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University of North Texas Health Science Center Reviews

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I am an incoming student at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. I have only visited the campus once, but I can already tell that I will enjoy the next four years there. The staff was very friendly and open to questions during my interview. Even students that I encountered were kind and helpful. The campus is also very beautiful. I look forward to attending and graduating from UNTHSC.
UNTHSC was very supportive to my needs. I am currently enrolled in their Specialized MS program (also known as Med sci) and have loved it. The teaching staff has been helpful when I have had questions and many of the professors will email you back within minutes. This program actually helped me to gain admission to 5 medical schools and I will be attending TCOM next year, on the UNTHSC campus.
Overall, a great school and the school values their prospective students.
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No real problems, occasionally hear about unfortunate circumstances.
It's convenient to my classes.
I do not notice them.
Not a big deal as in other universities {UTA, Texas A&M, or TCU}.
Still all new to me and trying to figure out who to trust.
faculty is friendly and truly cares for students
Located in central Fort Worth, the food options are endless.
This school is beyond supportive of its students.
The process was very easy. Everything was straight forward and as expected.
This is a beautiful campus in the heart of downtown Fort Worth.
It's very difficult to find housing in this area, especially that's affordable.
The food tastes great and there are a lot of options.
they provide us with mac book pros and ipad minis!
you just have to find the right neighborhood that balances price and quality
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If you have time to go out there are great bars in ft. worth and Dallas
Just applied for the first time they were very helpful. I will receive my money before school starts
there's a powder puff game between PAs and PTs but other than that there's not "team sports". and a small house that has been renovated into a gym. it has what you need to workout but not over the top
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