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The experience was pretty good. The professors were excited to be there which helped with the learning experience. The downside to this campus is the parking. If you were enrolled in the spring semester, the snow made it hard to get across the school. The advisors could use a little more experience when designing a schedule for incoming students.
The professors are, for the most part, quite good. One of the best I had is untenured, and, unfortunately, the powers that be don't like that. This is very irritating and quite unfair, as she is very good at her job (teaching A&P to med/pre-med/nursing students) and putting a tenured prof in that position would be unfair to the students; he/she would be unable to do research and still provide adequate instruction in this very rigorous course. My other huge peeve is that there is way too much emphasis on athletics, mostly football. I'm here to learn, and they seem to be quite good at teaching. The whole sports thing, especially since there was a legal scandal involving football players assaulting female students, needs to be scaled back, in my opinion.
The professors are great and are very dedicated. Some rooms need to be updated with at least decent seating and basic technology. Also, all of the professors need to be trained on the technology that they use in the classrooms. There are constant problems with teachers not being able to login or figure out something with the computer/projector.
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I'm majoring in Wildlife Biology and minoring in Climate Change Studies at UM. Both programs are amazing and offer a lot of great courses. However, because of recent budgeting issues, courses are being cut and professors laid off, which is really frustrating. The administration, both for the whole university and within my program, seems to be constantly shifting. For instance, I've had a new advisor almost every year and I currently have no advisor. And mine program is one of the more stable and secure because it is a top program. Despite all the campus problems, I'v taken some amazing classes from wonderful professors. There are many experiential opportunities like research and internships offered here. The community is great and the location is beautiful.
I think more money needs to go into the academics rather than athletics. Specifically, the science department. Some of the equipment could be updated. The professors are great, however.
School funding has decreased dramatically while I've participated at the school. School has been cutting funds to programs and teachers, while building new infrastructure from donations.
I love the small town atmosphere and class sizes. UM is 10 minutes from multiple trails, a lively downtown and welcoming community.
UM has a very active student body and is very integrated into the Montana community. It is often compared to CU Boulder in terms of spirit and culture. However, the smaller and more intimate campus provides more opportunity to apply your academics to your chosen career path. The most appealing feature of UM has to be the abundance of opportunity to participate in your chosen career path even before graduation. Missoula has just what any student needs and is available to give it if you look around.
I’ve had an awesome first semester at The University of Montana. I’ve met some amazing people and have loved almost all my classes thus far. I feel like I always have something to do or some friends to hang out with. I’ve had such a fun time and can’t wait to get back! FTC!
I love the landscape of the University. I love it how the campus looks like it has a little forest inside it. There nothing I want to change.
Everyone is so nice! This campus is beautiful!! Cheapest graduate school I have found in numerous searches!! There is sooo much too do outdoors or indoors and in any season!!
The library is filthy. There is poor ventilation, and dingy old carpet so every floor smells like stale couch farts. On top of that they keep the temperature around 75 degrees and it’s uncomfortably hot all the time. I included photos of the front area and strongly urge you to go in there if you do a tour. Remember they will not show you the ugly parts of the campus only the nice. There are few comfortable spots to study and most common study spot are these green benches which I found awkward to study at.
My immunology class was held in the Forestry science building and the seats as well as the walls were disgusting. The seats were either broken or had years of stains on them and the walls have oil stains from people’s heads. Both of these things could be easily renovated but have not done despite the tens of thousands of dollars you will pay in tuition each year.
The state is poor and there is no opportunity outside of crappy retail and fast food restaurants. Montanans do not like outsiders. Its hard to meet people here. Missoula is poor with no character. If you enjoy nightlife, there are 3 decent bars (the rest suck). If you arent recreational, you will have nothing to do. Meth is a big problem. Theres homeless everywhere. UMT has a few great programs but its hard to transition into. There just arent enough resources. Instructors are bad about helping students outside of class, or even in class. They seem inconvenienced when students need help. Its like the profs live here so they can go do their granola thing rather trying to teach well. Its a pretty campus and my advisor is the best I have had. Outdoors are great. But the infrastructure, social scene, and entertainment are bad. Winters are VERY long (Oct.-May). Its negative temps. Wildfires in the summer pump smoke into the Missoula “bowl”. June is nice tho!
I transferred to the university of montana from a community college in state, and while I do love it there, some of the overall fine tuning things with paperwork and financial aid and credits if you transfer are frustrating initially. Everyone is super friendly if you can make time to go and talk to them, and the students themselves are always willing to help out from what I've found so that was really nice.
As an out-of-state student here at UMT, I absolutely love it. University of Montana brings a large amount of diversity and opportunities, and has some of the best food I've ever had in their campus food court. Theres a large amount of options in everything here, from multiple food choices all over campus, to multiple clubs and organizations for students to be a part of. Everyone that comes here can find something they're interested in and can participate in. This is one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen. From the "M" on Mount Sentinel, to the trees, the city, and to the mountains all around Missoula, this campus is beautiful.
The people are amazing here and there is a strong sense of community. Despite the university having some problems in past years with budgeting, it still provides a reliable place to continue one's education.
This is a beautiful campus, in a wonderful city. The academics are very diverse, and the atmosphere is relaxed and quite diverse.
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The University of Montana is located in a town not to big nor small that fits my standards of a college town. The weather is perfect (coming from someone that lived in Arizona) and I love the atmosphere. I haven't been here long enough to come up with a suggestion of what needs to improve.
I'm only a month into my freshman year, but I am really enjoying it! Campus is beautiful, and everyone is so friendly. The one thing I really like is how hard the professors try to make sure you are doing well!
While being enrolled at The University of Montana I have noticed that many of the professors are unwilling to connect with students outside of class (keep in mind this is not every single professor at this university, some are still great teachers and very friendly.). Unfortunately there is a lot of sexual violence in this area and it makes men and women alike rather timid. The food is not directly from Bobby Fillet but it is still pretty good, the campus is beautiful, and the area of Missoula, MT is also very pretty. All in all I find the main thing this campus needs to work on is getting professors that will take time out of their "not so busy" schedule and meet with students 1 on 1.
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