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UNCC is a great school with amazing professors. There is an organization and club here for just about everyone. The athletics are a sadly pathetic, but changes are being made and hopefully they will get their act together soon and at least the tailgates are fun! Being in the city there is always something to do and it offers great opportunity to jobs!
I had a wonderful time at UNCC! My professors in my program were helpful. The diverse campus culture also makes this a unique place.
UNC Charlotte is a beautiful campus. It has worked on expansion and I think it has done a great job cosmetic wise, but a little slow. There has been a big growth in student population and expansion is necessary. There could have been more food options. I also think classes sizes are getting too big and instructors may get overwhelmed. There should be a change with classroom sizes or more instructors hired.
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The university is very diverse, but still come to together as one unique culture in the college. The staff are very kind and very helpful with your registration and the teachers are passionate and professional. Great atmosphere and great students at uncc.
#Go niners!
I have had wonderful classes with some really terrific professors. I love my school and the campus is just beautiful.
I really like UNC Charlotte. There are plenty of clubs and activities to get involved in, I just wish they were advertised more so that the students can easily see which club or activity best suits them.
UNC Charlotte is a very diverse school. UNC Charlotte offers numerous programs. They offer 79 Bachelor degrees, 64 Master degrees and 21 Doctoral degrees. UNCC is located in a large beautiful city with many activities to do. I feel like UNCC has great professors and deans that make this school highly accredited. UNCC is a very socially active place filled with many opportunities that can push a student forward to achieve their goals.
UNC Charlotte is a nice, on the rise university that lacks student life. It is in one of the biggest cities in the country, therefore many students are going to live at home rather than on campus.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has many accreditation's that are nationally recognized, so your degree will be valuable. They also try to ensure that any help/aid that you need is available to you at all times. UNC Charlotte has a great communications system that they are always working on improving. However, there is a lot of construction on and around campus that can sometimes cause delays, and distracting noises. The campus is nice though, and even though the construction is annoying at times, they are doing a good job trying to make improvements to the college to modernize it as well as prepare the college for growth.
I absolutely love University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I have been here for three years now and I have met incredibly wonderful people. I have been exposed to great opportunities that will give me some experience for a future career. The best decision I've ever made was to come to this school.
The tours I have taken at UNCC have shown me the true beauty of the campus. There was not one area of the campus which did not catch my eye.
There have been several metamorphosis that have occurred while I was a student at UNCC. There are several new buildings, more on campus dorms, new rugby field, a football team along with a new stadium. There is a transit system which allows you to travel from on campus to uptown Charlotte in under 5 minutes. There are several new off campus apartments ranging from 350- 800 for 1 or 2 bedrooms. Low crime rate, plenty of things to do including being 10 minutes away from the Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers, NASCAR, plenty of bars and clubs to attend to. There are several dog parks and plenty to do in the largest city in North Carolina!! Class size varies from 100 students to 15-20. FEMALE- MALE RATIO IS PERFECT! The campus food is amazing, whether you choose to eat in the dining hall or choose to eat from a fast food location. There are several gyms both on campus and minutes away from campus. There are 4 malls to choose from in Charlotte. Air Force and Army ROTC are available.
Being a student at UNCC has been the most rewarding and unexpected experience of my life. I initially began my career within the college of health and human services but have since transferred into the German Department where I will also be obtaining a translating certificate on top of my Bachelor Degree. The faculty at UNCC, especially within the German Department, are phenomenal and truly some of the best in the US.
The campus is beautiful. Staff, for the most part, is excellent. The city itself is booming and a great place for young people.
I am currently a sophomore here at UNCC with a Communications-PR major and a minor in French. I can say I absolutely love it here at UNCC. This is coming from someone who has no bias towards the school, as I am here by choice. I enjoy the fast-paced environment that Charlotte in general provides, and being a student at UNCC allows me to keep up. As all things, there are flaws, but I can say in consideration that I've stayed at other institutions and had Charlotte as my last choice, UNCC make the most sense for anyone wanting to get out of a small town mentality looking to get a good education from a well rounded, VERY diverse institution! Best choice I've made, probably ever!
It is a very nice, and well kept campus. Which is important considering the fact that students spend 4 years here. The classes are challenging and provocative which is important to successful learning. Lastly the professors are nice and efficient and are there for you. They will always help you if at all possible.
One of the things that I like the most about the university is the fact that there is a lot of diversity. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and to grow as a person. Also, there are many resources to help with things that you may be dealing with, such as academics or relationship issues. The professors are good resources that are able to help you during your journey so that you do not feel lost and alone while attending. Overall, it is a very good university and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both myself and the school.
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I loved the University so much! The university is gorgeous, it is very easy to get involved and to find your own group of people!
UNC Charlotte is in the perfect area of Charlotte, NC. It's a nice university city. There are plenty of things to do off and on campus. Campus is beyond beautiful and it is the perfect place to make your 2nd home.
I have enjoyed my time so far at UNC Charlotte. I am an adult transfer student from a community college. I had a little gap in education but currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. It is a great school with a great campus and even better instructors. I would not want to go anywhere else for my education!
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