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The university had decent facilities and there are a good number of great professors. Parking can be troublesome at times.
Many of the professors are nice and helpful. The area is refreshing and helps create a stress free environment.
I am enrolled in the UNLV Nursing program and could not be happier! I love that this program is accelerated and fully preparing me to become a nurse. I do wish that the surrounding area of campus was safer.
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The University of Nevada Las Vegas is a great community that is incredibly diverse and filled with caring and knowledgeable instructors.
The University of Nevada- Las Vegas is a diverse campus. The students I have met there are nice. One thing that made my experience as a college student better are the nice staff members, especially the professors and instructors. Most of the professors I met and known are easy to talk to when it comes to asking a question(s) regarding the class (i.e. homework, projects, etc.). There are a variety of resources that are helpful to me as a student, such as a student wellness center, libraries, a Student Union, tutoring for Math and English classes. Overall, nice and large campus.
The school itself is pretty good, there's resources everywhere for actually getting schoolwork done and getting help. Really the only problem is the campus area price hikes, but even then those aren't too bad.
Overall average commuter campus. The vast majority of professors are passionate. The math department needs a lot of work because most are non-english speaking trying to teach calculus.
I am about to start in my third year at UNIV and so far my experience in and outside of the classroom have been amazing! I live to be active in athletics and I fell in love with the intramural programs they offer including: Flag football, dodge ball and basketball. It allows for sociability and an overall increase in personal well-being.
Not only did I enjoy my time in the gym, but also in the classroom and on campus. Everyone I have come across on campus has been friendly. I think this is because we all have a mutual understanding of respect and purpose in being privileged to attend this University.
With the diversity, growth and changes being implemented, I look forward to seeing my already great experience become even greater.
Overall, I had a fantastic experience at UNLV. The only downsides I have experienced are the food and parking.
So far my experience at the University of Nevada Las Vegas has been very good. My academic journey has just begun but so far I have been very blessed to study at one of the most diverse schools in the nation. Not only do I meet people from all over the world but I meet people who relate with me. The only thing I would like to see improve at the University of Nevada Las Vegas is the school spirit. Due to many students who commute not a lot of people live on campus and I think this adds to the lack of school spirit. I also think due to poor sports teams, students don't like attending games to show spirit. I think the increase in school spirit would create a better overall moral for students at the school.
As a freshman, UNLV has everything I looking for. UNLV’s diverse faculty, students, staff, and alumni promote community well-being and individual achievement through education. UNLV continues to rise in U.S. News & World Report’s annual listing of the nation’s most diverse universities for undergraduates.
University of Nevada- Las Vegas has an interesting student space because of the infuse of locals and out of state students. The locals have a sort of dis stain for the area because of weather and grow up with all the night life makes them numb to all of the stuff around them. It is funny to see the way people act during the season
The college campus is fairly nice, it is indoor and outdoor. I like the greenery because the majority of Las Vegas is surrounded by rocks and boulders, rather than grassy areas. I would have liked for the school to have more food places and a larger Student Union. I appreciate the Library because it is large and has a lot of free resources, although it should have more food places instead of just a Coffee Bean. The professors and faculty are respectable, majority of them take the time to help as much as they can. I would have liked for the university to have a Greek neighborhood instead we only have the organizations.
The University of Nevada - Las Vegas is an amazing commuter school, with loads of opportunities to get involved on campus.
UNLV is centrally located. Most of the staff genuinely care about your success, and that doesn't necessarily translate into how well they grade. The diversity makes for comfortability and there are many many extracurricular things to enjoy, as well as events catered to everyone.
I have been attending UNLV for a year now and I can honestly say that I truly enjoy my time here. At first the campus seemed too big and intimidating and now this is my second home. I live at the library. In high school, I was the girl who didn't even go to the bathroom by herself and here I have grown at such a quick pace. I have made plenty of friends but I have also come to appreciate how wonderful having space to yourself is. I have had professors in settings of a 100+ students show how they care and emphasize the importance of us meeting them individually during office hours. I do party from time to time but I also have a part time job so overall I have come to value sleep like never before. There are so many "secrets" around campus that are cool to explore. I take advantage of the rentals they offer for free at Lied Library on a daily basis and when I am feeling stressed I head over to the relaxing room that is equipped with the best massage chairs I have ever encountered.
This school is about one thing and one thing only - Hospitality. If you're not a hospitality major, you're not looked up to. Not to mention that they don't do anything for social justice on campus.
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The sciences such as Chemistry and Biology are sorely lacking in professors who care about their curriculum and who wish to inspire and impart their knowledge upon students. This may be in part to these departments being underfunded. Few of the positive aspects of this institution is its affordability and they have a state of the art gym which is also open to the public at a monthly cost. Most importantly, safety has been an issue with this university. It is not located in the best part of town and homeless individuals are oftentimes seen wandering on campus and sleeping in the library. There have been various reports of sexual assaults made by individuals who do not even attend or work at the university. More security should be added to the campus grounds at all times, especially late at night for students who oftentimes have to walk alone to their vehicles.
UNLV is the most diverse college in the nation. It is a really great school to go to and everyone here is extremely friendly and really knows how to keep it clean here. Because we're in Vegas, we know how to party and have fun and host events. We also do a lot of giveaways here and it is really awesome and UNLV really finds ways to give back to their students.
Great and safe place to go to college, a place of diversity and so much to offer. This is a affordable college, with yet so many different options to achieve academic success. I love my college and I am proud of being a Rebel!!!
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