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I love the diversity of UNT! Because of the vast diversity, you are exposed to different cultures, different opinions, and different approaches. I appreciate this because it leaves students with an open mind. I believe we need more of that in the world today.
My experience at this university has so far been overall exceptional. I have found what I'm truly passionate about with the help of colleagues and various professors, which is art history. I have honestly loved all of my classes and actually enjoy what I'm learning. The one thing I would like to see change however is less Greek life, sororities and fraternities, on campus.
UNT located in the best area---Denton. UNT provide good campus environment and facility for the student. Most of the students study in in here are major in jazz music since it has a pretty good ranking in US. Also, there are many activities provide to the student to join, such as movie night , greek life and Big Event.
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The University of North Texas is as good as any school. The facilities are great and the administration wants to improve the school. The only thing that falls short is the athletics, however, with the hiring of the new Athletic Director the athletics should improve in the near future.
Overall it is a great college. Student life is great. Everyday there is an activity for students to be involved in and to have fun. Housing is expensive though. Advisors need to work better to help students choose classes.
The professors at the university really care about your grade. They try to encourage you and provide extra credit opportunities so that you can pass. They are truly great, the campus is beautiful and people are really nice and will help you if you're lost or confused on work (or around campus). One thing that should be improved is the parking, good luck finding and keeping a spot.
Very nice environment and diverse student body. They also have a lot of meal options for every type of person. There is a whole cafe dedicated to vegans.
As I am only a freshman at UNT I don't have much to say. UNT is a college, a party college actually, which I didn't know when I applied. After surviving a semester I know that UNT is a very diverse school with many ethnicities and beliefs represented; however, the classes are very large which makes it hard to pay attention and if you start to do poorly in a class you feel like you're drowning in the sea of other students.
I've been there once and i must say it was an amazing experience and the collage was beautiful. my mom went there when she was in collage and the people there are now some of her closest friends and they are highly successful. there coral program is flawless and are very engaging and kind there.
The people and staff at UNT are the most incredible people you'll ever meet. I love how friendly they are and how they really reach out and care about their students. I will be attending this Fall and I am extremely excited. The campus is amazing and I love the surrounding area. I feel incredibly safe every time I have visited and just feel like I have found a new home.
I really liked the University of North Texas. It was very welcoming to everyone, especially scared incoming freshmen like myself. All the staff and students were very nice. The classes were a good level of difficult but not too difficult. The dining was very good with many options to choice from. Overall, my experience at UNT has been very pleasant.
Transferring to UNT was the best decision I ever made. My classes were very interesting and challenging. I learned a lot from both my classes and professors. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. I loved walking to class every day. The best part is how diverse UNT is. In my classes, it was very interesting participating in discussions with people from all over the world. UNT is a wonderful place.
I have not been disappointed once yet. It has an amazing with a great environment on campus. There are so many events that go on the through the day, along with many places to study. Everyone here is very nice and helpful.
I am receiving a graduate degree at UNT and have been pleased with my experience thus far. The degree of education, the support from the department, and the available opportunities make it a great place to be
Great college! Super friendly staff. Food isn't the best but it's durable. Teachers are nice and the advisors are great.
Very good atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The professors care about you. You have to pick a major right off the back so there isn't a lot of time for exploring if you don't know what you don't want to do but you can change your major if you decide it isn't for you. They are also really great with getting you connections and jobs and lots of other stuff you'll need after graduation.
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Overall it is a good campus to attend, a lot of construction but you can see the improvements. The Union for example, looks great, however the one thing that I do not like is the parking, it can be hard to find a space that you pay to park if you do not take classes in the morning time.
Earth Friendly, diverse, and art field is fantastic. There's many clubs on campus to join and amazing guest speakers and entertainment that come to visit. To top it all off Academics are very structured with great professors.
This is one amazing school. You will instantly feel a sense of belonging and community. The campus is beautiful and new things are always being introduced and built. The only down side to this school is bad parking ability but that is such a minor issue. Would definitely recommend 10 out of 10!
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