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The professors are very knowledgeable and educated on the topics they teach. I haven't had a professor at this school that I really didn't enjoy in some way. They make sure they are available to students throughout the week and genuinely care about each student's success. UNF works on a sequence which puts a lot of pressure on students because if you end up having to withdraw from a class or don't pass with the minimum grade it can push back your graduation for an entire year since courses are only offered certain times throughout the year.
I've gone to UNF in the past right after graudating high school and although I wasn't ready for the experience and had to leave I am happy to be returning to finish my degree there. The campus is beautiful, the staff and community are very welcoming. It's a bright spot in Jacksonville where you can feel at home among your peers. The staff is always willing to help and will always provide advice if needed.
As an art student I would like to see more open access to the art labs. I have found that the teachers are very well informed in their field and are excellent at encouraging and assisting students in their career path.
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I transferred to UNF from the state community college located in my city, and I personally have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at UNF. I have been blessed in my past 3 semesters with the best, most caring and attentive professors I have ever had. The passion for their student's success really shows in their dedication to the field.
I was very nervous to transfer to UNF since I was told classes were always full so it's hard to finish your courses and graduate but THAT WAS NOT TRUE! I was surprised to see the amount of courses available and the abundance of online courses. Now typically I'm not a fan of online courses but they're done pretty well here, and since I work full-time it's been going great for me! The transfer/orientation process was difficult but I think that may be specific to my college since it was a nightmare trying to schedule an advising appointment but a lot of the other colleges allow their advising sessions to be scheduled online. My biggest complaint would be their one-stop office since it's a long wait and you have to disclose personal information in front of a full lobby of people, if you have to go just don't do it from 11am-3pm.
I love the campus, beautiful place: very green.
The food options on campus are improving, not many gluten free options. The financial aid office is very difficult to get ahold of.
I decided to continue my education after being out of school for 15 years. I contacted the University of North Florida and they graciously accommodated me and I was entered into the program for Interpreting. I attend online classes through a virtual classroom because I live 3 hours from the campus. The instructors are amazing and willing to listen to reason. I have thoroughly enjoyed my attendance at UNF of far and anticipate more happy semesters to come.
I love the beautiful campus and can't wait to attend as a student this summer! I've been involved in multiple activities held here and the school and students are amazing. The campus tour was very satisfying.
UNF is an excellent university to attend if one is looking for a quaint school that is small but not too small. This school provided me with an excellent program of study to gain my Masters of Social Work.
I loved attending UNF for my undergrad years. I was a music student with an incredible mentor professor. While I felt that the music department was segregated from the rest of the University, I think that did help the environment. I became quite close with my program-mates and still remain friends with many of them. My biggest criticism of UNF is the ridiculous parking situation. In my opinion, the garage next to the Fine Arts Center should be reserved for Art and Music students, especially those who have to lug in large art pieces or instruments. There are no fraternities on campus in housing, so that was refreshing, and there is an incredible environmental park nearby with beautiful and safe walking trails. A giant outdoor mall right across the highway (only a shuttle away) is extremely convenient, and great for students who want to work while going to school.
University of North Florida is a great school, with an interactive campus. Close to the beach and a mall and a river to rent paddle boards and stuff on campus, there are tons of things to do on and off campus. There is also a growing greek life and clubs that makes getting involved in the campus even easier.
I have visited the University of North Florida over 3 times and every time I am there I feel it in my heart that this is where I belong. My overall experience with the University of North Florida was absolutely informational and friendly. My plan when being a part of the Swoop family is to join a sorority and many clubs so that I can meet new people and enjoy new experiences.
The University of North Florida is a great school. The size of the school is perfect enough to where you see and meet new people every day, but you can always run into someone you know on and around campus. UNF provides great opportunities to be involved in the community, such as the ability to join clubs, greek life, or student government. There are also multiple opportunities to get help from tutors or supplemental instruction if you are struggling with grades. One of the biggest issues with the school is that it is understaffed, so when there are problems or you need help with housing/financial aid etc., it can take a while to receive help. The area surrounding UNF is wonderful. The St. John's Town Center is five minutes from campus, and it is full of great food places and shops. The beach is also only about a 15 minute drive from campus.
Attending UNF has been one of the best decisions I could've made. So far, the academics have been great (I'm a second semester freshman). Its challenging, but it doesn't feel impossible. It's a very peaceful and welcoming campus. The freshman dorms aren't the best, but it's no longer a requirement to stay on campus your first year anyway. Cafeteria is better than average and they have some awesome brownies. Honestly, just go for the brownies. UNF is the way to go.
The University of North Florida has been such a wonderful experience. I can't imagine going to any other University. The student body is much smaller than most other universities in Florida, and this has a huge impact on the classroom. All of my professors know me by name, I have been awarded numerous scholarships, I've had the opportunity to study abroad and to do undergraduate research. The facility is really involved and wants the best for the students. The campus is also beautiful and surrounded by a nature preserve. The campus life is fun and the school sponsors many events throughout the semester. Overall, I highly recommend UNF.
It's a great school to feel like everyone is a family. It isn't too small and not too large. I feel as though my professors know me better at this size school, than a larger school. There are so many fun activities that are planned each semester for students to get involved in.
I absolutely love being a student at UNF. All of my professors have been extremely helpful and professional. Their resources are amazing! The library has computers available for doing homework or research. The food is also pretty good.
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The campus is not too small, but not too big. It's the perfect size campus in my eyes. It's surrounding area is beautiful, and I love the fact that the campus is built on it's own preserve. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the athletic facilities are great too, the average class size is 31, lecture classes don't go over 180 students, and there are so many great majors to pick from.
I came to UNF as a transfer student, psychology major. I was unsure was a real university would be like but UNF exceeded my expectations. I found a mentor who inspired me to do my best to help kids and an academic advisor who went above and beyond to help me. I am now a grad student in the school counseling program and about to start my career thanks to UNF!
The campus is beutiful, not too large yet not too small. Perfect middle-sized campus for those looking to go to a school that is not as big as some other Florida universities.
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