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University of North Carolina - Greensboro Reviews

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Overall I think that this is a good school to go to. The professors are really nice, at least the ones I have had so far have been. Its a very diverse campus and the food is pretty good.
Very diverse and they have a club for anything you may be interested in. They honor everyone from different backgrounds and offer a wide variety of resources. From counseling to open pantry they will help you if you need it. The dean is the best and is very compassionate. I love him.
Only thing I would like to see changed is the security because of people just piggybacking into dorm housing after another student has used his credentials to unlock the door.
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They have a very strong business program but does have a few problems. The overall atmosphere is good but it is a pain to find parking anywhere in the city.
I love the sense of community at UNCG and that my professors are also professional artists that actively create art. They are constantly evolving and teaching new methods that they use themselves to help the students figure out what could work for them. There is a big sense of family among students and people are eager to offer help.
When I went on my visit it was huge eye opener that showed it was the place for me. It was a huge and lively campus that gave me a new outcome an view of college life that I will never forget
My experience at UNCG has been good, I am a transfer student and it has been very hard for me to get use to a very big school but overall its been good.
the university of Greensboro is very diverse and really cares about it's students. anyone I discuss about the college all have postive remarks about the college
Priority spending. Too many times I've seen money wasted on ways to fix or implement something that could have been done just as well or better for cheaper.
UNCG Greensboro gave me a great experience since attending. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to have a safe enviornment and get a great eduation.
I love UNCG's ethnic and cultural diversity. I did not go to the school with that as a criteria but grew to love it over time.
Relatively low cost. The academics can be really good, a lot of options and variety on cool classes, just make sure to do the research.
I am a junior and long distance learner at UNCG. So far, I have been satisfied with the academics and student life. Long distance learning has forced me to make the most out of the online learning platform. UNCG's online programs are well designed and implement a variety of learning materials such as lectures, readings, and interactive environments.
This is my second time going to UNCG to earn my degree in the arts, this time with arts education. This university is constantly changing and accommodating to students of the 21rst century. There are green bikes and scooters on campus for students, there are free charging stations at your convenience. There is always something fun and entertaining going on campus, with clubs, organizations, gallery events, sports, music and plays. My professors are amazing! They will engage you with the very best knowledge and push you beyond your standards to achieve your academic high. You will have a great experience here, very welcoming and excel in your classes!
As a junior, I have really enjoyed my time here at UNC Greensboro. I have met some of the most amazing people and the professors here really care about their students.
I had a family that attend to this school, every time I went I was always welcomed and everything was always safe and secure.
Everybody is eager to help you extremely friendly. The campus is well groomed and not super confusing to navigate. They offer MANY study groups/tutoring options for no cost.
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I love how the professors are very accepting and engaging. I would like better parking for commuters.
I love UNCG. I think it is a beautiful place to learn. Most professors are understanding and helpful. The residence halls are nice (overpriced but nice). I have very few negative things to say about the school besides the cost. It’s a great school!
UNCG is a great school, they have a wonderful and diverse campus environment and, there are a lot of different ways for students to get involved on campus.
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