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The campus is beautiful and not too big. There are plenty of activities on campus or around campus each weekend; everyone could find something they like. The food at the caf is pretty good, but can be repetitive so it's best to switch it up every now and then with the other food places on campus or around campus. Classes are great for the most part, though the large lecture classes can seem overwhelming. If you need extra help, the professors honestly care and will help you in and out of class.
My experience so far has been good. This will be my second year as a Spartan. I would like to see better and more in depth advising. The staff have been very helpful I would like to have someone that can explain and guide you more about what careers you can have depending on your degree. Students should have more one on one to discuss if they need to pursue a masters in their field or if they'd have ample opportunity for employment with a BS degree.My experience with other students have been good and student interaction has been good.The workout area and gym with swimming pool is awesome and staff very helpful.
The networkin and student career center is very helpful. The environment is positive and there are many organizations to get involved in. The social life is amazing and I would recommend my college to any incoming high school graduates!
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Overall, campus grounds were always safe and very well kept. Buildings for various subjects and Majors were clearly divided and denoted, and public utilities were ideally functional. Only complaint is that on-Campus housing could have been better, but options to choice from in that regard were still very reasonable. Have to be carefully which professors you choose in some instances, but was otherwise a reasonable experience.
As far as my experience at UNCG. My first year was great I met a lot of people and the campus became easier to navigate as time went on. The food is very good and has a broad selection range. Also, I enjoyed going to the different on campus activities they had throughout the year such as homecoming. One thing I would like to see change is to maybe have more on campus school sponsored events such as gym jams and sleep ins things of that nature.
the school is a very good place for intellectual challenges overall it's a great college, but in my experience they're not very well prepared in the event of an emergency to accommodate the needs of their physically disabled students.
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a magnificent art school with endless resources. I am a current sophomore and have grown up around the area with no intentions of going to this university. I soon realized it was the perfect school for me. The resources UNCG provides is amazing and any help I need I know I can find it on campus. There is plenty of groups and organizations if you are into that and great sports teams as well. My UNCG experience has been way better then I could have ever wished. I am studying Nutrition Science and cannot put in words how talented the professors are.
This campus is very diverse, allowing students to meet and learn about all different types of cultures. The staff is there to help and strive to meet the needs of every student.
I enjoy going to UNCG. There is so much diversity and opportunities for the students to grow and prosper in their studies and as people.
My first year at UNCG was interesting. First semester was definitely tough. Although I am hoping to transfer, UNCG is a good starting place.
I would like to see the university aid in helping the students be more successful. Students basically have to fend for themselves. It’s almost like throwing a child into a pool and expecting them to just swim. The child has a 50% chance of surviving. I’m a psychology major. This department doesn’t give you a set advisor. You have to set an appointment with an advisor in the department. The advisors include professors as well as graduate students. Each advisor tells you something different which can get very confusing. The university doesn’t give the students many chances. I was academically suspended due to psychology problems. It affected my grades and they made me take a year off. During that year I didn’t give up. I continued to work and I recieved my associates degree. I’ve returned to the university and hopefully I will graduate in the fall.
On the UNCG campus there is such much diversity! The campus is beautiful, the learning opportunities never end, and there is a community feel to the environment! UNCG easily feels like home!
I knew I wanted to go here since my junior year of high school and I stuck with it! Our school is very good on creating a safe environment for diverse kids and it is always an activity to attend on campus.
The campus is beautiful and small enough to walk to classes in a reasonable time. People are great and there are a lot of resources for furthering your education. I have been here for two years and the faculty are really caring and want nothing but the best for you. As long as you apply yourself and show that you are serious, they are willing to help in any way they can. People might say that the cafeteria food is terrible, but we have it pretty good here. There are other schools out there that don’t have nearly as much as the cafeteria has to offer here. I absolutely love it here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
I am a freshman 2018 at UNCG and am looking forward to the college experience as well as the academics as I pursue my nursing degree.
The best aspect of this university that I enjoy is that the student demographic is very diverse. I believe that the professors and instructors are very professional and teach their courses very well. The tight proximity of the campus is very helpful for students to get to their classes and activities that they need to attend. However, there aren't many activities to do for students on campus and the party scene does lack.
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro provided a welcoming and open environment for ideas and the flexibility to try different programs during undergrad. The school was a great experience and allowed me the chance to grow as a student and find my future path.
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Lately there's been a not-so-great vibe at UNCG. A lot of the students are struggling to stay motivated. I've been told by many individuals that they are talking to therapists to deal with UNCG college life & maintain their mental stability. On a more positive note, all of our facilities are top-notch. We have an amazing Rec Center & the best caf in greensboro.
I am a soon-to-be student at UNCG and have toured the campus a few times. The environment on campus is wonderful and the basketball team did some great things this past season! I'm looking forward to being a part of the family in the coming months. So far, I'm looking forward to calling this place my home!
UNCG is a great school, in a beautiful location. I do not have experience with the housing or the on campus food options, however I have never heard a bad thing about it. The courses offered are diverse and appeal to a wide array of students. The only thing I would like to improve is the book rental program. Rental books are still very expensive, and spending $500+ per semester on books adds up a lot after a couple years. In addition to this, the safety of the area is not great, as it is in the middle of downtown Greensboro, but this is to be expected.
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