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University of North Carolina - Wilmington Reviews

1,567 reviews
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University of North Carolina Wilmington was my top choice when applying for schools in high school and I am so glad I choose here! The teachers are really good about being helpful and making sure I understand what they expect. It isn't an easy school but we are given the resources to succeed.
UNCW is a wonderful university with quality professors and a beautiful campus. My time there was memorable and prepared me exceptionally well for grad school. Seahawk Village is an awesome place to stay campus! The beach plus the films and TV shows that are constantly being produced in Wilmington make it a unique and extraordinary experience. I am now at UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler business school, and my professors here have referenced the Cameron School of Business as the NC business school they consider 2nd to their program. If you know anything about UNC, you know that is high praise. I feel lucky that I have had these experiences at both institutions, and I would recommend UNCW to students who want a laid back campus atmosphere combined with rigorous study, especially at Cameron.
I am currently a freshman at UNCW and absolutely love this school. It has helped me to develop into a more mature person and truly allowed my personality to flourish whilst attending. I will always recommend UNCW to anyone who is considering. The school offers an extensive array of programs and opportunities for leadership roles. The staff I have come across thus far has also been very supportive and helpful while attending their classes. The campus is very clean and there is always an exiting event to attend.
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UNCW is an open, welcoming community with an amazing student life and student unity. UNCW has a wonderful city life, with the beach and Wilmington both within ten miles of campus. It's wonderful in every way!
I love how new their campus and the improvements and expansions that they make to the campus each year.
Perfect location and the student body is extremely laid back. There was a beach blast to welcome students the first week back so there is free food and the beach! The faculty is interested in helping their students so take advantage of it. The only thing I would change is having a football team so there is a sense of school spirit.
I loved it since I was in middle school but a few things I would change about the campus is that there should be a smoothie station in the rec center and that they should have weighted sled, tires to flip, and another new additions to their rec center.
Experienced faculty that excel in directing students toward resources that will enable them to succeed. Financial aid classes offered to explain the novelty of managing college-related expenses. Diverse student population and multiple opportunities to broaden educational background and promote cultural sensitivity in foreign countries and locally as well. Studying on the beach? Just say yes!!
Coming to Wilmington has been the best decision I have made. I truly feel like I am where I belong at this school. The school and area, is beautiful, and everyone seems to care about it. I love how everyone longboards/skate boards, and bike all over the place. There is definitely the nature, hippie vibe to this school.
I have enjoyed my time at UNCW. There are lots of groups on campus that cater to a variety of interests. One of my first club fairs on campus I think I signed up for over 100 club interest emails. Once I joined a club it was fairly easy to make friends with others who share similar interests to mine. The library on campus is a great place to study or simply to just go for a quiet place to read. I find myself constantly in the library and then hopping over to the food court for a quick bite to eat. If I need some school supplies I go over to the bookstore where I have a variety of different colored binders, folders, and pens to choose from. I’m very happy I chose UNCW to finish my education at and hopefully I can come back for graduate school in the future!
Wonderful experience at UNCW. Very relaxed atmosphere with a diverse student population. School isn't huge, but it isn't small either which creates a great, independent work environment for the student.

As a recent grad, I was contacted by many companies that offered jobs. Happy to say that my first job (which I 3 weeks after graduation) paid over $50k + commission.

I transferred to UNCW after attending UNCC. I have been on campus at WCU, APP State, UNCC, UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake, UNCG, HPU, ECU, and Elon.....UNCW hands down. So glad I went to UNCW. Beautiful beaches and scenery.

If you are thinking about applying to UNCW, go for it. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.
UNCW is an incredibly well-rounded university that offers almost anything you are looking for, be that academic or activity-wise. The campus is beautiful and safe. The professors I have met in my department are enthusiastic and willing to help students in one-on-one settings. The local area is also a great community with lots of interesting, diverse places to discover. If you are willing to put in the work to achieve your goals, UNCW is the place that will help you thrive.
This is one of the best maintained campuses I've experienced. Travel time is cut down to nothing because of the close proximity of the campus buildings and housing. Experiences on campus are advertised efficiently, no experience can be missed.
This Spring will end my second year of attending UNCW and I absolutely love it every part I have experienced thus far.
I am currently attending UNCW for my second semester. I was accepted as a spring admit in January 2016 for the spring semester. The transition coming into the second semester was flawless and I met friends extremely easily. Everyone around campus is chill, laid back, and amiable. I immediately fell in love with not only the atmosphere, but everything the school provided. For example, clubs and safety. Also, the education is second to none. The teachers care immensely about their students and provide excellent learning. Overall, I love UNCW!
1.) The career center is subpar at best. If you are looking to sell insurance, the career center at UNCW is the right place for you! I've visited the career center multiple times and I have not been able to get any connections in any entry-level industry field. The seawork website(a website that the career center runs that includes any job openings) has few jobs and a non diversified job range to choose from. There are 76 full time, entry-level jobs on the website as of 12/7/16 with around 90% of it being in sales and most of it in the insurance industry. There is no help by the career center in getting a full time position after college if you are hoping to stay out of cold-calling insurance selling.
I transferred to UNCW this semester, and I have had an overall pleasant experience. The faculty and staff are helpful and friendly, and I feel more like a valued student than a random number. It only took me a few months to find a niche in the school and area. I can genuinely say that I am happy to be here.
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As an athlete at UNCW the community is very close knit and if you come here you are automatically going to be connected with friends. I cannot speak for non-athletes but if you are an athlete you can pretty much get into the parties unless it is a specific fraternity mixer or semi-formal/ formal events. Overall, great campus, great academics, great athletics, the only downside is the food.. get as many teal meals as possible
I am definitely in the right place. I am a creative writing major, and Wilmington has one of the best CRW programs in the country as well as a publishing lab and a literary imprint that publishes books. I am in heaven. I don't know how I got so lucky. The campus is beautiful and situated between the beach and the downtown/riverfront area. Wilmington is easy to navigate around. The one thing I don't like is the traffic, and the on-campus parking really sucks. I live off campus, so I bike to school and now I don't have to worry about that. Student life is great here. Most of my friends are from the creative magazine club, which I've attended every week for my almost 2 years here. Wilmington has an awesome community of professionals of every type, so people with all sorts of different interests can find future careers here.
I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the campus, which is primarily due to the smaller student population. This also contributes to smaller class sizes which really helps me learn. The lack of a football team is disappointing but there are plenty of other sports to entertain sports fans.
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