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2,363 reviews
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Attending UNF has been one of the best decisions I could've made. So far, the academics have been great (I'm a second semester freshman). Its challenging, but it doesn't feel impossible. It's a very peaceful and welcoming campus. The freshman dorms aren't the best, but it's no longer a requirement to stay on campus your first year anyway. Cafeteria is better than average and they have some awesome brownies. Honestly, just go for the brownies. UNF is the way to go.
The University of North Florida has been such a wonderful experience. I can't imagine going to any other University. The student body is much smaller than most other universities in Florida, and this has a huge impact on the classroom. All of my professors know me by name, I have been awarded numerous scholarships, I've had the opportunity to study abroad and to do undergraduate research. The facility is really involved and wants the best for the students. The campus is also beautiful and surrounded by a nature preserve. The campus life is fun and the school sponsors many events throughout the semester. Overall, I highly recommend UNF.
It's a great school to feel like everyone is a family. It isn't too small and not too large. I feel as though my professors know me better at this size school, than a larger school. There are so many fun activities that are planned each semester for students to get involved in.
I absolutely love being a student at UNF. All of my professors have been extremely helpful and professional. Their resources are amazing! The library has computers available for doing homework or research. The food is also pretty good.
The campus is not too small, but not too big. It's the perfect size campus in my eyes. It's surrounding area is beautiful, and I love the fact that the campus is built on it's own preserve. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the athletic facilities are great too, the average class size is 31, lecture classes don't go over 180 students, and there are so many great majors to pick from.
I came to UNF as a transfer student, psychology major. I was unsure was a real university would be like but UNF exceeded my expectations. I found a mentor who inspired me to do my best to help kids and an academic advisor who went above and beyond to help me. I am now a grad student in the school counseling program and about to start my career thanks to UNF!
The campus is beutiful, not too large yet not too small. Perfect middle-sized campus for those looking to go to a school that is not as big as some other Florida universities.
I am proud to say I am a UNF alumni. I can not say enough good things about this school. The professors are caring, and very involved in the community. I was a nutrition major and had a great experience. The classes depending on your major will average at about 40-50 students. The cost is also not as high as other state universities in Florida. The campus is beautiful, and near the beach. The only down side is there is not football team.
I'm a music major, the teachers are nice and genuinely want you to succeed. The red tape is so bad my roommate wanted to drop out within our first year. They make you pay for things you never use (they're called "miscellaneous fees").
it's a really beautiful campus i think that's what drew me in. also it's a smaller school so you get to know more people easier
It is a good school. The campus is a bit small, but the education quality is there. Small class sizes are definitely a plus.
I am a current student at UNF and my overall experience has been great! There is a lot to offer for different students.
I was a bit hesitant to going to UNF since, as most kids do, I wanted to go to college a bit further from home. However being on the campus I immediately fell in love with the school. The nature trails and overall beauty of the campus has made it a perfect fit for me. I personally love nature as it has always been a huge part of my life travelling between the Philippines, Canada, and Florida. Furthermore, I was able to get a job at the library which to me, is one of the best Libraries I have ever been to, not to mention it having a Starbucks placed conveniently right next to it. Overall, UNF is an ideal college to start at during your early years of college and I am excited to continue my studies there in the future.
The University of North Florida has a great array of diversity of both its students and professors. The professors and academia have so far been amazing, except for 1 professor. The college gives students an abundant amount of opportunities to meet new people and have an unforgettable time.
So far I have had a great experience attending this university. There are many events and opportunities for students to take advantage of. Whether you like sports, or want to join Greek club, there is something for everyone.
Decent college, but not a party school, and not much happens on campus. Academics are great, small classes, friendly professors.
It has been interesting. The environment is very clean and conducive for everyone. However, one has to read extremely hard if he or she intends to make good grades because it can be challenging.
It has a great campus and scenery. The student life is good but not great though. The academics are decent but the professors could be better. Greek life is big and a great way to interact and socialize. The athletics are okay, not the best. Not having a football team kinda sucks.
I love the University of North Florida! Not only is the campus beautiful but every thing about UNF encourages students to be active, healthy, and involved in the community. Also, I am in my final year and every single professor I have had has been incredible; not only are they knowledgeable but they are extremely helpful. It may be a smaller university but it has a lot to offer and not to mention is rapidly growing in popularity; just within the last 3 years that I have been attending.
I enjoy this college. The college is right in the middle between the beach and downtown, so there are lots of things to do. While the school is getting bigger, it still has a small feel and thus, allows you to really get to know your teachers.
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