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I love how it's close to the strip so they're tons of places to go eat, sightsee, etc. The dorms are close to the classes which make it easy to get places, they're also clean and for the most part close together. The only badish thing is that its in the more "ghetto" part of Nevada, which means you can't walk around outside of campus alone. The student are overall really nice, I have family members that go here and they say it's amazing. It's easy to make friends, the library is accessible, the classes feel homey. The campus isn't too big but not too small either. Overall it's a pretty good school.
The campus is not always the cleanest or in the best condition. I wish to see more campus police and security guards for safety. There are also a lot of unnecessary fees that are automatically added to your student account.
As my second semester here at UNLV I enjoy the campus, professors, and students. My investment in my education is worthwhile because the university is outstanding in teaching and cooperating with students. My only concern has to be the tuition the university expects students to pay, its outrageous in my opinion.
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UNLV is a good school for the price that you pay. It's a good in-state option for Nevada residents. So far, I have had several professors who are well-informed about their subjects and genuinely care about the students' growth and understanding. One major complaint is the parking, but I believe that can be said about any other university/college.
I just transferred in from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and I am already loving this university far more than LMU. The instantaneous vibe you get from being in these classes far surpasses that of LMU, and the facilities are superior. I haven't even finished a semester, and yet I already know that I will like it here.
I have been to several colleges and universities over several years. UNLV is extremely diverse with over 200 student organizations, over a dozen fraternities, and every opportunity to serve the campus, community, and nation. College can be a scary time for people who are on their own for the first time, but this university is well equipped for students to grow quickly and become part of the community. When this sense of belonging can grow, so does the individual. The city as well as the fraternities and social groups create a unique and fun nightlife. The campus has increased the security since the shooting in October of last year. The food is ok, but they could help by adding more microwaves around campus. The professors, as with every university has some great professors and those that could improve. The university has free student tickets to the UNLV athletics events and there are always some event going on within the campus.
My experience so far has been wonderful. The campus is beautiful, and the student life is warm and welcoming. There are so many opportunities to get involved with students with the same interests and values as yourself. The diversity that this university offers is amazing to where you can easily meet and find a group that you bond with the best.
It is only my first year and I absolutely love going to class. So far, my professor have a great way of teaching and helping me understand the curriculum. I always feel encouraged to go to school.
My program is full of great teachers and mentors! There are lots of resources on campus, and the students tend to be really chill and nice. Library is a good place to study, and if you put yourself out there there are lots of opportunities for on campus work and even undergraduate research positions!
UNLV is the kind of university where there is something for everyone from fraternities and sororities to working out in the newly renovated gym. It is a refreshing feeling every time I step foot on campus
The University of Nevada Las Vegas is overall a great school. They have many things set in place so that if any student needs help they can get some. Whether it is help with writing or personal issues, UNLV has something for them. The professors are available to talk to during office hours. They let students review their tests, so the students can see where they went wrong and get clarification on the correct answer.
I absolutely hate this school, for two reasons.
The first reason is that me and my girlfriend were walking to the parking garage to head home, and we were messing around, but then a cop car drove past us and gave us a look, so we stopped and waved at him to let him know everything was alright, and he drove off. We stayed and talked a little bit, the cop drove by again, but this time just kept driving. Eventually we went home, and the next day (This was all during finals week), I get a call from the campus police saying I need to come in to talk , someone called in and said I was abusing my girlfriend (even though a cop came by to make sure we were fine). They even sent a cop to my house looking for me. They also made my girlfriend go to a interview too. Well , long story short they interviewed both of us (her quite extensively), obviously we didn't do anything wrong, and we both left, having wasted a few of our hours messing around with the police for literally doing nothing.
I am fairly new to the scene that is a university but for what I have experienced it has been mostly great. I currently attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas is a growing university in an urban city. I myself grow up in the Las Vegas area like everything that the school stands for. I believe that this university embodies everything a collage should. The design of the school in modern and offers everything that any other university would. The professor I have taken so far have been knowledge and experienced in their field. The area that surrounds the university complements it well with both food and other sort of entertainment.
UNLV is a cost-effective university. The professor quality varies depending on the department your classes are in. Big commuter campus so it is difficult to meet new people and make friends.
Living at the dorms of UNLV is very fun and diverse. The people that you meet here are very friendly, kind, caring, and helpful. Everything on the UNLV campus is very convenient for the library to the classes. Also that students get to go to any sporting event on campus for free. That’s the best thing ever.
The university has incredible people there. They are ranked number one for diversity and its definitely the place to go if thats what you are looking for. I loved how everyone looks beyond race to see the beauty of each person. Other than that this school has some major drawbacks.
This university is very social and diverse, I recommend for any aspiring college students wanting to gain a new sense of the word culture. There are groups for every type of person, outgoing or shy, athletic or artistic.
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Overall, UNLV offers multiple opportunities towards Nursing. This school allows students to become more hands on and knowledgeable through practicing their skills and procedures.
Simple school, with fairly easy academics as long as you're not in a Science(s) degree. The surrounding area is not too favorable, and have found advisors make poor recommendations towards what courses one needs to take. This is from my Computer Science in Science perspective.
UNLV is home. I’ve lived here my entire life, so going here felt comfortable! The environment is pretty neat. There’s lots to get involved in and be part of! You just have to take a step and jump right in.
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