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Faculty and staff are all friendly and approachable. Buildings, new and old, are navigable and stately and at most a 15 minute walk in between.
UNO is a wonderful school full of opportunities. I would love to see more major specific scholarships offered at the university because I don't see to many for my major, biology. I think that the campus is very beautiful and I how close I live to it. It is located at the heart of Omaha and I could not think of a better school to go to.
The professors take the time to get to know their students and take an interest in them. They push them to be their best and present them with many opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. They see the best in their students and work closely with them to make sure they are high achievers and don't settle for less than their best.
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I really love the diversity of the school it really makes it feel like everyone belongs there. The professors are amazing, you can tell they love their job, which makes it easier for the students to enjoy class as well.
The environment is great. Always willing to help around with everything and anything. The education system is great and I've had a great experience so far.
I wish they had individual housing on campus. The apartment style is great but some people would like to live on campus and not have roommates. the teachers are awesome and they really care about the students and try to help the students succeed.
I admire the work every professor and staff member puts in to creating a wonderful environment on campus and in the classroom.
I'm attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha for Computer Science and Mathematics, so far it's been an excellent school in a great city. I really like the faculty and staff as well as the curriculum.
The University of Omaha has many opportunities and was a great place for me to choose and dual enroll with
I used to live in omaha and our school would have annual trips to the college. I also remember performing there for a dance class and I was infactuated with the envirnoment and atsmostphere in the area. I have always looked up to become a student there.
UNO is has a great campus and everything I'm looking for in a college. Not very expensive, close to activities, not to big, and a friendly environment.
I like that the University of Nebraska Omaha is affordable and has quality professors. This is not a party school, is mostly a commuter college, so it can get lonely if you live on campus.
Their distance education program is very efficient. Professors are knowledgeable and helpful. They have plenty of programs for every student to fit in and feel as if they are apart of something. Very informative orientation.
I may not be a student yet but I love the environment there, just a nice looking school. And very friendly people.
I took a creative writing class here and had a blast! Everyone is willing to participate and have great, in depth conversations.
There seems to always be a lot of construction which can kind of get in the way of making your way to class. The buildings I’m selves are all relatively new, and it seems like the teachers and professors really do care about what their students learn and take away from the classes.
This is my first time and I will be taking classes online. Do not know that much about this school yet.
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UNO has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career and personal life! The community, professors, residence halls and so much more has been so great since day one. I truly recommend UNO to young adults who are thinking about college. It's welcoming, safe and affordable! Overall, my experience at UNO has been significant!
I love University of Nebraska- Omaha, UNO. The campus has a great student section and they provide good spirit week the first week of school and throughout the school year. Advising could use some help with more skilled advisors or advisors that know the curriculum. Some classes have been cut because of funding, which makes signing up on time or graduating on time a bit more difficult. There are plenty of caring professors that make time to help you out.
The college is very diverse and is intent on making your expierience with them a great one. They have tutor centers and student centers that are devoted to assisting you in being the most successful student you can be during your time with them. The housing is nicely furnished and the cafeteria food is fantastic. Overall I’ve had a great expierience with UNO. Go Mavs!
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