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UNF is a very diverse school with lots of different kinds of people. The campus is very new and modern with a sizeable campus. The teachers and typically more liberal but most are very helpful and nice. This school wants people to succeed.
I received my Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology at UNF before joining the workforce for a few years and then doing my PhD. UNF was an amazing place and gave me an excellent foundation for further graduate work and an excellent training and research experience. With the smaller class sizes, I really got to know my professors and gain opportunities I would not have at a larger university. The campus is beautiful as well and I had many extracurriculars to partake in. If they offered a PhD in Psychology I would have tried to continue my studies there. UNF is making great strides, and if I had to make a critique is that UNF is trying to shake off that commuter and small school stigma, but in the past 10 years it relly has increased it's academic profile and the new incoming students have really been top notch!
The University has a welcoming environment with open space and calming greenery. Most of the students are nice, helpful and even some of the professors. However, the cafeteria food should be changed, unless they already have within the past year, as it seems dry, tasteless, and the cafeteria is kept in poor condition. Additionally, once you have passed freshman class (regardless you entered not as a freshman) many advisors/professors do not want to help you along your college career. I would like for them to be more helpful with upperclassmen as not everyone entered college at the same level.
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They have good teachers and I like the class sizes. Financial aid sucks though. You cannot get ahold of them and they mess up/ lose a lot of stuff.
I transferred to UNF from an out of state school. It was the right decision to make. The school offers not only a great selection of majors but also great student life activities!
Such a caring, and beautiful campus! They have counselors everywhere to help mentor you, or to answer those questions that you might think are stupid. The professors are wonderful and try to get to know you. There are tutoring options everywhere, ACE, Library, Writing Center. Campus life is amazing and beautiful! Don't forget to wear blue and grey on Wednesdays, its a tradition! Overall, you would enjoy this amazing school. Swoop!
The school seems to be more worried about money with a lot of unnecessary charges. There's a high number of judgemental and biased people and it can be overwhelming at times. However, the Department of Education is amazing!. The professors are ready and willing to work with students outside of class hours and they are very understanding and easy to talk to. Professors offer a lot of advice and solutions. The program provides various opportunities for hands-on experience.
Perfect sized school, great community, and very eco friendly. Lots to do and a lot of people to meet. Numerous clubs, organizations, and greek life on campus. It's great to be a UNF Osprey!
UNF has an amazing education program. Teacher assist and encourage you to do your best. Student population is diverse and has a lot of school spirit.
I loved the layout of the university. The landscaping was very beautiful and the nature preserve created a very serene feeling. The college focuses very much on the undergraduates and the honors students, providing them with many opportunities. The study abroad program was also extremely impressive. Overall, this campus is beautiful and ideal for a hardworking student searching for a serious education.
I don't think I could have transferred to a better place. Technology and innovation abound yet the small school feel is present. Embedded in the middle of a nature preserve, it's as beautiful as it is wonderful of an educational institution.
I went to UNF not because I wanted to -but because I had to. Unlike other 18 year old who want to go leave their hometown as soon as possible, I had to stay at home and attend my local university. It turned out to be the best decision of my life and staying near home allowed me to focus on more important things like setting goals for my future. I will now be starting graduate school at Jefferson in Philadelphia and if it weren't for UNF -I don't think I would have made it to where I am.
I love the small, beautiful campus. I lived on campus for two years and loved it. Most professors are really great. I only hope in the future they expand the food vendors on campus
It works perfectly fine as a commuter school, but students looking for a true college experience will probably walk away feeling like they most out on a vital aspect of that experience.
I did a college tour of UNF when I was visiting Florida and I loved it. The food was amazing. The people and students were super nice when talking to them and asking them about the school.
I absolutely love the University of North Florida! The campus is beautiful and small enough to where students don't feel swallowed up or lost. There are always campus activities to participate in which helps students get to know their peers! The amount of school pride that is seen at a basketball games and other campus events is awesome. Everyone that I have interacted with thus far has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable on UNF. Great school!
I love the diversity of students and the supportive facility of the university. The campus is very outdoors and you can always maintain a healthy lifestyle
Review University of North Florida
Its a small school and everyone knows everyone. The food is delicious and has a lot of variety. The housing is updated and the campus is clean looking. There is a outdoor mall just five minutes away and the beach is nearby.
UNF is a great place to be and learn. On wednesdays they have market days where at the student union there would be vendors as well as community organizations you could join. The professors I've had so far are great ( some much better than others) and there is much you could do. I am still getting use this place and exploring but overall I think UNF is good.
I have enjoyed my time at UNF. There is so much to be done and to go see on campus. There is never a boring moment and it's never too fast paced. The professors all have a great enthusiasm for what they teach. The sports games are never boring. The people there are diverse, friendly, and exciting. The campus has a lively artistic vibe to it and the students stay politically aware of the world around them and are motivated to better the future during there time at this campus.
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