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I love UNC Charlotte! The professors are amazing and knowledgeable and the school offers many classes even online. I have nothing but positive memories of UNC Charlotte.
it is a very excellent college. There is a diversity of students attending the university. The professors are very friendly and educated. the food is great in the main dining hall. the campus life is excellent as well. the mode of transportation around the campus is excellent as well.
I love UNCC! There is always something to do, but you often have to leave campus for a party or activity. I'd like to see more activities on campus on the weekends.
Review University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Very nice campus , lots of money goes into research and development here. Definitely a great return on your investment.
UNCC is an amazing school. There are so many ways you can be involved on campus and allow your voice to be heard. Like any other school we do have our issues, but that is when a good majority of the student life will ban together in order to make changes. UNCC provides you with a very diverse scenery with students from all types of backgrounds, so not seeing this as I grew up, it really made me open my eyes and get to experience all of the different cultures, which I feel was a much needed experience. UNCC is very competitive in some fields but as long as you have to right people in your corner you can really accomplish anything.
UNCC has such an abundance of researches and is very diverse. UNCC professors really care about the students and can use Rate My Professor if your looking for the latest scoop. From dining in in the cafe to going downtown UNCC is the place to be.
You learn a Lot as a freshman, especially if you started in a high-rise dorm like myself; you are quickly humbled and learn to appreciate everything. You learn what it really means to walk a campus and a lot of responsibility for yourself. Your classes, attending them on time, your whole schedule including work, clubs, sports; everything is on you pretty much for the first time in your life. UNCC greatly enables you to take on that challenge and is willing to help you every step of the way, you just have to be proactive and find the help.
Beautiful campus, beautiful people, beaming academics, and excellent culture. All around awesome school.
I really enjoy my school! The majority of the professors are really helpful and enjoy their jobs. The campus is beautiful and always clean. Everything about UNCC is perfect, except for the many extra costs.
The faculty and staff have been so helpful, and seem to enjoy making sure everyone's well prepared for life at UNCC. The campus is beautiful, and you feel right at home everywhere you go.
I love the diversity at the school, I also like that the school provide a lot of programs choose to pick from.
I really enjoy going to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for many reasons but the main three would be the academics, the campus, and the location. The professors at this school are highly credited and have many accolades to prove it. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and it is very open which creates a welcoming feeling. The school being in the heart of Charlotte is excellent because students are in close proximity to the city and there are many jobs available in this area.
My first year of college was something I was extremely nervous about after graduating high school. Transitioning from high school to college calls for a huge life change in almost every aspect of day-to-day life. Luckily, I had a smooth transition and a really great first year at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It's diverse, there's always something to do around campus, and the professors and counselors seem to do everything they can in order for students to succeed. I always recommend this school to rising freshman and have good things to say about my experience at this university.
I love this school. I love the city of Charlotte as well! The campus is absolutely gorgeous and very well maintained. The places to eat are diverse and high quality. The everyday staff and professors are very friendly. The library is huge and very effective for studying. There are plenty of job opportunities and other opportunities to get involved on campus like greek life, clubs, SGA, and MANY other organizations. The campus is incredible diverse with the student body. This is an innovative and rapid expanding school that is great for making connections in the Charlotte area. I hate paying for an expensive parking pass, I hate having to pay for extra resources like you do at most universities (Books, supplies, software).
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus. Very diverse group of students and staff. Great and successful programs!
UNC Charlotte has been nothing short of an amazing experience for me thus far. All campus members are very friendly, welcoming, and willing to help. One of my favorite parts of UNC Charlotte is that it is growing and becoming even better quickly.
I currently attend UNCC and I love it. It is a very diverse school and I have learned so much since I first started attending. The area is perfect to find jobs after college and there are a ton of networking opportunities. Overall I give UNCC a 10/10
Review University of North Carolina at Charlotte
UNCC is a nice school that is starting to grow more and more. I have loved my experience at the school so far, it has been filled with diverse people and helpful professors. Everything might not be perfect, but I wouldnt take it as a backup option school either.
UNCC has a beautiful campus and it's growing a lot, but the school didn't seem to take as much interest in its students as other schools do as far as advising, job fairs, and assisting with job placement goes. I loved living in Charlotte and the city was amazing, but the campus wasn't my favorite. Parking is an absolute nightmare, the campus is dead on weekends because a lot of people go home, and they aren't big on school pride, although that is definitely starting to change now that they (finally) have a football team.
After attending UNC Charlotte for two years I can say that the university is good but not great. UNCC has great facilities, above average dorms, a beautiful campus, generally decent athletics, and great diversity. Where the university lacks is in the accreditation of its colleges and its below average professors. I've found that the professors here do not care about students and in many cases will go out of their way to see a some students unsuccessful, disturbing to say the least. Campus food isn't good most days. Safety is taken pretty seriously at UNCC and the local area is pretty attractive to college aged students, could be better though. The party scene is only average. Overall ROI depends greatly on your prospective college and major here, the name doesn't carry much.
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