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UNL was okay for my first year. I didn't like it when I first arrived but then it grew on me. The transition was the hardest part about being at UNL.
UNL is pretty nice. If you're looking for a beautiful campus and solid acedemics this is the place to be.
My experience at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln has been amazing. The thing I love about this university is that there is something for everyone. There is something almost always going on for students. Its almost impossible not to meet new people. I was not from Nebraska so I was nervous about meeting people. When I got here I was welcomed with open arms. I got involved and met so many new people. Campus is perfect because it isn't to big but at the same time it isn't to small. The sporting events are so fun and everyone seems to have a good time. My experience in the dorms has also been a good one. The dining hall food is so good. Everyone in the dorms have there doors open and are willing to talk to anyone. Off campus you can find so many varieties of foods that are open very late. The professors care about all there students and are willing to talk to you before and after class. I would recommend everyone to come here and enjoy what this university has to offer!
Review University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Unl is a great school for those who love going to sporting events and want to be involved. Overall, I give it a pretty good rating.
The application process is a pain and the student services could be a little more organized, but overall I'd say the experience is above-average.
The University of Nebraska is a good place, and the academics are good, but it lacks a school spirit. For having such a reputation, it lacks unity and a feeling of belonging.
UNL has a great vibe to it. There are many ways to get involved here. Joining clubs is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Most of the time the professors are nice and are willing to help you when you are struggling.
Lincoln is a college town which is nice. The University is fairly big and you can sometimes get lost in the crowd. Many professors won't know who you are unless you visit them during office hours regularly.
Wonderful school and community. Diverse, tons of options for activities and clubs. Events going on every night of the week. The campus and facilities are clean and beautiful. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm! Wonderful professors who truly care about their students. This is a safe and fun campus and a wonderful thing to be a part of !
I like the way that the university is set up from an architectural stand point. What I really wish they would change would be their set up for getting credits. For instance, making it easier to get credits studying abroad and not making it so complected with so many stupid requirements. It would also be nice if they were a bit more relaxed on prerequisites and not so outlined like what they have for business. I also wish they were more centered around working internationally, especially in Brazil.
It seems like a great college experience and would give students the resources to succeed. There seem to be a lot of undergraduate research opportunities.
As an out-of-state student, I'm paying a lot more than the typical student (most from Omaha or Lincoln). So there's a little disappointment in the quality of teaching when spending so much. However, if you get the chance, get into the Honors Program where you'll have a better connection with your teacher and an environment more suitable to learning. Overall, football and the party scene here is major. There's always somewhere to go on the weekend. The greek system here is a major part of the university so think about joining. Otherwise, Lincoln is a pretty nice city once you get used to it and find your favorite places.
Wonderful campus and community. A lot of support for research both paid and unpaid. Overall incredible experience I've had!
University of Nebraska-Lincoln is overall a good school. They provide a lot of opportunities to put yourself out into the career force and ways to be involved on campus. Although, it feels like they put a lot of emphasis on the athletics department instead of other departments. Professors are hit or miss; there's a mix of really great professors and just average professors. Some intro level courses are more work than they are set out to be. The dorms are pretty standard, but many people move off campus. The food is pretty average, but some days have really good food. The environment is pretty safe. The people are mostly friendly.
The people are very nice. The dorm life is especially fun, it is a great way to get to know people. There are a lot of different events that are put on by different groups around campus.
A very safe and welcoming campus. I feel like everyone here has my best interest in mind and there is always someone to talk to if I have problems. A very supportive college that I am glad I attend.
UNL is a great school to go to. I was worried about going here because I thought it would be too big of a school for me, but the class sizes are really small and every teacher I've had has gotten to know me and has been really good about letting the students know they are there to help.
Review University of Nebraska - Lincoln
I like their online courses, they are easy to navigate and talk with professors. They do a lot of updates and try to stay competitive which I appreciate. The only thing I really don't like is how the tuition is structured. I do not live on campus and I don't use any of their extra facilities, like the library or rec center or anything like that, but yet I have to pay so much in tuition for these things to be free that I don't even use. Seriously, my tuition would be like 1/3 less than what it is now if I didn't have to pay the tuition fees for these things to be free for everyone else.
It is an outstanding University, with much diversity and culture. I am so very fortunate to be a part of this great institution!
an atmosphere of encouragement and friendship is easily seen at UNL. Most students are able to find their place in the world through the education given. One thing that I would change is the ability to take foods out of the dining halls. This, however, is a federal issue which UNL has no control over.
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