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Enjoy the campus environment. One negative —-Looking to improve professor availability to the students would be nice plus helping them to be successful in there classed.
I really love this school, there is an organization for everyone. I thought that I wouldn't find a group of friends but as soon as I even started orientation I met really nice outgoing people that try to include you and told me about organizations that would be a good fit for me !
I transferred here and so far it has been great. Hopefully in the coming years we can see the football team get better!
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I love the welcoming, diverse environment here at UNCC. I came from a small school where I had trouble making friends, but I made new friends the moment I came here! The dining halls here have good phases and bad phases. Crown was terrible at the beginning of the year, but now it's better than Sovi.
I'm satisfied with the things at UNC-Charlotte thus far. I have noticed this year that more of my classes are online. At first it was a little nerve racking because of the assignments that was due. A change can be lowering the parking fees.
The campus is beyond pretty and I would personally recommend a college visit! The other visitors and people on campus at the time were very nice and helpful. When I have kids I would like them to at least take a tour here. The school itself is in a very nice location and it is close to every thing you will need while at school!
All the professors are nice and the school is constantly building new buildings, creating organizations and there is always a campus activity a few days every week.
UNCC has been an incredible milestone in my life. I’ve gone through a lot emotionally with a lot of family problems and the fact I even made it to this point is amazing to me. Im so thankful for everyone at UNCC and for helping me make this happen.
i love the diversity. i met a good amount of life long friends. not only that but there are a lot of clubs and opportunities to get involved with the school. there are plenty of activities and sports. i loved the intramural sports. it allowed students like myself to play and be active without being on the actual school team.
I loved how welcoming the UNCC campus was when I toured, it reassured me that I would be able to adjust next year and feel as though I was truly at my second home. It was easy to navigate campus, and everyone seemed friendly. I can't wait to see what will become of me next year at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte!
A great campus where its large enough to get to know new people. It is absolutely not a commuter school, i know plenty of people who are not from around Charlotte who attend. Athletics are great to participate in but as a consumer not so entertaining.
My experience at UNC Charlotte has been mostly positive. The campus is beautiful and most students are friendly and willing to help you if you ask. The professors I have have had in my major have also been great. I'd say the biggest issues with this school are the constant construction and our increasing tuition every year. Also, the enrollment at UNCC increases every year, which makes parking in the middle of the day very chaotic. This is definitely not worth the $500 parking permits. Like I said, my time here has mostly been positive, but there is definitely room for improvement.
When I was looking for colleges to pursue my bachelors degree the university of North Carolina at Charlotte came to mind. The college had the specific degree I was looking for versus a ton of other colleges I checked that were close to me. The campus is big, but it feels like a small community and it is very beautiful as well. Living on campus is a very interesting experience and the nest part is being minutes away from my classes.
It is a beautiful campus with lots of nice scenery and beautiful buildings. The professors are committed to their students' success. If I could change anything it would be parking..because UNCC is so large and is home to so many students, it can be hard to find a parking spot some days
My overall experience with University of North Carolina at Charlotte went extremely well. Their environment is very diverse, peaceful to look at, and their spirit is very contagious. Makes me consider it as a College choice and I can not wait to visit the great,sight seeing campus once more.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a relatively good school. It allows many opportunities for diversity, study abroad, internships, and future work. What I enjoy most is the school’s effort in providing events for fun interaction with the many students that attend the university. However, the school does make certain decisions without having consideration to the almost 30,000 students that the decisions will effect.
I have enjoyed my time learning at UNCC. The faculty in the art department is amazing and have encouraged me so much with my art work. My fellow classmates are friendly
The only downside to this school is the parking situation.
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I love the diversity that we have on campus whether that be race, ethnicity or age. The campus is a beautiful place to call home and I can't wait to spend my next four years here.
While attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I have had an overall great experience. The professors provide great feedback and will even allow one on one time with the students. Charlotte's campus is absolutely breath taking and by far the prettiest campus in state. Living on campus allows the student to be involved in many activities within the school and also allows the student to be more engaged with others.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone is welcoming and optimistic! The campus is always very clean as well as the dorms.
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