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I had a great experience at UNT. I got my bachelor's degree at UNT and now I am going for my Masters as well at UNT. One thing I would like to see more is diversity.
The University of North Texas is an excellent school for anybody looking to pursue Fine Arts, Music or Performing Arts. I have had an excellent experience with all of my professors. The area surrounding UNT is fun and exciting. There is plenty to do.
I have had a fairly good experience at North Texas. My biggest pet peeve and most of the other students is just courses being offered when you need them. Also I believe science courses and advanced mathmatic courses should have stronger resources outside of the class room. For example, my Microbiology and my Physics class offered no supplimental instruction or qualified tutors, through the on campus Leaning Center. Yet lower level courses seem to have an amplitude of tutors and suppliemtal instruction.
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I will be attending this school in the fall and I'm so excited! There is so much diversity and the school has a very well known and great Music Department. I am elated to spend the next four years of my life on this campus. GO MEAN GREEN!
UNT was a fantastic school to attend. It had so many resources and so many great faculty members who did their best for each student. Denton has a great vibe and everyone has a place to belong.
I enjoyed the scenery. There was no trouble getting from one campus to the next through the mob of students. Sure it was just a college field trip but I enjoyed it. One thing I'd like to see change is to get a perspective from one of the students of how their experience has been at the college so we can get more of an understanding of how college life is there.
I'm a Junior Engineering major at UNT and I like it there. I've had bad professors but they haven't lasted long in the university. For the most part my professors have been great caring teachers that leave office hours open to discuss and help students with their problems in the course. As far as diversity goes, I've meet interesting people from many walks of life and from many nation. Everyone on campus is generally friendly and open-mined and party's are possible to find if you are looking for that (I'm not that big on it). Overall it is a great school for someone who is serious about their education and wants to get the best bang for the buck so to speak.
This is a great school all around. The diverse community allows anyone to fit in and be who they want to be. The art department is an excellent place and offers a wide variety of majors.
Great school with diverse students, dedicated professors, and a fun student life. One complaint would be all the construction all throughout campus. Otherwise, I will always recommend UNT!
The University of North Texas is wonderful. The faculty and staff are spectacular, and the students help create one of the most loving and caring environments I have ever been in. At UNT you are aloud to be yourself, and you will be embraced for that. Denton is a wonderful town with countless things to see and do, and you will never get bored.
I liked the University of North Texas because of its buildings and the atmosphere. It seems like the kind of place that would be fun to be at, there's tons of people who are very friendly and accept you speaking your mind. The buildings are very modern and new, everything is sleek and thought out. It's a great place to attend if you have some sort of transportation, otherwise you would never make it to class on time because of the buildings being spread out.
i have no experience at that college but i would like to know more about it about what it has to give and what it offers
UNT is amazing. I have loved every second of being there, although yes the classes are a hard at times, but you make a lot of friends and have a good time while learning a lot.
I haven't been to the University of North Texas Campus but in all of my research it seems like a genuinely great place to go to college. I will definitely be applying.
What I like about University of North Texas is its diverse student population attending there, it makes for a very nice place of different things and where new things can be learned.
I have loved my time here at UNT. The school spirit is great, but not overbearing. The education is quality and the price is low. UNT has over 1,000+ clubs and tons of resources for freshmen, transfers, etc. The events that are put on at UNT are always of quality fun. The campus isn't too serious, but everyone works really hard. Most of my professors have been amazing! Highly recommend for someone who wants a relaxed but exciting college experience.
The University of North Texas is very open to students of all majors. The local culture is very friendly and you are sure to find yourself at home here.
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Absolutely love UNT. I even transferred out for a semester and came back. Love the learning environment and the educational benefits with the programs on campus.
The campus was beautiful, people were friendly and so many options. They have so many different clubs and organizations.
I very much like my stay here at UNT. I came in to college not knowing anything or having parents with college experience. UNT has really helped me get settled in and get a great start to my college career. It offers many various resources in many different ways to assist you. I think the people that go here are the most positive thing about this school. You always meet nice and talkative people that greets you with a smile.
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