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I loved going to the University of Mobile. This school had amazing professors who poured into me daily, whether in school hours or not. I felt 100% prepared to go into my field of teaching.
I havent yet visited the campus but by reading on it and review its statistics this school would be just right for me.
I loved every facet of my education at this university. This university helped and matured me in many ways. While attending, each course had a Biblical reference intertwined into it. Instructors really care about each and their walk with God. Therefore, while I attended chapel each week, I realized that my spiritual life was flourishing. I began to pray and spend more time with God. In addition, I begin to listen more spiritual music. Moreover, the profound education that was afforded to was exceptional. University of Mobile’s education helps students to go further and to be prepared for Graduate School. This University embodies excellence and believes in going far and beyond to spread the love and good new of God.
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I just started and so far pretty good. I like that it is a Christian school and no one is going to down your beliefs even if your not Christian.
The University of Mobile has been one of the best experiences I have ever encountered. Everyone is so friendly and they go above and beyond to make sure students are comfortable at UM!
The people are so inviting and helpful! It’s so nice to have advisors there ready to help anytime you need it. The dorms are top notch and the scenery is beautiful. There are so many events that happen so often and they offer a variety of Intramurals. The teachers are wonderful and there are so many opportunities for musicians. The school is music and heavily nursing based.
They understand working adults and understand our need for a fully online platform for us to be able to take classes our our own time when we have it between work and school.
I am currently a senior at the University of Mobile. I have had an amazing experience so far, but I am sad to see it come to an end next May. There have been both ups and downs throughout my time at the University, but I would not trade those times for anything else. I have made so many friends because of being on the basketball team and also because it is a small campus with a lot of different opportunities to meet new people.
The campus was amazing! Everyone was so kind and welcoming when I went and toured the campus. I am so excited to get to attend that school and start my life.
University of Mobile is great school the thing I like most about this school is how small the classroomare, you can really learn easier when it’s smaller! I also love the fact that everyone is so welcoming and lovable here. They really try to make you feel at home
The school is great - The atmosphere is great for me. My Father is a Pastor and I have been in a Christian environment all of my life so I fit right in here. The staff is pleasant the advisors and counselors are always available. I have told several people about UOM.
This is the most amazing school ever. I am happy that I am able to receive my education all while serving and learning about the Lord as well.
The university of Mobile is like a breath of fresh air.. What school can you attend that actually has a chapel where you can hear the word of God twice a week. I love it.. when you're feeling tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, happy or just need someone to talk to, you can always depend on them to give you the word of God that can get you back on your way/on your feet.. It's a joy of fulfillment, that's unexplainable and I'll recommend this University to anyone!
It is one of the best experiences of my life. I have met so many great people during my time at the University of Mobile. It is an amazing Christian campus and everyone here acts like family.
The university, staff, and professors are great. I enrolled in January 2016. I am currently a junior going into my senior year. I have enjoyed every moment I have had at the University of Mobile. I will recommend them to everyone.
My first semester at the University of Mobile was this spring. I have classes three days a week and enjoyed each one of them. I am starting the nursing program in the fall. I love that they are remodeling the nursing floors at Weaver Hall. I look for Lenard to the next 5 semester as a UM Ram!
This school is wonderful! The teachers really care about how you're doing and will help you. The faculty and students are very friendly and helpful.
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I love this college and Its close community. I would not want to be anywhere else. They have a beautiful campus with everything you could need in a college plus a little. I love the people and the professors. The seem like they really do care about your education! Best of all its only 1 hour away from the beach
I love the small community at the University of Mobile. I quickly made wonderful friends who I believe will be my friends for life. UM provides a nice small classroom feel and has very nice faculty who truly care about students.
The University of Mobile is a fantastic school with a great staff! The students there are easy to talk to and get involved with, the staff seems to have a genuine care for you and your success, and the professors are all passionate about their work and want to see you succeed. My only complaint is that the President places so much of his attention on the Nursing and Music programs that the other programs seem to be placed on the back burner. Otherwise, it is a great school and an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone!