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UNA is an amazing university filled with professors that actually care about you and so many resources. I originally fell in love with UNA for its beautiful campus but the relationships that I have developed over the years with friends and professors is unreal.
I, personally, have not felt at home at the University of North Alabama. It is a great school, but not for me. I long for the "big campus" feel, but this is just not where it is seen. The classes I have taken have been very easy. There is not much school spirit, and I'd love to see more of that.
This is my first year at the University of North Alabama, so far my experience has been great. I love the diversity of student from different walks of life, I get to learn about their culture, and of course the food which I love. We also have a system at the university called snap. Snap is a transportation system where if I or everyone didn’t feel safe walking, we can call someone from snap, and they would take us where we needed to go on campus which I think is a very good system to have. One thing I would change or add would be more restaurants or food trucks so we could have more options.
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The campus and surrounding areas are beautiful. All the students are very involved and polite. Band students are treated as equals to athletes and cheerleaders. The main change I would enjoy seeing would be a better, closer to campus, football stadium - as the one they currently have is shared with the local city high school.
AWESOME... it’s home away from home. The town and surrounding communities are very welcoming. They have a diversified local farm to table cafes and boutiques. The only thing I wish they had in town was an Asian market and an affordable Thai restaurant.
I love the campus it very beautiful with each build how there own unique style. I love seeing the lions. The people in una are very friendly and if need help then ask and they will definitely help you in anyways
I have just recently been excepted into the University of North Alabama, located in Florence AL. The few interactions I have had with the students and staff at the university have all been good. I was amazed on how fast I was excepted into the university and the staff does what they can to help you get all your financial stuff taken care of. I am looking forward to starting my first year at UNA.
One of my favorite things about the University of North Alabama is how friendly and "at home" you feel on campus. Staff and students do an amazing job making this university feel like a community, or one big family.
Currently enrolled in the online BBA program & it has been a great college experience thus far. Wide variety of courses, professors are industry leaders as well as educators. Faculty and students are international and bring a wealth of knowledge to create a unique learning experience for all age groups.

The online programs allow great flexibility with work schedules. The University of North Alabama offers traditional, accelerated and hybrid courses to allow you to create a course schedule that works for you. Tuition costs for all online programs are at in-state tuition rates. UNA is a convenient and quality education for both traditional and non-traditional students. One of the best decisions I made in continuing my education!
I absolutely love it here. They have so many great features. They make sure every student is well equipped for classes. All the professors are great. They take the time to make sure you understand the material. I would recommend this school to anyone
This College is amazing. I was worried about moving away from my family for the first time but as soon as I got here, North Alabama felt like home and now I am here for my third year and I don't believe that would belong anywhere else.
The University of North Alabama is full of top rated professors and the best courses. The campus is beautiful. The campus is very diverse and offers programs through the semester to engage students.
When i have visited there, the environment has always been welcoming, kind, and open. The campus is clean, beautiful, and filled with diversity. The music program is one of the best in the state, and the academics is thorough. The teachers seem to be just as nice as the environment.
The University of North Alabama (UNA) is a wonderful four-year university. The professors are all accommodating and willing to help their students succeed in the next chapter of their life. UNA also has an Early Scholars program which allows high school students to take college classes for college credit that will be transferred upon graduation. Overall UNA has a relaxed atmosphere and promises to help students achieve their goals for higher education.
Good school. Needs better communication with students about grading system parking and housing. Not enough parking and signs to alert of no parking areas. I am a little scared about the graduation rate as well. A lot of students do not make it four years. Perhaps they should focus on more informative professors and teacher and professor interactions.
The University of North Alabama is a great college that provides students with several opportunities that go beyond academics. This university helps you to establish opportunities that will enhance your graduate studies or career development.
I love the University of North Alabama. I have met so many new people and my professors are also very helpful in any way. Grades are really important to me and the University of North Alabama has helped me keep them up. The only thing that I wish would change is the parking issue.
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North Alabama is a wonderful educational opportunity with friendly staff and a welcoming environment!
The students and faculty are very welcoming and helpful. Everyone says hi to each other and give off an overall happy atmosphere. I love the class sizes also, with smaller classes I have a better relationship with my professors.
So far I have liked being at UNA. The professors are really great and willing to help students during office hours; additionally they are very personable and want to help their students succeed. The other students are nice and the overall climate of the school is great. UNA is not a huge school, but I enjoy the smaller, homey feel of the school
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