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I wouldn't say that UNM is a bad school nor is it a great school, somewhere in between. It's pretty average in all aspects. It doesn't seem to be exceptional in any specific areas of study, but that doesn't necessarily mean the academics are poor. If you're looking to get a general college education this would be a school for you.
I love how the teachers thrive to help you succeed and the opportunities the university offers to help you achieve your goals.
The University of New Mexico is an amazing college to go. The staff and students that go there are very friendly and open willing to help others as well.The teachers are there for every student to succeed and get there degree. The scenery around campus is just mind blowing. During the evening you can watch the sunset hit the Sandia mountains which is breath taking. Everyone that goes to UNM is very involved with the school some way or another. When it comes to sporting events we come together as a school and show school pride. One thing I would change about the campus is that I would want the homeless and protestors off our campus because it has caused many problems at our University.
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The University of New Mexico is a clean in safe environment, security are always on patrol. Safety comes first. The college is always traffic with students.
Since I was in middle school that was miles away from the university itself, I was lucky enough to visit the University of New Mexico once every few years to visit the campus, getting a feel for it and the many courses it offers. The university offers many opportunities from free pizza nights in a few of the clubs to their many ranging leadership positions.
I am a non- traditional student and I have enjoyed my experience at the University of New Mexico. When I started at University of Mew Mexico I was a little intimidated because I was so much older then most of the Student. I found that every professor at UNM are more than willing to help each student secede. I am very grateful for all their support.
The University of New Mexico has so much to offer to the students and staff. It is a community that embraces diversity and different cultures. The students are able to experience college through a variety of activities such as clubs and sports. It is a very open space that allows people to be themselves. The staff/advisors help you in every way that they can to let you grow and succeed. Overall I believe that it is a school that receives all of its attendees with open arms, caring about every single one of them.
Most of the professors are great! Opportunity to make Awesome connections with networking events as well as extra curricular projects.
UNM is a great research school. Here the tone reflects on how we can engage with our community better, and how we can get there. There are a lot of professors with backgrounds that are just as unique as an Ivy League college. Personally, I would have chosen UNM over an Ivy League after first hand getting to know the professors and their extensive backgrounds. Before college, I wanted to go to the best of the best, but I was also unsure of whether I could do it. UNM has given me so much confidence, that I would repeat this experience one thousand lifetimes over. You wont regret it, I can promise that.
UNM is a very expensive college for in state tuition and out of state tuition. I would like to see the cost of tuition decrease greatly for students at UNM.
This is a public University, which is considered the flagship university in NM. I started here as an undergraduate, and now am completing a Masters program. UNM has something for everyone who is considering enrolling.
Attending the University of New Mexico was my first time not only living alone, but living on the mainland seeing as I am from Hawaii. It was cold and was not the best environment for me. The campus was clean and well kept, although there were multiple instances where people were assaulted or dorm rooms were broken into. The college parties that were good or memorable were few and far in between.
I really like all the work that's being put into the campus. Recently they have been renovating a large portion of campus to make it look more appealing. Some of the current building are quite old which also means that the insides of the buildings are outfitted with older equipment. But the buildings that are newer have great equipment and it's nice. UNM is located really close to downtown Albuquerque so there are a lot of things to do around UNM. Although, at night the area around UNM can be quiet sketchy if you stray too far. At night, if you live on campus, you will occasionally see homeless people sleeping outside around buildings.
At the University of New Mexico, I've had a hard time with paying the tuition. On the other hand, the school has great resources and atmosphere.
I went there for one year before transferring to another program elsewhere. I would not recommend this school for someone looking for a typical "college" experience, but instead if you're trying to find a low-key, easy paced environment with a surplus of green chili its worth a look. Dorms are disappointing, and the student life is difficult to access, but its not impossible to love. I wish I didn't leave.
UNM has given me many opportunities in my career and I know they wouldn’t have been possible without the education I have received.
I enjoy the diversity of the campus and the presence of cultural architecture. I feel that this adds to the community experience of UNM. Academics are challenging and push you to try your best, which is something I very much appreciate.
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I have had some fantastic instructors at UNM and rather enjoy the campus. The location is not exactly ideal, but the campus itself is pretty nice. I think the class sizes are out of proportion, even for upper-division courses. You can definitely succeed, even excel at a place like UNM, but you have to be your own advocate.
Professors are great very engaging and very attentive to their students. They help however they can and answer emails right away.
The University of New Mexico is a very diverse and amazing school. They provide many opportunities for everyone and have different programs and support groups for minoirties if they would like to join or anyone else outside of those groups are also welcome.
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