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The University of Notre Dame is more than just a school for academics, it is a lifelong community you join the moment you are accepted. Everyone on campus is very supportive of one another and you are encouraged to explore a variety of majors, passions and interests. The students here are very well-rounded and wonderful friends. The experience and education you receive here at Notre Dame is simply incomparable to any other college.
Great university in a wonder setting! Very impressed with their academics! The facilities are state of the art, the students are smart, respected, and will be future leaders in the world they pursue.
Notre Dame is truly a place like no other. While the weather is like that of any place in the Midwest (horrifying), the community inside the campus is warm and welcoming, it is a place where upperclassmen befriend freshmen and sophomores without hesitation, where everybody is looking to yield a helping hand, and where Saturdays are for college football.
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I love the feeling of family and how everyone is made to feel welcome no matter where they come from or what their story is.
The university of Notre Dame is recognised for its strong sense of community , excellent academics and an amazing sports culture. Their unique dorm system leads to strong bonds between their students.resulting in a solid alumni network . As the ND admission letter states ‘Welcome home’ , this university is truly a home ! The university of Notre Dame recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of its student body. It enforces the importance of values and ethics in your work space which gives rise to caring and intelligent students at the end if their four years ! Moreover at Notre Dame,the football culture is legendary and their games are looked forward to and well attended by all - Students , parents & Alumni with equal enthusiasm ! ‘ Go Irish’ !!!
Notre Dame is a beautiful campus with challenging yet rewarding academics. Football games are a highlight of the fall! Everyone is so welcoming and always willing to help.
Notre Dame is home. When you step on the campus of Notre Dame, there is a feeling of community that embraces you like no other. The academic rigor promises bright futures for all who choose to work hard and go down that road.
The University of Notre Dame is a place unlike any other. With its competitive academics, its numerous student extracurriculars, and its lively dorm life, there are so many opportunities in which one can make Notre Dame their home.
I love being at Notre Dame because of the friendships and connections I have made. Being a minority student, I do not think I would have stayed at the school without any friends just because the academics are very challenging and not being used to the lack of southern hospitality up in the midwest.
Beautiful campus with kind, passionate staff and students. Very welcoming to those they feel belong and doesn't usually exclude those who don't.
I love the campus environment in terms of the housing system. At Notre Dame, we only have single sex dorms, and we do not have Greek life. So, students typically remain in their dorms that they are randomly placed in for all four years. This dorm becomes a family for every student, and the dorms each have an identity. For example, my dorm, Howard Hall, is represented by a duck mascot. We build community through weekly meetings in our "pond", intimate weekly masses in our dorm's chapel, and service events unique to our dorm. In addition to the incredible dorm life at Notre Dame, I have been blessed to be a part of the Band of The Fighting Irish as a saxophone player. There is no feeling quite like marching through the tunnel to 80,000 cheering fans on every game day Saturday. The friendships that I have made through band have been life changing for me. I am truly so proud to be a part of this group, a group that is greater than myself, and I am so thankful.
The University of Notre Dame has become my family and truly home away from home. I have been challenged academically and have developed life lessons and lasting relationships.
College experience unable to be found elsewhere. The community is quite literally a family, and there's no other place I'd rather want to be studying than here.
I absolutely love the campus!! I have also met a lot of great people here, and the classes are interesting as well as very intellectually challenging. I have also had a ton of great professors!!
The President seems to want it to be "the Harvard of the Midwest." What is wrong with just being ND. The liberals have overtaken the campus and religion is just a sideline. Obama came to campus and we had to HIDE the cross. Lots of weird kids everywhere. Sure a lot of kids graduate, but they only take the top 2-3% in a graduating class. They do NOT care about character and there are lots of shady characters on campus. NO MORALS. Such a shame. Father Hesburg is spinning in his grave.
I love this university. It has a very catholic atmosphere which is a positive or a negative depending on your mindset. It's a great academic school with good athletics, which is hard to find.
I have loved my four years at Notre Dame. It is academically strong with some of the finest, yet personable professors in their respective fields. The faculty truly wants you to succeed in your studies and in your future career. I also love the dorm life and the sense of community found on campus. It is impossible to truly describe without experiencing it firsthand.

The alumni network at Notre Dame is incredible; nearly everyone who graduates has a job lined up, is entering graduate school, or has other concrete plans laid out for post-graduate years.
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I made my best friends, completed a world-class education, watched an occasionally-good football team...what's not to love? The football culture far exceeds the size of this midwestern school, but I love the connections I find with my fellow alumni--as if there were many more of us.
Great community, professors who care about your well being, awesome academics, good sports to follow, lots of clubs to join.
I have attended Notre Dame for a semester and both the academics and the Catholic community have exceeded my expectations so far. The quality of teaching was great last semester, and the resources available, especially for freshman transitioning to college, have been extremely beneficial. The opportunities for growing in the Catholic faith are part of what drew me to Notre Dame, and is one of the unique aspects of the school that is hard to find at any other university.
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