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University of North Georgia - Gainesville Reviews

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The tuition is much cheaper than most other schools and was ultimately worth it to save from so much student debt in the future. There was also a variety of degree options and they made it simple if you wanted to change campuses if you needed to. They had relatively updated classrooms and labs as well.
The best part about the University of North Georgia is the smaller class numbers and the accessibility of the professors. Overall, the professors are friendly, personable and always willing to help.
I have attended two years at UNG in Gainesville. I have enjoyed the small community feel of the college. The classes were small and I felt really at ease in a small setting. The campus is really pretty too. I felt that the teachers I had were truly concerned about my academics. They were available for help when I needed it. UNG is a great place to start college. It provides you with a great commuter college experience.
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The University of North Georgia's Gainesville campus does well for its cost. Although, being a commuter campus, the social scene isn't as vibrant as it would be in a larger campus with dormitories, the college and clubs offer many opportunities to meet and interact with others in the school. My experience with the college academically is that the professors feel above average across the board. I've met a few outstanding professors that make themselves unique and involved with the students; anyone coming to UNG should actively seek out these professors by talking to faculty, asking students about them, and/or searching the professors online - especially through "". I've also met a select few professors that simply lecture - who do not become involved with the student or stand out in their teaching/lecturing - mostly in the mathematics department. Overall, UNG's Gainesville campus is a good college, especially for its cost!
The university of North Georgia is a great place to attend. Its surrounded by a nice community. It has many degree option and has several campuses and is growing. It it an awesome place to meet people of different cultures and ethnicities.
I like how diverse the school is and how I can learn on completing my pathway to become something I want to be. And there would be nothing I would chance about the school.
UNG has a few really great instructors, and they certainly have a lot of computers, but they're lacking in a lot of ways that matter, such as compassion in the counseling services offices. They kicked me out of services for having symptoms of a disability that I couldn't help. Their leadership has done nothing to correct the issue. The disability's office is great, but in an age with so much mental illness among young adults, you'd think they'd be set up to handle bigger emotional issues than test anxiety.

The media department is often raved about. I still wouldn't call it my first choice. It's just what's available right now.

A security guard got aggressive with me for waiting inside of the closed building in the middle of the night after I'd finished a project instead of outside of it in the empty parking lot. I have PTSD (diagnosed). I quickly corrected that mistake, but I still don't like the cold and unfeeling direction the school goes in.
UNG Gainesville is a wonderful school. The campus is large and has a wide range of courses, and is still expanding to gain more buildings and more courses.
I like the free food events that they have every fall and spring semester. As well their friendly environment. However I would place another microwave in the Nesbitt building.
The campus is very pretty and feels very safe. Overall, the professors have been pretty good. There's not much to do around the campus but plenty to do on it.
I enjoy the staff (ie financial aid and admissions office and teachers) they've all been really helpful in the process of getting there. The campus is beautiful. The only thing about my experience that I'd change so far was eliminating the wait for a response from the staff when emailed about questions I may have
So, I've been going to UNG for one semester now, but I am a sophomore. I appreciate the life on campus, and have made many friends in my classes. There have been just been a few issues with one professor, but besides that, even the classes are exciting and interesting!
Once you figure out where everything is, the campus is really nice. I enjoy the area, and the college itself is close to home, so I don't have to drive forever to get there.
As a current dual enrollment student who has attended the university full-time for an entire year and part-time for one semester, I have found the University of North Georgia in Gainesville to be an absolutely wonderful college. As a child, it had always been my dream college, and to finally get the opportunity to go here is just amazing.
I really like my professors at UNG. Their are always great teachers and generic teachers. I think UNG has both but from my experience they have more of the great professors. Something I would like to see a change of is more diversity in students. I myself am a multiracial student, but when I walk into most of my classes I notice there is not much diversity. Out of 20-30 students there are five students that are not white, while the rest of the class is dominantly white. I like the school and love the professors, but I would enjoy seeing a more diverse student base.
It's a great university. It will only improve when they finally acquire Lanier Tech and expand parking and the number of classes.
I like how relaxing and comforting the environment of UNG is like. I also have had nothing but the best experience with each of my professors. I'm lucky I got good ones thus far. Hope my trend continues.
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The University of North Georgia-Gainesville is an astounding college. Most of the professors are very kind and helpful. It has a lot of extra-curricular things one can do, there are tons of clubs you can join for free, and there is a game room with pool tables, video games, ping pong, and more. It is not the cheapest college by any means, but it is not exorbitantly expensive either. All around, I highly recommend UNG to anyone looking for a college/university in Georgia.
I love this campus. The professors are amazing and are always willing to help. This school is very affordable and I have loved my time here.
Awesome university. Teachers are great! lots of amenities. Multiple campuses. Lot to do. Close to Atlanta. Weather is perfect.
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