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I took one class with UNC Chapel Hill. I did not enjoy it at all. It took forever to get my questions answered. When I would get answers I still wasn't able to understand and all my questions wouldn't get answered. My instructors switched numerous times and I was confused on who to contact most of the time.
It is truly an amazing school. Very competitive. It is very liberal. There is not much to do outside the campus other than some nice music venues.
UNC Chapel Hill - the name rings familiarity across the nation. A part of one of the biggest college basketball rivals, a leader in NC healthcare, and known for the specificity of "Carolina blue," UNC is a treasure. Nostalgia hits me every time I return: the campus is beautiful, the students are all on their way to achieving greatness, and the professors genuinely care about what goes on in their the students' minds. Diversity is not that high - as probably 60% of the students want to become doctors and nurses. The racial diversity is representative of the statistics in America. The culture diversity, however, is rather high and incorporating of all activities that I can think of. Overall, a fantastic institution!
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I enjoyed the wide range of students attending the university, ranging from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, a majority of the students live in North Carolina, which means it's easy to travel around.
The last thing I think of when I think of UNC is school; it is a community, an opportunity, a family, and so much more than just a school. There are smiling faces from all over the world, proving UNC's commitment to diversity. I would implement one change at UNC. At other Universities I have been to, you can see at least one blue Emergency light pole from each of them. At UNC these emergency light poles are inaccessible and spread out; I would love to see the addition of more of these emergency light poles.
My cousin attended UNC as a D1 men's lacrosse player. When I went to visit for games I fell in love with the campus and the community overall. You get a real feel of a college lifestyle and independence.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and its impact on myself, and many others that have experienced the tar heel lifestyle, has been nothing short of pure excellence. The university allows for personal growth in a time in people's lives when they are shifting between the dependence of adolescence to the independence of adulthood. Chapel Hill, however, is also astounding at providing an abundance of opportunities to all people that aid in the progression and success of students' completions of prestigious college degrees.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has by far been one of the best experiences that I've ever had--and this is only my second semester here. The professors are wonderful, challenge you, encourage you, and ultimately help you on your path to success. I honestly would not want anything about this college to change, but ironically it's changed my life.
Prospective students should know UNC is unlike high school, and even if they come in as valedictorians from large schools in populous counties, they may feel inferior to all the incredibly smart and talented people at this institution. While my journey has been a difficult uphill battle, I would recommend this university to any hardworking students wishing to challenge themselves in every way possible. UNC is great because it is the perfect combination of rigorous academics with a wide variety of subjects to study, a beautiful campus located in a cute small town (that is close enough to large cities that it's not an issue to find what you need), and fantastic athletic programs that are often the top in the country (which makes them highly entertaining to watch). The programs and services offered at the school are helpful, but you have to go out of your way to find them. With hundreds of student organizations on campus, there is something for everyone and no reason to not be involved.
Here at UNC it is imperative that you advocate for yourself and find your group. As a senior who has found several groups of friends, figured out the best way to study and the best place to live, I can easily give this school for stars. However, this rating may have been different my earlier years of college.
Great school, beautiful campus, amazing academics, resources, and faculty. Good student atmosphere. Southern school without being too southern. A bit too focused on liberal arts, however, and not a ton of diversity.
UNC Chapel Hill is a diverse university that allows you to reach your full potential. My experience has been great. I've met lots of great people, done fun and meaningful things, and I've been focused on academics as well. It is definitely a challenge, but it is well worth it to get a degree from here.
A great school with a lot of opportunities for people of all backgrounds and with all types of interests. The academics are challenging, yet rewarding. About half of the professors I have had have left me satisfied while there still have been some major gaps with the other half. A diverse group of people makes finding your group of friends very easy, and the student life is great.
UNC Chapel Hill is everything I've ever desired in a university. There are countless resources provided to ensure success, numerous extra-curricular options, and a sense of community that makes it home. The professors and faculty are helpful, engaging, and respectful. I love the town of Chapel Hill itself, and the fostered social tradition that a college town as tight knit as this one perpetuates.
I was born a Carolina fan and going to Chapel Hill was a dream of mine! The school is amazing! The pride, the academics, the facilities, the professors, the students, and the athletics. The only part that i would change is the food. It is not bad but it could be better. Everyone seems to have their own way of living here which is awesome. Students can be themselves and get involved. If there is not a club already then you can easily make one. Go Heels!
UNC is a great school for students who want a quality education but to have the opportunities and resources of a large university! It can be hard to find your way at first because there are so many students but that's true at a lot of schools. UNC cares a lot about its students succeeding and has really great resources like The Learning Center, which is something some schools don't have.
This has been great so far, I'm loving it. I recommend this to anyone of any age and region!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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UNC offers a variety of courses, allowing you the opportunity to find something that sparks your interest.
UNC does a great job within Career Services. They provide resume assistance, alumni networking opportunities, and internship databases, just to name a few of their services.
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UNC provides several educational majors, minors, and other programs, many of which are top level.
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