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I like its people, its culture, its style, and just going to classes there in general. Some of the mainline pathways can get crowded during the busy hours, so that can be a bit of an issue if you're using any kind of ride (bicycle, skateboard, etc.) Not a big fan of the town its in though.
WOW! I love the atmosphere here. I am only a freshman and I never want to leave! There are so many resources to get connected to the university and other students. The campus is beautiful and I am always happy to be here! I am so happy to be a sooner!
I am just beginning but so far everyone has been very informative and helpful. I am looking forward to the season ahead.
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I really like how homely the University feels. In the spring and early part of fall semesters students will be setting up hammocks around the campus enjoying the weather, and have a great time enjoying the cool breeze while working on homework. The resources available through the campus library and website are super easy to navigate and make researching an easier process.
Very accepting community with many fun events dedicated to students having the best possible university experience. There has been some trouble with payment of fees as well as the older dorm rooms not being very good.
The University of Oklahoma is a fantastic schools for incoming freshmen. With the amount of divergent clubs you are able to join the possibilities of making new friends is endless. There is literally a group for anything you could imagine. Another plus to the school is the union. In the union there is always something happening with people everywhere asking if you would like to try something different. There also is the career fair in the fall. At these you are able to meet people in your desired career field and search out internships. This allows incoming freshmen to see and meet people that could help them reach their goals. All in all OU is a wonderful school that holds endless opportunities for everyone.
Overall, the University of Oklahoma has been great to me; academically challenging and socially welcoming with beautiful amenities. I would highly recommend attending and getting involved with all of the fun student-led organizations!
The University of Oklahoma is a very diverse place to go to college. They give many different people the opportunity to receive free tutoring sessions for class courses. They have a great student life that is very active during the semesters.
At The University of Oklahoma, you’re one family. Everybody is welcoming and helpful with any questions and worries you have. The campus and dorms are the nicest in the country. All the sports teams are competitive and a ton of fun to go to. Professors at OU care about your grades, and want to give you all the resources and opportunities they can for success
Very knowlegable professors and great support staff. Clean campus with everything in walking distance that being said parking is very limited.
Just recently I toured The University of Oklahoma. It is a school i have always wanted to go to since i was a little kid. When I toured the campus I really felt like I was at home and that I needed to go there.
I love OU. I am an elementary education major and I love it. The professors are amazing. They really care about the students and want us to be successful.
OU has been good to me so far. Great campus, very clean, great school spirit. My complaint is the cost of out-of-state tuition. It is very high and my money coach used to help me a lot but she has stepped back and has left me in the dark. If you are going to rely on financial aid to get through OU, good luck. Maybe consider going to an in-state school instead.
I love the environment here. Everyone here is so nice and it feels like we're all family. Game days are always really fun! It's such a huge campus with so many people, but it doesn't feel that way. It is very homey. There are plenty of resources if you need help with anything. There are always a lot of events going on as well. There are also a lot of free events going on the South Oval and I think that's pretty cool! There's Action Center tutoring which is free and helps a lot. I love the overall environment and I love all of the opportunities and different organizations that are available to students!
Going to OU was the best decision I have ever made. Campus is beautiful, the educational opportunities are endless, and student life is awesome.The campus in Norman is close enough to the city to go on trips regularly and Norman itself is a great little college town. I do wish though that OU had more scholarship money available and that they would stop building overpriced campus living facilities
I adore the friendliness of the people and the welcoming environment. A love how employees of the university are willing to help each student in the best way possible.
The University of Oklahoma is more than a school. This University is a place where people come to grow and expand their horizons and connect with people from across the world. At the same time, the average student will experience all sorts of new things from academics to friend groups.
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Was on hold for 20 minutes with financial aid, only for them to hang up. So I had to walk 2 miles with a high risk pregnancy and a toddler to get any information, information they couldn't even give. Terrible management shows me it's a terrible university.
I grew up in Norman and I fell in love with the atmosphere and school spirit. There is nothing like an OU football game in the student section. OU provides Norman with individuality like no other college town. The university inspires creativity at its highest.
This school is great. It has great academics, an amazing sports vibe, and good night life, if you know who to talk to. This school is great for coming out of your shell and staying out of it!
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