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Great community, professors who care about your well being, awesome academics, good sports to follow, lots of clubs to join.
I have attended Notre Dame for a semester and both the academics and the Catholic community have exceeded my expectations so far. The quality of teaching was great last semester, and the resources available, especially for freshman transitioning to college, have been extremely beneficial. The opportunities for growing in the Catholic faith are part of what drew me to Notre Dame, and is one of the unique aspects of the school that is hard to find at any other university.
I think Notre Dame is such a unique school because of its focus on academics, faith, service, and community. I really value the community within the dorms as
about four in five undergraduates live on campus. The alumni network is also very extensive and extremely valuable in helping student find jobs they love.
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Notre Dame is an amazing place to get a high quality education with great reputation and close-knit community feel with fun and spirited student life. It’s not necessary to be Catholic and people who aren’t religious at all won’t feel excluded, but it is especially amazing for people who are religious. I myself am not very religious but was raised in the faith and do appreciate it, so I enjoyed being around it and taking the required Theology and Philosophy courses. Everyone is extremely nice and collaborative! Very smart people here and caring professors. Single sex dorms is a negative as well as less opportunities for medical professions, as there is no hospital or medical focus here. I would say it’s best for business, engineering, or liberal arts. Although science is still good here and people get into great grad programs no matter what they want to continue on studying!
I am currently a student at Notre Dame, and I love everything about this school. The classes have a rather heave workload, but the professors are very good and care about their students. There is an unreal sense of community, and while there isn't any Greek life, the dorm life is incredible.
Excellent campus environment and academics. Faculty pays great amounts of attention to students and are willing to put in the extra effort to help you.
Worth its money! The only hindrance is that it's too expensive.
I only studied here for 2-week summer program. No matter how short the duration is, I really love this place and want to turn back someday (as long as my academic gets better and I'm lucky enough to come back.)
Great school that has tons of opportunities and also a great place to live. The culture is not competitive - everyone wants to help you. The dorm system is very unique (similar to frats and sororities dependent on how much you want to be involved) and in my mind one of the most attractive things about the school. There are tons of cool traditions through the dorms and university.
The atmosphere is definitely work hard-play hard. Student body is super nice. Professors are great. Administration and Catholic-ness can get to be a little much at points if you aren't religious but I've still found it to be a plus. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to have fun in college while getting a great education.
No other university can compare to the University of Notre Dame. None of the normal grades refer to the level of care and kindness on a campus, but they make all the difference at this university.
I have always wanted to go to Notre Dame. Here I become the best version of myself: academically, spiritually, socially, and all the rest.
I am a city person. Notre Dame is not located in the city or near a city, matter of fact. That shows you how amazing this school is ... I left my great city of Boston to come out to the middle-of-nowhere Midwest to come to Notre Dame
I have had the time of my life at this university! Everything about it is wonderful and anyone with an open mind would love it as well!
Notre Dame is a great choice for anyone choosing where to go to college. Like all schools, there are some flaws (the tuition), but overall the school is well-run, the student body is filled with great people, and the alumni are all willing to help you get internships and jobs. I have had many excellent professors so far, and most classes are not too big. There is so much to do on campus, from watching tons of competitive division 1 teams, spending time in our tight-knit dorms, and eating at our 2 great dining halls, LaFortune Student Center, & Reckers. The library is newly renovated and has tons of space; there is an Au Bon Pain inside to boot. There are some drawbacks: the weather is not the greatest, but we have not had much snow in the last 2 years. The city of South Bend isn't the best (it is improving), but there are sufficient amenities within a 15 minute drive. The school spirit is tremendous here, and so many students really feel like this place is home.
Notre Dame offers a diverse campus which challenges you academically while pushing you to grow as a person, too. It emphasizes the importance of community and service which should drive each person's daily actions. Additionally, the order of the Holy Cross preaches the Five Pillars which should serve as the foundation of one's life: Mind, Heart, Zeal, Family, and Hope.
I love the Notre Dame! The community experience is unparalleled and finding another Domer outside of campus is always a special experience. Not only are my professors well-qualified and really care about their students, but the other students care about me too. Especially in the college of engineering, we work together to get things done, just like I have in my internship. Campus is beautiful and safe, and I get to live across the hall with all of my best friends.
Notre Dame is a very unique university. The campus is beautiful and there are so many fantastic opportunities for its students, but it takes a certain type to go here. ND does lack diversity; it isn't non-existent, but it is not the school's strongest aspect. While this may seem stifling to some more adventurous types, I've found many genuinely good friends there, of multiple races and genders. You have to remember that this is a Catholic university, so there are certain limitations to that. The dorms aren't co-ed and there isn't Greek life. The dorms almost become sororities and fraternities, which you can choose to involve yourself in to the degree that you want. The guys dorms are a lot more lax on the rules than girls dorms, which is unfair, but we make it work. There are almost always dorm parties or off-campus house parties on the weekends. While ND is a very academic/nerdy school, we still know how to be social. And of course, football is integral to ND life!
Notre Dame is a great college. Great atmosphere, with lots of sports to cheer on that are usually competitive and great academics for a good balance. Lacks diversity and cultural experiences but that is expected from a private Catholic school. Huge emphasis on academics and religion. Students are very motivated and determined to get good grades.
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Notre Dame is a wonderful environment to grow academically, spiritually, and in every other aspect of life. Tradition and student life make it the most memorable years of a person's life.
Great school. Football season is a lot of fun and the teachers are great. Except for a couple large freshman classes, the class size is very small.
Amazing place, very expensive but worth it if you put the work in, nothing else like it. The classes are very challenging, mostly because of the pace and being surrounded by so many other smart peers. Professors are very knowledgable in their fields. A lot of international TA's but courses are taught by mostly US professors.
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