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UNCG is a great school. I have always felt welcome since day one and I feel like the school genuinely cares about each and every student.
Very diverse school and always has events going on for it's students! If you work with the teachers with any problem you may have they'll work back with you. Teachers and the people that work at the school want you to have fun and to succeed in life!
I am a freshman at UNCG and I think it has a lot to offer for people who are interested in multiple things. The staff and professors are helpful and always willing to answer questions. The student population is also very diverse. There are many campus activities every week.
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It is a great learning environment with professors that really push you to reach your goals. Also there are plenty of resources on campus to help you figure out where you want to be and how to get there. Student life is also great it is one of the most diverse campuses in the UNC system and the school always has on campus events for you to attend and have fun at.
The campus is so diverse, and that is what drew me here. I love being a part of the campus community. We have a lot of things that go on, which makes it easy to get involved. I felt included from the moment I stepped onto campus. Staff is really approachable and easy to get into contact with. If someone seems lost, people have gone up too them and asked them to help them. That is unique for a college. I love this school so much.
I love how diverse this campus is. It truly is one of a kind, everyone's involvement is wanted on campus and activities going on.
Great campus and friendly staff and faculty. Made it a warm welcome for a second-degree student. Professors have answered my emails in a timely manner. Even the financial aid office and more distant offices have been quick to respond and get me in touch with the proper personeel. Also - the professors received their PhD's from amazing schools like Johns Hopkins and Harvard. It's a great school to attend and am proud to be a part of it.
This school has some of the most caring teachers I have come across. It has great diversity with its students and incredible opportunities for further learning and jobs. They hold several career fairs for colleges and future jobs. Some students start their future job before graduating. I cannot describe how wonderful this school. Although their Kinesiology Department was going through changes while I was here their were understanding about outstanding credits and working them into your major. As a transfer student they made it as easy as possible. Again, the people are amazing, the teachers are great, and they give so many opportunities.
UNCG has a world-class music program and produces high ranking performers and musicians. I would like to see older buildings on campus updated to look much more modern.
I am a freshman in UNCG and I am having a great time here. The professors are well-educated in their fields. There are many clubs to join. The academic buildings are close enough to each other so students can go to classes in reasonable time.
The campus is beautiful and spacious, but also close together, so extremely long walks aren't necessary . The staff is willing to work with you and help you prosper. There is a lot of cultural diversity which allows people to learn and understand more about the world around them. The campus has emergency stations every where you look, making sure that the campus stays safe at all times. Food is served in the café and could not be better. There is fried chicken Wednesdays and food truck Tuesdays which definitely adds variety in food choice. There is also a dj on the lawn for those days that bring about a feeling of home and togetherness. This school is in the heart of Greensboro so there are a lot of events outside of campus to attend to. UNCG is overall an amazing school and is home to many different majors and opportunities.
The campus is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and diversity is celebrated, what more could you ask for?
I attended UNCG for five years. The experience overall was okay. It is a good school for anyone who stays on campus but for commuters, it is difficult to find a parking spot, which you pay a lot of money for, unless you have an 8am class. Most of the experience was positive except for some instructors.
The campus is very friendly. The dorms are very pricely even if one is smaller than others. I enjoy the teachers because they care about students mental health, academic awareness and the students growing with knowledge. I love my classes. I enjoy having an advisor help and encourage me my first and current year.
Just started but overall it seems to be a good school. People are nice, everyone is helpful. Teachers seem pretty good as well. Campus is great. Lots of things to do, great food choices and again, just started but it seems as though there are plenty of social opportunities for one if they wish.
The education at this University is outstanding, and the programs the school provide are very helpful. School offers so much opportunities here that's help you become this successful person you want to become. Student life is amazing the school advertise a lot of free events and also give away free items as well.
Attending UNCG is an interesting experience to say the least. On the grand spectrum, this institution has a wide variety of the classes and courses to satify the need for any major. Most buildings are within walking distance of most of the dorms as well as a variety of many restaurants found in the greater Greensboro area. However, there are many downsides. Safety is the greatest concern, but you might see your email feed popup of a suspect in the general vincinity of the campus. Depending on teacher ratings, you may be stuck with a engaging and enjoyable teacher, or a person with a job who does not have the intent of seeing your college career succeeding. Food on campus is average ranging from the tasting edible to almost bland with staff that lack consistency in the recipes and dishes that they make. Dorms, depending on where you stay, can be pleasant or atrocious with the low frequency of sanitation staff.
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Excellent campus, diverse student population, and energetic professors! University of North Carolina at Greensboro is known for its state-of-the-art fitness center!
I currently attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Although the campus is smaller, we have a lot of buildings. The food in the dining hall is average, but we have good dining options outside of there. Culture on campus could be better. The school prides itself on being diverse but could stand to be a little more diverse. On campus housing is average. Academics are stellar for the most part.
I started going to UNCG about 3 years ago after receiving my associates degree at a community college. From the beginning they were very attentive in helping me meet my academic goals in terms of time length and career preference. The professors were really involved in the success of each of their students even given the amount of students that were in their class. The lectures and materials that were provided by this University was essential to our success and preparation in our field of study. Needless to say, I consider my experience at the University of North Carolina Greensboro quite delightful.
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