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I love the atmosphere here. I feel very at home. The campus allows for the growth of a person and I feel I have met some amazing people through out the time I have been here.
Only have been here for a semester and I love it! Great school for the performing arts! I am a theatre education major and I have enjoyed all of my classes! Great professors! There are a lot of fun events on campus! I love my dorm and we have great R.A's! I have not had one bad experience this semester!
I grew up in Greeley so it wasn’t my first choice but after giving it a chance I realize I’ve never made a better decision. I learned so much about my community
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I went on a visit to the campus and it was truly beautiful. I went in the winter so seeing the snow on the ground and how pretty the campus looked, really drew me towards attending
It is a beautiful campus with an abundance of options for every student. I found my place there fast and never once felt like I wasn't ready. So excited to attend orientation!!
For me, classes tended to be really slow paced and unchallenging. The campus isn't anything special, and the surrounded city of Greeley is very unappealing. The food is alright, but other than that, there isn't anything special about this school.
It is only my first week at UNC, and I already love it. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and everyone I have run into is super nice. The roommate match form is incredibly detailed, and so far my roommate and I get along great. I don't play sports, and to be honest I don't follow them, but I do know that they have a quidditch team. All of the faculty I have communicated with up to this point are very nice, and want to help all students succeed.
Great school, diverse, smart teachers, great landscape, friendly people, great class structure, great resources, great environment to learn.
Everyone at this school is so welcoming and friendly! The school does everything in their power to make every new student feel welcome and at home, as well as creating fun events for students to break out and make new friends!
UNCO is a great school to attend. The staff to student ratio is great because it is not too small and not too big, which is the same for the campus size. One thing that I would change is being able to access more scholarships for students already attending the university instead of just incoming freshman.
UNC is a diverse campus with friendly people everywhere. The class sizes are small, but not too small. The teachers are kind and caring. They want you to succeed. They do not view you as another number in their class.
UNC is a great undergraduate institution. I enjoyed the four years I spent being able to truly discover who I am, what my morals are, and what I would like to do with my life. The challenging factors of UNC include, primarily, the lack of diversity on the campus. While admissions rates regarding marginalized identity based students is on the rise, UNC fails to harbor safe spaces for those who hold those characteristics. All things considered, I would not trade the four years I spent at UNC for anything. I ultimately made magnificent friends, and learned a lot about myself in the process. UNC is on the up and up, and I cannot wait to see where it goes. Go Bears!
I love the service I get. I am an extended campus student, but I feel like I am actually living on campus because of how quick everyone's response is. Every issue has been taken care of in a courteous and quick manner. They have gone above and beyond to take care of their extended campus students.
I love UNC! I came in as a Transfer Student and was a great change for me. I really enjoy the support they have for students and specifically for hispanic students. They also offer support for Dreamers. I would like to see more scholarship programs like Stryker for students who have struggles and make it need based instead of GPA. I would also like a similar scholarship program for males. Other than just create more things for diversity. Its a great institution!
My experience here was fantastic. The professor and students were exceptional and so were the administrative staff. Never in my time at the University of Northern Colorado did I question my attendance there. This was a challenging and enriching environment that I would encourage anyone to experience. I would have stayed at the University of Northern Colorado to pursue my Masters level education if they had an online option. From the bookstore to the academics this institution is “top notch”. Anytime that I had a question, whether it be about financial aid or class, it was always treated with respect and answered in its entirety.
Love the campus, the greenery, the way the sunlight hits the fields. The classes were taught by people who care about making a difference. The library is expansive, and they give out great teaching opportunities to their graduate students.Their teacher program is old and very prestigious - I'm happy to have come to this town (despite the occasional smells) to work hard and create my future. Thanks UNCO!
It was a wonderful campus. It was a small campus, yet big enough you could lose yourself if you wanted to. You were able to be involved and get to know other people. The academics were wonderful, lots of majors to chose from. Associated with Monfort and now Busch for its business school.
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The experience you have at UNCO will vary depending on your major and interests. Overall UNCO is affordable, the teachers and staff are really helpful, and everyone you meet is kind and respectful. I
UNC has a great community and faculty that is easy to approach. I have spent the last four years on this campus getting my bacheldors degree and now I am going back for another two years to get a Masters. UNC is a great school and I wouldn't have changed my choice to enroll at this University.
UNC is a nice sized campus with many opportunities. The professors are nice and care about education. A lot of the other students are very friendly and are willing to help you if you are new on campus. One thing I wish to see a change in is the athletics. Sports other than football, basketball, and volleyball are all underrated and I barely hear about when those other sports have games. The sports facilities are pretty nice, although some could be updated more. Such as the pool area to provide proper seating for supporters or even the baseball field to make in more known. I wish the sports facilities were closer together, soccer, the hockey rink, and baseball field are quite far from campus. Too bad hockey is not a D1 sport for UNC yet.
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