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If your strength in school is memorizing texts or information, then you should have a nice time here. I personally prefer classes where original thinking is promoted, where I can show my creativity and really discuss things.

As an English major, I expected my classes to be challenging in that way.
Instead, they are challenging because they force you to do mundane, boring readings and memorize them. Frankly, I know a lot of stupid people that go here--some that literally admit that they can't think for themselves, who have 4.0 GPAs or close.

Like most at this school, I'm progressive, but I find that even the other progressives don't really know anything. This is the nature of UNCG. Maybe this is college in general, I couldn't tell you.

The school has an artsy reputation but most of the writers and artists I meet are actually pretty terrible and somehow are still pretentious about it.

The fountains are kind of cool.
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro's campus made me feel at home, and as soon as I walked on campus I knew that is where I belonged. I am in the theatre education program, and could not be more excited about how things have been turning out for me. The dorms are clean, and I love living on campus and always being a part of the action.
I love it at UNCG, there are somethings that need to be worked on but overall the school is great and I love the atmosphere of it.
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The campus of uncg is beautiful The professors are approachable and willing to help you reach your goals.
I would like to see an upping in their security, safety procedures, and campus police department. There have been a few scares and violent situations that shouldn't be ignored. But I overall think UNCG is a beautiful, diverse school with a lot to offer. It is surrounded by a lot of buildings and functions. It seems like their is always something to do. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is very attentive and helpful when it comes to registering and answering questions. I am a senior in high school and I plan to attend UNCG for four years and many more years to get the many degrees I'd like to obtain. I just wish books and access codes didn't cost an arm and a leg.
My experience at UNC-Greensboro was phenomenal. Very good campus, the people there are very welcoming. Academic wise is outstanding.
UNCG is a very nice place for an education with a variety of majors. Professors are professional as well as very relatable. Class sizes are small so you can have 1-1 discussions with the professor. Professors also want their students to pass, they will make sure you understand their content for their exam or essay. They want you to understand what you are learning more than being nervous about passing your exam. If you try hard they will help you. UNCG Career Services is also very helpful with finding internships and jobs after graduation as well as during school. UNCG is one of the most diverse schools in the UNC system, which is great because you get to meet people different from you and you learn from them. UNCG also guides students when changing major if necessary as well as counseling if needed. It is also one of the most affordable schools that gives a good education.
This school is very pretty and the food is great. The dorms in my opinion are a bit expensive for just leaving in a 13ft by 13.6ft room with someone else but other then that I think the schools pretty good.
My experience at UNCG has been short but it has made a difference in my life from learning about all the different people you meet.
the campus was very pretty and very open. There are a lot of good restaurants to eat at on campus and they're a very safe campus
I like the variety of student services and fields of study, but I would like to see an increase in our standards in admissions, especially since we cannot geographically expand unless we want the surrounding neighborhoods filing lawsuits left and right. I think UNCG is a venerable school worthy of being more selective.
UNCG is a campus that is open to everyone as it is very inclusive. There is a numerous amount of clubs that are easy to join so no individual feels left out. The professors are dedicated to perfecting their students' knowledge. I am very proud to say I attend UNCG.
Although I’m a freshman of just 6 months at UNC Greensboro, I can say this school is awesome. Campus life, the professors I’ve had, cafeteria, etc. are all great. My only complaint is the dorm I’m staying in. It’s an older building with no elevators. My room is on the second floor. Moving in was hard bringing all my belongings and things up the stairs to the room. I only hope the room assignment I get in my sophomore year is in one of the newer buildings with elevators.
I love UNCG. it is a very diverse school that focuses on providing the best education for those enrolled
This a great university! Very diverse with age and culture. The professor's are terrific, caring, invested, and encouraging to students.
The atmoshpere at the college is very friendly. It may be a big campus, but it isn't overwhelming. everyone is very nice and you aren't just a number.
I love the environment of UNCG. It feels like a second home. I would love to see more people join our great community.
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The university makes me feel extremely safe even when i am walking back to my dorm late from the library because we have the special police that will escort you to you destination when needed. I have recommended UNCG to all of my younger family and friends
Very good School for Commute not so much on Campus Safety should be more of a concern for Students and faculty and cost
The University of North Carolina is very diverse. On this campus I have always felt welcomed by every individual I have come in contact with. Some of my teaches I have grown close with and all around it is a pretty good school. I major in biology and one thing I would change is the difficulty level. I make great grades in all other departments and classes, however the science department is overly tough. I struggle each yeah with making a decent grade. I know college is tough work but the amount of stress I get from my science classes I believe could be reduced!
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