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I love the overall experience I have had at Charlotte. This is my Sophomore year and The Professors and other Staff have made information that I need accessible. I do not drive or have a car but the Campus location is great, there are places to eat in walking distant along with a Shopping Center which includes a grocery store and a Church. A light rail was recently introduced to the Campus and it stops right in front of my dorm and it gives me access to be able to go to town.
This is a great school. Students are very involved and it is a great environment. The professors take pride in their jobs and want the students to succeed.
My experience so far has been a great one. I moved to Charlotte to attend UNCC because I wanted to be on a campus with a large population size and also for the warm weather. Though not the most diverse, it is extremely inclusive and I truly feel I have made life long friends here. The professors also take pride in wanting their students to excel, not all professors but I would say about 9 out of 10 professors I've encountered were enthusiastic about their job. The campus is beautiful but I would say the only downfall is the constant construction that is occurring on campus due to expansion. Overall, I love attending UNCC and wouldn't want my college experience to be elsewhere as I have grown as an individual and have been pushed to my full potential numerous times.
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I enjoyed my experience for the most part. Had a bad semester with roommates, but there is always things to do and get involved. Networking will help you go far at this school.
The campus is great and the professors are very engaging. The classes are well planned and interesting. Lots of activities for the student body and great nightlife in Charlotte. Tuition is not too bad, books are expensive.
I am a transfer student coming to this university as a junior. So far, this place is great! I love the campus and the people here. I've met so many people here already! Everyone is so friendly.
Im still not a student here but I am planning on going here. But overall this has big diversity here, you can see any type of race here, it's nice and friendly people are always nice. I have a brother that goes here and he loves it there.
I enjoy the easy walk around campus and how beautiful every building is, and how invested the professor's are in their student's lives.
I really enjoy the attractions near the school and the food choices nearby. I also really enjoy the dorm rooms and how I can have my own personal space. I really didnt get to see any diversity on the campus but i'll just have to see for myself.
My overall experience with University of North Carolina at Charlotte is very pleasant. All of the teachers and students are friendly. The teachers are always there to help with you both academically and if you have technical problems. The number of assignments that they give out are very reasonable and the staff and faculty really make sure that you are getting the education that you deserve. I think UNCC is a college that people should apply to as you will strive there. I continue to enjoy myself at this college.
UNC Charlotte is an excellent university. UNCC prizes student involvement, is highly proactive in maintaining resources to care for students mental and physical well-being, and most importantly values ideological diversity and diversity of thought. Students are encouraged to discuss, debate, and think critically. It is an excellent and challenging academic environment.
i havent attended university of north carolina but i am planning to attend in the fall and i have previously gone to attend the choir.
UNC Charlotte is a wonderful university for Meteorology majors. They have over 400 student involvement clubs on campus that is consistently growing.
I am thrilled to be continuing my Education at UNCC. Even though the university is one of the largest growing NC universities, the campus still has an intimate and small campus feel. I have enjoyed my campus involvement in various leadership organizations, I have not indulged too much in the party scene, and I feel I am getting a return on my educational investment with the experiences I have had.
The activities are in abundance and there is always something to do. The campus is very nice and is always updating. The sport facilities are very taken care of. The professors are nice and are here to help.
I love how big and diverse the campus is! There's plenty of things to do and new people to meet, as well as new experiences to try. I wish there were less hills, but at least they offer a free bus service.
Great environment with a growing atmosphere. Being so close to Uptown Charlotte and surrounding areas provides many opportunities for work.
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I love the diversity of UNC Charlotte. You will meet many different people from different walks of life. The location is close to a major city with a growing job market and plenty to do for college students. And I have love my major classes and felt very at home withinh major. I have been pleased with UNCC. Only down sides have been the constant construction, lack of parking, and cost. But this all goes along with a growing university with all the positive qualities it has to offer!
My first year at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has been undoubtedly one of the best times of my life. The experience I received was the epitome of what college is supposed to be. From the fun events happening daily, to the union bustling with people everyday, at all times. My first year was nothing short of a movie experience. With all the pros of this University comes the cons. The one major issue I realized was the parking. Parking rates are especially high considering housing and everything else is high as well. Parking spaces are limited, and sometimes students are forced to park at great distance from where they should because of this, resulting in students being late. Being the great University it is, construction for new parking decks have started and students are ecstatic. But will the prices keep the students feeling the same way? That will be on the next episode of Keeping up with the Niners. GO NINERS!!
UNC Charlotte is an exceptional university! It possess a diverse student body and campus culture. Academics are very important to students at Charlotte. The library is always packed with students studying and researching. The student union is a focal point of the campus. Greek life and athletics are also very important to students at Charlotte.