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One major thing I loved about the university of New Orleans is how friendly the staff and teachers are! One thing I wish that could change is how friendly and caring the students are.
I like how the professors are approachable. I haven't run into any professor that does not seem genuinely interested in helping a student. I transferred from a private university and I realized that it does not take $80,000 a year to get a really awesome degree.
The University of New Orleans is a place of acceptance. Most of the students are nice and non judgmental. If you don't feel like you fit in most places, UNO will change your mind. They make everyone feel like they have a place in society.
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The school is very diverse and you could meet a lot of people. The campus is nice and all the building are close.
Philosophy Department is small, but top notch.
The online classes are excellent. People are nice. Classes are small which gives you more attention from professors. Professors are very committed. The tuition is low. New Orleans is a great City to be in. I love this school.
The university is great. A commuter campus but people still get involved. Being in New Orleans there are plenty of activities to get into. The academics are great and anyone will tell you it is not easy.
I liked the simplicity of admission, Liked the small campus where everything is nearby, liked the campus atmosphere and its friendliness. I like that is close to the lake and the view is great. I like the number of students per class where it is not big or small just the right number of students per class.
I love the P-Plunge events to get the freshmen involved in campus life. They offer many activities and clubs for all sorts of people to enjoy. I wish I lived on campus in order to go to all of these events, especially the first semester. The work load in classes has been easy enough to balance so far.
I've never been scared to walk by myself and I'm a girl so.
I like everything about this school than my previous high school.
It's a little biased as to who gets a job.
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
The cable and wi-fi are "free" but they don't work. Free laundry is a perk along with literally having convenience stores located in the dorms.
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
It seems really integrated into the school.
The athletic teams are very well supported.
I honestly love living o my own here and staying in the dorms.
We have a career center that helps students look for part time jobs and internships while they are studying.
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
Most professors I met are great. They enjoy what they teach and care a lot about their student's success.
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One of my friends have been a victim. She told me that she filed a complain but no one responded.
I do not live on campus but I do have couple friends who do and they told me it is great.
This campus has a good amount of Greek. However, I am not part of it.
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