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University of North Carolina at Charlotte Reviews

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i havent attended university of north carolina but i am planning to attend in the fall and i have previously gone to attend the choir.
UNC Charlotte is a wonderful university for Meteorology majors. They have over 400 student involvement clubs on campus that is consistently growing.
I am thrilled to be continuing my Education at UNCC. Even though the university is one of the largest growing NC universities, the campus still has an intimate and small campus feel. I have enjoyed my campus involvement in various leadership organizations, I have not indulged too much in the party scene, and I feel I am getting a return on my educational investment with the experiences I have had.
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The activities are in abundance and there is always something to do. The campus is very nice and is always updating. The sport facilities are very taken care of. The professors are nice and are here to help.
I love how big and diverse the campus is! There's plenty of things to do and new people to meet, as well as new experiences to try. I wish there were less hills, but at least they offer a free bus service.
Great environment with a growing atmosphere. Being so close to Uptown Charlotte and surrounding areas provides many opportunities for work.
I love the diversity of UNC Charlotte. You will meet many different people from different walks of life. The location is close to a major city with a growing job market and plenty to do for college students. And I have love my major classes and felt very at home withinh major. I have been pleased with UNCC. Only down sides have been the constant construction, lack of parking, and cost. But this all goes along with a growing university with all the positive qualities it has to offer!
My first year at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has been undoubtedly one of the best times of my life. The experience I received was the epitome of what college is supposed to be. From the fun events happening daily, to the union bustling with people everyday, at all times. My first year was nothing short of a movie experience. With all the pros of this University comes the cons. The one major issue I realized was the parking. Parking rates are especially high considering housing and everything else is high as well. Parking spaces are limited, and sometimes students are forced to park at great distance from where they should because of this, resulting in students being late. Being the great University it is, construction for new parking decks have started and students are ecstatic. But will the prices keep the students feeling the same way? That will be on the next episode of Keeping up with the Niners. GO NINERS!!
UNC Charlotte is an exceptional university! It possess a diverse student body and campus culture. Academics are very important to students at Charlotte. The library is always packed with students studying and researching. The student union is a focal point of the campus. Greek life and athletics are also very important to students at Charlotte.
I love the campus except for the constant construction but that just means the campus is always improving.
At UNCC I like that there are so many things to do both on and off campus. There are 100s of student organizations and many opportunities to find fun activities to do in your free time.
Professors are attentive, classes and student body are diverse, and the local scene can be exciting. Needs better food options, but there is always a lot of coffee options!
UNCC is a beautiful school, and I love being a student there. The tutoring services are incredible, and the teachers are kind. The programs they have are spectacular, for you are exposed to different fields of study.
I loved the campus! The energy is like no other i have experienced! The professors go above and beyond to make sure they are doing everything they can to help you succeed. On campus there are options to help you if you are struggling which is very helpful.
My first semester at UNCC was a very lonely one! I wasn't all that plugged in to the campus and so it was really hard to meet people. UNCC is very unique in that they have a lot of commuters, and because of that the weekends on campus are often very quiet so if you aren't plugged in then it can be quite challenging to have fun. I made a big effort to join several organizations and pick up leadership roles my second semester and things really changed for the good! I instantly started loving it and am excited to return for my next semester in the fall!
Campus living is great, aside from dining hall being closed so early. Facilities are very nice and campus is easy to navigate. Would like to see additional parking for off campus living commuters
It's a good school with cool friends that are engaged in learning but like to have a little bit of fun as well ;)
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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has that new feeling to it, each building looks pretty and very appealing. There is always something to do on campus, you will never ever be bored. The best part is the skyline of Uptown Charlotte at night on the top of the South Deck in South Village. Being near the largest city in North Carolina brings in all types of people and that is why there is so much diversity on campus. The variety of food places on campus is unlimited, there are so many different options for delicious food. I wouldn't want to picture myself anywhere else other than UNCC.
My experience at UNC Charlotte has been interesting, to say the least. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I have discovered many things about myself. I discovered that I really don't enjoy being surrounded by loud people and parties, which I found lots of at school. I also discovered that I really enjoy learning and reading, which I have found many great opportunities to do at UNCC. Overall, I am sure other schools are similar or worse in the "student life" aspect, so I would recommend the school if they have programs that you are interested in.
I like how they give students many different resources on campus to succeed. I like how they offer many different departments that have various tutoring sessions. I also love the SI sessions that most classes offer for students to learn from fellow students that have taken the same course before.
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