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The University of New Mexico is a great school overall. All of the faculty especially in the criminology and American/cultural studies departments are very dedicated to the advancement of their fields and to their student's success. Their tutoring program (C.A.P.S.) is a very good thing to get into because they not only help you with any questions you have in math, but they also help you with writing research papers, foreign language help, and science help. The law program is nationally ranked. As far as athletics goes, basketball games are the most popular. The campus is right next to Nob Hill, which is an area known for it's restaurants and is also close to downtown which is where there is a lot of clubs, restaurants, and part of historic Route 66. If I could change things about the campus I would say that there should be more club sports. Albuquerque is not the safest city in the nation, but being aware of your surroundings and staying in groups definitely helps.
When first starting my first year here at UNM, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. The people all around are friendly which made me feel welcomed. The professors are very involved and care not only about your grade but also for your well being.
I have enjoyed my experience at the University of New Mexico. All my professors have been very good, and I have done well in all my classes.
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I am in my first semester at UNM and I love it so far. I am a non-traditional student pursuing a 2nd and 3rd Bachelor's degree after spending 4 years in the army post graduation. The classes are challenging and dynamic and the professors are accessible and reasonable.
The University of New Mexico is filled with several opportunities for people with different interests. I have learned, while being here, that many people have a passion for different occupations/majors. This has inspired me to follow my dreams in what I would like to see in my future. Being a diverse campus, different cultures are around me, and it is interesting to see their point of view of how they view the University.
I like that in the facility there is a lot of accessibility with staff and resources. There are food places in and out of campus close by and living quarters can be on campus or near campus with transportation available.
I love that there are many activities on campus for the residents. But the campus is an open campus and there are many homeless and non student people on campus. I've seen homeless people asleep in the buildings. The professors are great and very helpful. The university also offers many resources as far as help on school work and advisement. The food on campus is always fresh and accessible. The people on campus are very nice and I love the duck pond!
My experience at the University of New Mexico has been good so fat, but there were certain requirements during my freshman year that I was not sure how to do or what it meant and I did not know where to go for help. I think there needs to be more workshops to help with any students' questions.
The University of New Mexico is perhaps the most diverse University we have here in New Mexico. We have a massive community of the most intelligent, caring and downright best people in every major. We have an amazing environment and everyone who has been a Lobo will tell you the same thing. We work hard and we are dedicated to living our lives the way we want to.
I didn't receive enough financial aid. I wish I could attend. It would have been great.

The professors were excellent. Major GPA: 3.85/4.0.
Theres a lot of things about the University of New Mexico that are good. There are maps all over campus to find the place you are looking for. They are really good are showing school spirit and getting people involved. I cant really find a flaw in the University because everything about the University is good. They have different places to get food from whether its on campus or off.
I really enjoy how friendly everyone is at this campus. Compared to most campuses, the staff and students are lively and welcoming. It is important to note that this university is very large with nearly 27,000 students. Consequently, classes are large and many students and faculty have trouble finding parking. The university is essentially the center for most of Albuquerque's events and activities.
I enjoy the campus and environment very much. The students are typically nice and open to conversation, and the facilities are also nice. At times the surrounding neighborhood can be a bit dodgy, but as long as you are aware of your surroundings and stick with other people, you will be fine.
So far my experience with UNM has been great. My professors are all great and I have only had one bad experience with any staff on campus. One thing I would change is the amount of security patrolling the campus early in the moring and later on in the day. Also it would be great if they added more water fountains that have the water bottle refill attached to it.
Poor UNM, it's being screwed over by the cut of the higher education bill and expects hikes. Really, it's what I'd expect from any college with cafeteria food, gritty toilet paper, and a handful of professors who aren't always responsible on their end of the deal. It's just been a weird experience for me, so yours will be different, guaranteed. For what New Mexico has to offer, I'd say this is a great university.
As a transfer student from out-of-state, I really appreciate the ease of enrolling and getting previous courses assessed for credit. Staff all over campus is nice, and the campus is beautiful! The duck pond and the library are my favorite spots on campus. The first time I walked into the quiet section, I felt like Elle Woods. Their group area is fantastic, plenty of various seating options, outlets, and dry erase boards!
Fun experience with college, love it at UNM. Great Teachers and Peers you meet throughout the semester !
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I think The University of New Mexico will be a great school just by going to New Student Orientation it was very fun and such a great experience for me. I will be a Freshman there and hopefully great clubs there too.
This is a perfect college to go to if you like a diverse environment, along with people who treat you with respect! Great University!
The college has its pros and cons when it comes to activities and classes offered. The campus is very large and is being renovated. The libraries offer many things for students from computer access, wifi, and quite studying areas.
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