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The University of North Texas is a great campus. They strive to help the students to the best of their availability and try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. The staff is great and really helpful.
I love all the student events and all the students and staff are very friendly. I don't think i would change anything about the university.
The university of north texas is a very diverse institution where the community is very loving and understanding. The classes are the right amount of demanding and the instructors are always there to help you. Honestly, there is not much that UNT could improve except their administration. While it is cool to hire students, maybe don't put them in the financial aid office if they're not allowed to do anything to help anyone. I would definitely work on the way they deal with administrative issues.
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Great school! Friendly community of students, faculty and staff. Wonderful place to live, learn and work.
This school lacks diversity, can be extremely unorganized and there is nothing to do in the city of Denton as a whole which is hard for us freshmen without cars
When i went to go visit the university, i had an amazing experience. The vibe i got from this university was just wonderful. I felt like was at a home away from home, it just clicked. Hopefully i do attend this university in the fall of 2019. 1 thing i would change about this university is t makee it more modern and new, becase it does have an older look on the outside surrounding areas and buildings.
This year will be my first year attending UNT. Attending transfer orientation was a great way for me to get a feel on the environment of students and faculty at the school. This school takes pride in being one of the top tier schools in Texas and it is very apparent that the professors take their jobs very seriously in order to meet each and every students needs.
While visiting University of North Texas its atmosphere is lively and with many people. I enjoy how it's diverse and how you can meet different types of people each day. I also enjoy the academics program because, my parent was entering her Masters program in special education. This was a great opportunity to see what the professors were like. Since my parent was able to complete her Master with 4.0 GPA. This made me feel excited about meeting and working with the professors at University of North Texas. Overall I wouldn’t change anything about this college because, you are able to get a great education, able to enjoy campus life, and be able to spend time with family.
I went to the University during the summer of 2018 for the Vocal Jazz Workshop and I had a fun time there. I learned many things about the School of Music, especially the Jazz department and had an amazing time with faculty and staff. UNT's campus is very green, lush, and rich with a beautiful landscape.
My overall experience at the University of North Texas has, for the most part, been a pretty good one. I've had a few really great professors and a few average professors. What made my experience so different from the average students' was my living situation. I had a really negative experience with one of my roommates, and this led me to have to move into a new building. Overall, the school is a pretty nice place to be. They have great resources and most of the professors are really great and clearly passionate about what they do. It's also fairly close to both Dallas and Fort Worth, and a pretty affordable option.
UNT is a very welcoming school that cares about its students. There are so many on campus resources that are free to students, such as a food pantry, a student money management center, a student health and wellness center, and a career center. You really feel like the school is rooting for you.
The University of North Texas is a pretty good school to attend. Unlike most colleges UNT's faculty works with you really well. The academics are fairly easy however still challenging.
I have toured UNT and been to camps there, and it is such a fantastic school. I loved the atmosphere and the scene. I plan on studying music, and their music program is one of the best. The students all love it there and have so much pride. Go Mean Green!
It's a great school! The campus has lots of trees and a lot of fun events inbetween classes. There was never a boring day there. All the professors I had are really nice! Also the campus bus rides are free, the route had stops close by grocery and dining places!
Even amongst such a large number of students the professors make sure you are learning on an individual basis and truly care about the students. The atmosphere of friendly competition among students to better each other in the respective fields of interest is surrounded by support and resources.
As an art major this University has been paramount in helping me advance my artistic capabilities. The University has also provided ample opportunities to make connections and lasting friendships to extend beyond life as a college student.
What I like about University of North Texas is this: their food, atmosphere, campus, and dorms (to name a few). Their food is hot, well-prepared, vast, delicious, and readily-available . Their atmosphere is amazing, because of the people. Students and professors alike. The campus is immaculate, with there being a beautiful design plan for the pathways and placement of buildings. The dorms also are comfy, spacious, perfectly placed between the other buildings, and halls.
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Very student orientated! With all of my high school friends being scattered across the state at different colleges, I notice that a lot of their campuses don't have many student activities. UNT is perfect for that! There are so many opportunities to interact with other students on campus from the various events that the University Program Council host.
Since I’m still in high school I have not fully attended UNT. Back in junior high I visited UNT on an avid college field trip ,I would honestly say I absolutely loved it ! I loved the campus and how it was a very warm and green area. They had a lot of majors and subjects to choose ,so my options were pretty open. I would honestly love to attend here it’s one of my number one schools I’ve applied for and working hard (like taking the SAT for the 3rd time) to get accepted to.
Overall, very good. The professors are very prepared and understanding. The student seem overall well prepared and dedicated.
Little orientation, however, to international students. The situation with the wellness center for us is really not the best if you arrive there already with health issues (like, a car accident). The mandatory health insurance to us is outrageous and only starts August 14. God forbid you have an accident before that day and/or you feel sick before that and you need medical assistance.
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