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It's a nice small state college. Maybe it's because of the NC500 thing but enrollment went way up. So many freshmen that the school wasn't prepared for. Everything is chaotic this year.
The professors engage the students to work together but reward individual accomplishment as well. I attended another institution that focused so much on groups that it felt at times that I was not learning all that I could have independently.
While the tuition has dropped, somebother prices have gone up. Some of these things make it hard to be a student here, especially with the financial aid office slacking so much.
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I am currently enrolled in the accelerated online MBA program at UNC-Pembroke. The class sessions are each 7 weeks long, which makes it possible to complete the program in 12 months. While searching for programs, UNCP's MBA program was one of the most affordable programs on the market (approx. $9,500 total), which also had a lot to do with my decision. My GMAT was also waived because I was a transfer student with at least a 3.0 GPA. Overall, I am satisfied with the program and would recommend anyone seeking to obtain a MBA.
I like that the school is small enough to stay focused but big enough to meet good people. The staff at Pembroke are so generous and helpful! The thing I would change is the cafe food!
UNCP is a great school, especially when considering the low cost and the high education quality. I am a science major, environmental science to be precise and would love if there were more faculty/research mentors doing work in environmental science.
I absolutely love the environment at the school. The campus is beautiful and there's so much diversity at the school. There's always events going on somewhere on campus and I happened to live in one of the dorms that has the most community involvement. I'm a theatre major and learning from the professors is such a rewarding experience. I've already learned so much and being there means the world to me.
UNCP is has smaller campus, but it is very nice looking with the more modern buildings and all the plants and wildlife. The classes are smaller around 20 to 30 people. The professors that I have had have all been very helpfull and kind they seem to care about their students. All of the buildings are within walking distance so you are never to far from your classroom or your dorm. My favorite part of this school is the other students when you go outside or to the gym you can always find someone playing football, basketball, or soccer. You can also find someone to work out with, this makes it very easy to make friends on campus.
They help you to find the vest program that supports your personal and professional skills. As an active duty member in the Army I learn not only how to be proficient in my job also how to share the knowledge with my peers. Is crucial to help others to reach their goals while you're working in your career. I learned to be independent too,since I have to be in charge of a group of soldiers and develop a work plan that help them to move forward. By doing that I'm continuously looking for knowledge and potencial. I want to make a difference and be an example as the best soldier and human being that I can be. I want to continue with logistic to do a study on how be more cost effective and better to distribute resources in emergency cases like the 2017 hurricane's. I believe with good logistics we can reach every corner and be effective in our work. I'm proud of be part of the quatermaster corps and a supply specialist in the United States Army and honored to served.
Pembroke is a good small school in a rural area. The campus life is great and people are friendly. I love the campus activities during my down time. The facilities are wonderful. The professors and student services are great and helpful.
UNCP is a great school. I love this school because its the most diverse school. The classroom size is great for me, due to the fact that I like that one on one time with my professor. The professors are really nice and helpful and they do everything in their power for you to succeed. The dorms are nice and you get to meet a lot of different people and learn a lot of different cultures. The public police and safety program are great, quick, and accessible to different apps to ensure you're safety. The sports are great and its just a good time at this school. I would not change a thing about this school.
I attended private school my whole life so Pembroke is just the right size campus with the perfect size classrooms. I love the diversity we have on campus. My only improvements would have to be the horrible caf food and lack of residential parking as compared to commuter parking.
This college has allpwed me to be independent of my own academic path and succes. I have met people who are endeavoring to be better each day.
UNCP is a quality school with many benefits and options for those attending. The professors that I learned under were intelligent, considerate, passionate, and professional.
Excellent professors and great education at reasonable cost. Housing is less than desired but campus is beautiful.
Small community where the instructor knows your name and takes time to help you if you're struggling instead of being a number with no one caring if you pass or fail, but your parents and friends. The worst thing about this university is there's nothing to do unless you go all the way to Fayetteville and not many foods options if you're a food lover like myself.
I love this school. They have helped me in guidance in the directions I need to go in. All the department chairs are very involved.
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I love my school! Campus life is great. Everyone is nice. And there is always something fun to do on campus!
Pembroke has an amazing nursing program and I’ve heard that the instructors there are amazing and take their time to make sure you understand what you’re learning and they try to have a personal relationship with you instead of just being a superior.
Most of the professors at Pembroke are willing to work with you. They want you to graduate and be successful in your career. There are many places you can go on campus if you need help. There are campus psychologist, health center, writing center, tutors, career center, etc. All that is already paid for in your tuition and funds. Staff is very friendly and there is always opportunities to be active on campus and in the community. UNC Pembroke has been wonderful for me and I would recommended it to anyone who's looking for a great college.
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