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The campus is beautiful and a variety if majors are offered. There is a lot of free resources to push students to succeed. Fun school with lots of outdoor activities within an hours drive. Parking is difficult, and it can sometimes be difficult to come by good teachers.
I'm just a transfer student from UCLA. Personally, it's the opposites. Seem more like a family city. Weather is extremely bi-polar, don't know if it's going to be sunny after an hour, it's became rainy.
I have visited the campus many times and it is always so beautiful up there! The atmosphere is wonderful and the antique buildings really are a cherry on top.
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University of Nevada Reno is definitely a great College for me. I have made so many friends in such a short amount of time that I can call true friends, many of us are on the same major and its just a great experience doing it with other friends who are working for the same goal as me. I have made so many memories in such a short amount of time that I couldn't be more grateful for. I also have just a overall well campus. It is very safe environment where I know I can be comfortable just being myself. I love the college University of Nevada Reno and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else/
The University of Nevada Reno offers students a path to success for all future endeavors. If you dive into the university you will find yourself with all the right resources and outlets to help you succeed.
UNR has been a blast so far, the professors are very good for the most part, there are some outlier ones. The campus as a whole is very nice and up to date. There is construction however which makes getting to class a mission depending on where the class is located. The food on campus is good, lots of trendy fast foods.
I love that at UNR each student can be themselves and everyone is accepted as they are. The school provides a safe environment and puts forth the upmost effort to keep every safe.
Once I stepped on campus, I knew that this was the university that I want to go to. It's modern with a touch of traditional and I love it. Also the new fitness building is amazing!
I like how the University is diverse with character and activities. It keeps the students busy and gets them to step out of their comfort zone. With that being said, the University of Nevada Reno offers a great range of academics ranging from a low level math class to the highest level computer science class. The school puts academics before anything else because they believe that we came here for education over things like a job, parties, or sports. This helps students feel more at ease and helps them really focus on their schoolwork. When I first came here, I was known to be a procrastinator. But, stepping into college classes, and actually having to pay for them made me do my work more than a week in advance and enforced my study habits.
I would like to see more engagement with the advisers. I do get emails saying to meet with advisers but I've never had meetings with the same adviser twice. The faculty is very available for the most part to be seen out of class and work with students on any issues they might be having in class.
The campus is beautiful and very well lit up at night. Staff and student workers are friendly and don't mind giving directions. Some professors are hard to deal with but there are really amazing ones as well. It has its problems but Overall it is a good school.
I love how kept up our campus is and how diverse it is. I feel comfortable going here and actually enjoy the environment I am in. One thing I do not particularly like are the people who come on campus and try to sell us things or anything like that. However, I can't get mad at that because they have their rights to say their opinions or try to get us involved in their community. The campus also has a lot of resources available for us to use.
Love the campus! The choices of colleges is diverse, and the advisors were extremely helpful. Answered all my questions, and referred me quickly to those that could help.
I am definitely at the right University for me. I worked really hard to get my Associates degree at community college and had many choices to go to university. I chose Nevada because of the wonderful support they offer the students, the beautiful campus, the strength of my major, and the location. I’m close enough to home but far enough to enjoy four seasons and I’ve met some wonderful friends along the way. I would pick Nevada every time!
I transferred here after I did a semester out of state in WA. I was deadset on leaving Nevada but honestly I didn’t give Reno a chance. The campus and all of the facilities are really nice. I think they do a great job keeping things looking nice despite all of the current construction. Even the older buildings have been kept in decent shape. There are plenty of students here and eventually you’ll find your people but that goes with any college. As for classes it’s a good school. My only negative comment is that I think there is definitely a lack of support for the liberal arts programs. I understand we are research uni but the push for stem is overwhelming. However they are currently remodeling an arts building so that’s nice! Overall I’d rate UNR 4/5 because it does have its drawbacks like any college but it’s nothing drastic or UNR specific.
My experience in UNR has been great so far. I have had the chance to meet with the Office of International Students, the MBA department. The people there are very helpful and attend to us in our needs at any time possible.
Overall a pretty awesome University to be at. As far as whether it beats UNLV enough is probably up to personal preference. Comparing friends experiences to my own I would have to say Reno feels a lot more like the 'authentic' college experiences that you hear about. The party scene here is definitely what you would expect but that does not mean that academics are worse off because of it. The nice campus with all of the buildings in one place definitely makes the school community more real as opposed to UNLV which is broken up across the city. If you are unsure at this point I would give UNR a try for a semester or two as most people tend to know if the school is for them or not after that.
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I enjoy the diversity of the students and professors. They have been expanding and improving the campus.
The school is very nice and pretty modern for how old it is. The cities small and theres still plenty to do around the university, even with its small size. It is built on a slight incline so you'll be getting your exercise in every day by just going to your classes! I haven't been to any other schools but it seems as though most of my professors have cared about my success in terms of grades whenever I confront them. Ask questions and get to know your professors, most will be happy to help you reach whatever grade you want in the course as long as you put in the effort!
University of Nevada Reno has a very beautiful campus. I really enjoy walking around UNR and visiting their art museum. there really is not much i would change about the college because its an over all outstanding campus.
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