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University of North Carolina - Greensboro Reviews

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I love UNCG. I think it is a beautiful place to learn. Most professors are understanding and helpful. The residence halls are nice (overpriced but nice). I have very few negative things to say about the school besides the cost. It’s a great school!
UNCG is a great school, they have a wonderful and diverse campus environment and, there are a lot of different ways for students to get involved on campus.
Good teachers but need work on advisors for some departments. Cam also be a challenge in setting a schedule. Great for walking to class among the trees!
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Very diverse and excellent job assistance. Excellent school for any major. I had a Computer Science degree here and UNC Greensboro is definite choice for any top student. The only schools that look better on a resume will be ivy league.
I really like my trombone professor and the overall feeling that the leaders care about each individual person.
I have enjoyed my first year at UNCG. The classes are challenging but the professors are very concerned and more than willing to help you. The campus is very nice, like a small community. The classes that I have taken have helped me learn more about nursing. The nursing program at UNCG is very competitive and strives to give us the best education possible in order for us to be the best possible.
Big school opportunities with a small school feel. There’s something for everyone! So easy to get involved in something!
I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I am studying Kinesiology. So far, attending UNC Greensboro has been a great experience. It has been great experience because I have been excelling in my classes, meeting new people, and being involved in organizations and the community. Being at UNC Greensboro has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and not being afraid to be myself. I highly recommend high school seniors to consider applying to my awesome school.
So far my experience at UNCG has been really good. Before I really found my home in my major and friends I was mostly on my own, however now, I love the school and I know I can always find a friendly face around campus!
The one thing I like the most about UNCG is the atmosphere that the community of this campus brings to the table. To see so many students, professors, and faculty create such a helpfully and friendly environment just amazes me. There are so many resources here on campus to help you through college, it just makes me thankful that these people are willing to work with students to help them get to where they want to be in life. Things can get hard, and sometimes it feels like you're stuck and headed to failure. But when you realize you have the accessibility of aid from your peers as well as councilors and advisors, you realize there's nothing holding you back except your willingness to commit to your goals. I highly recommend anyone to attend UNCG, see the G, and to make lasting relationships with the faculty and student organizations.
At first, I attended a community college and I wasn't sure on what college to go to when I decided that I was going to transfer, and this school just didn't get the lighting it deserved at first, then all of a sudden, I figured that they had the program I was looking for anyway, so why not apply. So, I decided that I wanted to do a college tour, and when I stepped foot on campus, I was fascinated by the diversity, campus life, and infrastructure. It felt homie in a way as if I belong there. Afterwards, I said to myself I have to go there after that day. I got accepted and things have be very wonderful ever since. My wishes were to get into a college were I can feel comfortable and grow there as a person and there faculty and staff will always make sure I will prosper in other positive aspects as well. I definitely look forward to becoming a Alumni.
I loved my experience at UNCG. They provide you with the tools you need to succeed. They appreciated their students and often held events to keep students interested. The Business School is Amazing!! They provided students with so many opportunities and organizations to get involved in.
Beautiful camps with a friendly environment, everyone is very welcoming. Many valuable resources for free; such as the math center, writing center, speaking center, tutors, career center. Greensboro is a community and we come together to help the best we can. UNCG also is very involved with the students and our interests so having a good time is inevitable. My first year was great because I was blessed enough to attend such a wonderful college.
This University offers me so much hope by giving me the power and opportunities to challenge myself and succeed. Its a diverse campus allows me to prepare myself for the real world and helps me find my own way as an individual.
There is a diversity of academic programs to choose from and many online courses which are convenient. The value of the school is great as it is not costly in comparison with other universities, yet you still get a quality education.
Overall, everything was fantastic. Good people, good facilities, and good faculty. I'd say the biggest things that could be improved are expanded courses in certain fields like computer science and a switch back to including a wired internet option.
I got my Associates Degree and then transferred to UNCG, and I absolutely love it. I was really nervous about going back to school, but the atmosphere is great and I have met some really great friends and teachers.
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My experience with UNCG has been fantastic so far! I've had great access to all of the tools I need to further my academia. I'm an art major, and the opportunity to expand and grow into further mediums you've never experienced before is wild here. The 24/7 art studio is fantastic for crunching in long time running projects, and I'd love to make more use of my time there as a student.
Good location, mostly excellent professors. I get sick at the cafe a lot though. They're a very green, very diverse campus and they make a point to remind you of it throughout being enrolled there.
Great school to attend. It has all the things that you need to make for a successful transition to the workforce.
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