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I enjoyed the Diversity of the Campus. There are many cultures that you have the opportunity to learn about. The campus life is great. Many students do not let the name "Las Vegas" stop them from gaining a college experience. Students are very active in clubs, activities, and Greek Life. The negative of the school is the safety. Too many people from the Strip or from the area wander the campus and during the late hours it is uncomfortable for people to walk around. I tend to look over my shoulders quite frequently when my late classes end.
The campus itself is nice, the area around it not so much. I've had some AMAZING professors that I learned a lot from. It is more of a commuter school so i'm not too sure about the party scene and campus life. Traffic around the area is horrible.
I think UNLV is a great school. The professors are always willing to meet with you and help out with whatever you need whether it be school or non-school related things. The staff are also phenomenal. I personally would not really change anything about UNLV because they function well and corporate with students great.
Review University of Nevada - Las Vegas
The experience and overall feel of UNLV is exciting. Even if you are not social, you will become that way . There is a lot to be learned and a lot of experiences that you will remember forever. Nevertheless you will only get out of it what you put in it.
UNLV is a great school with various programs that make students feel more welcomed and less homesick. The students and campus is diverse from other colleges I've visited. The campus is well maintained and UNLV offers a great balance of college, campus activities, networking events and nightlife, to all students which is great for personal and social growth. The only thing I would change is to add more parking on campus.
UNLV is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States. It really is one of the best places to attend college in Las Vegas. The campus provides resources for their students and the library is one of my favorite places to go to. It is 5 stories big and one of the biggest libraries I have ever seen. UNLV has a variety of clubs and organizations that students can get involved in as well.
UNLV is great for students who don't already live in Vegas. Make sure to join a campus organization ASAP, or you might find yourself bored and wanting to leave.
Great experience applying for this school. Friendly staff that communicates well. Admissions counselor went out of his way to help us.
I love the welcoming feeling at the campus, everyone is very friendly. I don't like how confusing some of the directions are and how some of the rooms are extremely hot or cold.
I was told that UNLV was not a good college, and that I should stay away. Honestly, college is what you make out of it. UNLV has been great! People say that the education level isn't great, but I have learned so much in just two semesters. If you want to learn, then it's up to you to put in the time and effort to study and do homework. It is not the colleges fault that you did not receive a superior education.
UNLV's Entertainment Engineering and Design major has been an awesome interdisciplinary challenge of both the fine arts and engineering sciences!
As an international and an engineering student, this school is absolutely a superb place to go to. The reason why I did not give the fifth star is because I believe nothing or nobody is perfect, but this school is right below that
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is overall a pretty good school. Most of the professors are willing to make sure students pass their class. The campus is diverse which makes it easy to meet new people and most of the people there are friendly and willing to help. My favorite thing about UNLV is the library. It is beautiful and quiet. I like that if I need to work on something between classes I can bring lunch and work on my classwork. If I could change on thing it would be parking. It has got better over the years but still could be better. Like I said, overall it is a great school.
Diverse, Different, and Daring: the logo of the UNLV spirit really sets a dynamic and wonderful atmosphere for attending students and staff. My experience as a third year college student has been rough, but my advisers, professors, and fellow students are always eager to help my efforts turn into success. Many CCSD students often underestimate UNLV as 'not as good' compared to our neighboring CA universities, but this university has inspired students like me to continue the pursuit of high education and a successful future.
Ive been there for a campus tour and it was amazing. There is lots of Diversity and there were many friendly people.
UNLV has been an amazing experience for me. I am a transfer student from California that moved to Nevada about 3 years ago. I am on track to graduate in December of this year (2017). UNLV is one of the most diverse schools in the country, which offers a lot of benefits. There are so many degrees and classes to choose from, definitely something for everybody. Lots of clubs, sports, and events to participate in as well.
There are so many clubs and organizations to get involved in. The campus is incredibly safe. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the campus is beautiful in the Spring!
Review University of Nevada - Las Vegas
If you actively try to join clubs and be involved on campus, then your experience at UNLV will be wonderful. They offer over 100 student organizations, and everyone (at least who I met) are friendly. The academics and the campus are about average, but the food and dorms are not the greatest (especially in the dining commons).
Mastering my courses means I can pursue my dreams and goals in my career in the medical field. More specifically, on becoming a pharmacist, where will be able to interact, care, and connect with my patients to ensure quality healthcare. Another reason why mastering my courses means to me is to allow me to grow and learn as an individual, which will then allow me to spread my knowledge and give back in order to help my local community.
Here at the University of Nevada las vegas I have experienced the most amazing opportunities. There are so many opportunities, people and money. My school is the second most diverse school in America. my campus is all new. My dorms were brand new. I would like to change the idea that picking a roommate is a huge concern for most freshman. college is already scary and becoming to live with a stranger is even scarier.
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