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Came here for football on a scholarship and its great! I had no clue about the mid west as i am from California but i found it easy to adjust! Campus is clean and safe, parties are cool too! “Cant spell drunk without UNK”
As a student athlete at UNK, I have really enjoyed my time at UNK. The professors work with athletes well. And the atmosphere at UNK is always cheery and nice to be around when away from home!
I am currently a senior in high school. I went to go tour UNK and I really liked the campus. its very diverse and not to big but also not to small. It's in a urban area near lots of close places that are very handy.
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I'm in the Teacher Certification Program and I am really liking the classes that I've taken. At times the information is repetitive but it has really instilled the information well. Some of the administration is hard to get a hold of because I'm a distance student and I live in another city but the program director is spectacular.
I think the University of Nebraska at Kearney is a great college for students who want to be interactive with professors and other students. I have three older sisters who all attend Kearney, and two have transferred to Kearney from other colleges because it fits them perfectly. They had a lot of friends they knew from high school and they have made so many friends in the time of being at college. I have gone and visited them so many times and I love the campus of Kearney and the dorms are very nice I have probably over thirty friends who stay in the dorms and some of them are not all freshman! So if you want to have a relationship with others and your professors I highly recommend you go to the University of Nebraska at Kearney!
While I don't agree with many things that the administration does, the faculty and staff is where UNK shines. They are caring and always go the extra mile to help their students develop their skills.
University of Nebraska at Kearney is a very good college for someone who is stuck between big university and small town college. It is big enough so that there are always new people and new things to take part in but small enough that you will probably recognize people in your classes other places you go. The town offers more than most towns of this size but most of the people are genuine, pleasant, and open minded. Overall great school and you really can't go wrong with the below average tuition.
I liked that the community took great care of UNK and the student life allows for many opportunities to meet new people. However, the food could be improved.
Very good school to go to. From my opinion and the opinion of my girlfriend and others who attend, it's a great college for just about any degree. The school isn't ranked on the top of the list in America, but you get your bang for your buck. They also prepare you for a career by helping you connect with potential employers though your senior year.
I earned bachelors and a masters degrees from UNK. Both have prepared me to take the next steps in my career, as well as connect me to individuals within my field to expand upon further opportunities.
I have absolutely loved my experience here. The campus is very "heads-up" and makes it easy to get to know other people. I have found some of my best friends here. The professors genuinely care about their students and will do everything in their power to help students succeed.
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I was extremely skeptical about UNK because I'm from Kearney, but after starting here I have never felt so at home... so surprised! I haven't made too many friends in class yet but I enjoy my area of study and the professors.
I absolutely love the University of Nebraska at Kearney. It is a great college with a lot of options as far as Greek life and other organizations. I choose Kearney because it is very affordable and not too small, but not too big.
I have been at UNK for almost a year now and it is completely different being on the campus than it is from the outside. I have really experienced every aspect of the school from academics, to sports, to music, to greek life and I have really enjoyed my experience. The school is small enough that you can get close with your professors and advisors while being involved in as much as you would like but big enough that when you want to switch friend groups or join something new, there is always something for you to do. I really think that if you are from the midwest that this is the place to go.
It's taken me some time to fall in love with UNK but now I wouldn't go anywhere else. The academics are at a decent level for a state college. I love living on campus because it makes going to class about a 5 minute walk and attending the activities convenient. The cafeteria isn't the best food but we have Subway and a market you can buy groceries at along with opening a Chick-Fil-A. Our sports teams aren't good but the games are still fun because people get so into them. The local area is small to me but I know for most people it offers a lot. Overall, I wouldn't change where I chose to spend my four years at college.
This university is placed in a good setting and it provides remarkable education in such a low price. The community of Kearney is good and I think it is really important for you to have your study environment as peaceful as it can be. Though some buildings are quite old, there is undergoing of new STEM building which is state-of-the-art architecture.
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The good thing about studying at the University of Nebraska - Kearney is that it offers a lot of opportunities for students to find what they are interested in. At first, I was not sure what I wanted to do but with the help of my (many different) academic advisors I was finally able to narrow it down. It helps to know that your advisors are genuinely interested in the well-being of their students and their success. One thing that could be improved is the diversity on campus; while there are multiple groups that are meant to include everyone, they usually do not work as well as they are supposed to. The campus just needs to be a little more inclusive for everyone to feel comfortable getting a degree here.
Ive never been a student at Kearny but overall just for me to go to a visit I have been greeted with helpful smiles and they could answer every question ive had about the school. I like how it is a smaller school than UNL and provides an efficient and well-taught learning system. What i would change is the price of attending the college.
Although I've only gone to visit, I believe the campus is top notch. I start classes there in the fall and I cannot wait.
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