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This university has a beautiful campus and great class sizes. It is great if you're looking for a smaller university.
The staff and students are so kind! The first day I went there I felt like I had made new friends. All of the ambassadors giving tours were so helpful and caring. Besides the great people the school also has a beautiful campus! The same designer that designed central park designed the campus. And you can tell it is truly unique.
The university is one of a kind it's the oldest 4 year public university in Alabama the campus is a nice scene great people
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Throughout my first semester here at UNA I have really enjoyed myself. The environment here is like no longer and even if I'm far away from home it still feels like home up here. The people here are so nice and the campus is absolutely beautiful. The professors are top of the line and will help you at any time you need them. They are on a first name basis with every student which really makes you feel like they know you and care about you. I wouldn't trade UNA with any other college in the country and know for a fact that I made the right decision coming here and I look forward to my next four years here at the University.
UNA is a distinguished and respectable college that competes with the larger Universities in the state. My experience has been wonderful.
When I came to UNA, I was hesitant about actually staying there for long. Coming from a small town, walking onto campus and meeting so many different people was a culture shock, but I got over it. I have made friends and I love the teachers. The campus is beautiful, we have Chick-fil-A in the commons, and the fact that we have live lions on campus is amazing. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to further their education and strive to become part of a community.
The experience is great. The campus is very diverse and the university is very community orientated.
The University of North Alabama is a great college with a beautiful campus. The University has many degree options to choose from and is willing to help the students achieve success in any career they choose.
The school is gorgeous but they don't handle some situations well involving harassment of students.
I have enjoyed my experience at UNA thus far. The campus is phenomenal and so is much of the staff. I also have enjoyed living in the freshman dorms; they are very up to date, clean and well staffed! One thing that is frustrating, however, is the lack of available parking and the abundance of parking violations given this inadequate parking.
I am just now transferring and they have been so helpful. Always by the phone to help, and answering all my questions.
I really enjoy the school. The teachers are wonderful and always want to see the students do their best! They're always there to help you and make sure that you are understanding.
University of North Alabama is very cozy and the people are extremely nice and there is a lot of diversity.
What i like about The University of North Alabama is how friendly the staff and students are. The Athletics and Band program at UNA are outstanding and the times i have visited have been outstanding.
UNA is a great school . It's a great campus with nice people . It is the first school I applied to and fell in love with at the moment I got here . Now that I'm here the only thing i would like to see a change in is upgrading the food in the cafeteria and upgrading our safety .
Love UNA! Beautiful campus, amazing faculty, awesome students! So many things to get involved in. UNA is easy to navigate and everything is within walking distance. Only downside is parking is hard to come by.
I really like the fact that everyone is, if not welcoming, at least nice. Everyone here is so nice and it's wonderful.
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I like how how easy it is for freshmen to find buildings and how kind the professors are. I would change the ease of access for the dorms.
My mother graduated from there and I am now pursuing a bachelors degree also. The staff if very friendly and helpful.
I absolutely love the campus. Seeing the fountain light up at night is an amazing experience. The population is diverse, and there are lots of opportunities to meet new people.
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