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UNT is a school where no matter what you are studying or what your interests are you WILL find a group of people that you can relate to and become friends with. It is diverse, friendly and full of school spirit. All the professors are great and care about your education. If I had to change one thing; it would be the bumpy roads 🤷🏻‍♀️
University of North Texas is somewhere I would like to be. It's very diverse, and the professors not just lecture but teach. I love Denton and the school.
When i went to visit the college they had a welcoming experience and liked to know their students. The campus as really big and i liked how students had their own space to work and study.
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The campus life is pretty cool and there is a lot of school spirit. There are tons of clubs to join, and it is almost impossible to not have something going on. The campus is loaded with great restaurants and there's always something different to eat.
When I took a tour with UNT they seemed very nice and environment-friendly. they also had pretty affordable college expenses compared to other colleges.
I love UNT for so many reasons but most of all, because everyone works to make each other feel included.
The classes are good, many are challenging but reasonable. The campus is nice and many organizations make lots of efforts to host events for student enjoyment and relaxation.
There's a lot of things to do on the campus and plenty of clubs to join. The campus is full of diversity and promotes accepting others and their differences from oneself.
A great campus for just about all degree types. They are very good at streamlining students academic needs. Almost everytime I've had an issue come up, I've been able to work with the staff at UNT via email to come up with a solution, which saved me time, effort and stress.
I am in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and I have also been in the College of Visual Arts and Design, and what UNT is very good at is providing students with nearly everything they need in their departments. We have workshops, studios, computer labs, and the likes. Everyone is pleasant, and there are many clubs for any and everybody.
People are very nice, great professors, helpful, love the campus and Denton is a super nice town. Very expensive however, the dorms are way too much, I get fined for everything (including taking a lab?), tuition goes up every year, way too expensive in pretty much every way. Freshman have to live in a dorm which is why they can charge so much, also parking is expensive and SUCKS for freshman.
Housing provides opportunities for not only upcoming students but also returning students living around campus. They also offer at least two dorms for students staying oncampus during winter break. Dining services are doing a great job in giving a wide range of food coming from other countries and a lot of retail store at Denton campus.
Nice variety of foods all around campus, only thing is you have to walk, but that's always a good thing, the Union itself holds many varieties and if you're bored of the foods there head on to one of the Cafeterias, all cafeterias have different things on the menu everyday.
Great school. Always neat and clean around campus. Classes are challenging but not impossible. Overall, a well-rounded institution.
They have an amazing arts program! I can't wait to see them finish up with the new art building. The roads and construction around the area is pretty awful but one day it will be better. The dorms could also use some sprucing up.
I really enjoy going to UNT, I transferred here from UT Austin because they had my degree I really wanted which was Criminal Justice. It's a very good degree to get at UNT. Also their Emergency Management program is good.
The University of North Texas does well to provide a close community despite having such a large student population.
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During my time at The University of North Texas, I have had a lot of opinions on the campus, the classes, instructors, and my own personal college experience. And now, as I take this survey, I am here to tell you that it was all: mostly fine.
Overall good for an affordable public university education in a lovely, artsy town. The university should focus on more funding and space for the arts rather than athletics.
A VERY diverse school. So much potential. Great environment with nice and helpful people. There is something at this school for everyone.
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