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This University is gorgeous and has excellent academics. A lot of the classes are engaging and the faculty here are all happy to help you get adjusted to the community up here. It is so far one fun wild ride!
I've been at UNR for many years now and find myself wanting to come back here to get to experience its Medical School. The class sizes are fantastic, wonderful teachers, and endless amounts of resources to aid in the learning process.
The University of Nevada, Reno provides quality education in the sense that it's a tier 1 University full of opportunity. The engineering program contains a plethora of diversity because it offers undergraduate programs such as biomedical engineering and environmental sustainability engineering. Overall, UNR is great because of the opportunity that is here and, it is at a cheap price considering how prestigious the university is.
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I have had a great experience at UNR. The campus offers a variety of resources. The only problem I see is the lack of parking with the expansion of the university.
It's a fun college. It tries to be very technologically savvy, and it's pretty successful at it. I've learned a lot from it.
For starters the weather here in Reno is wonderful, the scenery is beyond beautiful. There are so many locations to explore and plentiful amounts of people to interact with on campus.
It is in a great location, close to skiing in the Winter and Tahoe for Summer activities. There are many housing options, and a clean campus. Safety could be improved.
Reno has a beautiful campus that is heartwarming as if you lived here all your life. The professors are like family, each and every one of them will go beyond their way in order to help their students. The education you receive I very affordable and well worth tuition costs.
I haven’t started at UNR yet, but I am familiar with the athletics and have toured the campus and I am impressed.
I like it a lot! The LLC is worth the money! Online homework is something to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it!
Great University, provides a lot of opportunities to learn and has many ways for you to study for test. Always has someone available to talk to whether it be personal or academic related.
Very open and great environment. Everyone is very kind and outgoing and always willing to help. There are many oppurtunities to get help if it is needed and the help is great.
The Campus is really big and spread out but easy to memorize and its always changing and adding new things. They have multiple food places and dorms. My favorite college
My first few months here at the University of Nevada - Reno have been nothing short of exemplary. The campus is beautiful and the professors are great.
The teachers are helpful with lots of outside study materials and study groups available. Online classes are par, if you put in the time, you get results.
I love this place! It is so safe and so warm and inviting. I also work on campus, making it that much greater of an environment. Professors are extremely helpful and want you to succeed. So diverse! Students are friendly and will help with anything.
UNR is a very beautiful campus! It so far is one of my favorite campuses. The vibe throughout the campus is very welcoming and so are the people. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to tour the campus. you won't regret it!
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Although I've only been in this university for a short amount of time, my experience as a student here has been phenomenal. There is always an event for students almost weekly and I love how the university is both small and big at the same time.
The University of Nevada is a school on the rise. Beautiful & bustling campus with a very involved student body and great academics. The area around the school could definitely be a bit nicer, but it adds some character.
It's just a typical 4 year university. Nothing special really stands out about it. The weather is rather nice when it's not snowing. The only bad thing about the school is that the area that it's in is really sketchy. I would be on high alert if I'm off campus because it's quite dangerous.
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