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There are multiple reasons to love UNCA. The first is that the campus is one of the most beautiful that I've ever been in. It's situated in the middle of mountains, and has plenty of outdoor spaces to relax and do homework. I also really love the classroom atmosphere here, where the class sizes are about as large as an average high school class, and the professors are kind and hands on with their students. All of the professors that I have had the pleasure of learning under are currently successful in their fields, and are really encouraging to their students. Finally, because this is a Liberal Arts University, I was able to learn about many different subjects, which I think was really beneficial to my overall understanding of our contemporary world.
My school is almost perfect! I didn't even tour it, and it is perfect! The food is super healthy, there are plenty of free fitness options, movie nights every Friday, lots of activities on Thursdays from 11-1, and a school that focuses on safety and acceptance. The cops are super nice, and the staff in general is! The only thing I wish would improve is parking. They are working on a new residence hall/dormitory area but we really need more parking for the people we already have.
I graduated from the Classics Department in 2011--now going back for a Teaching License--and had nothing but the best experience with my major. The professors are caring, wildly knowledgeable in their area, and present challenging authors for translation with a depth of interpretation one would expect from a book. As with most, I liked the other departments less. Some of the requirements are useless in a larger view. Many aspects are regulated excessively into administrative quagmire, much to the disgust of the majority of professors (who want to teach, not fill out forms for five different administrative divisions). I would like to see a respectable literary journal begin; money-allocation for the arts and events (as opposed to athletics). The English Department needs work though there are standout professors. I came across an “expert” in Century Modernism who didn't know who Louis Zukofsky was. Which is as bad as an "expert" in the History of Psychology being ignorant of Adler.
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I went to UNCA for three years for my second BA (in Math and Econ). It was awesome. It is a small school so most classes do not have more than 25-30 people in them. Most of my classes only had like 10 people. It is great because you get to know your professors and they can become lifelong mentors. It is also a beautiful campus.
The University of North Carolina at Asheville is home to students that are leaders in change. We are a liberal arts university that encourages provoking thought among a diverse group of people who are open minded, progressive. UNCA is an exciting school to attend for any student seeking to live a successful life.
UNC-Asheville is a small public liberal arts college, located 2 miles from downtown Asheville. It's a great school for someone who wants to challenge the way they think about many different aspects of life and also give themselves a well rounded outlook.
The University of North Carolina at Asheville has a unique, diverse community. Classes are challenging and rigorous. Professors across campus, especially in the Psychology and Health & Wellness departments, are brilliant. There is plenty to get involved in on campus from literary clubs and political groups to sports and academic organizations. On campus job and research opportunities are vast. In fact, UNCA has a service-learning curriculum meaning all students will participate in some type of community service as an amendum to certain courses. I have enjoyed the service learning projects I have been a part of. The food on campus is good too. I prefer Rosetta's Kitchen. There they have scrumptious organic and vegan selections. UNCA is a small school with about 3,800 students. I personally love the small classes and community atmosphere that come with that. Just walking around campus I always see someone I know whether it be a student or professor.
I love UNCA! Within a couple of weeks I found where I belong and I've made a lot of friends. As a freshman in my first semester, I'm president of one club and have an on campus job doing what I love. The class sizes are small and the professors are great. Even the campus police are awesome :)
The professors I have for this semester are so engaging and passionate about their classes it's hard to dislike them. They take their courses seriously yet understand that we're first-year students so we're still transitioning into what's to be expected of us.
I'm a very cautious person as is, so I haven't really been around late at night but I've seen the campus police make events for improving campus safety. Security measures and safety services are very serious here.
Everyone here, at least in my building, are pretty relaxed. The rooms are nice, amenities are good, the housing process was easy. Things are pretty smooth here.
I don't have any real knowledge of how sports are here yet, but so far my suitemate, who plays intramural sports, is really invested in it and says it's alright.
I've only been here a few weeks but it's pretty good
This is a place for everyone. Even if you have to search.
I haven't heard of anyone having issues getting a job after they graduate. Faculty is very helpful in connecting you with resources.
I have never felt unsafe on campus
Love it! So many perks.
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Not your typical Greek Life
Big, but only to certain groups
I wouldn't feel at home anywhere else.
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