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This campus is very friendly and welcoming. Walking onto campus you feel right at home, everyone either says hi or smiles.
UM is located in Missoula, which is such a wonderful community to live in that thrives off of connection and warm welcomes. The university however, has a long ways to go for making culturally inclusivity a priority.
The environment is incredible, there was never a moment where a new face could be met. The class selection has dwindled, but their flagship programs are still strong.
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UM is great! Makes being homesick a lot easier, and the students form a great community. Financial aid is hard to navigate, though. I would suggest they remodel their website.
Most amazing and inclusive university, with amazing classes, teachers, and opportunities to help you grow!
It's a very personal school. The professors are often extremely helpful, and forthright with what they expect from you as a student. The community of Missoula is amazing, and you see that exemplified in school community as well. It's like one huge family, once you enter an intended field. Everyone works to help each other succeed.
All the funding goes to sports and the business school. Certain programs are really good with knowledgeable teachers but it depends on private donors for funding.
The University itself is very unorganized. Financially, they are having a lot of issues keeping staff; they can't offer enough courses because they don't have enough professors and they spend money on absurd things such as sports.

Luckily, UM is in a wonderful location and makes up for it. There is always something fun to do whether it be hiking, skiing, floating the river, drinking some local brews, etc..

Cost for in-state students is reasonable but out-of-state students pay over 40 thousand a year for mediocre schooling.

The party scene is fun here... especially once you are 21 or able to go downtown.
The University of Montana will constantly surprise you. I bet you didn't know that the leading researchers in carnivore ecology, sexual selection theory, avian aerodynamics, and the physiology of bird flight all hail from U of M. Faculty here at UM are some of the world's leading researchers in their fields. In Montana, of all places!!! In spite of that, it is still Montana, so it comes with its own suite of issues. If you're gay, lesbian or trans, you can expect to be mistreated here. If you're female, a POC, or non-Christian, you shouldn't be surprised when you get assaulted. So unless you're a white male, I would choose a different university.
The University of Montana has a gorgeous campus. All of the classes I was in were small with the majority having great teachers. It could improve a few aspects-- money spent in education rather than sports, better food options, etc. Overall it was not a bad experience.
Overall Campus is beautiful. It’s large but not where you will get lost. The dorms are fairly updated and nice. Academic wise Most of the professors are extremely nice and helpful. I wish there were more restaurants/food options on campus though.
This university is absolutely terrible and I beg anyone reading this comment who wants to go to this university to seriously reconsider.You will frequently experience extremely LOUD , AVOIDABLE construction happening right outside your classroom or of the library during "dead week".I called to leave a formal complaint and was sent through a run-around of people and was eventually just able to leave a voicemail.I truly cannot express how debilitating this is and most of the time they could have thought ahead and scheduled it for a different time that wouldn't interfere with students learning.Expect to feel unsafe, given the run-around whenever you want something done, overcharged, unappreciated (they just changed graduation ceremony and even though so many people voiced against it all they did was send an email saying we know you are mad, but get over it), and just generally like you're education doesn't matter.Please, please, just go somewhere else and leave this campus to rot.
Teachers who are not super biased liberally or conservatively, little to no activism, time to learn instead of time to complain about oppressive systems. Job prospects, not tumblr and twitter fights.
The campus and buildings are beautiful. You are nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains that are snowcapped until late spring. Deer meander around the campus, and it's beautifully landscaped.
Another strong pro is how environmentally conscious this university is. You can't walk 10 feet without finding recycling bins, and all of the cleaning supplies are certified green and non-toxic.
There are a ridiculous amount of social events, completely free.
The university also holds the philosophy that diversity builds a stronger community. Diversity in the student body is championed heavily, and the general atmosphere is very accepting of all races, religions, and disabilities.
The University of Montana is a great place to learn and grow through the many programs that they offer and the diversity of the students and faculty. I enjoy the university because the class sizes are average so there is still potential for one on one learning and the faculty that I have interacted with care if you are learning and understanding the material.
I love the atmosphere of the campus its self. It is very open while staying close together. The professors here are very helpful and generous adults. Getting involved on campus with activities and meeting new people is easy and great to do on the weekends. You really get the whole college life experience when going here, even though it is not like a big city. There is also lots to do off campus, tons of places to explore. Just have to keep your mind open about this college.
I enjoyed going here for the years for my fine art degree and media arts minor. I am planning on graduate school in the future as well.
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The main reason I love going to school here is simply the location and all of the outdoor activities around. There is great food and people and the campus location is perfect! You can climb to the top of Mt Sentinel or enjoy all that downtown has to offer just within a few minutes. There is also a great music scene with venues like the Wilma, Tophat, Kettlehouse Ampitheater, as well as many others. the campus is beautiful during all four seasons and their are plenty of things to do right here on campus. The business, education, and journalism programs are all top notch and have many professors and advisors who are great with helping with job placement.
The University of the Montana is very welcoming to new students. I transferred here at semester and all of the staff and professors have opened their arms to me. Love this school!
I attended UM as a graduate student in the English department. I received a 1-year TAship and am grateful to the university for the free tuition and the stipend while I taught Writing 101. The English professors at UM were quite good when I attended. However, the facilities of the Humanities building left a lot to be desired. Both the university and the Missoula area are overly passionate about the football program at UM, though it would be nice to see more money and devotion put toward the arts.
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