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I am currently attending the University of Oklahoma as a National Merit Scholar, and I can say that my experiences during my first semester at OU have been eye-opening. I've experienced firsthand how involved your teachers are with your academic success, and how diverse and friendly the student population is. The campus is beautiful, and the establishments dotted around the grounds offer a good variety of cuisines.
It is certainly a world-class university. For sports. My main problem with this school is its obsession with sports and athletics. The drama and fine arts programs are very good, but they could be so much better with a few better professors and a few more dollars.
I don't really like the architecture nor the 10-15 minutes walk between classes but other than that it's great. The professors are strict but fair, the food is good. The university also has the only all you can eat Chick-Fill-A in the world on campus. There is also a lot of student clubs to join and tons of stuff to get involved on campus.
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So far, I have had a great experience at the University of Oklahoma. I have loved all of my professors, and I only had slight issues with one of my professors. The only issue I have had was with my math class being unfair because my professor did not know exactly what was on the exam, and we did not go over something that was on it. I have met many new people from all over the world, and I love it. Coming into college I did not really know what to expect, but I found out that I really enjoyed it. The university has a new cafeteria which has great food, and there is a huge gym right across the street from my dorm.
The University of Oklahoma has been phenomenal thus far! I am super excited to continue my education at this university!
The University of Oklahoma is a great school full of opportunities, spirit, and academic excellence.
I went there for two campus visits, one individually and one with my school. I love the experience and wish I could have seen more students sharing their experiences.
The University of Oklahoma is a pretty decent school, but it is a typical state university, so there is not anything really special. I do really like the people that attend there and the professors and staff members seem eager to help. I do, however, hear horror stories from my classmates about some professors or advisors that they have , so I do recommend going on websites such as ratemyprofessor before enrolling in classes and to do thorough research on those classes.
It is a great campus. They want nothing more than for you to succeed. You are around a great environment, full of life and love. This University is shaping me and making me more mature in more ways than I could imagine. it is a great place to go and further your education and prepare yourself for the long journey of life that you get ready to embark on.
One thing that that I really enjoy about the University of Oklahoma is the people and the professors. Everyone there is very nice and willing to help and all the professors want their students to succeed and do whatever possible to help make that happen.
The campus is fantastic. It's easy to get around and everything you need is right there. The library is top notch with tons of study area and nice computers to use and it has a Starbucks in the basement. The food on campus is surprisingly good and have plenty of options for vegetarians like myself. The bars close at 2am here but most of the great nightlife is within walking distance of campus. Their are a ton of international students and the LGBT community is welcoming and super supportive.
Awesome programs for highschool students that want to attend OU. Awesome campus, nice facilities, and everyone there is super nice!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at OU during my undergrad. I met wonderful people and learned a lot of interesting things. I would change the level of diversity and inclusivity though.
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Their program is phenomenal. You will definitely not regret investing your time at The University of Oklahoma.
This university has lots to give. If you are wondering whether or not to go, just go. The moment I was born I knew I wanted to be a sooner. With the help of ou medical hospital, I was born a sooner. I was honored to be born there, since you are only born once. Sure I didn't have a choice but yes ou is the school for me.
Applying there and touring it, it's obvious that they really care about you and they work hard to make you feel wanted and to make a friendly environment.
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The University of Oklahoma is a home away from home. When you walk onto the campus, it instantly gives you a very good vibe and sense. Everyone here is very friendly, inviting, helpful, and encouraging. It is one big family. The student life is amazing and staff is great too. I love the landscaping of the campus as well. It gives it a very fresh and elegant feeling. Overall, I love OU.
Very big & beautiful school with something for everyone! A lot of opportunities for internships, leadership positions and involvement. A lot of research opportunities and very good professors as well, especially for a public university. Despite the perception, OU is a lot more than just football and greek life. However, I would recommend that after freshman year, you live somewhere within walking distance to campus, because the parking here is absolutely awful and you will absolutely regret commuting to campus and spending nearly 2 hours looking for a parking spot everyday, even with a parking pass that costs hundreds of dollars. Also Dale Hall is a ridiculous building and if you have a class there, get there early because trying to make your way through the crowds in that building can sometimes take a while. The parking situation & Dale Hall is the only thing preventing me from giving this great school 5 stars.
OU is a huge school, but its talented professors and unique students make it feel like home. Parking is bad, but greek life is really vibrant. Football isn't for everyone, but the fans at Gaylord Stadium have energy and passion that is infectious.
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