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The literal vibe when you walk around campus is so amazingly positive. You feel so genuinely happy just looking around how other people get to class or what they do on their free time like skateboarding, parkour and event playing an instrument.
Nice campus setup for a large campus. Easy access to dining hall. Apply for the honors college if you have the grades or the ACT scores. Have academic support services. It’s a big place so I’d like to see security stepped up. Disappointed about men’s soccer team cut.
I personally love the atmosphere of the college and the diversity that accompanies it. There are wonderful professors passionate about their craft and that is very inspiring. However, I think that the safety of the campus should be prioritized more.
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I’m not going to lie UNM wasn’t my first choice to attend college but it has honestly surprised my how great of a school it is. Now I know I sports aren’t the greatest in the country but the school spirit makes up for that. There are a few things that UNM could improve on and that’s helping students with their financial aid and improving the safety on campus. UNM is a public campus and it’s right off of central, which is known for not really being a safe place to be at night. Other than those two things I’d say UNM is a great school to attend.
The University of New Mexico is located right in the center of Albuquerque. The location is definitely not the best but it is not the worst either. The school does have their own police department which is very nice and makes the campus feel a little safer. The cost is pretty high compared to other universities in the state. Many of the offices work very slowly, especially the financial aid office. However, the academics are pretty good.
It has a pretty nice campus and the professors always want to help and teach you the best they can. I like it and i would recommend it to anybody that wants a good campus atmosphere
I like the wide umbrella of classes offered, and academic advisors are very helpful. The campus is beautiful, and the professors are excellent.
This university is very versatile in both the people and activities. I have only been here for a semester and have fallen in love with my classes, the campus, good dining, and most of all good tutoring and extra help that works with your time and any subject.
The professors were very educated in their field and they were easy to talk to. Also, my advisors have been extremely helpful.
the people are very nice and it feels like home. I have lived in New Mexico all my life and to be able to have a good college down the street from me is truly amazing. the medical school has been known for how good it is all across the country and it really does live up to that expectation. My mother went to nursing school there and she really did get the best degree possible that you can get for nursing. I would approve this school for anyone asking for a good medical school.
It's affordable and has popular majors that I am interested in! Also they have a beautiful campus that is breathtaking, especially there duck pond. University of New Mexico has a great medical and business programs which benefits me a lot.
I like the University of New Mexico, but the one thing I would change is how teachers are trained and how they hav veto train a class.
The University of New Mexico engulfs it's students within academics, sports, campus scenery, etc. However, due to lack of safety on the campus and a small percentage of diversity, the school could be slightly improved.
UNM is a great university to attend. The academics are great with even better professors. I love the atmosphere at UNM and always feel safe there.
I am a transfer student as a junior in my initial semester at UNM. I am enjoying the available topics of classes and study options. I like the professors teaching the courses. I am glad for the CAPS study groups and the Language Learning Center. I am also glad for refillable water stations throughout the campus.
I loved the size of the campus and how many resources it has. It has plenty of study spots and great food. The library is an amazing place to study with tons of chairs, desks, group tables, and more.
I really enjoy going to school at the University of New Mexico but one big problem is the amount of homeless people i see on campus, but other than that it is a really diverse, enjoyable school to attend.
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The staff seem like they have know idea what they are doing. I honestly run around in circles all the time trying to get things done.
The campus is beautiful. The people are helpful and friendly. There are plenty of local food options in the area, that serve fantastic food. Very easy to get the help you need.
My experience at the University of New Mexico has been an overall enjoyable one. The campus is big and old, but they are trying to update it to be a safer, friendlier place. It is in the busiest section of Albuquerque. They recently remodeled the road in front of it to better accommodate the city buses. They added street lamps, which makes the area so much safer at night. There are less homeless people in the area. The curriculum is very good. Some of the professors were not, but overall, I have really enjoyed being in classes.