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University of Northwestern - St. Paul Reviews

711 reviews
I absolutely loved University of Northwestern - St. Paul. The Christian community here is great, and I could walk up to anyone and end up having a great friendship. The fellow students I met were kind and driven, sharing a care for people and a desire to change the world. The faculty were above and beyond in their efforts to help you succeed, from the admissions office to each of my professors. My professors helped me discover what I was passionate about and which future careers were great options I had never even known existed. As a commuter, it was at times difficult to be involved, but if one is proactive in being a part of campus life and attending the fun activities hosted by the university, it is a fantastic experience. I felt my professors wanted to know me as a person and see me succeed while challenging me to reach higher.
The University of Northwestern - St. Paul is an amazing place to pursue your degree, grow in your faith, and make friends that become like family. They offer a wide range of majors and minors, as well as interdisciplinary studies that allow you to build your own degree. The campus is situated right on the shores of Lake Johanna and has its own private island. It is also within walking or a 5-minute drive from several restaurants and a mall. The faculty and staff care about their students and are always available to talk. Classes range from easy to challenging and are specifically chosen to further your knowledge for your degree. Northwestern also emphasizes the importance of faith and a relationship with Christ, prioritizing spiritual development and growth in all areas of learning and leadership.
I loved visiting Northwestern! The staff and faculty are all professional and caring. Their nursing program is the top in the state of MN with the highing NCLEX passing rate. They truly care about academic excellence and want their students to succeed in every facet of life.

The campus of UNWSP is incredible! Located in a suburb of St.Paul, it is a prime location for college-age students. There are countless tourist opportunities for those on campus within a 15-30 minute drive. The campus itself is absolutely gorgeous with trees and walking paths throughout. The buildings are architecturally stunning and have a modern, yet vintage touch.