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I was having a pretty good time until my financial aid was unexpectedly cancelled and my appeal to get it in place again was denied. Beyond that, alright school. Most of a fine arts school than STEM, but it's not terrible.
The art program is amazing! Not only that, but everyone was so friendly; it's such a welcoming and inclusive community.
The freshman orientation that they hold in their colosseum is absolutely welcoming and like no other. The upperclassmen are engaged in college life and are very amiable. My experience was great when I first arrived and I wish I could relive it. Great people, staff, and administrators.
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I've been at this university for 3 years and I have fell in love with all aspects of it.
At first, I did not feel content, but as soon as I started reaching out to people and becoming active in clubs, organizations, and especially game events it changed the way I felt.
I enjoy how it's so diverse and open to everyone's opinions. There are shops and restaurants within a 5 minute drive and even some within walking distance. Some professors are tough, but because they want to see you succeed, and are still always willing to help.
If I could change one thing I'd renovate the older dorm halls because the closets are old and the paint is worn out, and make the walls thicker because you can hear everything.
I am a CVAD student and I feel like every design professor really wants to get to know us as students and help us succeed in the professional world. I am very happy i decided to come to this school. I have found a lot of opportunities here that I wouldn't have found in other universities. As for UNT as a whole, of course things like parking and construction bother me, but they are a small price to pay when you're surrounded by great people, professors, and a great campus life.
UNT is a great school. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone to do. There are plenty of resources available. Just get there early!

In terms of academics, very little is lacking. Professors are available and willing to help.
The university is known for their academic scholarship opportunities and this has truly helped me. I have been positively impacted by the academics and organization opportunities at the university. My advisors in the Business college have helped me every step of the way with my degree plan and progress within the college. The university has so much to offer in the way of organizations and involvement! The only thing I can say the school is lacking is great dorms/housing and athletics programs.
I transferred to UNT last fall and I honestly LOVE this school. The staff and faculty are supportive and encouraging. With the exception of one bad apple, all of my professors have been great, willing to meet with me and give every opportunity for me to succeed.
I love how diverse UNT is. They try very hard to unclude everyone and make everyone feel like they have a voice and that they will be heard.
I love UNT! Its a very diverse and inclusive environment. The teachers are good for the most part and the student life is great. The dorms are nice and comfortable too.
It was a very nice campus but I would have liked it better if the engineering building was closer to the main campus.
Really beautiful school with lots of diversity of not only students, but programs as well. There are many activities and opportunities I would however, like to see more student to professor one on one interaction. And more places to park!
The University of North Texas is a great school with a beautiful campus and a large amount of majors available. One of my only real complaints with UNT would be lack of adequate parking.
A school that takes academics seriously and takes care of their students, but extracurricular and night life are lacking in the area
Being from Dallas, TX I liked that UNT was far enough from home to receive the full college experience, but still close enough to go home when I wanted. I joined a sorority and met many great friends.
I transferred from a community college in Spring 2018. So far, I love the campus, the diversity, the town, my classes and professors. UNT connects with public transportation systems that allow students to commute to school. Also, there is a variety of organizations and clubs to choose from!
was a very welcoming campus, along with many features that would enable growth in a student. I loved how modern the campus was and how community oriented everything felt.
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I wholly enjoyed the familiarity and inclusive environment exuded by the staff and leaders at the campus. Their attention to every student’s needs brings out the best in every one of them and brings the campus together as a whole.
North Texas is a very involved school, meaning in order for your experience to be somewhat memorable you would have to be in clubs and different organizations around campus. Doing this helps you get information about the upcoming events and parties around campus. The students are very friendly and open to conversation and friendship. Some professors are more open with grades than others, but all of them have a strict policy on due dates and late work. I really like how easy it was to get food whenever you had time for it. Even if the university union was closed, there are many options for food right outside the campus and some of which are in walking distance.
I go to the Dallas Campus. Overall the campus is very academically driven. The students are very nice and helpful. The professors take the time to meet with students and address concerns. Also it’s a small enough that it feels like a private university.
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