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My experience at Montevallo was great. I was a commuter student, but I had friends who lived on campus. I graduated from the education department. All of the professors were incredible. They were very knowledgeable about the topics they taught. I am currently a special education teacher in a wonderful school system because I was recommended for the job by one of my professors. I can't say enough wonderful things about the University of Montevallo.
I transferred to the University of Montevallo from a junior college and my experience has been nothing but great so far! The campus is small but with all of the features a large university would have! I'm going to be double majoring starting next semester and plan on getting my master's degree as soon as possible after graduating! I love the environment at this school and wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else!
The amazing thing about the university of montevallo is that they make you feel like your at home. They are also helpful.
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It is easy to apply to the scholarships that they offer. Niche offers different type of scholarships for the different majors. I like how the scholarships that they provide includes no essay scholarships or no requirements needed.
My experience so far at the University of Montevallo has been great. I have made some life long friends and everyone is friendly. I like how small this school is because we are able to form a relationship with the teachers. Also, you can walk to class by seeing at least one familiar face. What I would like to see change is having more major options. This school is known for their fine arts program and education program. Therefore, there is a good amount of options for those majors, but not for the others. For example, they lack in social work majors, business, and much more.
I absolutely love this school! This is my home away from home as they like to say. the classes are small and I get to do what I love on a daily basis! I have never been more happy and passionate about my education ever, the faculty here know you by name and treat you so well. Karen is the photography teacher here and might I say she is my favourite person on campus! she is so nice and welcoming and is also so so passionate about her job as most of the professors working here are! I cannot wait to continue my career path here!
Montevallo is everything you want from a small-town college. Professors are friendly an genuinely interested in students' success. Classes are very small, even in lower-level classes. It's easy to walk everywhere. It's also very easy to get involved in campus life as a freshman through traditions such as College Night.
This is the best college I've ever visited and the best choice I ever made! All of the professors are so helpful, accessible, friendly, caring, and very intelligent. I have never felt out of place here or like a burden to any of the staff. The size of the classes is perfect and the campus is beautiful!
I am a current high school junior at Montevallo High. For the most part, the the University of Montevallo interacts with the high school to the best of their ability. All high school grades take trips through the year to the college to grasp an idea on college life, and everything I have personal witnessed has made a positive impact on me or other student.
The University Of Montevallo has a great campus, and the school is very appealing. I am planning to view the whole campus in December of 2016. Montevallo will be a great school for me to attend, I am looking forward of being apart of class 2021 at The University Of Montevallo.
So far, my professors have been nothing short of excellent, and there is diversity in enough of the faculty to keep class interesting. The variety of courses could be better but with a small college like Montevallo, it is difficult to have enough people to make certain classes available so it's understandable. Class sizes are almost the size they are in a typical public high school.
I think a lot of people initially come to Montevallo looking for a degree in theatre arts or music performance, but end up switching their major to something more realistic. While people who switch will have a greater chance of finding a career, those in the performing arts are going to have a lot tougher time finding a career.
I think safety wise, Montevallo is very progressive in ensuring that its residents feel secure with the campus police constantly monitoring the length of the campus and being so small, it feels that they can be anywhere in seconds (probably could). Health is up to par but some amenities could be a little more modernized internally.
It's a pretty typical college housing experience. I personally think they are too pricey for the rooms that you get, but living on campus is definitely a worthwhile experience that will earn you a lot of potential friends.
The Greek life at Montevallo directly mirrors the social environment of the campus- there are some really weird people that fit into really weird frats or sororities but that's just how it goes! Most people that are involved on campus in some way are Greek, but that says nothing about how "required" being Greek is to have fun and get to know people.
Montevallo has no football team, but it makes up in that regard with its baseball team and other teams like track, volleyball, and basketball. They aren't the greatest but people enjoy going to them and it gives people something to do!
The homecoming tradition, College Night, makes it an easy pick as far as liberal arts schools in the Southeast go. Since the classes are small, the teachers are much more readily available than say Auburn University or University of Alabama. I would choose this college again just for the experience of Montevallo! Ask anyone who is attending or has attended and they will tell you it is a completely unique experience.
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Security is enforced and they tell us to put the police number in our phones and they can escort us across campus when it is dark. We had to finish a four hour long computer class on drugs & sexual assault before we arrived here.
For social wrecks it's impossible because people have their own cliques and being far from home is lonely. The dorms are nice though some people have trouble getting in due to their key cards not working.
It doesn't affect me. Here Greek life isn't as big as in "Sydney White" or "House Bunny" or "Scream Queens."
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