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The University of New Haven is by far the best school for anyone looking to major in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Forensic Psychology, National Security, Fire Science, etc. Our programs are unmatched by any other school.
The University of New Haven is a good school. Although, for the tuition to be 50K+ a year it needs much improvement. Beginning from staff, housing, and most importantly food. There are so many schools with cheaper tuition with more amenities and opportunities. University of New Haven needs to step it up. Majority of the time U of New Haven isn't what was advertised to us before deciding to attend the school especially in student diversity and equality.
As a student who just finished their freshman year at this university, there were a lot of good things, but it also had its areas where it could be improved. For one, they keep contructing new buildings in old parking lots on campus, causing commuters to search for a place to park for an hour and be late to class. There could also be more variety in the food, as it is basically the same things every day. As for the dorms, there is one building that is extremely cramped and uncomfortable, but all of the others are livable and comfortable.
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Great. The people are so welcoming, funny and kind. The professors are helpful and also there when you need help.
University of New Haven has an excellent criminal justice program that allows us to utilize our analytical and critical thinking skills to help us excel academically. I do not regret my decision one bit
The University of New Haven is a very good college to attend. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and I am very happy with my education so far. There are many great professors that have real world experiences. This enhances the classroom experience for the students and helps me personally learn better.
Everyone is so friendly and informative from staff to the students. I’m looking forward to my daughter starting this fall.
While I only gave four stars to the university, it's only because nothing is perfect. Many times I hear some of my peers say "this school sucks", "this school has done nothing for me", but here is what I have to say to that, you are an adult. The University of New Haven has given me so many opportunities in the real world with internships and volunteer work. As a Sport Management major, the professors in my department are dedicated to making sure that we leave the university with the ability to get a full time job. They really do care about you and it just isn't the Sport Management department. YOU need to put yourself out there and get the help you need, there are plenty of guests speakers, social events, professional events that are going on campus. As I said previously, you are an adult, you need to make things happen for yourself. Yes, there are some professors that are questionably still teaching at the university but, that can go for every college. I would recommend going here.
What I liked about University of New Haven is they are able to give students an initial start on what they want to major by starting to do hands on. This is a way that can give students and opportunity to experience what there career is about and if it is their calling. I also enjoyed from New Haven was how students are dedicated in their education. New Haven showed how many students have graduated then from other colleges. This comes to prove that professors in New Haven are dedicated in being able to guide their students in their career. Changes New Haven can make is being able to go out to more high schools where low income students attend. This will show students how great of an education they provided. As well being able to provided more financial aid for low income students who desire to attend their New Haven.
I love the campus. It is a very welcoming environment. Most of the staff here have previously worked in the field that they teach.
I am currently enjoying the graphic design program at the university. The professors are amazing, and they really push you into real life situations in order to prepare you for the real world. As a transfer the process was very easy as the school even offers transfer meetings to discuss the program you are interested in applying for before you even apply. One drawback is the limited parking. As a commuter you have to fight for spots.
Academically, the University of New Haven has been amazing! However, they could improve in the campus food and the residential living areas!
It is not as expected. It is overpriced with a minimal payout. I refuse to recommend this college to anyone.
This is my first semester here and I honestly love most of my classes and my professors. All my classes are great and the experience I've had so far does justice to my choice to come here.
Overall the students and faculty are nice and generally want you to understand the subjects but the university is very expensive and I do not think the university uses all their money wisely.
It has provided a great college experience. I have been able to gain the necessary learning that is needed of me for the criminal justice field. I have been able to make quite numerous amount of friends, which has also been great.
Wonderful and caring professors who are willing to spend time working with you. There are countless academic and professional opportunities promoted at UNH. Many students are dedicated and focused on academics. The surrounding area isn’t great, but development is occurring and the area is becoming much safer. But if you’re looking for supportive residential life staff and quality housing, that doesn’t exist.
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So far this school has been amazing academic wise as a CJ and Political Science major. This school is not a major party scene if thats what you are into, you need connections for that. Also the meal plans are expensive for terrible food ( if you can love off campus you'll save a ton of money!! and get better food). The financial aid at the school isn't all that great it's still a lot compared to other schools. If you want to make your time here great you need to be really involved in the campus by joining a club or team.
As a current student here at UNH, I can honestly say that this university welcomes all guests with open arms. With all the student affairs it impossible to be bored and having nothing to do.
While being a student at the University of New Haven, I’ve learned so much about my self. Whether it has to do with who my real friends were or what type of food I like better. The people on this campus are very sweet and kind. I can’t wait to finish my years up here.
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