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Commuter school with no parking. Most professors are ok some are very unprofessional and horrible at teaching. You may luck out or you may not. Easy and a cheap school to get a degree. It’s ok, nothing amazing or special.
I am going to UNHM in order to save money while attaining a Bachelor's degree. I have had some very good professors, but also some very awful professors who it seems that they hired because they were desperate to run a class rather than wanting to find someone who can offer quality education. The campus is only one building, and the university rents it from a private owner who rents it 5 floors, and the 6th floor to another organization, which seems unprofessional to me. The campus being so small definitely contributes to the feeling that students are repeating high school - you get to recognize people in the school more than at a normal college, and the few events run feel forced and faked. I would only recommend UNHM if you are looking to get a cheap education, and you don't really care about the quality of the education itself or the caliber of professor you may get.
I really enjoyed attending UNHM. The class sizes are small and the professors are great. Even though it is a commuter school, student involvement does an awesome job at getting people to socialize and be involved.
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Academics, professors, diversity, safety: Awesome
What suffers at UNH Manchester is the lack of social life. It is unlike many universities, in that there is no social life! There is no athletics teams, no parties, so not much meeting new people. You WILL meet new people, but it's much more difficult to do at this college. The only thing that will make this college better is a solid social life paired with some college sports teams
I have loved the MSW program here. It is very realistic with being a working professional and getting my degree.
Understanding that this is a primarily a commuter campus, I wish there was more activities made aware to the students that we could participate in. I'll randomly come across a great thing that campus is offering, but the lack of talk/emails regarding the event often results in a poor outcome. If the school and the students were to increase their networking capabilities, I think a positive change would be seen.
The University of New Hampshire at Manchester is a place unlike an other to go to receive an education. The faculty and staff are there to help the students grow and they make themselves readily available when they notice any signs of struggle. The student population is extremely close as well. It is almost impossible to not turn a corner and see a group of students congregated in the hall taking about their academics, studying or simply relaxing together. UNHM is a place where one can feel at home and know that while they are receiving a quality education, they have people around them that are willing to help them reach their goals and succeed.
UNH Manchester is definitely for people who are more settled down, or for people who don’t really care about the party scene or student life. There are some clubs, and you can join Student Involvement which helps you meet new people. There’s a little café which sells Starbucks drinks, sandwhiches, parfaits, etc. If you don’t like any of the options there, Elm street is a minute away and there are a ton of restaurants and cafes there. The campus is in a single mill building, so you don’t have to go outside to get to class. I’m pretty sure athletics are none existent at UNH Manchester, although there is a running club if you count that. Finally, the teachers and classes I had my first semester were all fine. I liked the small size as opposed to the huge lecture style courses.
I love it here, I started at the Durham campus and it was alright, but I never felt like I was reaching my full potential. At UNHM, I am a person. I am on a first name basis with all of my professor, instead of being known by my 9-digit student ID number. The class sizes are small, which provides a more engaging and intellectual environment. I definitely feel I get my money's worth from this institution. The only thing I would change is more parking.
Students definitely need to make their own experience at UNH Manchester. Those who aren't engaged in their learning will quickly realize why that won't work - but otherwise, this school can be a powerful tool for you to learn exactly what you want. It's small enough to work directly with professors and program directors to chart a custom course of study if that's what you want.
Students are encouraged to better their career with the help from professors
The professors are very helpful and enthusiastic
Great securities who offers to walk with student
Living at home is the best!
I am not in a Frat, however, do know some brothers
The school has a lot of school spirit!
The school is so small, that most professors will remember the students' name
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Not worth the time, money, or effort.
They may seem like they want to help but they don't have a clue on what they are doing. Most of the "staff" are work study students. It's like the blind leading the blind. Need help paying for college? Well, go to the financial aid department, they will give you a robotic response and send you to a different department that "might know more about the answer to your question".
The security at this school is a joke.
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