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I like the academics and the professors are phenomenal here on campus. It is very small geographically, but has just about as many faces as you would see in a mid-sized town.
I have not been at the university for long but what I have been around for has been a great start, I work on campus and my co-workers are amazing and always supportive of each other
It's not great, but it's not bad. Granted, you'll get plenty of crap from the crappier teachers, although the math department is exceptional. When I went to this university, I had little to no experience with math. I came out with a much greater interest.

Other'll just have to deal with it as it comes. The language department is depressing. Everyone is always running around trying to learn Spanish. It seems like it's the only language that matters here. Sure, you'll find German, French, Arabic, Latin, and Chinese, but they don't get the respect or attention Spanish gets.

The history department is also not great. Take a class with Charles King at your own risk. He's quiz heavy, exam heavy, and a hard guy to deal with. He never smiles, never tries to get to know the students, and he starts the semester the same way: with a middle finger to the students. Some crap about not getting respect from some students due to grading issues.
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I think the faculty at the University are what really make it special. In my experience, they take the time to help you succeed that many other professors wouldn't. I would like to see more funding go to the arts rather than being spent on a hockey rink that we didn't need.
Affordable University with knowledgable and nice faculty and staff members. Very diverse and welcoming environment. Campus is friendly and all buildings are easy to find.
I have loved my experience at UNO. the campus is beautiful, The professors have time to visit with students. I am a commuter, the parking situation is not ideal, but other than that great experience
UNO is a wonderful school. The professors care about the students and want to see them succeed. You will meet so many amazing people and there are always so many fun activities planned on campus. You can get involved in so many different ways through all of the clubs and organizations.
The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a great college setting. There are a lot of international students, which is very appealing so you can see hear the different world views and experiences of different people. Living in West Omaha my whole life, there were few minorities. Also, at my 99 percent white high school, when I got to college I was slightly shocked and definitely saw the vast color hues of different people. There are a lot of events that freshmen could take part in to meet lots of people. I would change the fact that it is very calm. There is NO party life- well, maybe there is a little but that is only is sororities and fraternities and who would even want to be a part of that?
There are great opportunities and a huge community at UNO all year round, not just when class is in session. It's a great place to be.
Its a great school to attend, I'm majoring in professional flight and love the opportunity UNO provides. The one thing that could be better is parking but i suppose its the same problem at all colleges
The atmosphere at UNO is one you wouldn't assume to be a part of a college setting. Every professor and instructor is very down to Earth. I feel as though I can trust my professors more than if they weren't as human as they act. I feel more that they want to educate me rather than they have to educate me. However, my biggest problem at UNO is the parking. The University does not make very good accommodations for parking. Per semester, a surface lot pass is $147. However, you are not guaranteed a spot to park. You will spend $147 on gas waiting in your car to park in your $147 spot. It's ridiculous.
Good professors so far except a couple bad ones. Classes teach you a lot but don't overburden you with homework. The people here are also really open-minded and friendly.
I really liked the way things are being managed here. The dorm which I am living in has best level freedom every college should get. And professors are also nice, you hear this quite more often "I don't know". Hence, I would suggest a little bit improvement in professors.
Great campus and housing is exceptional. Affordable cost and close to movies, shopping, and restaurants.
UNO, University of Nebraska Omaha, has great dorms in that you don't have to share your bedroom. They have a bus that takes you to the other campuses so that you don't have to use your own gas or walk.They offer many clubs and other activities that you can join. The UV dorms are smaller than all the other dorms on campus but they are still better than the regular dorms at another college.
Not a lot of student life, but I love the school. It has great resources and a diverse staff. This school goes above and beyond for its students.
There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus, and most extend beyond campus life. But, it is difficult to be involved and maintain exterior responsibilities-- such as an of campus job. The classes available are all interesting, but I wish there were more fine art classes to choose from.
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It is a really cool and interactive experience. There will be people that will always have their doors open. I can tell that their number one priority here is for me to succeed.
My experience as a freshman at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is more than what I can ask for. The staff and professors here, go the extra mile to make this first year a great transition for you. the student body is very diverse so feeling like an outsider is almost impossible. University of Nebraska at Omaha currently holds the standing as being the #1 school in the state of Nebraska for having the most foreign-born students.
UNO is located in a mid-sized city with a lot to offer. All the students and faculty are wonderful and committed to learning. No matter your interest, UNO has something for you!
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