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I visited over 20 small colleges/universities and by far, UNOH had the best dorm facilities bar none.
The instructors are great! The dorms are awful (old, run down, look and feel like they're in desperate need of updating). The people in the mechanics study programs are happy to have a quality learning environment and great
job opportunities after graduation.
I do like that classes are offered online so that you can work full-time and go to school if you need to do so like I did. However, when I started my associates degree, I was promised that I could also take in-class classes for my bachelors degree. However, when it came time to take the bachelor classes, they were only offered online at this point. I had to pay additional money to take the classes online when I wanted to take them in-person.
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This is a great school for the mechanics education but there is really not much to do in Lima. Extracurricular activities often require a financial expense which is a burden on a student. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful and one can certainly get an excellent education at UNOH. There is just nothing affordable to do in the area and all the sidewalks must roll up at 10:30pm. If you are looking for the education, this is the place to be. If you are looking for a great town, not so much so.
They have a lot of programs, as they are one of few universities that give higher then associates degrees. they also make it very easy to get a job after finishing your schooling.
UNOH has great programs and teachers who really know their stuff. They help with whatever you need. What I would like to see change, however, is the dorms as they are pretty small in size, and can be cramped with 6 people living in it.
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Great school so far. the teachers are great and really care, and the schedules are easy to work with.
Go elsewhere, there are better options out there. They kicked me out of my dorm for having fish and gave me 3 days to move out. I have a lot more to say but there is not enough room in this box to write what I really want to
Youll learn more working in a shop for a week then what you will learn here, theres a reason a ton of instructors are quitting/getting fired. Talk to current students before joining, recruiters will lie directly to your face to get your signature. Very smart teachers and potential for a very good educational experience, if the school knew how to utilize it. Im an automotive/high performance student, been here for 2 years and wish i have never signed up. The first year was fun-ish but there needs to be some big changes soon. Im honestly about to drop out after wasting 2 years in this town.
I’m a student athlete at UNOH, this is my first year attending. I’ve made really good friends and meet people from all over. This school has a great diversity and the professors show interest in your studies.
I have spoken with many whom are going there for the same program I am going for and others whom are doing different programs and the idea of how their campus is set up is amazing. Faculty and students are just amazing.
My experience has been a positive one overall. I am looking forward to look further into attending this online college to better myself.
University of Northwestern Ohio is a very good school for students that want to pursue a career in any automotive field. There is no school that compares to UNOH.
I like how small the class sizes are, it allows for a very personal education and you feel like the college and professors truly care about you. It's nice to have one-on-one time each class rather than having to schedule office hours. I like that the advising staff and professors are with you along the way from admissions to scheduling, they have been incredibly helpful. One thing that could be improved is the diversity, but I think this is mainly the area.
One thing I like about University of Northwestern Ohio is that all the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful to all students. If you ever have a question about what your doing in class or even with life advice, they're more than happy to answer it for you if they can. The students are all very welcoming and helpful to new students trying to find their way around and more than willing to give advice when applicable. Lastly, the only thing I would change about UNOH is the student resources, these are the people that are supposed to help new students get their schedules organized and be welcoming so that students can be excited about going to school there. In my experience, many of the resource faculty are not very helpful or kind, especially with new students in mind, which to me was very off putting.
The curriculum at UNOH is hand-down the best. It is a good mix of tech lab and classroom. I like the fact that classes are every day for six hours - I believe this prepares us for the work place. The faculty is very knowledgeable - with real world experience. The only downside, is the college social life is lacking.
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I like the University I like to students and the faculty I just do not like the housing options that they have .
The University of Northwestern Ohio is a great university for anyone to attend. It offers a lot of courses and opportunities to come out and be ready to face the world as a more prepared person. I really love how students have the opportunity to speak with their instructors on a one on one conversation whenever we have a question. I like how every question we have always gets answered by our instructors and how their always there willing to listen and help us out. One thing I like about the campus is how everyone is always willing to help you out no matter who you go to. I really like how someone is always there ready to help or get you to the right person you need to go to. I am really happy with the decision I made of coming to the University of Northwestern Ohio and I wouldn't have done it any differently.
It’s okay but the town you’re in sucks. Yeah people are open and willing to talk, but they’re proud racists making them not the best people to hang with. Only thing to do here is drink but that’s not allowed on campus
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