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UNO has professors and administrators who really care and want to see you succeed. Campus life could be better; mostly a transfer and commuter school.
I transferred here from LSU and my experience has been nothing but amazing. Especially working on campus and getting involved has given me numerous opportunities I never thought I would have.
The school is very diverse in its culture, clubs, and food. The campus is huge and its full of fun and exciting things to do everyday. The professors are very well educated and are helpful. They are willing to give help and receive criticism.
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University of New Orleans is a good school with a diverse population and a welcoming community. I would like to see more focus on student safety with the recent occurrences of violence on campus.
University of New Orleans is a welcoming and friendly place. You will be appreciated from the first day you walk in, to the last. I am so happy I chose this school. They give me the option to stay her for my masters in education and not have to transfer to the other school. The professors are amazing and truly care about each one of us. I am so glad University of New Orleans takes pride in their students and want all of them to succeed.
I love the University of New Orleans. I have received an amazing education and could not be more thankful. They have so many things to do inside and outside of the classroom. Affordable and cheap.
This university is really good and half the cost of other big university’s in Louisiana. You get a really good education and the environment makes it better to focus, being there’s not much distraction going on
UNO is probably one of the best universities in USA. It's one of the most diverse universities in USA.
My experience at the University of New Olreans has been amazing so far. Most of my professors have been really informative as I learend so much from them from the classes I've taken as of right now. One thing I would like to see change is the way in which you could seek extra tutoring aside from what they already offer studetns to help out more with studying a certain material one might not understand.
Great school and great value. I spent 7 years at the school earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Over the years I look back and realized while the school is not the most pedigreed institution the academic rigor and affordability helped make me who I am today.
Great school, good teachers, the people here are down to earth and fun. The food options aren't very diverse and they definitely should work on their buildings, not to mention there isn't that much to do close by. But you still have fun.
University of New Orleans is a great school for those who are commuter students or transfer students particularly. It is not a traditional university that has a large student life, but there are things to do and activities are planned. The University challenges you academically, and a lot of the professors are invested in your education.
I really like the size of UNO, and the dedication that most of my teachers have to teaching the students.
University of New Orleans is an excellent university, I feel it gave me a firm foundation for future success. You can always tell a UNO graduate, they are very independent and confident.
UNO is a great school. It is very academic and research based. Any science major would be more than satisfied going to the University of New Orleans. Liberal Arts are not forgotten though - the Performing Arts Center is immaculate and all LA departments are well-staffed and helpful.
One thing I would like to see UNO do more is reach out to its students. It attempts to, but the social functions don't appeal to the student body like larger schools. They also are not the best with advertisement. I searched out schools in New Orleans and discovered this campus. Few people I was friends with in high school had even heard of UNO before I went there.
My boyfriend goes to this school and when he brought me there a few times for his freshman orientation, it was very clean and the people there were very nice.
The university seems to be stuck between community college and public university. The technology in some colleges is falling behind, and a few of the buildings are in need of some repairs.
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Easy transition from high school to college. From the advisors and counselors all the way to most of the professors, everyone is pretty friendly. I learned my way around campus pretty quickly and whenever I need help with something, there's always someone that is willing to help. They helped me work through multiple programs to help me decide on a major and help me set up a four year plan. The tuition isn't bad at all so that's a real bonus. Classes aren't extra large so the student to teacher ratio is good. Basically everyone is nice and is willing to help someone out.
I love UNO because it is not a huge university. The professors are able to get to know you and help you one on one. Everyone is really nice and accepting.
Studying at U.N.O has been a fun and eye opening experience so far. I made new friends on the first day, have two great roommates and even though I am more of an introvert, I find myself participating in tons of college events. The food is good and the recreation center is cool too. I am very pleased with my experience. My only beef is the laundry room. The washing machines take a very long time to complete a cycle and the dryers leave damp spots on clothes. Barring the occasional run-ins with the laundering machines, campus life is good.
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