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Great campus life, average party scene. The campus is big enough to find a secluded area to study with lots of private study rooms and plenty of computers available. All computers have multiple programs available and the engineering computers have Autocad, MatLab, and GIS. The South campus is full of large trees, beautiful quad, and lots of shaded areas. UNR is a top research school with a great engineering program.
UNR is a great campus to be on if you are trying to be exposed to all types of people. One redeeming quality is that most of the professors on campus are characters. They are very entertaining and the curriculum is most of the time very straightforward. The only aspect about the University that I would change is the diversity. As much as we accept all students from all backgrounds, there needs to be more opportunities to expand on culture and events.
I absolutely love my university! It is a wonderful place to obtain a higher education, meet new people, and make connections that will last forever. I am most excited about finishing my bachelors, starting research in my area of study, and finding the perfect mentor. The university is always being renovated and they are bringing in local restaurants, which have some of the best food on campus! The campus is a great place to spend your whole day, whether it is spent studying, in class, or meeting with friends and professors. The campus is quite large, so it does take some time to walk from the parking areas to your classes, but there are shuttle buses available!
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The campus itself is very beautiful in terms of outdoor scenery and architecture (gym, student union, and library). There’s also a wide range of clubs/organizations to chose from, which I think is really cool. UNR is decently diverse, and I think it offers something for everyone who puts themselves out there. In terms of academics however, there are several professors who don’t really seem engaged/willing to help students succeed, especially in the biology department. Some of the dorms can use serious upgrades, and food options in terms of the meal plan could be a little better (and healthier). This campus is located right next to the city, so I wouldn’t recommend walking around by yourself at night. In general, it seems like this school puts too much of its focus on the next incoming class rather than the upperclassmen who have already shown commitment to staying at the university. Aside from all this, UNR is a decent school with flaws that I feel most other universities have.
I like how much the city has come to grow! UNR is looking to make big improvements and accept more students. I would like to see more of a school identity within the school. We have a nationally ranked basketball team and the stands aren't even packed. Our football games are empty of students and no one is really proud to be apart of the pack. This is huge for me as a school with identity creates plenty of experiences that will always be remembered. Other than that it is a great overall school.
I like how diverse this campus is. I also like the various programs and clubs that we have going on here. This school strives for inclusiveness and acceptance.
The University of Nevada, Reno is a great college to go to! For people living around the Sacramento, CA area, it is a great college to go to where it is not too close and not too far at the same time. As an engineering student, they push you to graduate in 4 years which is great because they really help you with that. There are many clubs/organizations that are a lot of fun. These clubs help students out in the long run as it leads to connections for your specific career.The only downside I have with this university is that there is a lot of construction going on within the campus. But overall it is a beautiful campus!
UNR is such a great school. I am only a freshman and I haven’t experienced much yet, but what I have experienced has been great. They are equally firm with academics as they are compassionate and helpful. There are so many resources on campus and the campus itself is so beautiful I would spend hours everyday just exploring it. I would recommend this school to anyone I know and I am excited to graduate from here!
Some of the professors are not clear on their expectations.
But the interactions between students are fun.
It was good in every way. It helped people in many ways like for money. It helps people with their disability's and gave to the poor.
The University of Reno is a great school. Reno is a nice city with all the amenities a college student would need and it is close to the mountains. The professors at the school are good and the university supports the students in any way they can to help the student achieve there goals.
The school is very fun and has good classes but there is always a lot of construction going on which can get in the way. A lot of diversity in students so easy to make friends.
The school itself is absolutely beautiful and the teachers really care about teaching the information to the students. The only thing that may be a downside is how little options someone has in choosing class times and days.
Overall, I think that the University of Nevada Reno is a pretty solid university. The campus is wonderful, plenty of areas to explore. The university is able to provide the students with a multitude of resources that I believe are very helpful.
I'm in the online MSW program. I like the way the program is structured and I like the cost compared to other programs. My main complaint is my first professor didn't give much if any feedback on assignments nor did he grade things in a timely fashion. My second professor was wonderful.
The campus is very student friendly and offers so much for their students. There are fellow students working on campus to help you every step of the way. The student housing gives you the closest feeling to home and has felt very safe.
UNR has a great community. The problem is that some of the professors cannot teach. They are amazing researchers and people, but just cannot teach effectively. Most of the professors are good, just some cannot. The amount of events and activities are unbelievable. The amount of things there are to do not only on campus but in Reno is incredible. It's so close to almost any outdoor activities, and provides amazing resources easily accessible to students. It leads to improvements and Office hours tend to work out very well.
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I have visited the campus and it is very beautiful. I am planning on going there in the fall if i will be able to organize the details. overall, it is a wonderful college.
Parking is a disaster, their "15 to Finish" program is a joke (pushing 15 credits a semester to graduate on time), and I walk around so bitter that this place is run more like a business than a place for academia. I personally feel jibbed out of what I thought my education would do for me but some people love it here. So I'll call it average.
As a student from the bay area, I made a terrible choice transferring out of the CSU system to here. The school spends way too much on new buildings when the old ones are fine. Academic support services are extremely limited for students struggling in classes, and due to the number of students, professors don't spend as much time for students in need.

Also with diversity, the university doesn't take the wishes of students of color seriously. We get some very nice emails each time an incident happens, however, there is no action taken. We have a student who marched with white supremacists working with campus escort and a police officer who openly wore a racist costume.

Thinking this institution was more superior than my former CSU campus, I was dead wrong. I would've gotten much more out of my education if I stayed there.
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