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University of Nevada - Reno Reviews

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I enjoy the campus, there is always fun stuff going on around campus with tons of friendly people. It has everything a student could need all right on campus. The only downside is the amount of construction that always seems to be going on.
I think that the University itself is extremely beautiful and has a lot of amenities that are great to enjoy... if you have a ton of money. It is a very expensive University for out of state, as are many out of state tuition options at other schools. UNR collects money for things that would not cost that much in a normal situation. Dorming costs around 15k which is insane, as a spend less than half of that on my own, not in the dorms. I just think that financially, community college is a smarter choice at first.
All the professors and students are very friendly and welcoming. The academics are great, and if you ever need extra help, there’s a free tutoring center and the professors are always willing to lend a hand during their office hours. The food up in the Joe Crowley Student Union is good, and just be careful around the Downunder Cafe connected to Argentina Hall; I got food poisoning there once.
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UNR is a decent school with decent accommodations. If you are In State or WUE the tuition is definitely worth the price, as you won’t find a better school on the West Coast for the Cost. The professors are competent and the campus is relatively nice with new buildings being contsrtucted regularly.
I've grown up in Las Vegas my whole life, and Reno is an amazing change of pace and scenery. The faculty and students are extremely friendly and its a blast to go to school there.
I believe UNR is on the path to being a great school, but it's not there yet. The students know it isn't anyone's top pick, but rather a great deal, and act as such. Teachers are knowledgeable, but not passionate, with a few exceptions. Seems that everyone is just trying to get out of there, and see how much they can drink along the way
The University, overall, is great. Of course there are areas that could use improvement, as I’m sure there are at nearly every other university campus. One area that has room for improvement is their hours of service. Many of the restaurants close at or around 4 pm. This makes it very difficult for many to eat proper meals due to the fact that many classes are during those times.
Relatively small school with lots to do! Everyone knows everyone, everyone is nice and helpful. The gym is great, the campus is beautiful, but the parking sucks.
I enjoyed the people the most because although I was miles away from home the community made me feel as if I never left the island. The downside to my experience at the university is the drastic weather changes because it is always unpredictable and takes awhile to adjust.
My experience at the university has been good so far. It was my first choice for attending college because of its proximity to my house and its campus structure.
I, unfortunately, am not very happy with the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I moved to Reno for a graduate program and quickly realized that UNR had many faults. The college atmosphere is not that of a traditional college town. UNR is separate from the Downtown Reno, creating an environment that is less than desirable. There's no sense of pride for the athletic teams, no traditional college bars, very few restaurants deliver or are open past 9pm, etc. Additionally, while professors may be qualified, they often lack personality and people skills. If these things are not important to you, then you may enjoy it here and the short distance to Lake Tahoe.
I have loved the University of Nevada, Reno from the first moment I stepped foot on campus. The campus is beautiful, and the people around are all friendly. I have met my best friends on campus, and continue to meet more every year. I love the atmosphere, the city, the professors, and the characteristics of this university. My only suggestion for this university is to build more packing garages and structures since the school's population continues to grow every year. I love the University of Nevada, Reno and I am still very happy that I decided to pursue my Bachelor's degree at this university.
I absolutely love this school! Not only are the staff extremely well versed, they are also so kind, caring, and want to see their students succeed. The campus is stunning and so safe! The students are very kind too and are constantly showing this by opening doors for you or other various random acts of kindness. In addition, they have awesome Greek life! I am truly blessed to attend this school.
The professors care about their students and want them to succeed. Each class challenges you to push yourself, but the professors will help you when it is needed. On top of good academics, there are hundreds of opportunities to be involved on campus such as clubs and greek life.
I loved my experience at the University of Nevada, Reno. I finished my undergraduate degree there and I am looking forward to continuing my education as a graduate student. The University of Nevada has provided me with a great education and a lot of new opportunities!
The school is good overall. Everything on campus isn't too far away from each other. The surrounding area has quite a few things that are walking distance from the school.
My experience at the University of Nevada Reno has been great overall. Through the University I have completed four years of coursework and will be graduating next semester. I have made a ton of connections and worked on a few different positions within the university. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.
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UNR's campus has a diverse selection of activities one can do. Just by looking at the campus events or listening to the radio gives one information on what is happening on campus and is a way to figure out what goes on. Downtown Reno also has events as well so that one can experience the festivities of of Reno life.
The staff is so incredible. From people working in financial aid and admissions to the professors and advisors at the college. Everybody is there to help you succeed.
Good school, wonderful area, wonderful atmosphere, fun sports to participate in and great people! Would recommend!
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