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University of North Carolina at Charlotte Reviews

2,727 reviews
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I went for an eighth grade field trip and it was a special experience. It was my fourth college visit and it was probably one of the best. We were guided by former graduates of our school that attended uncc. There campus life looked lively and there food was great as well.
My overall experience at uncc has been great. I loved staying on campus and student life. I also liked the food in the cafeteria as well. It is very diverse and easy to find the right place to fit in. I also love how fast the school is building in regards to upgrading dorms, rebuilding old acedemic buildings, and just the overall look of the school. Getting around the campus is easy with the bus system and the new light rail is also being added. Off campus living is amazing as well, with all the apartments being within 5 minutes of the school , some being in walking distance. The school has so much to offer and I am glad to be a forty-niner.
UNCC has a nice campus; clean with fun facilities (theater, pool, sports), interesting classes, student activities and clubs. Reasonable tuition, and if you look and plan, you can get the classes you need with good professors and reasonable class sizes (25-40).

UNCC parking is expensive and limited, freshman dorms are old, meal plans are bad, advising is frustrating (especially for transfers and those with undeclared major), and course/major requirements are annoying. But, it's rare for public universities to not have these problems.

Charlotte is a big city with things to do (indoor skydive and bars, night clubs and malls further out), but it isn't a very safe city. Housing is expensive, and on campus housing is three times as expensive.
This university is such an amazing place to chose to further your education. My experience has just began here, but it has already had such an impact on me and furthering my career.
It is a great school with really good teachers. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed, you can thrive here.
I LOVE UNC CHARLOTTE. I was on the fence when I applied to this school because it was only a backup, but attending UNCC has made all the difference. I have made friends I know will last a life time, and the academics as well as resources are amazing! I would courage anyone to attend UNCC!
I like the University for its location and access to facilities. I enjoy the class size, the campus is beautiful, and the professors care about their subject matter.
Great! The teachers are great. The anthropology department is amazing. The atmosphere is lovely and fun. I love it here!
UNC Charlotte is is located in a new upcoming area of Charlotte. Within the University the student body is diverse and campus involvement is highly encouraged. The only down fall, are the staff members. A large portion of the professors lack enthusiasm. The class environment is not as innovating as it should be, there is still a good portion of professors that take pride in delivering the overall message to their students.
The university of North Carolina at Charlotte is unique in that it's a very diversified and unique college environment. The campus is located in a bustling city with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and fun. The campus is beautiful and well maintained and offers a plethora of academic, social, and entertainment options. The education is well worth the money and the faculty and staff are grade A.
UNCC has a lot of diversity for a major University and that is my favorite part of this college. This college is 70 years old so there is no sense of old customs and traditions here, you don't have to worry about racial or sexual tensions at all. One thing that I could say is negative about this college however is the fact that it is so young, in terms of the caliber of excellence achievable here currently it is not as grand as other colleges in the UNC sector of major universities. This does not mean that this college should be overlooked there are tons of amazing research opportunities here and many biology businesses are being formed here as we speak; and new buildings and programs are in the making currently that can really up the game for students in the science departments. Overall UNCC could definitely surpass many North Carolina colleges and be one of the top colleges in the United states, if the rate of growth continues through the years.
Uncc is a great school, there is always an opportunity to get involved. I love the fact that there different parts of campus where you can just enjoy the scenery and study. I have met some wonderful people on campus.
UNCC is in a good location and has many beautiful attributes, the exploration in acidemics is limited. Getting classes is hard and finding great professors had been difficult. Dining on campus is rarely edible and there are no healthy alternatives on campus. The campus is beautiful and the people are weloming.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous. It is always clean and taken care of. There are always events on campus to go to and enjoy. The staff is wonderful and they care about the students. The food at Sovi Dining is excellent and the kitchen staff is great! the courses that I have taken so far have been excellent. I would highly recommend LBST 1105: Visual Arts with Jean Cauthen if you need a filler class.
UNC Charlotte offers a host of majors that cater to just about any personality type or interest. In addition to this, the majors themselves have well-developed facilities and departments to foster a rich learning atmosphere through study groups, knowledgeable professors, and learning communities. The school suffers from poor surrounding areas and too few of dorms. However the dorm issue is being resolved as this review is being written.
Charlotte is in a great location, uptown Charlotte is less than 15 minutes away, and there's always something to do on campus. The professors really try to help you and want you to succeed in their classes. I am currently a freshman in the College of Engineering and although it isn't as reputable as other schools, it is definitely growing and rigorous to ensure you become as successful as you can be in the workforce. Charlotte was not my first choice school (it was actually my last!) but I would not change my decision because of the great experiences I've had thus far, inside and outside the classroom.
Everyone here is very friendly. The professors really care about their students and want to see them succeed not just in school, but in life after school. It is a big campus so there are so many people to meet and there is always something to do.
UNC Charlotte has been a great school, it has plenty of events for students to relax and to reduce stress near finals and there is always something to do. The professors are great and very easy to talk to even when asking for assistance on assignments. UNC Charlotte also has a great Model United Nations club for any who are interested and it does not matter what major you are.
This university is a very big and beautiful place to not only learn but to grow as a person. It offers many intriguing courses and a wide range of options from the food to the lifestyles. This campus is very welcoming and is located in the Queen City. I would recommend it to anyone!
UNCC is literally home for me. People can say all they want about it being a "commuter" school, but there are thousands of students that live on campus. Not only that, but the professors (at least in my department) are fantastic. Absolutely amazing. They're intelligent, passionate, and actually want you to succeed. Greek life is growing as well, and being apart of UNCC's greek life has been a very rewarding experience for me. UNCC continues to grow bigger and better every year. Although our sport teams aren't the best, they're new and getting better. Although UNCC doesn't have a whole lot of tradition, WE are the students that get to start the traditions that will be marked as legends on this campus. Speaking of the campus, it's beautifully built. Some of the buildings can be frustrating when you can't find your class, but the campus is definitely up to par on it's looks. All the brick MATCHES!
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