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UNM is a wonderful school for academics. The medical programs are one of the best. However, the school is not completely safe. The lack of police in the city reflects on the school. The University of New Mexico is very diverse. There are so many new people to meet.
The University of New Mexico is a very good college that is very involved with the students. The campus is always filled with students and they have many activities for the students as well. The academics are great as there are many filled to study and learn at UNM. I live off campus but in a very well maintained and safe gated community along with many other students. Diversity is seen all around campus and its great to see people from all over the world and all the different races and religions all in the same place studying and learning together.
I like the campus and atmosphere of just walking around the campus. The teachers I've had were great, though some did not answer emails students sent and took a while to respond. There are a lot of activities that go on throughout the year so people can connect and meet other students. The safety could use some work. Maybe once a month you get an alert that someone on campus (student or stranger) has been robbed, harassed, etc.
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The classes are challenging and fun for students. The Professors are caring and want to see the best from their students. The school bookstore takes advantage of the students by lying about good pricing and the caring attitude they have for students. 0/10 would not shop from them again; also hate working there. Love the school, the classes, the students, and the professors.
The University of New Mexico is a unique campus. I have enjoyed many of the classes I've taken there, and the professors are pleasant and easy to approach. There are endless opportunities to receive tutoring, socialize with fellow students, participate in school activities, and enjoy what the university has to offer. The surrounding area is a little sketchy, and construction has made transportation near the campus difficult, but the shuttle service makes it easy to get on and off of campus without running into traffic. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, and a variety of clubs to join, many of which are run by students. Overall, the university has been a great start to continuing my education.
UNM is a great school for the array of degrees offered and the overall experience. The school is active in student activities, student health, and services such as the library and research options. Updating information for each school year is very frustrating and difficult as there is no easy way to talk to Financial Aid or Admissions. They are treated as one entity, called One Stop, which usually can't answer any of my questions. General knowledge of many areas is not a sufficient way to make students feel welcomed or even listened to. The One Stop is quick to take care of monetary issues, giving UNM a "business first" feel.
Housing on campus is great. UNM isn't a party school, and for the most part the student body works hard to earn their education. The main thing about UNM is that you get what you put into it. If you expect an easy education you'll probably get it. If you expect to actually learn something, the classes and faculty are there for you.
Pretty average experience. Professors are nice and are genuinely trying to help you succeed, parking is terrible and overall safety is poor due to location.
There are many opportunities educationally such as tutors and personable professors. There is a lack of financial aid and a need for larger Scholorships.
The University of New Mexico has a well-kept campus, with its very own duck pond for students to relax from their classes. It has a variety of food that it offers in the student union building known as the SUB. A lot of foot traffic passes through that campus from students, to weddings, and to quinceaneras. The only downside, tuition costs a lot.
By attending the University of New Mexico, I am automatically exposed to lots of opportunities however the academics are very different between the various colleges. It is hard to balance the workload in STEM with a job and social life.
The diversity is great and the students are just really great overall. Professors seem to care and will work with you as long as you're willing to put in work too.
UNM is a great school, but only if you're interested in the STEM field. Otherwise, the programs aren't great. The campus itself is very pretty, but located in one of the most sketchy and unsafe places in the city. Overall, it's very mediocre.
I've been to UNM for an array of occasions from High School Senior Ceremonies, Campus Tours, and National Honors Society Symposiums. The campus life has been quite exceptional. I really enjoyed UNM.
I love the on campus diversity. Everyone can find a place on campus regardless of their ethnic background and interests. The topics classes are interesting, however, it can be difficult to register for a class you need. There is a peaceful vibe on campus and many places to study. There are three fountains and a duck pond, all which add to the peaceful vibe of the campus. The faculty and staff are all approachable and supportive. Many of the courses encourage research/independent study by incorporating it into the course curriculum.
The University of New Mexico is a great school overall. All of the faculty especially in the criminology and American/cultural studies departments are very dedicated to the advancement of their fields and to their student's success. Their tutoring program (C.A.P.S.) is a very good thing to get into because they not only help you with any questions you have in math, but they also help you with writing research papers, foreign language help, and science help. The law program is nationally ranked. As far as athletics goes, basketball games are the most popular. The campus is right next to Nob Hill, which is an area known for it's restaurants and is also close to downtown which is where there is a lot of clubs, restaurants, and part of historic Route 66. If I could change things about the campus I would say that there should be more club sports. Albuquerque is not the safest city in the nation, but being aware of your surroundings and staying in groups definitely helps.
When first starting my first year here at UNM, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. The people all around are friendly which made me feel welcomed. The professors are very involved and care not only about your grade but also for your well being.
I have enjoyed my experience at the University of New Mexico. All my professors have been very good, and I have done well in all my classes.
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I am in my first semester at UNM and I love it so far. I am a non-traditional student pursuing a 2nd and 3rd Bachelor's degree after spending 4 years in the army post graduation. The classes are challenging and dynamic and the professors are accessible and reasonable.
The University of New Mexico is filled with several opportunities for people with different interests. I have learned, while being here, that many people have a passion for different occupations/majors. This has inspired me to follow my dreams in what I would like to see in my future. Being a diverse campus, different cultures are around me, and it is interesting to see their point of view of how they view the University.
I like that in the facility there is a lot of accessibility with staff and resources. There are food places in and out of campus close by and living quarters can be on campus or near campus with transportation available.
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