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I love the block schedule! The professors always are willing to work with students in and out of the classroom! Just a great experience!
This University is so helpful and willing to do whatever is needed to help you get your degree. Everybody is so nice!! I love how small the class sizes are, because it allows you to get more of a one on one experience. Also being able to focus on just one class at a time makes it easier to really understand the material. Not only are the staff and classes great, but they also make the enrollment process very easy. They are there to help you step by step through the whole process and always make sure everything is filled out correctly. Western is a great school and is highly recommended to everyone!
I have not started college at the University of Montana-Western yet, but i am very excited to go! I myself have heard nothing but great things about the University. A few things that I have heard are that the block scheduling is absolutely amazing. I have also heard that the Education program that they have is one of the best in the state of Montana. One last thing is that the pricing for tuition is fairly priced and won't put you in to a large amount of debt after you graduate.
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My experience with the University of Montana Western has been great. I like the environment in the dorms; it is very positive. However, the way that some issues between students could be handled a little differently.
Western runs on a block scheduling system, which is amazing. I love the professors here. The cost of attendeance is also amazing compared to other colleges in this area (for in-state tuition at least).
It is a great school for education and geology majors! Experience one is a unique schedule where I get to do one class at a time. The campus food and wifi could seriously improve.
What I really love about Western is the block schedule and small classes. This gives you a chance to really focus on the class you are taking and also gives you a better learning experience with less students in each class. This helps you have a better relationship with your professors and they can help you out a lot more since they have less students to worry about. The block schedule is also nice if you are interested in working while going to school. Also, the price of western is lower in comparison to the bigger schools in Montana. Another great thing is the town of Dillon. It is a smaller community and a small campus which helps with transportation needs.
I started at the University of Montana Western in August 2017. What I have found during my first semester is the willingness of everyone to help you succeed. They actually care and want you to succeed. The small class sizes really give you an advantage for one on one attention. Concentrating on one class at a time has been so beneficial to me especially during my transition into college life. I am so grateful Western offers Experience One because for me it has been an experience of a lifetime! I love everything about Western and I really think they have done everything possible to make sure you have the tools and help to make you succeed. I could not be happier with my choice to go to Western.
I love it! It is such a wonderful school and these professors do anything they can to help you. Each department is helpful as well and they respond to you in timely manner. The courses are easy to follow so far. I am receiving my Bachelors from Western and I wouldn't want to do it anywhere else.
I had some of the best, and worst experiences of my educational career here, but I would have to say the good out weighed the bad. The classes are small, and you get to know everyone. Teachers are professional, but personable and obviously passionate about what they do. A stunning campus, and surround natural beauty captures rich Montana heritage. A handful of every kind of person goes to UMW, but rodeo and football players are a dominate face on campus. Their unique block system allows a student to actual be able to learn one subject in depth at a time. If you are a horse fanatic or an education major I would highly recommend UMW. Be prepared to have your ducks in a row before attending however. If you aren't on top of your own career and want a college very much like high school, this isn't the one for you. You will have to micro manage your course schedules, credits earned, graduation requirements, and finical aid.
The university of Montana Western is a great place to get a college education. The thing I like most about western was the teacher to student ratio which is 16:1.
Western provides a small town atmosphere that I have come to love. The block schedule is an exceptional way of educating students. I am a student-athlete, so I enjoy having to only focus on one class at a time. The teachers are superb, as well as understanding of the chaotic basketball schedule. The staff is also very welcoming, and it didn't take much time at all to adjust to college and the homey atmosphere.
Choosing Montana Western was a great choice to easily adjust into a college academic life. While the school is small, the diversity is poor but the academic catalog gave students a variety. The innovative "Block scheduling," allows students to take one, three hour long, class at once. After three weeks of a course, the final exam is given. Throughout a semester, one may do this process over four times to make an equivalent credit earn of an average college student. This scheduling allowed me to focus on one subject at a time. This scheduling was a smooth, stress free transition into college.
However, with the small student population and rural surrounding town, the student life is lacking. Many students find the school to be hospitable and comfortable, but lonely. Without engaging in illegal activities, the student population may seem of quite a bore.
UMW has many small communities within it's student body that allow each individual to find their own group and identity. The block schedule is a unique and valuable system that aids students in their studies. Western would be a great fit for many different types of people because there are so many opportunities covering a wide range of interests. Like all colleges, some professors treat students like a number, but the smaller classes really minimizes this. Overall it is a good experience.
The school is amazing. It has helpful staff and a beautiful campus. The block scheduling is one of its best features and the value of your education is great, compared to what you'd pay elsewhere.
The school is very helpful when getting you on the right track to succed.
The campus has security regulations in place.
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It really depend on which building you are selected to room in. Some have nicer rooms, while other have smaller areas.
I don't know of any greek life on campus.
They are big on attendence and pumping up the students to help support our teams.
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