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After attending UNC Charlotte for two years I can say that the university is good but not great. UNCC has great facilities, above average dorms, a beautiful campus, generally decent athletics, and great diversity. Where the university lacks is in the accreditation of its colleges and its below average professors. I've found that the professors here do not care about students and in many cases will go out of their way to see a some students unsuccessful, disturbing to say the least. Campus food isn't good most days. Safety is taken pretty seriously at UNCC and the local area is pretty attractive to college aged students, could be better though. The party scene is only average. Overall ROI depends greatly on your prospective college and major here, the name doesn't carry much.
UNCC's campus looks pretty good. The school doesn't have that much campus spirit sadly. Students think that there isn't any campus spirit. Academics at the university is really good especially engineering
Great university it provides many opportunities for individuals that are confused in which way they turn for help. From majors to business, engineering, fine arts and much more this college in my opinion can be considered one of the best colleges in North Carolina.
Review University of North Carolina at Charlotte
As a rising freshman going to UNCC in the fall this year, I can say so far from the college visits that they are very friendly people and seem well to work and get along with.
Since joining this school I've come to love and appreciate it day by day. It's a fairly big school, but isn't too big and is not far from uptown or downtown Charlotte. UNC-Charlotte is a very diverse school, which has pretty decent sports teams, and is in the process of building a light rail that takes you all throughout Charlotte. The residence halls on campus are nice, with a number of apartment complexes off and around campus available. There is also a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and other social activities to be apart on campus.
Liked UNCC overall, but parking was always an issue. Especially the first few weeks of semesters. Also when it came to picking classes it was a hassle as well. Sometimes students weren't able to graduate on time because they couldn't get into their classes.
It was actually a very enjoyable environment. A much more diverse group of students. As well as a pretty friendly bunch, however if you want to be alone people will let you be alone.
I like the amenities, however I would love to see more parking on campus. UNCC is in the perfect area, and it's generally pretty safe. The Chancellor can be pretty nonchalant at times, and should work to better the experience of all students, and mainly the majority.
UNC Charlotte really is an amazing school. I've enjoyed my time here very much. There is so much to do with the student- academic life. Faculty and professors are always trying to help students become the best that they can. Always giving great advice and trying to help us find the path. There really isn't anything that I would change about UNC Charlotte, maybe the cost of parking passes.
This is a wonderful university with a greatly diverse and caring student body. The campus is beautiful, and there are plenty of nice residence halls. My main concern is that academic buildings, like Burson, need to be renovated. Overall, I love this university. I am in the Computer Science program, and overall all of the staff and students are always willing to help.
UNCC is a great place to go to school. You are close to the city center where there are tons of things to do and coming soon they will have a metro stop going directly downtown. The campus is always clean and very inviting. I feel safe walking around campus going to classes and other events on campus.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a lot to offer students. There's a great environment, and the campus is beautiful.
Most of the faculty are helpful and available at all times through either email or office hours. Most classes are interesting. Some are challenging while others you can do in your sleep.
I'd like to see changes around the campus itself. I highly dislike the campus as it is always under construction and there isn't any green space. You're constantly staring at bricks.
Also, there are a ridiculous amount of fees. Why do I pay five hundred dollars for a parking pass and then have no where to park?
STEM majors have limited scheduling options and tend to be spread out throughout the day. While class sizes can be large, the instructors are quite knowledgeable in their subjects.
The professors are very helpful and give every opportunity to succeed. They also offer sessions for your classes so you can succeed in your classes.
UNCC is and an incredible school with an amazing support system. Professors are invested in their students and there are so many resources on campus to help you succeed. The work is tough, but there are always fun activities happening around campus for a nice little study break.
One thing I like most about UNC Charlotte is the amount of diversity and acceptance that is obvious on campus. Students from all walks of life attend the university and are all welcomed no matter their backgrounds.
Review University of North Carolina at Charlotte
So far, I really like the campus here at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I like the activities that go on on campus as well as the faculty and staff. My classes have been very interesting so far and I feel safe and heard here on campus.
UNCC has a beautiful campus and is in a great location, that being said just about everything else is awful. The University sells more parking passes than they have parking spaces making getting to class on time an impossible task. I can not count how many times I have spent lapping a parking deck several times before I could find a spot. The Chancellor doesn't do a good job on informing the student body when serious matters have taken place, such as rape. We have to find out from news crews. Graduating on time is also a close to impossible task as they have enlarged their student population, but have not added enough classes to accommodate all said students. Over all I would say my time at this University is three stars being generous.
I love that UNCC is the heart of Charlotte,NC. The campus is close to different eateries as well as shopping centers. The campus is very beautiful, lot of walking but I love it. However, coming from a community college the Professors at Community College care more and actually grade you as an undergrad student not a graduate student. The people you'll meet are phenomenal and this school is all about networking opportunities.
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