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I absolutely love the surrounding city. Reno is beautiful unique city that offers a wide variety of things to do. Campus is located near down town and offers a wide variety of activities, classes, and resources. University of Nevada Reno has been an excellent choice in helping me pursue my dreams while also having fun along the way.
First off, this campus is beautiful. There is a huge amount of diversity within this school. People are very nice and helpful with anything you need. The staff are flexible and helpful as well. Everything you need in order to acheieve is right here.
The University is a Tier 1 University and I couldn't be happier with my classes, teachers, and the people that fill the campus with life everyday.
Review University of Nevada - Reno
I have enjoyed all of my professors so far, and the community of UNR is friendly and passionate. I wasn't originally planning on staying in my hometown to go to school, but I'm glad I did.
My time at the University of Nevada Reno has been an incredibly enriching experience that has set me up for success in my professional life. It has also provided me with four of the best years of my life as far as the friends I've made and the fun I've had. The campus if beautiful, and the city of Reno is great for college students. There is a lot of pride at the school and amongst the city, as sports are a big deal here. I've really liked pretty much all of my professors, and the college makes an effort to make sure each student succeeds.
This school is pretty awesome. All the professors I have dealt with have been super helpful and willing to work with me, even though I work a full time job as well.
As a top tier 1 university, University of Nevada,Reno offers variety of majors that are taught by professional professors who have a big experience in their field of study. Classrooms are eqiupped with modern technology and classrooms are cosy to study. Student union conducts a number of events andactivities weekly to entertain students and to help to spend their time to have fun. I would love to mention clubs organized within the university. Students are more than welcome to join any club they wish to. There are clubs that satisfy interest of every student. Therefore, all the students are members of at least one club. University of Nevada,Reno is well known for its engineering majors. Instructors are well experienced and always pleasant to help students with any kind of academic problem. In addition, syllabi are chosen sophisticatedly that students can obtain knowledge effectively. Engineering students are allowed to print more than 150pages monthly for FREE.
The University has a network of student services that are easily accessible and very commonly used such as a Tutoring Center, Career Center, Fitness Center, and various subject specific help centers. The university is expanding along with its growing student population with construction and renovations all over campus.
This is a great university. Everything is kept in proper conditions, classes are moderate sizes, great resources for everyone as well. Overall the campus is great.
I absolutely love the University of Nevada, Reno! I think the campus is absolutely beautiful and I love how genuine and kind the people are. I love how the classes aren't too big to where I am able to form a close relationship to my professors. All the professors I've had have been extremely helpful and understanding.
I absolutely love this campus and everyone on it. There are countless ways for me to get absolutely everything out of my education like various tutoring centers, multiple libraries, and a brand new gym to work out the stress!
I love the area and the campus is beautiful. I come from the Bay Area and the city life became way too overwhelming and crowded. This is a nice area that is a toned down version of the city life. The university has wonderful professors and courses offered, in my two semesters I have spent here, I know I chose the right major and area. As with all schools, there are some pretty horrible professors and it is mostly due to their teaching methods. Thankfully I have only had two of these professors, but that is the one thing I would change, the not so great professors that teach here.
I love this campus, the environment is very open and I have appreciated every single teacher I have had so far. Overall this university gives so much opportunity. For example, I pursue biochemistry and it is very easy to gain experience in the lab.
It is a pretty awesome university. There is an awesome gym friendly people
The only issue is that outside of the University there really isn't much diversity in reno.
Personally, I love the atmosphere and feel of Reno as a whole. The campus is very beautiful and it is only going to improve, due to the Campus Master Plan that will take effect within the next ten years which will nearly double the size of the current campus.
A welcoming community that is prepared to take care of my educational needs in a safe environment to pursue my career in journalism and business management.
I believe UNR is a good fit for someone who wants a difficult curriculum with an affordable price tag. There is also a community college in the area which is nice because there are options. As far as staff and professors, I would say that is where UNR is lacking; many and most UNR professors simply hand you the material to learn and while there are some good professors, most of the learning is usually done on your own. UNR needs to invest in making sure that their lectures are really in the students best interest and is teachable. There is also no parking to be found in or around campus which means they are permitting more students than they seem to have capacity for.
Review University of Nevada - Reno
The campus is beautiful. The professors are great; they care about students succeeding. The food on campus is delicious and there are a variety of places to eat. There are also many places for students to hang out, study, work out, and even sleep. Overall great place! Though constant construction is somewhat of a problem as well as lack of parking during busy hours.
The University of Nevada, Reno has been a major economic value for the City of Reno, so a lot of time an effort is being put into the improvement of this campus. The Campus Master Plan has been the combined effort to strengthen the University's status from. It has been repurposing old buildings and constructing new ones. The professors teaching have been in the area for sometime, whether they are locals, or went to the university during their time as students. It is a Tier One school, meaning there is a balanced student-to-teacher ratio and there are a lot of resources for students. Unfortunately the campus is never stopping with construction, which makes driving in the area a hassle.
Incredible. UNR makes strides to involve first year students in everything. From clubs to get-togethers in the dorms, the residence hall and campus staff try their best to get students out of their rooms and on campus. Parking is hard and they tore down one of the three parking garages to build a new gym.
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