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This is a wonderful University with a great deal of clubs to meet everyones needs and interests. And also has a program that provides free tutors when needed
Honestly I liked a lot about UNCO. The teachers are great, the class sizes are great and the campus is great. The school is big enough to feel like a college campus, but small enough in class sizes to really get the attention you need. The campus in beautiful and the students are great as well. Great school.
My best experiences from this university come from my on-campus life and relationships with professors. All professors I've met have been exceptionally eager to help students perform their best, and always make themselves available for providing help. On-Campus housing is pretty great, some of the best friends I'll ever know have come from on-campus living! We are currently experiencing lots of upgrades around campus.
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The school itself is alright. It is a little hard to get involved because sometimes the events are not very publicized. I wish there was a more diverse amount of events that a student could attend. My biggest complaint is that the school lacks so much diversity that it is very easy to feel excluded as a student of color, and the school does not do much to fix that.
The University of Northern Colorado is a wonderful campus. It is a DI college with a small close knit atmosphere. Faculty are mostly pleasant and it is easy to connect with professors with classes not exceeding more than a hundred. The campus itself is also small which provides as a benefit for those who do not have motor transportation. One thing I would change is the advertisement of research with faculty. It is difficult finding opportunities of that nature and preparing for grad school sometimes seems like an individual journey.
UNC is a great school. If you are looking into the theatre program, we are number 4 in the country for Musical Theatre. The LAC courses (general education) are engaging and interesting and there's a wide variety of the types of classes to take from so you won't be bored by the education.
So far, I have immensely enjoyed the University of Northern Colorado. The professors have been driven to teach, and the majority(There's always a few who don't!) of the student's are willing to learn. Music can be heard 24/7-much to the neighbors dismay-from the Frazier Hall of Music, and meetings are always in session discussing the current state of the economy during business hours at the Montfort School of Business. The community is always welcoming discussion, and is constantly trying to improve itself. All in all, an excellent campus for everyone!
I am a Musical theatre major, and I have had nothing but great experiences from the supportive, experienced, intelligent, and hard working staff and faculty!
I really like the campus, professors, and the sports program. If I could change anything, it would be the cost of tuition.
UNC has a great faculty engagement. If you want your professors to know you, you should go here. Each program gets to know its students well and the community if very diverse. The size of the campus is perfect if you think big public universities are too big and private schools are too small. There are also a plethora of opportunities to get involved.
I've really enjoyed meeting new people and I can tell the teachers are all passionate about what they teach.
Some of the journalism program is a bit dry and I haven't been enjoying it, also UNC is building a new campus commons and right now the construction is probably the biggest eye sore on, what is, a very nice campus.
The professors all seem to care about their students, and want to see them succeed. The whole campus does whatever it can to answer questions and help students, but the university's website is hard to navigate, and isn't always up to date.
This University is really awesome. The professors are super personable and they really care about your education. I went in as an acting major, so my experiences may be a little bit different from those who are nursing majors. However, the classes I took and the clubs I was involved with really grew me as an actress and as a person. Everything I did in college here was challenging and rewarding. The Rec center is very large and very welcoming, which I thought was a nice touch.
The town itself is a little lonely, but it has some great concert venues and some great art galleries. There are also great coffee shops that are super comfy and welcoming towards its customers. I have nothing to complain about at this school, except maybe its safety. Greeley is known for its gangs, and while I have never been personally harassed I know of some friends who have. however, the campus police is super available and friendly and hey will escort you anywhere if you are feeling uncomfortable.
Within my first semester there was a lot of talk about just how honest President Kay Norton really is about where our money goes, but otherwise the college is pretty inclusive. There are a lot of great minds there, it's a shame it's not very well known.
Deciding to go to UNC has been the best choice I have ever made in my college career. After transferring all over Colorado, I have found a school that actually cares about me as a student and only wants me to succeed. The staff and students are caring, accepting, and friendly to every one who comes on campus. I am so proud to go to this school and I cannot wait to be an alumni.
Visiting and being accepted in UNC has been my dream come true. When I took a tour of the campus, the staff and students were very friendly and they accepted me as one of them right away. Honestly, there is nothing that I would change about this University.
I loved the small class sizes and super friendly environment. The campus offers many activities to do during the week and on the weekends as well. The city bus is free to ride and very convenient.
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Ive been here for a summer program and Ive had the best expirence. Teamed up with a few college students, everyone was so nice
Great school for the education. Good safe area. Athletics at the school thru 2006-2010 were very poor.
My experience at University of Northern Colorado has been okay thus far. I am a freshman and I am having a hard time making friends because I am more of an introvert than extrovert. I really enjoy my classes, and the way classes are run. The environment of the school is enjoyable and friendly. Sporting events are always fun and the gym is always a good place to go and enjoy other people.The one thing I would change or hope would change is one of the chemistry professors. It felt as though she did not care about the students or about them learning the material or not. Although she wasn't the best teacher in the world, I do not regret having her because she made me try extremely hard and pushed me more than others. I enjoy UNC and if given the choice, I would choose to go here again.
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