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The University of Nevada, Reno is definitely one of the best colleges to attend. Professors and advisors care about the students and not only that but the diversity that can be seen on campus is profound. There are various people from all over the country attending the university and even more people of various backgrounds. The multiple vendors and food places on campus are also extremely diverse and everyone is friendly and always there to help each other.
The campus is beautiful and while you are in the city, it feels like you are one with nature. The environment created by the students is amazing, everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel comfortable no matter what. Classes are interesting and very diverse. Majors are unique and cover a variety of fields.
University of Nevada, Reno is such a great university. The atmosphere is amazing. I especially enjoy the events that they host.
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The professors are extremely knowledgeable on what they teach and the advisors that help in your freshmen year are amazing. My classes so far have been really interesting and fun. There are always things to do on campus you are never bored.
The University of Nevada, Reno gives each student an equal opportunity to be themselves. Professors provide office hours for students to come in if they have questions, and if they are not available there are resources on campus that students can go to as well.
All of the staff and professors are very welcoming and show that they are there to support you and answer any questions you might have.
I have not had the privilege to attend the University of Nevada Reno yet. From the times I have been there everyone has been very welcoming and inviting to me.
I really enjoy the feeling of the school. I feel at home when I am on campus. A few things I believe that could be improved include, dorm life, dorm food, and communication. I believe that the dorms are very nice compared to other schools, however, I believe that the quality of the dorms before moving in could be improved. The dorm food could also be greatly improved because it is hard to get a good quality meal in the D.C. I also think that the school could communicate events going on a little more. There seems to be a lack of communication that allows us to prepare for upcoming events.
This school is a perfect fit for me. I am a freshman living on campus and I could not be more happy with my choice!
I enjoy attending UNR. The faculty and students are amazing. I love the class sizes and the availability professors have for you.
I am a current UNR student and will graduate in the Spring of 2019. I am an elementary education major and I have had a great experience learning from the professors and staff here. I feel like I will be prepared for teaching and all that comes my way.
Great Education! Staff is extremely helpful and kind, they all want you to suceed and will help you get to where you want.
The University of Nevada, Reno has been a large part of my life after high school and in my pursuit of Optometry School. I graduated with a BS in Nutritional Sciences in 2010. I've created a lot of friendships and grown into the man I am today thanks to UNR. I have always received the help and education I needed from the university. The staff with financial aid are very helpful. The professional staff in each department are masters of their craft and guide you to the success you need. I grew up in Reno, so I probably sound biased when I say that UNR gave me and top notch affordable education. I love this beautiful campus with all of my heart.
UNR is is awesome and really has provided me an opportunity to further my education. Go Social Work!
I enjoyed the seasons and the environment the university campus gives. During fall, the whole campus becomes buried in natural vibrant colors and winter gives a wonderful blanket of snow. The people here are kind and it's a very lax atmosphere.
It has a great community! Everyone there is so welcoming and gives lots of support. The downtown Reno area has great college life. The library has many study areas and gives you a great environment.
I love the University, it has great resources to help student succeed. They also have great programs and instructors.
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I am a Freshman in this college. My first impression college environment is pretty well, that will let people feel comfortable. I was living on the campus this year. You can choose your favorite Hall. Some hall has study lounge and social lounge. I usually do my homework will my friends in the study lounge. There have to tutor from Sunday to Thursday in the study lounge. The professors more are nice. You can choose your professor. Best to go to the They have many of the medical school clubs, you can join and that a lot of the fun club you can join, such as the chess club, Taekwondo club. The first semester, you need to take your major prospects, it introduced your further career, how to graduate, and how the be success in the college. The college food is like eat the buffet.
I am looking forward to the University growing its agriculture program. Overall the main courses such as Chem and Math are good and the campus staff is friendly.
Overall, my experience with my college has been a positive one. Despite not having anything really helping me get through college like any financial help from my parents, no support system, and no clue how the city work, the college has been my saving grace. The faculty at least in the Jazz program have been large inspirations and have been integral to my acclimation to life as a whole. And you really get the sense that your teacher, if you let them, will truly care about you. I am really happy I came. I dont know where I would be if it weren't for this school.
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