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Some professors here are excellent, and some not so much. The Electrical Engineering degree essentially is given to you by Tarief. from my experience doing Optoelectronics and Microelectronics, the graduate/undergrad classes are exceptional. I cannot speak for the other tracks within the program.
I have enjoyed my experience at the University of New Mexico thus far. Most of my professors have been amazing and truly passionate about their work. I hope to continue my education at UNM.
Good University. Good weather year around. Good city location. Easy access Great professors with a non-socialist view of life.
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The University of New Mexico is a great college. The campus is very nice and the professors do an excellent job.
This being my first year attending UNM has made me realized how much I've fallen in love with this campus. Coming to UNM has been an amazing experience because not only have I've met sensational friends but also I've been able to grow as a student. This university has been able to provide helpful resources like CAPS tutoring and awesome organizations to get involved in. I'm currently in the ASUNM Community Experience group, where we've been able to connect with a diverse amount of people by volunteering and helping out within the university and Albuquerque. Living on campus has also been an incredible experience because of our close net community. Every week there is something to do on campus, especially in the dormitories, like: cuddling a canine, carnivals, free movies and most importantly free food/snacks! Being a part of UNM has given me unforgettable memories, close friends and fun experiences.
The University of New Mexico has been a great experience for me as an undergrad! The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the majority of professors are incredibly helpful and well-versed in their subjects. There's tons of events around campus all the time and an insane amount of clubs and organizations to get involved in. I love how many places there are to sit, study, eat, and even take a quick nap. I lived on campus my first year and had the best time. I now live in an apartment close to campus and walk because it's easier than parking. I really enjoy the atmosphere that comes with the closed campus. There are tons of restaurants and shops surrounding campus. You should be cautious walking alone at night around campus but that's true of any inner-city area. I love being a lobo and will carry what I've learned here with me for life! Everyone's a lobo, woof, woof, woof!
I am graduating this upcoming May and would like to share my experience with the University of New Mexico. I love the close knit friendly campus and all the University offers. For starters, the campus is beautiful year-round. The duck pond, located in the center of main campus is known for being a wonderful relaxing place for students to rest. People even take their quincinera and wedding photos there! UNM also has a lot of resources available to students. There are a variety of resource centers like the LGBTQ Resource center, Women's resource center, Student Health and Counseling services, and many more! The campus is very open-minded and diverse ranging from students to staff. UNM also hosts a number of events with student well-being in mind. I have always felt that I could reach out to any department and get all the help I need. I am now graduating and will definitely miss UNM and all it has done for me.
I have had a great experience at UNM! Everyone is friendly and there's lots to do all the time! Professors are super understanding and are truly invested in our education, which helps encourage me to keep going when I am struggling. I have been able to discover my passion with the help of my professors and advisor. If you're thinking about coming to UNM, you should definitely do it! You will not regret it!
Good college offering many degree programs including certificates as well as bachelors degrees and graduate programs. Generally friendly campus. Only negatives are parking and the location is on one of the streets with the highest homeless population.
Overall, I think UNM is a very affordable option for most students, especially NM residents. Over the four years I have been here they have done many renovations to the campus itself which is vastly improved. There seems to be a lack of consistency in the quality of professor and curriculum, however it is decent overall.
My experience at unm is great. Just maybe more Parking. The parking on campus is not really accessible to campus dorms. It is there but not too much places to park.
The University of New Mexico is a very good university for the price. Many people underestimate it but if you give it a chance, you can get a really great education.
The campus is well-taken care off and overall clean. There are also tons of resources on campus to help students succeed and get through classes. Most of the teachers are helpful and polite. The food on campus could be better but isn't bad. If I could change one thing about the school it would be how expesive parking passes are.
It is a great university at a great price. I attend the medical school and am very happy with the professors, advisors, and education quality I am receiving. The safety aspect could be improved!
My experience at UNM was great. The professors were always willing to help. The classes were engaging. The only suggestion I would have would be to stay away from the online classes since lots of the professors don't record lectures. Receiving a PDF of lecture notes is not the same as hearing someone lecture.
I love the feel of the campus and how exciting everything it. The only thing I would change is to make finding information more clear.
I like the idea they have a lot of student body so many classes and programs are open. Yet, I feel need to improve. During my first two years I only had lecturers instead of professors giving me classes. This is so inconvenient because you if you wish to apply to another university or scholarships, they request you a recommendation letter from a professor and you are not able to since your teachers do not have the title of professor.
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I have been attending UNM for a little over two years, overall the campus is great! The professors are experts in their fields and strive to make the college experience as simple as possible. I work two part time jobs, in the army, and go full time and my professors are great with helping around due dates. The school isn’t a party school for the most part and the security on campus are all prior LEO’s. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at attending a well-round 4 year university. Go Lobos!
My overall experience with the University of New Mexico so far has been excellent. The professors are amazing and take the time to work with you one on one, if a students needs extra assistance and the professors office hour time are not compatible they are usually good at scheduling a time that works for you which is very important to me as a student myself. The aspect of the University of New Mexico that caught my attention was how diverse the community is and the sense of belonging that I believe everyone feels. The only aspect that I would change is the location of the University, it is in a rough area of town that attracts various amounts of crime.
I found a really difficult time fitting in at UNM. It was a hit or miss with almost all of the professors and once word gets around about which professor you didn't want to get, it seemed as if tough that was the only one left. It was always a race and everyone wanted the same professor because usually there is only one good professor for each class/subject. Even though I had a rough time in the two years I was there, there were so many options and so many different paths you can take at this school and a student will never be bored here.
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