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I love attending this school. I've had amazing professors that are happy to get to know students and really want to work with you to help you succeed. The campus is beautiful, and the food is pretty good for a dining hall. Greeley's not a very interesting town, but otherwise this school is great.
Class sizes are not horribly big so it's easier to interact with classmates and professors, it's easy to find your way around campus, very good resources
Awesome friendly and easygoing university. Not too big but not too small. Most people are very friendly, and Greeley is a fun college town with plenty of good restaurants, shopping and nice parks.
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It is an amazing institution! I would never have suspected that UNC would be so inclusive but it truly is a school for everyone. There is so much to grow amd learn from at this school. I may be just a freshman starting our but I know forna fact that I made the right decision in choosing UNC. I love the campus! All the buildings are unique and there is plenty of open space to just relac and unwind in campus in nature. They offee everything from musical theater to political science back to nursing school all the way to secondary teaching. It really is a dream school in my book and hope to see it become a dream school in many other books.
I love my school!! This school is not only fun to be at but really invests in its students. My professors and all faculty have gone out of their way on multiple occasions to help me whenever I need!
I have done many activities with UNC and every time I have gotten to meet amazing people and see awesome results. The music program is outstanding. GO BEARS!
I started UNCO as a freshman. It was my first choice and I am glad I went through with it. The professors I had so far know what they are doing and they are very helpful.
The professors are very friendly, especially in the science departments, and they make a lot of time to meet with their students after class. The school is very clean and upbeat, and the dorms are very nice and large.
The inclusivity of most of the staff was what I really enjoyed about this university. A number of professors are willing to sit down with students one-on-one and discuss how to succeed in their classes. There are a number of resources around campus for everyone's major that are bound to help students with studying, college stress, and financial opportunities.
University of Northern Colorado has a great environment and a welcoming feel. It didn't take me long to feel at home. The education is fun, interesting, and challenging at the same time. I really enjoy the people as well as the inspiring beauty of Colorado.
I love the atmosphere here. I feel very at home. The campus allows for the growth of a person and I feel I have met some amazing people through out the time I have been here.
Only have been here for a semester and I love it! Great school for the performing arts! I am a theatre education major and I have enjoyed all of my classes! Great professors! There are a lot of fun events on campus! I love my dorm and we have great R.A's! I have not had one bad experience this semester!
I grew up in Greeley so it wasn’t my first choice but after giving it a chance I realize I’ve never made a better decision. I learned so much about my community
I went on a visit to the campus and it was truly beautiful. I went in the winter so seeing the snow on the ground and how pretty the campus looked, really drew me towards attending
It is a beautiful campus with an abundance of options for every student. I found my place there fast and never once felt like I wasn't ready. So excited to attend orientation!!
For me, classes tended to be really slow paced and unchallenging. The campus isn't anything special, and the surrounded city of Greeley is very unappealing. The food is alright, but other than that, there isn't anything special about this school.
It is only my first week at UNC, and I already love it. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and everyone I have run into is super nice. The roommate match form is incredibly detailed, and so far my roommate and I get along great. I don't play sports, and to be honest I don't follow them, but I do know that they have a quidditch team. All of the faculty I have communicated with up to this point are very nice, and want to help all students succeed.
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Great school, diverse, smart teachers, great landscape, friendly people, great class structure, great resources, great environment to learn.
Everyone at this school is so welcoming and friendly! The school does everything in their power to make every new student feel welcome and at home, as well as creating fun events for students to break out and make new friends!
UNCO is a great school to attend. The staff to student ratio is great because it is not too small and not too big, which is the same for the campus size. One thing that I would change is being able to access more scholarships for students already attending the university instead of just incoming freshman.
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