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Overall, the campus is amazing and is such a good environment! There are smaller classes with great professors making it easier to learn because of the smaller spaces. The school is not too big, but not too small either, its right in the middle. So far, I have had an amazing experience with this school and I can't wait for the future there!
I love the campus. You don't feel like you're in Greeley when you're on campus. It's got a lot of options for being a smaller university. I like the faculty and students as well.
I like how the people at the campus want to see you succeed. They take the time to help you and make sure you know what to do. I would like to see more extracurricular activities being offered
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The school is amazing with really good facilities and great programs along with teacher. North/ South hall dorms are the best I’ve ever seen. They look super new and extremely confortable and clean. The downside is the location- Greeley. In the end, you get used to it like a second home.
UNC is a great school and provides many opportunities to get connected with other students as well as make connections in the real world. I have enjoyed my time at UNC.
This University has wonderful professors, resources, and activities for everyone. They are such an accepting school with zero tolerance for bigotry. The only bad thing is its location; there are some sketchy people that live by Bond Hall.
I loved the ratio of students to professors. The classes sizes weren't tiny but they weren't so large that professors didn't learn your name. The campus is also super diversified with lots of clubs and groups so likeminded people are always easy to find.
Good professors and classes, read program and college information very carefully and ask questions to prevent delay in degree completion.
Your university experience is exactly what you make of it. While I believe that there is a lack of diversity I think that is because it is a predominately white university.
My experience here was different than expected in a positive way. Living in the dorms was hard at first but you meet and connect with a lot of other students in your hall and other halls. The food is pretty good but sometimes it's repetitive. I loved majority of the professors/teachers I've had and felt they truly cared about their class and your success. The library is my favorite place to go and hide out to study because the study rooms and seating selections really allow me to be productive and not distracted; there is also some great coffee/breakfast burritos at the coffee corner.
I love this university. It has many passionate professors that make their classes enjoyable, and most are easy to work with when you need help. I personally don't have the time to get involved on campus but there are so many clubs, sports, and a variety of Greek life for people that want to get involved. There's always tables for clubs and fundraisers around campus when the weather is nice. Everyone here is friendly too I've had some amazing ab partners.
My experience at the University Of Northern Colorado has been good I would like to see more campus police during the night, it’s scary being a female walking home in the dark after studying or night labs
You get what you put into at college. Greeley is a pit, and there's really no way of getting around that. However, the people and the campus itself provide a fine enough education that with any luck, should get you employed. I've made friends, joined clubs, and enjoyed my time up there. And if you put in the work you will too.
I really enjoyed the easy going atmosphere. The school is very accepting and offers many fun activities and clubs.
Although Greeley gets a reputation for being stinky (which is not a lie) the campus is fairly well taken care of. There are lots of trees and places to sit outside and study while the weather is nice. Also, students can use their student ID to get into specific places in the library during late hours (after 10pm I believe) for late night quiet study sessions which is a huge plus for me!
I love that everyone at the college is willing to help and wants you to be successful in your career.
UNC has its own charm. The campus is really beautiful and there's a lot of things the school has to offer. I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences here in terms of dorms, food, making friends, professors and learning. It might not be a top-tier school but the welcoming atmosphere is what is most important to my learning. I've made lifelong friends and had a lot of fun. I'd recommend anyone to go here!
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it's a great college I really love the atmosphere, the way that the students interact with each other is amazing. We are all equal and you can feel it in the air .
I like all of the campus events but I am not a fan of how small the city of Greeley is itself. I know that has nothing to do with the school but I believe the comment is justified. The school is not very diverse but I have had very friendly teachers along with friendly students in my major. I just wish we didn't have to pay for parking.
I am on the extended campus and I really enjoy the smaller class sizes. It's very close to Denver so I can ride my bike and the staff at the front office always welcome me with a smile (and sometimes a puppy named Leo). The classes never get larger than 25 and the professors have all been outstanding.
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