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I like the free food events that they have every fall and spring semester. As well their friendly environment. However I would place another microwave in the Nesbitt building.
The campus is very pretty and feels very safe. Overall, the professors have been pretty good. There's not much to do around the campus but plenty to do on it.
I enjoy the staff (ie financial aid and admissions office and teachers) they've all been really helpful in the process of getting there. The campus is beautiful. The only thing about my experience that I'd change so far was eliminating the wait for a response from the staff when emailed about questions I may have
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So, I've been going to UNG for one semester now, but I am a sophomore. I appreciate the life on campus, and have made many friends in my classes. There have been just been a few issues with one professor, but besides that, even the classes are exciting and interesting!
Once you figure out where everything is, the campus is really nice. I enjoy the area, and the college itself is close to home, so I don't have to drive forever to get there.
As a current dual enrollment student who has attended the university full-time for an entire year and part-time for one semester, I have found the University of North Georgia in Gainesville to be an absolutely wonderful college. As a child, it had always been my dream college, and to finally get the opportunity to go here is just amazing.
I really like my professors at UNG. Their are always great teachers and generic teachers. I think UNG has both but from my experience they have more of the great professors. Something I would like to see a change of is more diversity in students. I myself am a multiracial student, but when I walk into most of my classes I notice there is not much diversity. Out of 20-30 students there are five students that are not white, while the rest of the class is dominantly white. I like the school and love the professors, but I would enjoy seeing a more diverse student base.
It's a great university. It will only improve when they finally acquire Lanier Tech and expand parking and the number of classes.
I like how relaxing and comforting the environment of UNG is like. I also have had nothing but the best experience with each of my professors. I'm lucky I got good ones thus far. Hope my trend continues.
The University of North Georgia-Gainesville is an astounding college. Most of the professors are very kind and helpful. It has a lot of extra-curricular things one can do, there are tons of clubs you can join for free, and there is a game room with pool tables, video games, ping pong, and more. It is not the cheapest college by any means, but it is not exorbitantly expensive either. All around, I highly recommend UNG to anyone looking for a college/university in Georgia.
I love this campus. The professors are amazing and are always willing to help. This school is very affordable and I have loved my time here.
Awesome university. Teachers are great! lots of amenities. Multiple campuses. Lot to do. Close to Atlanta. Weather is perfect.
I like that everyone is so friendly. It is easy to ask for help. The staff is great and easy to reach. Campus police is great. This feels like a safe space. Big enough campus not too small but not the biggest. A great place to get started.
It’s a great environment and place to learn. Professors are very kind and helpful. The food is great. Overall I believe that it is going to be something I remember always. I couldn’t have succeeded without the support that UNG brings.
University of North Georgia is an excellent university. The student population is a nice mix of diversity, and the campus is wonderful. The labs are well equipped, and the library and study spaces are perfect for those times a student spends studying. I highly recommend this university.
Great campus, nice people, and a very positive environment. The only thing bad is finding a parking space because it is a commuter school. Overall, I like it.
I'm currently a freshman at UNG and so far I have been loving it! The thing I love the most is that it is close to my house. The biggest thing in everyone's mind if safety, and UNG has police officials 24 hours patrolling the campus. Apart from that they also have little emergency stations around the campus and parking where you can call for help just in case of any emergency.
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In my first semester in UNG, I would say my experience is comfortable but room for expansion. I enjoyed the small classrooms and the diversity of the campus, it made me feel very comfortable. I would only wish the food place and the library would be bigger or room to expand since we are now consider UNG most populated campus. Other than minor problems, I have enjoyed completing my education at the University of North Georgia.
All of my teachers were incredible. Almost all of them changed my outlook on learning. The campus at Gainesville was actually more than I expected. The classes were small and comfortable which made it easier to learn and present when needed. Overall, good school.
The University of North Georgia is a very good school for those looking for the small campus experience. The campus food isn't great to be honest (the best thing in my opinion is the pizza served in the Student Center). But on the bright side, there are plenty of eateries nearby! The professors are great and are always willing to provide assistance during office hours. I felt safe on this campus because campus police was always present and UNG always keeps students in the loop on campus news through alerts sent via text, email and phone call. However, if writing is your passion, this school isn't the best choose because not much is offered and faculty members often discourage it.
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