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The area around the campus is nice, but certain departments (Physics) have very few good professors.
It was a great school with great professors, especially in the Fine Arts department. Very diverse school. They've been building it up even more since I've graduated 3 years ago. Surroundings are homey, yet if you need to go away you have Fort Worth or Dallas to hit up. Only problem is that dang Interstate-35 under construction. Once that gets fixed, it'll be an even better experience for upcoming students.
Amazing school! I attended UNT through the Texas Academy of Math and Science, and I love pretty much all of my classes and professors! And the campus is great! The food is amazing!!
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I am a medical student here and I absolutely love it!!! They are a very well respected Osteopathic school and give a wonderful education! highly recommend!!!
The campus is beautiful throughout the year, and the atmosphere of the campus and its students is always very bright. While a little on the expensive side at times, it's overall an amazing campus.
UNT is a great school with a welcoming environment from the students and the faculty. Sporting events are full of thrills on the court/field and in the stands. As a tier 1 research school, I know I will be going to an amazing place for higher-level learning.
I love UNT, I do wish the athletics program was a bigger hit. The food selection on campus is great because there's a ton of cafeterias and retail locations. Denton is overall a really interesting place to be. Go Mean Green!
This university is a beautiful camps to be apart of. There is so much diversity on the campus and is filled with kind and talented students. UNT is perfect the way it is and doesn't deserve a change one bit. It is a college that wants to help their students on so many things. One example it to help students not graduate with a high student loan payment.
My tour guide was amazing she gave me a great tour around the university. The students and teachers were very welcoming and the school has many activities for students to join in.
Great Experience these last three years. Love getting to meet new people and there's always something going on, on campus!
Originally I was enrolled at another University where I never felt at home. My dad is a UNT ulumni and asked me to just take a look. With in a few short weeks I knew moving was the right choice. I feel welcome and at home here. Such a diverse group of students and clubs. I even challenged myself in a swing dance club. Growing up at UNT, I recommend it for everyone.
Good school and atmosphere. Denton itself is an interesting city. Strange things happen here, but overall it is a decent school to go to if you're trying not spend 50,000 dollars a year on tuition.
I love the diversity and the engagement on campus. The music scene is a big plus. Something that could change is the parking situation, but other than that everything else is great.
I enjoy attending here because a lot of the professor enjoy teaching and helping student achieve their desired dreams.
Get teachers, beautiful campus, very music and art oriented but all other subjects are great as well 38,000 undergraduates, tailgates are great and the team has had a great record this year definitely worth checking out!
The campus has an unforgettable sense of community. It's just an amazing place to be overall. It's great!
UNT always makes sure the students stay on top of things. People are always there to help. The campus isn't too big which is also nice.
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This place is a joke. For all of their crap on "acceptance and opportunity", there is nothing more than an attitude once you get there of kissing ass to get ahead, and being punished if you don’t. The people here are rude, stupid, and have no possible future of any kind. The professors here are no help, since half the time they either don't know the subject they're teaching or have no passion to teach it. If you want to maybe dull the bleak existence here, you shouldn't look at the sports teams. Otherwise, be prepared to see a lot of losses, since the athletes here are losers like the rest of the student body. The only upside that a person can look at is the party scene, since the trash around here are only good at consuming enough alcohol and drugs that it would kill a normal person. I went to college to escape my redneck high school and the backstabbing and pettiness that went on there. However, I find the exact same stuff here. UNT is nothing more than a glorified high school.
Really great environment! Lots of activities and things to do on campus. Tons of places to nap,study,eat,and meet people! I only wish parking wasn't a nightmare!
This school provided a home away from home experience . The professors are very knowledgable and very willing to help in proving marvelous education. The campus is really beautiful and a lot of student run clubs and organizations to choose from! There are lots of dogs which is always a plus. Overall a wonderful school, can't wait to get my degree.
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