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The staff seem like they have know idea what they are doing. I honestly run around in circles all the time trying to get things done.
The campus is beautiful. The people are helpful and friendly. There are plenty of local food options in the area, that serve fantastic food. Very easy to get the help you need.
My experience at the University of New Mexico has been an overall enjoyable one. The campus is big and old, but they are trying to update it to be a safer, friendlier place. It is in the busiest section of Albuquerque. They recently remodeled the road in front of it to better accommodate the city buses. They added street lamps, which makes the area so much safer at night. There are less homeless people in the area. The curriculum is very good. Some of the professors were not, but overall, I have really enjoyed being in classes.
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Very efficient and nice. I love how everyone is friendly and positive. I like how we can pick our schedules. There’s always something to do. You can be involved in so many ways.
Overall, the University of New Mexico is a very good school. In the future, I would like to see an increase in diversity of the students and an increase in the quality of the food and dorms. Campus is very safe, however, once you are off campus the area is very sketchy and one should exercise proper precautions, especially if you are female.
It’s a really great college and the campus looks amazing. If ypu live in abq this is the best school for you. Special of your major os nursing.
Awesome so far. Really glad I got a chance to be here and I hope that it will only get better with my upcoming years as a college student and that it will provide a good foundation for my career.
I haven't attended this particular university, however all of my siblings have either graduated or are graduating from UNM. Based on their experiences, UNM is a very diverse campus with lots of activities that the student population can do. Not only are there gyms and sporting events available for students to attend, but also free clinics for the students to be checked for their health maintenance. Their academic programs are also great. They are considered one of the best schools to attend for the major of the nursing and that's why I decided to apply to this particular university. I can't wait to experience the amazing campus surrounded by great friends.
My oldest brother graduated from here. I have gone her multiple times throughout my high school years. My brother always told me never be on campus at night it’s very unsafe. Cars are stolen often.
The people who attend UNM are awesome. The people who work at UNM are fantastic but, the bureaucracy is hard to navigate.
UNM is an amazing campus with so much opportunity and room for growth. The campus is beautiful and you get the education you paid for.
I love the environment and atmosphere at UNM. Its fun friendly and easy to get situated to. However it's in a bit of a bad spot being near one of Albuquerque's busiest roads and bus stops.
The University of New Mexico turned the words “college will be the best four years” into a reality. I remember hearing that all throughout my high school experience, and doubting it everytime. I have found my perfect career match. Met honorable professors which were extremely helpful. My advisor was always very clear of what was expected from me. On top of that I have met an amazing group of friends.
It's a great college with a very diverse group of people. The classes offered are great. There is a lot to do on campus and off.
The University of New Mexico is different from all other universities because of its rich New Mexican roots which cherish culture, celebrate diversity and invite everyone with great professors & friendly staff.
The University of New Mexico has a diverse student body and curriculum offerings in diversity and cultural education.
Love the diverse atmosphere of the school, high quality professors that are truly passionate about their work and love to see their students succeed
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I love the campus and most of my professor but there is a sexual harassment problem. Girl are constantly getting flashed or groped. you run into a lot of weirdos because it is open to the public. But it is very diverse and there are so many interesting classes to take!
My experience as a student at UNM has been very challenging. I would like to change the fact that tuition and fees are very expensive.
I'm from a small town just north of Albuquerque so moving up to the city and attending a school that has thousands of students attending has been a really big change for me. The University of New Mexico has treated me well. I have met so many new people and my professors from last semester were so helpful through out my semester. I would not change anything for UNM.