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I love how open this school is, allowing for people to experience new things all the time and see new ideas, cultures, people, etc. Along with this, the small classes and smaller overall school allows for you to form close relationships with other students, professors, advisors, etc., and allow for a student to never feel like just one in a faceless crowd, instead letting them feel like the individual they are. The liberal arts core is also very useful for students like me who have a variety of interests or curiosities about different subjects, allowing for more exploration than many traditional colleges
This school has an overall great vibe. If you come here to get work done it is exactly what you are going to do. Its location is also beautiful and the surrounding areas allow of cool pastimes.
UNCA is the only non private liberal arts college in the state of North Carolina. Established in the culturally diverse mountain town of Asheville, UNCA embraces people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities.
The school enrolls fewer than 4,000 students each semester, leading to a very small teacher-to-student ratio and small class sizes, which is great for learning and being able to interact one on one with the professor.
Alongside a strong Arts and Literature program, UNCA also offers Computer Science, Engineering, Astronomy and Environmental programs gifted with excellent infrastructure and technology for a student to excel, such as the astronomy observatory and the NEMAC, the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center. The Kimmel Arena and Sheryll Center will attract the sports and physical health and fitness Majors as well.
And as a state university, the cost for in-state tuition is low, giving exceptional "bang for the buck".
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My name is Corey Barclay, and I am an incoming freshman at the University of North Carolina Asheville. When I first visited the college I quickly noticed the positive energy everywhere on the campus. Everyone was nice from random students walking around to teachers helping me learn where to go. The environment on the campus is amazing. The school is spread out on a mountain, but everything is within the same proximity. It is very clean and very peaceful also. The only change that I would make to the school is to make it cheaper. I am on the Track and Field team at Asheville, but I am not getting any money to be on it. Plus I am an out-of-state student so it is super expense to be at the school. Other than that, I love the school and hope to continue my education there. Go Bulldogs!
I loved everything about this school in just 1 year, the atmosphere is great and the drive for academic success is the cherry on top !
Asheville, in general, is a Beautiful place. The main reason I like UNCA is the student to professor ratio. You don't have to worry about having more than 20 people in your class unless its a lecture. This makes learning more individual and student have more time to speak with the professor in a class.

One thing I would like to see change is the diversity. The diversity has slowly increased since my freshman year but I would like to see more people who look like me (African-American.)
The UNCA campus is beautiful, easily accessible, and fairly simple to navigate. The school goes above and beyond to be inclusive of all cultures and student interests.
It’s a good school and it’s really focused on academics. The campus is beautiful but there are some minor issues in the housing department (I work there). Also the food in the dining hall is kind of not great.
UNCA is a wonderful school. It's liberal arts program is amazing. They offer many majors. The staff and professors are nice and helpful. The campus is so pretty. If you are looking for a small class size UNCA is great.
UNC Asheville's small campus allows for interpersonal connections with faculty and staff. It encourages close relationships and opportunities to network with others. The campus is beautiful, and the student life on campus is quaint and quiet. UNC Asheville could improve their campus by offering better food options, while remembering to cater to vegetarian/vegan students. More involvement with local businesses (in downtown especially) is highly encouraged.
While just recently completing my first year at UNCA, I've already met so many gifted staff, professors, people, and came into contact with various types of backgrounds. Being in a liberal arts institution allows me to receive many different types of outlooks on various topics and make connections to my own knowledge in an effective manner. In addition, attending this institution allows me to be able to expand my knowledge on various topics that you wouldn't find at your average university. On the other hand, one thing I would like to see change would be the cafeteria food. At UNCA, there is a big emphasis on having a healthy diet so typically low calorie, vegan, and gluten-free foods are heavily present throughout the cafeteria. While there's nothing wrong with this, it's important to take into consideration student-athletes (such as myself) and other students who need higher calorie foods or a more diverse selection of foods to fit their needs.
I love UNC Asheville. The location is amazing and the environment is so welcoming. I do think that can work on diversity in campus and options for students of color, but i love that the school has a desire to become diverse.
The classes are smaller in size and the professors really care about you. They will work with you when things come up. There is also a sizable community that focuses on diversity inclusion.
UNCA is the best university in the state of North Carolina. It is the cutest little place right smack dab in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The campus is just downright beautiful. You have students from all over the world on our campus with professors that want to see you succeed as a student.
The one thing I like about UNCA would be the allowance of people to be themselves. I would change the amount of diversity, there is little to none
There are small class sizes that make learning even more possible then being in a cover crowed stuffy room. The Teachers are very interest in helping students with their academic career as well as helping them invest in their life outside of the classroom.
Small but intimate campus with excellent staff. However with the small campus means the impact of the constant construction is heightened.
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I have not attended yet but from what I have seen from admitted students day and visiting I love it!
So far I love my experience at UNC Asheville. They put a strong emphasis on community engagement and learning. I think that they need to change the way they promote diversity however, because overall we are not a very diverse school.
Wonderful professors who really care about their students. Less impressed with the administration and infrastructure but overall a good school with passionate students and faculty.
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