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I love that everyone at the college is willing to help and wants you to be successful in your career.
UNC has its own charm. The campus is really beautiful and there's a lot of things the school has to offer. I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences here in terms of dorms, food, making friends, professors and learning. It might not be a top-tier school but the welcoming atmosphere is what is most important to my learning. I've made lifelong friends and had a lot of fun. I'd recommend anyone to go here!
it's a great college I really love the atmosphere, the way that the students interact with each other is amazing. We are all equal and you can feel it in the air .
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I like all of the campus events but I am not a fan of how small the city of Greeley is itself. I know that has nothing to do with the school but I believe the comment is justified. The school is not very diverse but I have had very friendly teachers along with friendly students in my major. I just wish we didn't have to pay for parking.
I am on the extended campus and I really enjoy the smaller class sizes. It's very close to Denver so I can ride my bike and the staff at the front office always welcome me with a smile (and sometimes a puppy named Leo). The classes never get larger than 25 and the professors have all been outstanding.
I like the the campus size, and the smaller student to teacher ratio. I do not feel like a number here, and my professors know who I am. There are majors for many disciplines, as well as a variety of campus events for students to participate in. There is always something positive going on. There is very little diversity on campus.

When Colorado legalized marijuana it brought in a lot of gang activity within the community, and the demographics of the civilian population is changing.
UNC is great! It's affordable (or as affordable as a university can be), very inclusive, beautiful campus, and has great faculty. Greeley takes some getting used to, but there is plenty of things to do and near by towns.
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The University of Northern Colorado is a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus. University of Northern Colorado provides a quality education and engages with students. I am very excited to attend, spread my wings, and grow academically at UNC.
The University of Northern Colorado is a pretty good college with many programs for incoming freshman. They have community floors in the dorms where you are grouped with other freshman who are pursuing the same degree and my personal favorite the pet friendly floors in one of the residence halls. The professors are all generally very nice and helpful and will help you if you go in to office hours, which is something highly recommended on campus. The campus is beautiful and safe.
It's a great community. The Chem department only has a few good professors, so it's a difficult major/minor.
The classes are the perfect size. I don’t feel overwhelmed or lost by being a just a number. The campus is easy to navigate. I have been able to to schedule my classes within easy walking distance.
The campus is very nice. it is super welcoming and the students are very welcoming as well. There are a ton of clubs and organizations you can join to get out there and get to know people. I also thought the academics were great too. There are tons of classes you can take and the professors are all so nice. They will help you when and where you need it.
It is nice but has room for improvement and growth. The city is fairly small. There is often a bad smell from the surrounding farming areas. The staff and professors are friendly, kind, and professional. Some professors have mentioned some internal conflict in the upper divisions. The president has recently announced this will be her final year.
UNCO is a wonderful school especially in the College of Performing and Visual Arts. The professors here are generally very knowledgeable about their field of expertise. The college is extremely committed to creating and sharing opportunities for their students. UNC is also highly focused on student success post-graduation, which is definitely comforting and encouraging for undergraduate students, like myself.
This college is very open to students who are looking for a diversity around the campus. The campus is very beautiful and has a lot of opportunities for students to open as freshman.
This school has amazing programs in several different areas. Its nursing school is highly acclaimed, as well as business school and its programs for future teachers. The Performing and Visual Arts programs are all fantastic, and are all fairly selective. There are certain things that I don’t like about the school; the dining halls have very limited hours, the parking is packed and expensive, and the housing contracts lock you in to the residence halls very strictly. However, this University is much more affordable than any of the other big name schools in Colorado, especially considering how esteemed its programs are.
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UNCO is a great school I have yet to have a professor I don't like. The professors want to see you succeed and from my experience they are all willing to do what it takes to help you understand the material. Some of the building have small cramped rooms and in some cases the rooms seem to be old storage closets they had to convert.
My name is Lauren Espinoza and it is my first year at the University of Northern Colorado and so far it has been blissful! Coming into college is a big step up, which can be stressful, scary and exciting all at once. UNC, does an extraordinary job at welcoming incoming students. From exposing you to all activities, clubs, etc. that are provided to filling you with important information necessary to help you transition. I enjoy very much how I feel like I am at home at UNC. Everyone, is very helpful, joyful, energetic and funny. I know that I can count on anybody around campus even though I may not know them. There is a variety of places for one to eat, find resources and places to study and do homework. All races, ethnicities, and cultures are presented throughout the country, allowing us to share and experience from one another.Definitely, a perfect match for me and would not want to change a thing.
Great school, I honestly had a really good time. Greeley can be a hard place to live location wise but the school itself is wonderful!
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