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The University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of nursing has exceptionally high standards to achieve to get into the program and complete the program. They offer low tuition rates making it extremely affordable for the education you are receiving. I have never had so many amazing educators before that care so much about you individually, and want success for you. This is an excellent university.
Safety is at high level.
Degree in this school has high quality!
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The Athletic facilities are very clean, and they are open 24/7.
The College has a new building which is equipped with the modern technology. Classes are small sized which also helps to create good studying environment. Parking spots are not always available, but nit far in a distance one can find some empty parking spots.Professors are in a great help!
I have never had a problem with any of the above. I am the type of person that takes things for what they are and do what I am told, so I follow what I am supposed to do, as well as what is expected of me pretty well.
There is a security officer that makes rounds throughout the night as students are studying. It's nice to see him when you are there by yourself studying!
Nursing school is tough, and every program has it's problems. Our division is still pretty new, so some students have a negative view of their degree from this college. Others do enjoy the time that they spent at this school because of their clinical experiences, and preceptorships. They get a lot of good experience and opportunities to pull everything together in a clinical setting.
At the UNMC Northern Division, we have set schedules for classes, so if you fail the main course (which is Patient Centered Care) you CAN NOT take it till the next year, so it sets you back a whole year. If there was any way to change that, that would be wonderful! As far as class sizes, styles, professors, I'd say we have a pretty good level and system in our division.
As stated prior, UNMC Northern Division does not have any emphasis on Greek Life. It is non-existent.
In the Northern Division of UNMC, there is no athletic emphasis. If students would want to be part of the athletic life, they would have to visit Northeast Community College to participate.
I rank this school as an "It's great" for the sole reason being that this is nursing school, and it is very difficult to go through, BUT for what this school prepares it's student's for, and the way they continue to build on the student's critical thinking, I think that this school does well and excels at preparing their students for this future.
We're a medical institution. Drug and alcohol are understandably not used on campus. Off-campus is fine though.
UNMC has been a great experience for me.
We graduate in May, and most of my classmates have jobs lined up already.
The student body is very proactive about stopping sexual harassment and assault. Any issues with crime and/or sexual harassment have been issues off-campus and generally out of UNMC's control or influence.
Very few live in the campus apartments. Most live off campus.
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We only have professional Greek societies and are generally viewed very positively.
I graduated from UNL in 2014, and will now graduate from UNMC in 2016. I've thrived so much more at UNMC because of the small class sizes, focused curriculum, clinical experiences, and help from professors and graduate assistants.
We do not have sports teams at UNMC. The recreational center is being renovated, however.
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