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I transferred here my sophomore year of college and it is the best decision I have ever made. Notre Dame is a school with both spirit, dedication, and faith unlike any other school. The students care about the people around them just as much as they do their future. Students are smart, but they are not competitive and cutthroat like other comparable universities. And the school spirit is unbeatable, absolutely amazing.
Notre Dame has been in person this semester, but even when we were online for two weeks, the professors were just as motivated and engaged in the learning of their students. The professors treat teaching their students as teaching the next generation how to run the world, as opposed to a job. Many of the professors are alumni who feel that teaching at Notre Dame is their moral duty to give back to the university and to society. The passion is insane.
I took two classes online during the Fall 2020 semester. Both were very well run, and operated through Zoom. We had class discussions and submitted papers via Sakai (the online learning management system, similar to Schoology/ALEC/etc.). The online classes were very comparable in quality (and almost better than) the in-person classes.
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Notre Dame is an amazing place to spend your undergrad years, with world-class academics, great social opportunities, and the best gameday experience
I did not have to take any online courses at Notre Dame. All my courses were taken in-person and on campus.
Notre Dame offers a truly unique student life experience as well as a well-rounded education and powerful alumni connections. It may be difficult to justify the cost when considering one's return on investment, but I could not imagine going anywhere else and enjoying it half as much.
They offered great online interactions with the coursework and engagement. That being said, I did not take any classes online.
My classes moved online during the pandemic. My professors remained engaged and were extremely understanding of students' circumstances.
Nothing compares to the ND community. Student life tends to center around the numerous activities and events on campus, but Chicago isn't far away either. With a significant emphasis placed on academics, the "work hard, play hard" best characterizes the student body.
The dorm system is neat in that students are assigned to a random single-sex dorm their Freshman Year, and though students can opt to switch, they tend to remain there three, if not four, years. These dorms parallel Greek Life in many ways while being far more inclusive. Students can choose to be very involved in Dorm Life with sports teams, dances, fundraisers, and other community events.
I did not take any online classes. I graduated in 2018. We could take online classes during the summer but I did not.
Stunning campus, great people. There's truly no place like Notre Dame. The four years here really taught me how to be a force for good in this world.
Strong school spirit, helpful faculty, and ample opportunities to explore and discover your passions. Alumni connections afforded me insights into companies and post-college life. Classes gave me exceptional problem-solving skills and included real-life applications that put me ahead of my peers.
When online learning started in late March, I wasn’t sure how the rest of the semester was going to turn out. As time progressed, I got used to the deadlines and assignments and was able to finish off the semester strong.
The University of Notre Dame is a very special place. From the dorm communities to the friendships built in classes, one can easily make new lifelong friends. I’m excited for the rest of my years at Notre Dame!
Best college experience I could ask for. The people, professors and academics are unmatched. Better in all regards other similar colleges in the top 20.
The atmosphere is wonderful, and the environment and people are phenomenal. The residential dorm system really is hard to beat.
Notre Dame is an amazing school. From it's stunning campus, to it's one of a kind dorm culture and life lasting traditions, there is no other school quite like it. It is truly one of a kind in the best way possible.
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The academics at Notre Dame are excellent - rivaling all top selective schools in the country. The best part is the community. You won't find the same spirited, kind, and dedicated community anywhere else.
As a recent alum, I look back on my 4 years at ND as the best of my life. There are so many amazing things about this university— the professors who care about their students as learners and humans, the dorms that offer a supportive community that becomes home, the campus that feels too beautiful to be real. The academics were rigorous; the extracurriculars brought so much joy and lifelong friendships. I grew spiritually through campus ministry & socially through engagement with the Center for Social Concerns. The biggest thing I wish were different about ND is the diversity— they boast about inclusivity but have a long way to go to live up to that. Predominantly white and heteronormative. I encountered people (in the theatre realm, mostly) who are very different from myself & I’m so grateful for them— I wish that level of diversity (of race, sexuality, religions, political viewpoints, etc) were representative of the whole campus.
The community is unlike any other prestigious institution. You do not find cutthroat competition here like you would find at other top 20 universities. Everyone here wants to see each other succeed.
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