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University of Montevallo is not far from where i lived so that is why i chose it. It is not a big campus and has a good home feeling to it. I joined a sorority (Phi Mu) and would say that Greek life is very good here and is not like other schools. Because it is so small it allows you to not only get close and know just your sorority but others as well. Being small also allows you and your professors to have a better relationship. I feel like I am able to be able to sit down with my professors and really talk to them and come to them with my concerns and get their help with something and feel like they truly care about me achieving then I would at a bigger college
When i did the campus tour it was very helpful. They are friendly and help you in whatever your needs to be required. I had a fun experience at college night. They had two plays one purple and the other gold. The gold teams wins!
I love it here. The teachers are happy to help with issues you may have or answer your questions, the campus is beautiful and clean, the dorms are fairly clean. However, I wish the Housing and Residence Life Staff had a better system for students to tell them about what meal plans they want and which dorms they'll be wanting to stay at.
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Montevallo is a very open and welcoming school. It’s a place where you can throw all of your insecurities away because you aren’t judged. Everyone is super sweet and you’ll most definitely meet a ton of long life friends.
I love being at the University of Montevallo. This university has one of the most beautiful campus sites in the state of Alabama. I am currently studying Finance. I have had some wonderful experiences since I transferred here. I know that I made the right decision to come here and focus on my education so that I can get my degree and have a successful career in the future.
Montevallo is a diverse, dynamic university that maintains a close-knit, small town community. It is an wonderful school for liberal arts, education, theater, and art.
I love the campus of Montevallo. It’s beautiful. I am a softball player here and have so much fun with all of the athletes
Great professors, great class size, beautiful campus, and fantastic scholarships. However, I think that administration needs to allocate resources more responsibly than they currently are and focus on promoting academic responsibility to and retaining their student body.
The campus is beautiful! The students are very diverse so it is not hard to find someone that you would get along with. Greek life is not like anywhere else! There are not too many students so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Homecoming aka College Night is the longest running homecoming tradition any school has in the country. The town is small but it is not far for the city of Birmingham so there’s always something to do! The only things that I would fix are some of the dorms and the food in the cafeteria but you would probably want to fix those things at most schools!
Montevallo is a very unique place, with great professors and a beautiful campus. It is a small school and very arts focused as it is a liberal arts school.
I don't go there but I did tour the campus and from what I saw it was pretty nice. I would go here. the people were nice and the campus was pretty, one of my top choices of colleges.
I am so excited to attend the University of Montevallo, I have stayed a weekend there with a senior that is graduating and attended her classes. I play on being a music and was overwhelmed with the joy I felt being there and being taught by the teacher. The food is great as well! The campus and the dorms are beautiful. Definitely the college for me!!!
I love the campus and the environment that the place creates. I'm very proud to call this my school of choice and I want to make them and I look proud
My experience at Montevallo has been wonderful. My professors are very helpful and make it their first priority to make sure everyone fully understands what is being taught. Everyone on campus is so nice and it's pretty easy to make friends here.
The University of Montevallo is a small school with a beautiful campus and a close-knit community, though it can be difficult to make friends here if you hold more conservative social/political views. Also, there is not much to do off-campus unless you are willing to drive to Birmingham, which is about forty five minutes away. However, overall my experience has been a very positive one, and I would definitely recommend the school to prospective students.
The University of Montevallo is amazing! They made my transition from community college a relatively easy and painless process. I'm glad that I made the decision to come here.
My experience at Montevallo was a wonderful one. Everyone there is so nice and it's all smiles. I feel like I'm at home, when I'm on the campus of Montevallo.
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UM has maintained a friendly, nurturing atmosphere among faculty with students. UM can brag about having the best Theatre department in the state!! The Speech pathology department has grown into a world class level of training. The English department has boasted of talented, prize winning writers and educators for more than half a century. The Music department stands superior, far above much larger universities on the state. And athletics is thriving with winning seasons in baseball, basketball, & volleyball. Montevallo is in a class by itself, retaining Southern gentility and an innate appreciation for culture, manners, and acceptance.
Montevallo is beautiful and the sense of community with students and staff on campus is overwhelming. The internet service could stand to be a bit more dependable, but everything else is great! Even the caf food!
I love Montevallo and what they have to offer! My Freshman I learned about Student Life and how they are involved with the school. I enjoy living on campus. I also enjoy not having a football team because its shows the importance of liberal arts.
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