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I mean, it's suppossedly a "good" school, but that doesn't mean that you're going to get a good experience there. Just know your values and there's more to a school than just its ranking.
I don't know much about online courses here because I did not take any. Do some research before you commit to it. :)
The classes that did live lectures were much easier to stay caught up and learn compared to classes where we we required to learn at our own pace
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Notre Dame is an amazing place to spend your undergrad years, with world-class academics, great social opportunities, and the best gameday experience
I did not have to take any online courses at Notre Dame. All my courses were taken in-person and on campus.
Notre Dame offers a truly unique student life experience as well as a well-rounded education and powerful alumni connections. It may be difficult to justify the cost when considering one's return on investment, but I could not imagine going anywhere else and enjoying it half as much.
They offered great online interactions with the coursework and engagement. That being said, I did not take any classes online.
A powerful education with a great network of professionals in almost every field. I appreciated particularly the intent on educating the whole person. That being said, in some ways, it has a history of being an "old boys club," which also means white.
Really great number of opportunities and great people. Lifelong friends easily made and bonded. I really enjoyed the sports atmosphere and the dorm life the first couple of years.
I only took one online class when I was studying abroad, so I do not have much to say about the online learning experience. It was ok, could have been better supported.
My classes moved online during the pandemic. My professors remained engaged and were extremely understanding of students' circumstances.
Nothing compares to the ND community. Student life tends to center around the numerous activities and events on campus, but Chicago isn't far away either. With a significant emphasis placed on academics, the "work hard, play hard" best characterizes the student body.
The dorm system is neat in that students are assigned to a random single-sex dorm their Freshman Year, and though students can opt to switch, they tend to remain there three, if not four, years. These dorms parallel Greek Life in many ways while being far more inclusive. Students can choose to be very involved in Dorm Life with sports teams, dances, fundraisers, and other community events.
Stunning campus, great people. There's truly no place like Notre Dame. The four years here really taught me how to be a force for good in this world.
I did not take any online classes. I graduated in 2018. We could take online classes during the summer but I did not.
Took online courses during COVID-19. The ability to switch from in person to online was difficult with only a week to prepare. This is no fault of the faculty and staff of the school, though.
Strong school spirit, helpful faculty, and ample opportunities to explore and discover your passions. Alumni connections afforded me insights into companies and post-college life. Classes gave me exceptional problem-solving skills and included real-life applications that put me ahead of my peers.
The campus is beautiful and the academics are excellent. People on campus are very friendly and there is a sense of family among students, faculty, and staff.
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I did not take any online courses, all my courses were on campus. There were no online course options until after my first year, which was not helpful for me because they were only intro classes that I had already taken.
The University of Notre Dame is a very special place. From the dorm communities to the friendships built in classes, one can easily make new lifelong friends. I’m excited for the rest of my years at Notre Dame!
When online learning started in late March, I wasn’t sure how the rest of the semester was going to turn out. As time progressed, I got used to the deadlines and assignments and was able to finish off the semester strong.
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