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University of North Carolina at Charlotte Reviews

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Perfect campus and all majors are good here!! It’s close to the city and has a decent sense of community around it.
The internet on campus is good and even better in my dorm. I can play games without lagging or constantly worrying about my ping.
Great diversity, caring professors, convenient campus. Good value, especially for off-campus students.
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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a great university but like any university, it is not perfect. For example parking here at UNCC is difficult if your class starts after 10 am. Considering that a parking pass for one semester costs up to $290 you would think that you would have a designated spot but you have to get here really early to find a parking spot that is not at the top of the parking deck.
I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and I honestly love it! The atmosphere is so inclusive no matter what background you have. We have students from all over the world here because they hear how advanced our campus is. Everything is so new and kept up it really makes me proud to say I go here. Most of the professors I have had have their Ph D and are very knowledgeable in their subjects. There are many student apartments in the area so it gives you the option of living on campus or off unlike other campuses where you are required to live on campus until junior or senior year.

We have the lynx light rail so you can literally go anywhere in Charlotte, and uptown is only about 15/20 mins away if you want to do something fun!
CHarlotte has been a fantastic experience so far, the proffessors have been super approachable and everybody is extremely friendly.
For the most part I enjoy UNCC. Some of the things that I would like to see change would be the availability of times for classes and openings. Everyone I have talked to has had issues getting into classes they need to finish their different programs because they fill up so quickly.
UNCC is a very cohesive university. Between the uniform buildings and the clear explanation of major/minor and class requirements (most of the time and depending on each individual professor), doing what and getting where you need to is very easy. One of the few downsides about UNCC though is that, besides the city-average (aka high) crime rate, is that you can't always just take whatever classes you want to. Many classes require either prerequisites, professor permission, or admission into the certain college the class is categorized in.
I will be transferring to UNCC during fall 2019. I took a tour there and also live around 15 minutes from campus. I sometimes drive through the campus, which is really nice and HUGE! When I took a tour, we couldn't even tour the entire campus because it was so large. But everyone there, student and staff is very friendly and welcoming. I noticed the campus was also very diverse and students take their work very seriously although some do still party. This is an awesome school and I can't wait to attend!
The school environment is so amazing. Everyone is so kind to one another and very helpful. Teachers are generally really good and the education is great. Chemistry department isn’t the best but other departments are amazing. Very caring people who are higher up such as the deans and advisors. Tons of resources available.
I like how there are a wide variety of academic, athletic, social, and club options. They have a strong business program which I am interested in. The campus is really big and there is a lot to do. They also put value in community service which is awesome.
I have enjoyed my classes, my professors, my job on campus, and my living environment. Overall my experience has been exceptional! There are many opportunities to do a variety of activities both on and off campus. The food options are vast.
I feel academically challenged and enjoy the atmosphere and community here. It's easy to adjust to college life here and students can balance work and play. You can really take control of your academics and have help whenever you need it, both personally and academically. Friends are eady to make and it's easy to find things to do on campus and have a great time here!
My experience of the campus is excellent. Much good help at every building. Friendly staff that will show you where to go, also the student that are walking to class will help new people.
Uncc is a very nice school. It's beautiful and it is growing rapidly. The engineering programs are excellent.
Great school! Very diverse and accepting of all cultures. The school is always growing and adding new things for students to grow.
Attending UNC Charlotte was one of the best decisions of my life! I was raised in Charlotte but decided to stay because of the amazing professional opportunities available. Businesses recruit directly from UNCC giving students a great advantage. Oh, not to mention the campus is BEAUTIFUL! Professors are also extremely knowledgeable and serve as great mentors.
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I loved UNC Charlotte. The campus is beautiful, the classrooms are clean, and I felt that I learned a lot while I was there. I also had a very active social life.
Good campus. Was a visitor student for a summer. When I needed administrative assistance I did receive it. The professor was equipped and provided the education that I was there to obtain as well.
My experience at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte was very good. This university is growing at a rapid pace. New sport organization and clubs are being created constantly at this university. There is something there for every student to enjoy. The housing is above average. It is a very safe environment that is in the middle of the city of Charlotte.