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UNO has done a complete 180 in the past 3 years and is now an amazing university in one of the best city’s in the world. All my friends from all over the country constantly come to visit and you can never run out of things to do. Medium size school in a big city is the best way to go.
The food in the Galley is trash. I eat the same things everyday (pizza, grilled cheese, pasta) because there are little to no vegetarian options.
The campus is a lot more empty and quiet than I thought and hoped it would be, but it’s not too bad because it’s calming sometimes.
Privateer place is the apartments on campus; I haven’t lived there but I heard it’s outdated and infested. Pontchartrain halls, specifically north hall, is perfect. The WiFi is bad and half the time the water isn’t hot, but we have a convenience store, a kitchen that’s always clean, free laundry, and no bugs at all.
There are lots of clubs but they’re not as active or progressive as high school clubs.
The sports suck. There’s no football team and the soccer team is out of control. I tried being on the soccer team but there were way too many people and no way to tell who was on what team. Not to mention only the guys compete against other colleges??
UNO is a university small enough to be personable with your professors and big enough to have the recourses of the bigger D1 colleges in the area. Love it here
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The University of New Orleans is a tremendous university to attend. As a Business Administration student and taking courses through the UNO College of Business Administration allows each student to take courses with a group of highly professional and intelligent staff of professors.
What I like most about UNO is the extremely diverse group of people. I wouldn’t change anything about UNO, I’ve had a good experience so far.
The University of New Orleans offers a great academic environmwnt for both under grad and graduate students. My time here has shown me how effective the renowed business program here can be especially at such an affordable rate.
The University of New Orleans is a good school especially for international students. Being from this city and attending this university makes things even better knowing the campus and any surrounding events going on.
My experience at University of New Orleans was amazing! The campus is very diverse and friendly. I made friends with 6 people in an instant at my first orientation. Walking around on the grounds of the university made me feel like I was in a better environment. Advisors stay on top of you so you can be successful and majority of the classrooms are small, which will help you focus and not get distracted. The only thing that I would change or add as I would say, is to include a football team at the university, because I love football.
This is a great school! I am a 100% online student and the organization, school systems, and academic classroom functions are incredible! I've had experience with other institutions and they could not compare. I would like to see more scholarship opportunities within my particular degree program (Interdisciplinary) however, overall I totally recommend this university to anyone in the area or who would like to attend online.
The University of New Orleans is an excellent place to explore and learn. The professors and others that work there are always friendly and help you out with what they can!
My overall experience at the University of New Orleans has been an amazing experience. Due to the small class sizes, the instructors make themselves available for help if you need it . The faculty and staff really do care about you succeeding in school and in the real world.
The University of New Orleans is a very diverse college fit for any student from any background. The campus is beautiful as much as it is safe. There is so many different cultural organizations and activities that goes on year round. I love it!
I like the University of New Orleans diversity, but the lack of campus life is quite upsetting, especially with the University being in a city as lively as New Orleans. I would like to see the lake being used more for events and activities.
The University has its ups and downs. The classes are very limited so making a schedule can be difficult and if you are in a STEM field the advisers are far from helpful. However the student life is amazing and it's easy to connect with people.
I love that UNO is a very small and clean campus. It is a huge commuter school but the students who actually live on campus, like myself, have no issues with campus life or getting to know people. UNO offers so many things and the staff and student government are very much concerned with what is best for us.
UNO has professors and administrators who really care and want to see you succeed. Campus life could be better; mostly a transfer and commuter school.
I transferred here from LSU and my experience has been nothing but amazing. Especially working on campus and getting involved has given me numerous opportunities I never thought I would have.
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The school is very diverse in its culture, clubs, and food. The campus is huge and its full of fun and exciting things to do everyday. The professors are very well educated and are helpful. They are willing to give help and receive criticism.
University of New Orleans is a good school with a diverse population and a welcoming community. I would like to see more focus on student safety with the recent occurrences of violence on campus.
University of New Orleans is a welcoming and friendly place. You will be appreciated from the first day you walk in, to the last. I am so happy I chose this school. They give me the option to stay her for my masters in education and not have to transfer to the other school. The professors are amazing and truly care about each one of us. I am so glad University of New Orleans takes pride in their students and want all of them to succeed.
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