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I have made a great amount of progress at UNM Taos. Most of my professors and classes have been very interesting, and I have done fairly well. I am currently doing only online courses and enjoy them very much.

One thing I would love to see change is for them to acquire funding to get more help for Special Needs students. I had trouble in Math and requested to be tested, but I depend on financial aid. They told me that I would have to fund my own testing. If I had the thousand that they require to get tested, then perhaps I would not need the financial aid?? There are also facility problems that need to get worked out. UNM is, overall, a great 2 year institution. Perhaps one day they can be a bonafide 4 year university. That would be great for both the Town of Taos, and the students.
The online aspects are nice because you can see where you are at with course assignments. The professors always have assignments to communicate with other students and the professors also communicate mostly through the online programs.
The class schedules can be frustrating at such a small school. There are not duplicates of classes at different times which can make things challenging. If you need two classes sometimes they are scheduled at the same time so you have to chose one of them.
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I feel that my small school does the best it can. It doesn't have the most variety when it comes to classes or times, but the professors are always involved and caring. The class styles are usually very laid back but still have the structure every student needs. The class sizes are small which I feel is a plus because the instructors get to know you and have time to help everyone individually.
My school has many job fairs and career planning events. They also have many money management and stress management events, which I feel are very important for students to know about.
I have had a very intense workload, but in a good way. I have been able to get further in a shorter amount of time. The school has many professors who will stay and help you understand the material. Which is important in my field that I am going in to.
If I had a choice to do it all over I would still go to my school. I have had the most amazing advisors helping me choose the right path and plan to be successful. The school is very understanding to everyone's situation and instead of judging they choose to help.
The workload is not to stressful and you are able to save your process then submit it on time or a little late with no penalty. The professor/student is a little distant do to no face to face contact
At the moment I am not sure of these services.
The professors are willing to help in subjects of their own and a few others. The communication they have with each student is wonderful since the class sizes are not overwhelming.
While going to this school it sets you up to transfer to another to complete degrees. The career prospects are good in numerous areas of study.
The school has a close staff that engages with students well.
its always ok to ask any questions
A laptop is helpful but not necessary, there are several computers available as well free black and white printing. The network reliability is meh, although I think it has more to do with the town of Taos then the actual campus. The wireless access is EXTREMELY slow- don't expect to be able to do much on it. Streaming music is impossible and browsing websites is frustrating.
The campus is fairly small, and about 15 minutes south of town. There is nothing else really around it, so if you have classes all day don't expect to be able to walk to someplace for lunch. Either pack it or choose something from the limited and overpriced snackbar menu. The library is extremely small- located inside a trailer a long with the computer lab, so while it isn't fancy it serves its purpose and has a lot of resources and archives needed for classes.
Aside from a few free tutoring programs, there isn't a lot here.
I am thankful that there is a location near Taos just because of how rural our location is, and it has given me the opportunity to get ahead in my education. However, I am planning on transferring somewhere very very far away once I turn 18 and have gotten my associates. I don't think I'd be able to stay here much longer.
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A lot of my professors have been understanding about late papers and what not.
A lot of the classes can feel a bit remedial, but the professors are really great people and very understanding about people's situations.
I am currently on financial aid and it pays for everything except for a few lab fees.
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