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The University of Notre Dame is a family before anything. For what it (frankly) lacks in diversity, it easily makes up with its strong sense of community and overall just nice guys and gals. From the most antisocial introvert (me) to the most put-yourself-out-there frat guy, Notre Dame has a home for you. Notre Dame boasts a beautiful campus that is not rivaled by many. The resources here allow students to flourish both in mind and heart. The focus on building human beings rather than just smarty pants is what distinguishes Notre Dame from the rest of the top tier pack colleges. Notre Dame professors and classes provide so much to each student due to the smaller (and therefore much better) faculty to student ratio. There is just so much opportunity waiting at each corner here at Notre Dame. While the first week (or even first year) may be a rush and leave you both mentally and socially spent, it'll easily bear its fruit as you come to see Notre Dame as the second home it is.
Notre Dame gave me amazing opportunities to serve those who are less fortunate than I. In addition, it cultivated an environment that allowed me to grow as a student but also as a citizen of the community. I will forever be grateful for all the fond memories, experiences, and lessons I have learned from Notre Dame.
Notre Dame has the academic rigor and challenging discourse of a top U.S. university. What surprised me instead is the kindness and understanding among the students and faculty I encountered during my first year; I wouldn't have expected such a competitive environment to foster such charity in its community.

There is much more to Notre Dame than academics and the promise of an impressive degree; the hefty cost also helps fund significant student amenities and a gorgeous campus. The varsity sports provide entertainment year-round.

Go to Notre Dame if you're looking for more than just a high salary to show for your postsecondary studies–and if you don't mind a spring semester that feels more like winter. (Seriously, it's cold in northern Indiana.)
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My experience at Notre Dame thus far has been incredible. As Lou Holtz put it, "those who know Notre Dame, no explanation's necessary. Those who don't, no explanation will suffice." What Lou means by this is that Notre Dame truly is unique. From a social scene without greek life to a special dorm culture and Catholic virtues, Notre Dame truly stands out amongst other competitive universities. Additionally, Notre Dame's alumni network is insane, as alumni are always willing to help current students or other alumni. In closing, visit Notre Dame on a football weekend in the fall, and you will be sold.
Great professors/classes, lots of resources available to students on campus for career discernment/internships, great athletics, overall awesome student environment and experience.
I enjoyed my time best time of my life. Enjoyed this year. Made me learn more about myself as well as my peers. Took the liberties of becoming a adult and I loved every minute of it.
Lou Holtz said, “Those who know Notre Dame, no explanation is necessary. Those who don’t, no explanation will suffice.” Great school, great culture, great campus, great community. Very Catholic, but welcomes all faiths. Can’t beat football season.
One of the best schools in the nation if you value education, community and faith. Area is somewhat boring, but the people are absolutely incredible.
Notre Dame is a great place to find the balance between academic and social life. While plenty of the students intently focus on studies throughout the week, there also are always football or other sporting events going on throughout the weekends, and there are always Friday and Saturday night parties. However, as with many universities, the teaching staff is sometimes hit or miss just depending on who runs the class, but there are definitely some cool teachers. One of the major things that the University definitely lacks though is diversity, and of literally every sort. Whether it be race, political views, socioeconomic status, or religion, Notre Dame does a really poor job of developing a more diverse student body.
In all though, the University does maintain a great academic record and provides pretty good financial help, while also offering an engaging athletic program that helps enrich the school.
Great school for those interested in challenging academics, great campus life, outstanding athletics, and rich tradition.
I had a great experience overall; I would like to see it be easier for students to study abroad but other than that I did not have many complains about my time at Notre Dame.
I will be attending this university in the fall of 2019. On my visit to Notre Dame, I loved the atmosphere that the student provided and loved the way they cared for each other. Although the rooms were small, students made very wise choices in order to manage their space. The smell, however, is one thing I would change. Overall, my experience with Notre Dame was amazing and I can’t wait to go back in the fall.
For one I like the academics; I don’t think I’ve ever been more challenged before. Secondly there are some really amazing people there who make it feel like home,e especially in the dorms. The people you meet in your dorms really become your friends and second family, and I really love that. In addition to form life, there are many diverse communities on campus that allow any and all people to fit in, which was really helpful my first year. But, if I had to change something about my school, I would definitely change the way they go about changing the diversity of the campus. Yes, they want more diversity but emphasizing the diverse groups and their culture isn’t very big, and I think if it was then campus would be improved.
Great academics, opportunities, and financial assistance! You can receive grants from various organizations and travel the world!
I’ve made the best friends of my life, and everyone is so driven smart and hardworking that honestly just being a student there has made me a better person. The community is insane, alumni are so supportive, football game weekends are the best, professors really care. You just have to get over being in the middle of IN which is not fun.
I love ND so far. Most of the professors that I have had really care about they're students. I've also heard the alumni network is top notch. Some of the people here are entitled, spoiled rich kids, but you are still able to find your crowd.
Notre Dame is a family, not just on campus, but across the country. Alumni are everywhere and want to help the next generation of Notre Dame graduates be successful.
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Notre Dame is a beautiful school with a beautiful campus full of intellectuals who will one day make the world a better place. The academics here are wonderful and the students are motivated and driven people, allowing the learning environment to truly prosper. The dining rooms have such a wide variety of food and the athletics here are top notch D1 athletics. Notre Dame is the best college ever and is an amazing experience.
Notre Dame offers a wide variety of opportunities. Study abroad opportunities are numerous and the people are very welcoming. The professor are extremely well educated and devoted to helping their students succeed.
I really love the people at Notre Dame. You are surrounded by a student body consisting of a bunch of like-minded individuals, and professors that are passionate about what they are teaching.
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