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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has to be one of the best colleges in the country because it does truly have great academics, sports, a college-town campus atmosphere, and a great location. It ranks as the best value for an education in the country!
I love the campus and the people that are at UNC-Chapel Hill. It is a great atmosphere with a great student life, allowing anyone who comes here to excel.
I love the University of North Carolina because it exposes me to all kinds of people, and allows me to learn from them and alongside of them.
Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC at Chapel Hill is my favorite place to be. There's always something to do on campus, and it's such a nice campus that it's actually enjoyable to be there. The staff is almost always friendly, and the entire community of Tar Heels is amazing.
It is a cool town. Very diverse. I am not a fan of roadway organization and choices on road construction. More specifically, traffic pattern changes in the area off Sage Road and 15-501.
Overall, my experience at Chapel Hill has been both challenging yet enjoyable. The academics are very rigorous, yet they will better prepare me for graduate school.
The staff at UNC-Chapel Hill are passionate and always willing to help and offer advice regardless of the circumstances.
UNC Chapel Hill was the best college experience I could have ever imagined. There was always extracurricular activities and study groups. The classes ranged from small to large. Professors were always ready to meet with students and advisors were always available.
The diversity, open-mindedness, and acceptance of Chapel Hill of all types of students are some of the most distinct and attractive attributes to my school. The campus is beautiful, and the students are inspired to learn. I look forward to continuing my education here for the next few years.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a school not only recognizable for its athletic teams but also for its outstanding academics. I have found such an inclusive, welcoming community at Carolina that is both diverse and supportive. There are countless opportunities at Carolina, and the staff, students, and overall community will always support you in your endeavors. I have never been to a school with such a vibrant community and have never witnessed a student body with so much school pride. Go Tar Heels!
I worked in one of their cafes for a year. I met so many people that I felt like a student there. It was very diverse. I learned a lot about the athletics, academics and the area. There is a lot of diversity. It's a great place I was sad to leave, but I left with lots of amazing memories and friendships.
I loved my first year experience at UNC Chapel Hill. There is always an event going on or something to take part in. There are hundreds of clubs to join and many ways to make new friends. The professors at UNC are always there to help and make sure you thrive in the Carolina community. GO HEELS.
UNC is a very challenging school. Personally, I think that the environment for individuals that are pursuing premedical studies is very harsh and stressful. Many people just can not keep up with the work demand from this school and drop out of the pre med track, it's very common. Additionally, UNC is a very liberal school, probably one of the most liberal in the south. The students are extremely liberal and are easily offended by republican beliefs. This is not a good learning community given that people are not accepting to other ideologies. Go to another school
The academics at this school are top notch and very challenging. However, the professors can give an very hard time if you do not conform to their liberal ideology. I identify as a moderate, but the amount of emphasis they put on left-sided politics at this school is ridiculous. There was a guy in my class that got accused of "hating poor people" because of his conservative views. The athletic program is great, except that athletes have it a lot easier than normal students like myself. That happens everywhere, but especially at this university. The party scene is great if you are into that sort of thing. Don't let people tell you Chapel Hill is diverse though. A lot of the students are super privileged and snobby. Overall, if you want the big university experience and a good name on your degree go here.
I love UNC! The campus is gorgeous and everyone that I have met is so nice. The professors all seem very passionate about the subjects they teach. Although the classes are very challenging, I love going to school there.
Chapel hill has been described as an Ivy League school without the high price tag. I completely agree. The education at UNC is unmatched in all of Carolina, and it is truly one of the best universities in the country.
UNC Chapel Hill is your classic university. Beautiful campus, difficult classes, and always something to do. You can easily find new opportunities and experiences on this campus, but you have to make yourself because or else you can just stay in the same routines with the same group of friends. Check out celebrations like Holi. Go to an a capella concert. Rush Franklin Street every chance you get. Just go to Franklin Street every chance you get! I think that this university could allow anyone to grow, no matter who they are or what their needs are. Just like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.
Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC chapel hill is home to the national champions of basketball. we also have a beautiful campus where the students are all incorporated and very much love the school. the campus is always changing and the resident halls have been renovated too in recent years.
As a transfer student, nothing has been easy. I had to change my concentration and now I must change my major entirely in order to graduate in the allotted time. Academically, the school is superior. There could be much better communication between the departments, even if everyone knows a little bit of something. This doesn't happen and it's a shame.
Great professors in the Bio and Comp Sci department. If you find the right friend group, it is immensely helpful in succeeding.
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