The University of Oklahoma is a beautiful campus, full of all types of people. For the most part, college is a great experience. One thing I would like to be different is the feeling of community on campus. With so many people, it is hard to view thousands of other people as your fellow students.
This University is amazing. They always have events planned to give you something to do and everyone is so friendly! I hated class in high school, but OU changed that and I actually looked forward to going to class. Great university overall.
I love it here. The campus is beautiful and the offering of courses is really broad. I am a dual major in Physics and Business Entrepreneurship. The University challenges me by offering me all sorts of avenues to engage in actual research. I spent my freshmen year as part of an advanced physics project where I assisted in developing field programmable units that launched a cutting edge physics lab. I am surrounded by interesting people and have found a group of friends that may not share my same love of science, but make my stay at OU all the worth. BTW it is a blast to be at OU when we a kicking butt during the football season. Boomer Sooners!
My overall experience at the University of Oklahoma has been very positive. I have made many friends and had great success in my courses. My classes are very involved and take a great deal of effort, but overall very rewarding.
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I absolutely love the University of Oklahoma. This school has allowed me to find all of my passions and encouraged me in my pursuits. It has offered me numerous job opportunities as well as allowed me to be a part of a community that allows me to feel tremendous amounts of pride and belonging.
Beautiful campus with plenty of resources at your reach to help you to succeed. Your professors do care about you, if you make even a small effort to get to know them.
I went to OU on a college visit trip. It was a nice campus with buffet cafeterias, spacious dorms, beautiful campus architecture, and even study centers. Off of just one visit i was able to see myself there for the next four years. I applied and now i'm here on campus enjoying my college experience.
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