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This university is placed in a good setting and it provides remarkable education in such a low price. The community of Kearney is good and I think it is really important for you to have your study environment as peaceful as it can be. Though some buildings are quite old, there is undergoing of new STEM building which is state-of-the-art architecture.
The good thing about studying at the University of Nebraska - Kearney is that it offers a lot of opportunities for students to find what they are interested in. At first, I was not sure what I wanted to do but with the help of my (many different) academic advisors I was finally able to narrow it down. It helps to know that your advisors are genuinely interested in the well-being of their students and their success. One thing that could be improved is the diversity on campus; while there are multiple groups that are meant to include everyone, they usually do not work as well as they are supposed to. The campus just needs to be a little more inclusive for everyone to feel comfortable getting a degree here.
Ive never been a student at Kearny but overall just for me to go to a visit I have been greeted with helpful smiles and they could answer every question ive had about the school. I like how it is a smaller school than UNL and provides an efficient and well-taught learning system. What i would change is the price of attending the college.
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Although I've only gone to visit, I believe the campus is top notch. I start classes there in the fall and I cannot wait.
My experience at the University of Nebraska at Kearney has been very good. I have meet a lot of people and have made several life long friendships. The academic part is excellent! The class sizes are the perfect size, not too big but not too small. The professors are very easy to talk to if you have any question. I have enjoyed my time here at Kearney! It is a great school.
Kearney is a great step for those coming from rural, small town life. It is nicely situated in the middle of the state, close enough to the city to visit but far enough a way to be peaceful. The class size is small enough to get to know your professors if you want but big enough to slip in and out if that is more your style. Your achievements are in your hands!
UNK is an excellent college the professor like to get to know you personally, the campus is clean and I’ve never felt unsafe while at UNK. Go Lopers!!
The University of Kearney Nebraska is a beautiful campus, especially in the spring and fall months. The small town feel makes it easy to get comfortable and adapt quickly.
I love the opportunities provided at UNK along with the diversity. Although, I would like to see more areas to people among the campus can park.
I love the feel of the university. The faculty really cares about the students and this has turned into my home away from home.
I love how personal the campus and classes are. You don't have large lecture classes where you are one of 500 other students. It is really nice to get to know your Professors and classmates personally. I love being able to walk to class within 15 minutes and I feel like I belong here.
It is a smaller school which is nice because you actually get to meet and talk with your teachers. The party scene is a bit too much for how small the school is but it is fun to go out every now and then. I would like to see improvement on the food at the school because it is better than highschool food but not by much. For the cost of attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney I would recommend going there.
At UNK I have found many people who are different from me but also very alike. Everyone is very driven for their studies and there are so many teachers/resources that are open to you. Choosing UNK as my college was a great choice for my budget and for the education that I want for my future.
The University of Nebraska at Kearney feels like a home away from home. The professors at UNK work with you closely to give you every chance to succeed. The people at UNK are what make the place so special.
I loved the education program and all of the professors. I played softball all four years and found they were constantly working with my schedule and doing anything they could to assist me with my studies. If I could one thing from my college experience I would have added my minor sooner than I did!
So far I have really enjoyed being at UNK campus, Kearney itself isn't much of a fun town but it seems to be a good and overall safe town which is important. Unlike bigger schools, UNK makes creating connections with professors easier because it is smaller than the other Universities in Nebraska, which is something I love because networking is vital to future opportunities.
I love UNK. It is the perfect size for me. I had a goldilocks moment while visiting campus, thinking this school is just right for me. The atmosphere is always positive. The classes are great and I am learning a lot in the teacher education program. Definitely considered UNK if you want to be a teacher.
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My experience at the University of Nebraska at Kearney has been unlike any other experience in my life. I have been blessed to be part of such an outstanding university that gives me every opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and better myself every single day. As a student diplomat (tour guide) at UNK, I get to show off the campus I am so passionate about 2 days a week and I am given the opportunity to share my college experiences with younger high school-aged kids who are thinking about coming to college. I have gotten the age-old question during tours before: "I know you get paid to tell us what's so great about Kearney, but what would you change about the college?"
I always have the same answer for them: Nothing. The faculty and staff are as helpful as we as students could ever imagine or ask for. The facilities we have are, I believe, second to none. The opportunities we are given are endless. The University of Nebraska at Kearney can be home for anyone.
I have been at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for one year now and I love it. The size of the town and campus are perfect for getting to know people without getting overwhelmed with too many people. Kearney is also very welcoming to college students and offer great deals around the town. The campus is all within walking distance so getting to class is very easy. The only downside to UNK is the cafeteria food. It has gotten better since I first started here, but it could be better. The dorm rooms are a tad small and outdated, but the way the halls are set up allow for great socializing. So far my experience as a loper has been great!
Nice large campus with a variety of majors. University of Nebraska at Kearney is an affordable midwestern college great for getting your bachelors degree. It is public, so the student body is a good size. Nice cafeteria with good choices and room. The best part is the UNK stadium.
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