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The University of North Texas is a great school, you get the freedom to make your own choices for the first time in your life while being surrounded by a community that offers you resources to succeed. Here you are free to be the best you that you can be! The only downside that I have encountered is that the financial aid process is more difficult than it needs to be, following a lengthy, repetitive, and confusing process. The buildings are a little boring so if you are choosing a school based on looks UNT may not be your first choice. You will feel very safe as cops can be spotted around campus 24/7 watching to make sure everyone is kept safe. The food is amazing with a variety of foods including vegan options.
It has been a great campus with a variety of open doors to the students. There are always opportunities for one to be successful academically and with the help from the professors. The campus continues to provide a safety environment for anyone staying at the dorms, as well as interactive activities for the students yo distract themselves from everyday hardwork
I love UNT. The atmosphere is great. I feel very safe here. The police circle around campus and so does the campus police which is lovely. Everyone treats you equally here. Everything you need here is on campus. Literally. The UNT Health Clinic is very helpful and having stores right by campus is very convenient in times of need. I don't have any negatives besides all of the construction because traffic can get worse around those areas and the parking which is expected for a college campus. Other than that, Go UNT!!!!!!!
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It was an awesome experience because I got to work with the professor and most of them were former cops or from the army.
Recently I went to a campus tour to see the University and all I can say is that the place is lovely. You are surrounded by green and cheerful people. The classes look about average and everyone that I interviewed there seems to love the campus. It was a wonderful experience and I cant wait to be part of that community.
I loved my time at UNT. Most people overlook the University of North Texas as just a commenter school, but it has provided me with so many great opportunities.
Enjoyed my time at UNT. Lots of student activities available. UNT continues to make improvements to its campus, including new residence halls, a new student union, and beautification projects.
I enjoyed my visit at the University of North Texas. I came to visit two years ago and fall in love with it instantly. The people there are so welcoming and willing to help you with whatever you need. My first time visiting it felt like home and I knew I had to become a student there. I’m looking forward to starting my freshmen year at University of North Texas the fall of 2018!
I first loved my school. There are lots of issues though. My school email did not work, my records did not process all my classes and did not change my status to junior, and lots of miscommunication. Parking is so expensive, I did not bring my car until I absolutely had to. But students are nice and greek life is very amazing.
As a transfer student, so far I have experienced kindness from everybody with whom I have crossed paths with. Attending social events organized by student organizations have allowed me to meet many new people with different backgrounds from mine yet with a similar vision in mind. I would like to see more events going on campus overall that allows any ethnicity feel as united as I do.
UNT has been a wonderful place to start my college career. Fantastic campus with friendly people and easy to get from place to place.
I personally love the campus and Denton. Everything is so close and easy to get to and everyone is always nice and friendly.
I am a current freshman and I really like how my experience has been so far. I am very involved in my campus and find it nice how most things are walking distance. There are plenty of resources for students and the staff is very helpful. However, the buildings are old and there is limited space for parking. Parking permits are very expensive and the food could be better. Other than that, I really like the university and its community.
What an outstanding university. There is help for you at every corner if you need it and they are very willing to answer questions and help!
The atmosphere at UNT is what prompted me to attend here. Everyone is very nice and welcoming on campus and in class. All the professors go above and beyond to ensure that every student is receiving a quality education. Their degree programs are rigorous, but ensure that the transition out of college and into the "real world" is much easier. I am thankful to be attending such a great school, and furthering my education with others who are equally as passionate.
I like that there's so many people of all walks of life. The place is as diverse as it gets. Unfortunately if you live off campus and work it's difficult to really get involved oftentimes. Classes often have a lot of extra stuff attached to them like recitations ( not to be confused with supplemental lectures ) so be prepared for a booked schedule.
I've only taken three classes here at this school but there is so much to experience here and I love the diversity of students and all the resources that they have to offer.
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The University of North Texas is a great campus in the Denton area that has some nice dorms. As a resident assistant here on campus we work our hardest to provide a good experience for freshman and upper-class students. There is also a great community in the area that is very diverse and welcoming. UNT also has a good athletics department and provides a lot of opportunities for students to attend. There is great food in the area, LSA burger is the best burger joint I have ever been too. Denton Square is a pretty happening place with lots of family owned places and great food.
University of North Texas feels like home and has a very safe campus. The city of Denton has everything around, next to Dallas and Oklahoma. You can go to so many places within a 50 mile radius. There is remodeling going on all over the campus which will bring to attention to more students around Texas.
The University of North Texas exceeds the majority of my experiences before transferring from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The teachers do a great job of including active participation in their classrooms, even though class room size is relatively large.
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