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Though I have always valued education, I never quite understood its' true value until attending the University of Northwestern - St. Paul. The teachers and staff are so knowledgeable in their fields of study and really seek to build personal relationships with all their students. I especially love the emphasis of faith that is built in throughout your schedule, not only during morning chapels but also during your everyday conversations with others.
The staff here are very kind and care about every student. The application process was very easy and it was really nice to have people use my name when the contacted me. The staff are dedicated and make their interactions with you personal.
I've loved my time at University of Northwestern--St. Paul. My first experience with the school was through their excellent online PSEO program (post-secondary enrollment options, Minnesota program giving high school students access to free college classes/credits). Now that I am a full-time on-campus student, I've grown to love the school even more. I've met so many wonderful students and faculty members who are committed to their fields, the school, and each other. The campus is excellent and I couldn't see myself anywhere else.
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The University of Northwestern St. Paul provides the tools for success, with smaller class sizes and one on ones with the professors. They truly care about me and my success. There sports and athletic trainers are amazing and play a big part in my time there. Campus is beautiful and spacious. The academics are great and have given me the opportunity to create my own path as well as support me along the way.
The christian atmosphere is great! PSEO is a wonderful option, but some of the professors are not very good.
Northwestern is a great school and looking at it as an Accounting major, has an outstanding business department. The campus is beautiful with many activities offered, it is difficult to be completely be bored. If you don't fall in love with the school, you will love the people. The only downfall to me is that it's chapel system in a Christ centered community needs to be reworked. It typically lacks the funding needed for good speakers and events.
One thing that I really like about UNW is that the professors genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. I also like the close community and the small size of the school. One thing that could be improved is sometimes the people that run the school seem unapproachable when there is something that needs to be changed.
I love the classes and the professors. The students are all wonderful and the buildings are up to date, clean, and beautiful.
Northwestern has a lot of positive traits. They have great academics, professors, dorms, food, and the campus is beautiful. The only area of improvement is not to control so many aspects of the student's lives that are aside from their academics. There also could be more diversity at the school.
It's a Christian based school and it's a great school for anyone to go to! great teachers and great staff. This school is the best school!! Wonderful place to be.
Terrible school is always pushing religion in your face. If you don't want to live in a place where you don't get ANY college experience, this is your place. You have mandatory church. And the people that go here are weird I once broke my leg and couldn't go a day without people praying for it and EXPECTING it to heal right away! The teacher FORCE you to pray before every class. Worst experience of my life DONT GO HERE IF YOU WANT A GREAT COLLEGE EXPERIENCE.
I love my college, everyone is very welcoming and a part of the community. There are events and fun things going on on campus almost very weekend for the people who don't go home, they will have something to do and hang out with other people on campus.
One thing I really love about my experience here is the community. For someone who lives out of state, this really feels like a second home for me because everyone is so welcoming. This school is way more diverse than most schools I have been to and it has a variety of multicultural clubs/activities. The professors are really great and want to get to know you and make sure your studies are going well. It's also not hard to get involved with ministries like prayer ministry, way in the wilderness, pengyou, etc. Overall, I really love my experience here, but if I were to change one thing it would be the cost and the amount of financial aid I was able to receive.
Despite the fact that it is slowly becoming more charismatic it is a very good school. The professors care about their students and the school sticks to their beliefs despite what pop culture says about things.
The University of Northwestern is an awesome school. There is a great atmosphere and community. I enjoy that the school is grounded in faith, but I do not like that going to chapel is mandatory.
I love the Christian atmosphere at this college! The campus is so beautiful with the buildings and lake.
UNWSP is my third college on a long route toward my degree. Everything about this school is geared towards helping students have an amazing and successful time. From dozens of clubs and student organizations, to Residence Life events every week, to entire departments equipped to guide you toward your dream career or semester abroad, University of Northwestern - St. Paul has absolutely everything you need to enjoy an amazing life in just 4 short years.
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The University of Northwestern St Paul is a very exciting, encouraging and supportive school. The professors are helpful and smart, and the students are diverse and friendly. The campus is beautiful and open and very welcoming to everyone. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested.
My time at UNWSP was nothing short of exceptional. I grew from a crazy, rebellious high school "boy" into a still-crazy and fun-loving man with a passion for Jesus Christ, family, church, community, and living life as an example of what His love looks like in the world.
The friends and relationships I made have been some of the richest of my life. The professors really care about the students in their classes, and even the support staff is there with the heart to serve the Lord through their work around campus.
I had a professor explain in detail that if making money is your only goal, college is not for you. (Live with your parents for 4 years rent free. Work at minimum wage and save it all without tuition. Retire a millionaire.) HOWEVER - if your goal of higher education is to grow as a person, and follower of the Lord, while also getting a degree that rocks and an education that is of outstanding caliber, then the University of Northwestern - St. Paul is for you!
I've visited many colleges before I chose UNW. What sold me was the productive atmosphere of the university. In the search process, I noticed the students looked motivated, excited to be there, and hard-working. It's an expensive school, but everyone I've ever met there appears to be enjoying themselves. I believe this has a lot to do with the private, Christian perspective of the university.