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I just finished my first semester at University of North Alabama. I'm fully employed, I have a wife and a daughter, so an online program was important to me. I don't live or visit the campus very often. But, the courses that I've taken thus far have indeed been great. They were challenging and I felt enlightened after completing them. I have great expectations for the following semesters.
The University of North Alabama is a wonderful place to attend college. The people there are so friendly and are very helpful in making you feel like you belong. The campus is beautiful, the fountain is my favorite part. The campus is not to big and not to small, it is just right. So glad I have been able to attend this University.
The University of North Alabama is a great school with fantastic professors! The school is small which makes walking to class easy. Parking can be difficult, but they are working on fixing this issue.
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The University of North Alabama is an exceptional college in the state of Alabama. It is one of its best kept secrets. From the connections with the community and the networking inside of the campus it is mind-boggling. You don't go anywhere and not see a friendly face. It's small enough to create relationships with your professors and they know you by name. And sometimes if you miss class they'll email you just to make sure you're okay. If that doesn't scream that this is a safe, friendly, fun environment; I don't know why you would pick anywhere else.
Wonderful experience there over 20 years ago. Campus has definitely upgraded in beauty and more attractive than ever. Looking forward to the athletic teams moving to Division 1. Hope for continuing educational success and beyond. Roar Lions!
I love UNA!! It a great school. The people are friendly and there is a great community surrounding this university.
The day I went to visit the University of North Alabama, I absolutely fell in love with the entire experience. Everyone that I talked to that day was really nice, and knew how to answer the questions my friend and I had. If they didn't know the answers right off, they made it a point to find out and help us understand. All of the students I encountered that day seemed very satisfied as well. Needless to say, I applied to the University of North Alabama after just one visit, and I'm sure it will be one of the best, yet easiest, choices I have made so far.
I love how this school is so involved. There is always something going on and great encouraging people all around. Only change I would like to see if or parking issue being fixed.
Overall my experience at UNA has been great and feels very different then what I'm use too. the college experience has brought lights to me and made the experience more exciting on my part. I cant wait to see what else is in store for me here at the University of North Alabama.
I love this University. The professors are very helpful and treat you like family. The students here are very nice and become great friends.
It is wonderful! The staff is wonderful and the campus is beautiful! I'm beyond blessed to go to the school of my dreams!
I love the community. I have loved in Florence my whole life and I thought I knew everything about it. UNA is so welcoming to all and always has your back.
I have had a pretty good experience here at University of North Alabama. There is always something to do when you're not doing school work.
I loved my professors in my field, which is Computer Science. They are always willing to help out in any way possible, and are very willing to help you find internships and help you find jobs after graduation. Some things I do not like about UNA are some of the basic requirements for each major. I do not like how they require so many basic classes that most of us will never use. Another thing I do not like is the housing situation. I live in Covington hall and I have found roaches on my toothbrush before, as well as in the kitchen. This is more on the Student's fault, as most do not know how to clean up after themselves apparently.
The campus is beautiful and just overall breathtaking. It's also a wonderful college, but mainly for the upper class. If you don't look a certain way don't bother.
The University of North Alabama is a great 4 year college right here in the heart of Alabama. They offer so much in way of sports, college life, education and even the area around the campus in Florence and the Shoals is a wonderful place for young people to start their lives! The majority of students seemed very open to tell about their own college thoughts and even how things could be better. Overall the UNA visit was very good and has helped on my decision making!
Has a beautiful campus. A outstanding music program and great faculty and staff. Location is perfect. Football stadium is big and campus spirit is huge. Academic programs are impressive. I look forward to attending this school in the fall of 2017!
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My experience has been mostly positive with a few negative experienceside. Most of my issues involved living on campus, the registration process, and financial aid services.
The Career center is extremely helpful in the resume building process, and even finding part time jobs while still studying.
The UNA SNAP team really help to ensure students aren't walking alone at night, and run all night long.
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