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University of Northwestern - St. Paul Reviews

733 reviews
I loved attending UNW! I grew so much in my faith as well as my knowledge. It may sound cheesy, but it is totally true! My roommates because my best friends and I learned so much in my declared major than I thought possible! The campus is also beautiful and well-kept.
The best aspect I have personally experienced during my time at Northwestern is an atmosphere of both excellence, and personal expression. Be it professors being open to meet at a coffee place to discuss material, or discussions where students can freely share their thoughts, I have come to admire the strong balance of principles here at Northwestern.

There are no distinct weaknesses or struggles the college face, which only contributes to my high opinion of it. If anything, there is a slight difficulty in figuring out the user interface of the school's website, leading into some confusion on how to locate certain pieces of information. However, this is less a direct weakness, and more something that just requires time and practice. Altogether, I highly recommend the University of Northwestern to another student, and can assure a positive experience.
The University of Northwestern is such an amazing place for students to grow as individuals both academically and spiritually. It's a place where students and their needs are placed first and valued above all.