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Very educated professors who make sure you capture their lessons. They guide you so you can directly achieve what you need to do. Not only that but they help for the part that comes after school... getting your career started.
The University of North Texas has very friendly staff and professors that are always willing to help you. I love the environment of this institution. What I would like to see change is a broader variety of resources at the library but overall an excellent university.
Overall, a good experience. There's room for it to be better, and so much construction going on all the time. They're completing an entirely new art building by next semester! Parking isn't favorable.
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Very helpful in my transfer process, great and beautiful campus, and overall pleasant experience while enduring the application process.
I currently go to University of North Texas at Dallas. They are affiliated but their own separate schools. I have been trying to transfer maybe. Because my school never has enough courses available. The college needs more apartment housing, more advisors per major, and many more professors to teach.
Attending the University of North Texas gave me the opportunity to experience the college life but also have the chance to go back home when times were getting rough. It also learn the whole campus of where everything is at but it is still a big campus. You gain that college experience from the football games to studying majority of your day for those upcoming exams.
UNT is a great school. They take a great deal of pride in keeping the campus beautiful and getting students involved in activities. I take the majority of my classes at night or on line, but the times I have been to campus during the day, there are always activities taking place. I have been fortunate to have outstanding professors in all my courses. The academic adviser I was assigned has been amazing to work with and he always works around my schedule to return calls, etc. There are a large number of programs offered at UNT in Denton and Denton is a very college-friendly town.
Just the next place everyone from Dallas goes to after high school. Very typical and nothing special or unique.
I'm still new to the university so it's hard to completely say how I really like the university and all since I haven't been around a while to see what it truly does. One thing I'd love to see change is the transportation system on the weekends it's not as good as during the week.
This school is amazing. I thought I would be uncomfortable here since it's really big, but a lot of the classes are actually small. Some are about 120-350 students but there are some that are 30 students.
Because UNT is a research-based university, many of the faculty are engaged in their own research on top of their courses. This provides a number of opportunities for students, even undergrads, to explore topics they're interested in.
My major is Kinesiology and it seems that the kines program is more difficult than my friends taking it at other schools.
I like the challenge though.

Overall, the school is nice and always have something going on on campus.
Im a transfer student but, UNT has a place for everyone. The professors are great and they strive to help to the best of their abilities
The staff and academic advisors are really nice and helpful, and the campus is relatively easy to get around, besides some of the roads constantly being under construction (the University can't be blamed for that). However, a lot of the TAs and teaching fellows are kind of clueless and I blame them for a lot of my academic difficulty this semester.
The Campus is small enough to where you can get A to B in decent time, but big enough to give you a big University feel. The campus life is OK, it isn't a huge party school, but there are a lot of activities to keep yourself busy. Denton has a unique feel, and isn't for everyone.
It is a good university that is funding-limited by its small size and public-university status. At the graduate level, many students are commuters which makes it harder to build an academic cohort.
UNT is the most diverse campus I've ever attended and there is so much to do to be able to feel accepted withing the community. Every school has its little quirks but this such an amazing school and be a student here has been a highlight of my life.
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This campus is beautiful and has great weather all year round. The food options are delicious and affordable.
The campus overall is very welcoming and homey. Denton Texas is like a mini Austin Texas and I love it!
Great school, good academics especially research. The dorms from what I experiences were really good and the RA's really care about their residents. The food is amazing here, there is a vegan cafeteria which is just so tasty. It is great for those who are vegan, vegetarian, or just want to be healthier in general.
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