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I was a commercial aviation major from 2007-2011. I graduate and didnt get a job from the college as a flight instructor. They do not gaurantee flight instructor jobs, even after youve paid them 150,000 in flight instruction costs. I currently do not fly because most pilots at the major airlines are military pilots anyway. It is a very competitive profession and contrary to what they say, there are plenty of pilots out there. Be very wary of this flight school. You may consider going to a 2 yr school instead or picking a different 4 yr degree.
I love the community. I would argue that it's hard to find a more welcoming community of people. Additionally, I have come across many supportive professors at the university. On the negative end, there has been a series of budget cuts that has forced the university to get rid of professors, programs, and a variety of other important things to the school.
I enjoy many different aspects that the University of North Dakota offers. I enjoy the student/campus life, athletics, student involvement, clubs, etc.
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I would not recommend this school to anyone unless they want to go into aviation or law. Grand Forks has nothing for college students to do. Hockey games are fun, but only men's since they cut women's hockey from a HOCKEY SCHOOL. I guess our football and basketball team has improved, but the school keeps cutting sports so your options are limited. The party scene is okay, but the frats are disgusting, so I don't recommend those. If you can find a house party sometimes those are fun, but the cops like to shut those down. The food has no variety and there shutting down Terrace which is the only dining center with somewhat quality food. The campus smells bad in the spring and sometimes the fall. The winter is miserable. Always windy, cold, and icy. They advertise tunnels, but only have one. The dorms and campus buildings are outdated, as in they still use chalkboards! Freshman classes are huge and while I've had some good professors, I've also had some bad ones. There are better schools!
During my visits to UND the staff has been very professional and informative of what life is like for students at UND. They have a very impressive aviation program, which is one of the best in the country. I highly recommend this school.
University of North Dakota is a leader in the midwest. A large campus and many majors make it a great choice and very fairly priced. The aviation program is booming and has been for decades.
I had a phenomenal experience at UND. I was in the history department and felt that they did a great job in challenging me to become a better student. They also had all of the resources that I needed to complete my degree.
I love the University of North Dakota. I feel very at home here and I feel that this college has one of the best PT programs around and I am very excited to get my education here.
This is a really good school for Aerospace. The english department is above average too, There are a lot of liberal professors though. As long as you're careful with your words this school is great.
UND is a great place to attend, but recently the administration has ignored the needs of the attending students. Many changes are coming due to "budget cuts", i.e. finding ways to further overpay the higher-ups. However, the majority of the faculty truly wants to help you succeed. The overall environment is great, especially because we are one big hockey family.
What i like about the university of North Dakota is the small campus feel while still being a decently sized university. Hockey games are a unique culture and tradition at this University.
I currently enjoy my experience at the University of North Dakota very much. I am a Commercial Aviation major, and think that the aeronautic education I am receiving is second to none. The staff is well educated and experienced, and always very helpful. The low cost of tuition helps to ease the costs of an aviation education.
It has been wonderful. I can't believe how friendly the professors and staff are. The campus is well taken care of and the staff genuinely care about the students.
The college is amazing. Professors are awesome, always willing to set time aside to help you out. I accidentally ended up at this school and now I couldn't imagine myself attending school anywhere else. I truly love UND.
It's a great school! It makes me feel like it's a second home because the people are so welcoming and nice. The professors are always willing to help when you are stuck.
All sports are free to get into except hockey and play off games. All are fun but you have to experience the hockey games. I am very happy chose UND.
I have no complaints. The campus is the perfect size-not too big, not too small. The professors and personnel are all friendly and willing to help whenever you need. There are also many academic majors and options, and fun clubs to try!
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I am an online distance student and it meets my needs. It is an efficient way to learn at your own time table.
I had heard from the flight instructors at my local county airport in New Jersey that UND was the best school for flight training. After looking into it more and reading reviews online, I came to the decision that it was indeed my best option. So far the training here has exceeded my expectations and the professors are some of the best and most experienced you'll work with. Campus life is also outstanding. Here in the upper midwest, hockey is a way of life and UND enjoys having one of the best teams in the country. Last year we won the Frozen Four Championship and brought the gold home to Grand Forks. Fun fact: all three of my roommates last year were hockey players. My only complaint about the school would be the cold weather but its North Dakota so what do you expect? Overall I'm really looking forward to what the next two years have in store for me. You also can't beat the dirt-cheap tuition up here; at least in New Jersey it would be considered dirt-cheap.
The University of North Dakota is a beautiful school that offers different activities for the students to do. The professors are nice and understanding.
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