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By far, the main aspect of the University of North Alabama that I enjoyed was the student-teacher relationships. Class sizes are much smaller than at a major university; therefore, students are able to build stronger relationships with their teachers. This greatly benefited me because I developed a great relationship with one of my first college professors here, Dr. Hunt. Over my four years of undergrad, she assisted me in finding volunteer opportunities and even helped me get an internship in my desired work field and field of study. Being able to develop these relationships with our professors also assists us in learning how to effectively and confidently communicate with our superiors in different sectors, especially in the work sector.
I love UNA so much! I'm a Criminal Justice major with a Crime Scene Investigation minor and I couldn't have a better experience.
The University of North Alabama is a great school located in a town with a large amount of history and a unique personality. The teachers and staff love the school and do everything to make it succeed. I have only experienced the best education and assistance I could ask for. It is truly a great school.
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One of the best features of UNA is its beautiful campus, historic landmarks and almost year-round warm, sunny weather. The south is known for its hospitality and people here really are friendly. You walk through campus and your gaze inadvertently falls onto someone and they smile at you. You can’t help but smile back.
Another great advantage of UNA is primarily small size classes, approachable and truly caring faculty, and number of services offered to students.
Even though the South is known for its conventionality and dogmatism, most of the youth, including UNA students, are more open-minded and eager to learn than one would expect.
The only problem is, however, if you are an international student like myself, you will not find much transportation to get around in a relatively small yet exhaustively-long-way-to-Walmart college town. 99% of students own private cars and there is not much public transportation available in area.
Overall, it is a good school.
I am currently a rising senior at UNA. I fell in love the the university's scenery before considering attending. When I began my first year fall of 2015 I enjoyed the new experiences I was exposed to. The faculty/staff are great and really appear to have the students' education as their best interest. The main thing that the university needs to work on is diversity. This is a great university to attend if you like small class ratios and a small town feel.
I have really enjoyed my time at UNA, the teachers seem to really care about their student and they want us to succeed. I even had a teacher help me with my advisement issue with my minor.
I extremely enjoy the campus and the area that surrounds it. I picked this school because it is very diverse and I know I can succeed there. The on and off campus food is amazing. There is always on campus police there for your safety. I can't wait to be there this fall!!
Affordable tuition and cost of living. Visually pleasing campus with great professors for the most part. Florence is just darling and has a small but progressive art community. If you want to live somewhere you may make a mark on, come here.
Medium size campus which gives off a bigger school atmosphere. Some staff were helpful more than others. It is very diverse within the university. The city itself is nice. There also isn't much to do in Florence, so getting involved within the community is good and also groups within school is encouraged.
What I like about UNA is the environment, and the music business. The environment really opens up to me and hats why I think other people should go to UNA. It’s a nice open, friendly campus that ou can feel welcomed at.
UNA is a wonderful school to go to. It is very easy to get in-state tuition here and they have many collaborations that makes opportunity thrive here. UNA is not a school for many STEM majors, but they excel in nursing majors, music, arts, math, biology, chemistry, business, and education. They are expensive, though, so be careful on how much financial aid you get.
Small class sizes! Awesome professors! Research Experience is applicable to all students. The President is great. If you want to be involved we have over 140 different organizations to choose from. Inclusion, great food, fun experiences, good value, options for scholarships.
This university has a beautiful campus and great class sizes. It is great if you're looking for a smaller university.
The staff and students are so kind! The first day I went there I felt like I had made new friends. All of the ambassadors giving tours were so helpful and caring. Besides the great people the school also has a beautiful campus! The same designer that designed central park designed the campus. And you can tell it is truly unique.
The university is one of a kind it's the oldest 4 year public university in Alabama the campus is a nice scene great people
Throughout my first semester here at UNA I have really enjoyed myself. The environment here is like no longer and even if I'm far away from home it still feels like home up here. The people here are so nice and the campus is absolutely beautiful. The professors are top of the line and will help you at any time you need them. They are on a first name basis with every student which really makes you feel like they know you and care about you. I wouldn't trade UNA with any other college in the country and know for a fact that I made the right decision coming here and I look forward to my next four years here at the University.
UNA is a distinguished and respectable college that competes with the larger Universities in the state. My experience has been wonderful.
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When I came to UNA, I was hesitant about actually staying there for long. Coming from a small town, walking onto campus and meeting so many different people was a culture shock, but I got over it. I have made friends and I love the teachers. The campus is beautiful, we have Chick-fil-A in the commons, and the fact that we have live lions on campus is amazing. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to further their education and strive to become part of a community.
The experience is great. The campus is very diverse and the university is very community orientated.
The University of North Alabama is a great college with a beautiful campus. The University has many degree options to choose from and is willing to help the students achieve success in any career they choose.
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