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It's a great school that has many great programs. The main gripe that I can come up with is that crime does happen, can't really be helped as it is an open campus. Albuquerque is a relatively decent place, other than ART.
Overall, UNM is a great college. There is a wide variety of courses to take with a lot of amazing professors! Something I would like to see changed is that there be more pre-med advisers.
In my experience, the upper level classes at UNM are run by incredible professors and teachers who are willing to help you excel if you show interest and initiative. The Honors Department is exceptional. Academically, UNM is all I could have asked for and in-state tuition is extremely affordable. Student Life isn't anything special in my opinion, but the school is trying to offer more and groups appear to be growing. The area around the university has been a little run-down and sees some crime and this in turn runs onto the campus.
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Excellent research university with many diverse opportunities. Occasional administrative difficulties in regards to communication and credit but the faculty is fantastic!
The University of New Mexico is a very well run institution that does well to take care of their students. They offer many different resources to everyone and offer a very inviting and accepting environment.
I live about 40 minutes away from UNM Main Campus, but I make the drive there because I feel like it is the best school for me in my state. The culture, the professors, and the things I've learned there thus far motivates me to continue my education.
It was everything I hoped for. I knew I wanted to go to school in New Mexico and the value was too hard to ignore. I love my new life!
The teachers are wonderful and the campus is beautiful. The only downside of going to UNM is the amount of crime around it in Albuquerque. The school is highly spirited and there is always something to do on campus and tons of clubs that can be joined; you can easily find your place at UNM.
My experience at UNM has been phenomenal. While it could use improvements, the food court has great selections, and La Posada (the cafeteria) is usually good and is open 24/7, which is extremely convenient. The libraries are pretty neat and stay open for reasonable hours, with the main library staying open until 2 a.m. on weekdays. The surrounding parts of the city are sketchy, but campus itself is safe even at night. Theft of bags/bikes/belongings is common; don't leave your stuff unattended. Campus is large, so there is a lot of walking/traveling. The buildings and scenery of UNM are very appealing, especially during spring and early fall. Campus is socially alive, the gym is great, and the party scene is big in the city. Academics is top notch, and there are many resources to help you succeed in class (CAPS, tutoring, etc). In my overall experience, UNM is a very solid choice as a place to continue higher education.
Love the atmosphere and the generosity of the students! The professors understand the circumstances that arrive with new freshmen. The SHAC is an excellent place to go in when in need of counseling and medical attention. The staff are LGBT friendly as well. The programs and clubs are given the need to create a diversity as well as a environment of peace and family.
It is a big campus with a very diverse group of students, faculty and staff. It has multiple facilities and tutoring groups to help you with any type of study.
The community within the university is very diverse. Everyone is nice and the professors are very intelligent. The advisors are not the "best," so you really want to make sure you are on track to fulfill the requirements needed to graduate. There are many places to relax. The classes are not as rigorous as you would think.
Getting into UNM has been the best experience ever. I was a little afraid of transitioning from High school to college but with the help of my adviser the transition was easy and fun. I met the best people here and gained some really good friends. They have the best Spanish teachers.
The University of New Mexico is a college that provides many activities to be involved in on campus and in the community. The University is a highly diverse place providing so many oportunities to try new things and the experience new culture everyday. The University provides many different majors and their advisors are trained and ready to help with nearly anything the students may have concerns and questions about. Here they are involved in creating character and developing necessary skills for life outside of school. The one thing I would want to see changed here on campus is for faculty and staff to have a better understanding of student life, work, social, and family obligations. This would help to provide better scheduling on the professors part as well as better strategies to involve more students in activities around campus.
Currently, I am a freshmen at the University New Mexico. This university is great a university. The classes are great and the instructors are excellent. The campus is very nice and clean. There a lot of resources to help me with anything I need. The students are very diversity. The students are very nice. Campus life is very live all the time. This is a great college for everyone. I love being a lobo!
UNM is a great college to attend. As an in state resident, I have spent very little on tuition with the lottery scholarship. I am graduating with two degrees and feel that UNM has prepared me very well for the workforce.
UNM has a beautiful and safe campus. Professors are generally helpful and willing to work with students. UNM also has great athletic programs and teams. Located in ABQ downtown area, if the campus food doesn't hit the spot, there are many local restaurants within walking distance.
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The campus is very pretty, and although it is large the longest walk is 20 minutes. The classes are fun, and the dorm buildings are pretty great.
This school has very many beneficial degree programs to choose from. They have a good academic environment, the people are good, they have lots of options and diversity. But, there is so much partying going on here. I also noticed that there is a big dropout rate here.
I would like to see the listening of student voices and immediate active involvement in their interests. Initiatives have gone long unnoticed and are only uncovered when students demonstrate their frustration.
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