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UNCP is a quality school with many benefits and options for those attending. The professors that I learned under were intelligent, considerate, passionate, and professional.
Excellent professors and great education at reasonable cost. Housing is less than desired but campus is beautiful.
Small community where the instructor knows your name and takes time to help you if you're struggling instead of being a number with no one caring if you pass or fail, but your parents and friends. The worst thing about this university is there's nothing to do unless you go all the way to Fayetteville and not many foods options if you're a food lover like myself.
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I love this school. They have helped me in guidance in the directions I need to go in. All the department chairs are very involved.
I love my school! Campus life is great. Everyone is nice. And there is always something fun to do on campus!
Pembroke has an amazing nursing program and I’ve heard that the instructors there are amazing and take their time to make sure you understand what you’re learning and they try to have a personal relationship with you instead of just being a superior.
Most of the professors at Pembroke are willing to work with you. They want you to graduate and be successful in your career. There are many places you can go on campus if you need help. There are campus psychologist, health center, writing center, tutors, career center, etc. All that is already paid for in your tuition and funds. Staff is very friendly and there is always opportunities to be active on campus and in the community. UNC Pembroke has been wonderful for me and I would recommended it to anyone who's looking for a great college.
Very Diverse! Great little community surrounding school. Engaging and interested faculty who love to become personal and one-to-one with students as much as possible. School provides a "homey" feel and has something for everyone. Many clubs and activities, including yoga and dance classes after school that can help students feel welcome and included.
UNCP is a very good school. Lots to offer for a small school. Getting involved in clubs or sports is very important. Dorms are nice and food is good too. Especially Fried Chicken Friday! Value of school is excellent for both instate and out of state students.
I go here and i have to say, I really am in love with this schooling but the parking situation is EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS. THere is barely any parking for residential students that live in dorms. They can afford to buy new buildings and decrease the amount of parking spaces in the process, yet they can’t afford to have more parking spaces for residents. I’m honest considering to transfer just because of this is getting out of hand. Sometimes residents even have to literally park somewhere that is not a parking space because all of them are taken. This is definitely going to get worse when the NC Promise starts so I’m definitely considering transferring because this school makes me not even want to have a car anymore.
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is a well diverse campus and it's peaceful. The atmosphere is welcoming and the people you are surrounded by are friendly. The campus is not huge like other schools and the classroom size average around 20- 25 students in a class. Professors are helpful and are willing to schedule appointments to go over grades or provide tutoring sessions. There are plenty of resources on campus so there is no way that you will be clueless on where to go or get help from because there is help all around you. And the advantage you have from being on this campus is that everything is in walking distance so you wouldn't have to waste gas and get in your car to drive to the destination.
My experience was a life changing one because I learned how to adjust to a college setting. I loved the professors and the class room setting because it felt just like high school and they knew your name. I disliked the quality of the food! It needs to be improved. I also don’t like how there is nothing to do here, but that’s what I signed up for.
I've had a good time during my two years at UNCP and I have an amazing group of professors and ample opportunities to gain experience in my field of passion through work study and my time as the sports editor for the school paper.
Pembroke is an incredibly diverse school with great staff and teachers. Its located in the middle of nowhere though, which means most students leave on the weekends to have fun or relax. Sports are a big part of Pembroke, which means its got an Grade A basket ball team. The fellow students are helpful and we all tend to get along quite well. Good for a "starter school" and its even cheaper than some community colleges in state. Definitely worth checking out if you want o experience the college feel, while still being in a safe environment and close to home.
Professors actually try their best to help you. Food is decent but repetitive. Class options are plentiful. Student life is great, a lot of involvement.
I went to UNCP in 2010. I really enjoyed the opportunities that were awarded to me there. If I had a second chance to go there again I most definitely would.
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is where I currently attend college. I would describe my experience at my school by saying its like a home feeling. All the teachers and staff is very friendly and willing to make your experience as best as possible. The campus is very open and beautiful, while providing a safe environment feeling as well. Everyone on campus is friendly and enjoying the school just as much as me. I have learned so much from my short two years at the school so far, and I plan to learn so much more valuable information.
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My experience at this university was very interesting. You get to meet many people from different states and around the world.
The experience at UNCP is phenomenal! There are numerous resources on campus and off campus for in-state and out of state students, to be successful. They help you in ALL categories that college students need help in such as, housing, job/money opportunities, tutoring, centers to help with assignments, food banks, plenty of fun activities, & shuttle buses for traveling off campus to local stores. Only thing I would like to see improved, to some point, is just more parking areas. Overall, this university is a well-rounded, filled with diversity & outstanding professors that actually help you.
For me UNCP is a very small school and the town is very small too. The classes are great small but the environment is a little to cozy.
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