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I am a freshman here. I had a rough start, I mean a really rough start. My grades were really bad. But the school had a lot of tutors and I felt that I can easily go to their offices and ask for help. So far I love it. I am a part of the Engineering LLC, but I am no longer an engineer. But if you get the chance, join one or become friends with those that are in them, it feels like family. I have met my closest friends here and the academics are really interesting. A lot of majors and cool programs. There is always something going on. One con which probably happens at every school, they send about a hundred emails a day to your school email. Also, I think some of the professors are not that great, but that is just my experience.

Oh, I live in Westside currently, so the nicest Freshman housing, so I can only say good things from what I have seen. But AVOID BETHEL!!! Often called the projects on campus. Avoid Bixler and Gerber too if you can. If not, choose one of those two.
I love the atmosphere of family that the campus brings soon as you arrive. The staff and students are all welcoming and inviting which is nice and reassuring. I would love to see maybe some more off campus transportation but other than that, I love The University of New Haven!
Its a great school! Specially as a criminal justice or a forensic science student, this school has great programs for anyone looking to major in one of those fields.
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The school is great and they offer lots of programs both academic and not. The biggest issue I have with the school is the cost.
I absolutely love the majors that are offered and I'm big on sports so it has the sport at a division I want. The campus is located in a part of Connecticut that isn't the best, but they make do. There's plenty to do both on and off campus.
My experience here has opened up many opportunities for me in the future. I have made so many new friends here at the university, and many new connections. The campus is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and there is always something happening on campus. There is a whole shopping strip on Boston Post Road, and the shuttle takes us to Yale which is about 10 minutes away. There's never a dull moment here at the University of New Haven.
Great academic programs and great faculty and staff. Military affiliated and friendly school. Overall great environment, although the food on campus could be better. Great internship opportunities too!
I love attending UNH. 99% of all the professors I have had have been dedicated to making sure the student is actually learning. The advising center is always helpful and attentive. My only gripe is the lack of inclusion of commuters. Though there are some things in place to make commuters feel like part of the campus, I feel as though more could be done.
The university of new haven offers a wide, diverse, and different way of learning. I for one hope to achieve oevrall success at the school. from the research I did before applying to visiting the school, I instantly fell in love, althoughmy mother did not want me to apply i convinced her and now I am commited to start in September of 2018.
Being a freshman in this school is very nice because they have all the opportunities that one would expect a college to have. They are extremely helpful and allow you to be exactly who you want to be. There are a plethora amount of clubs that allow the students to collaborate with others that have things in common with one another. Another wonderful thing about this school is that the professors want you to succeed. They want their students to pass and make it very capable for them to do so.
The university can feel dull at sometimes like is missing something. The education is good. But the school is missing something to make students feel at home and ability to get comfortable. The dorms are terrible. They need to renovate a certain ones on campus.
I only just finished my first semester at the Univeristy of New Haven but I already love it. I feel at home walking around campus and there is always help around if you need it.
Most of my classes are good but some professors are hard to understand and the food at the university is expensive and not as good as it should be for the price
I would love to go here and I have been accepted, I am trying to get scholarship money so that I can go to this school. I have done a handful of visits and had a few friends who have gone through this school.
I started coming here this year and so far I like it. The teachers put a ton of effort in to help you succeed but only if you ask for it. The food is good. everyone seems to complain about it but i havent seen a problem with it so far. overall good school
The University of New Haven has an amazing campus. One that is clean and provides a safe and nurturing environment.
The University is a great criminal justice school. I enjoy the closeknit community we have here. One thing I would like to see get better is the food.
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It is a good school if you put the effort into it. It has good programs and professors that really do care if you do well in the course. Also if there is something that you don't like at the university, there are people to that will listen to your concerns.
1. As an athlete, having to walk over 10 minutes off campus to get to the workout facilities is a joke! Not the best of areas to walk through either.

2. Food is horrible! The amount of complaints since the year has started is unreal and there has been little to nothing done about it. There needs to be a larger dining hall with more options or more places to eat for such a crowded campus like this.

3. The shuttles are unbelievable unreliable and never come after 12 or 1am if you are in downtown NH. Every time I have had to pay for an Uber back to campus.

4. The housing is atrocious especially for freshmen. I know we are not supposed to be in a nice room but unless you are in Westside or any of the new dorms, then you are shoved into a small cube with low ceilings and no storage.

5. Surrounding area is 100% not safe. The amount of shit that happens so close to campus is unreal.

Hopefully, I am transferring soon. Waste of $50,000.
Great School. Teachers are very helpful and push you to your limits. The CLR is a tutoring center which is open daily including the weekend. this pushes you as a student to go to the library and get the help you will need. The campus is very diverse and friendly. The dorms are spacious, and the school offers plenty of activities and club one is interested to join. The school is in West Haven, which has many local stores, and needs a student may need. The shuttle service is perfect for the ones that travel and may use the train station which is very close to the school.
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